The “gov” Sold You Out! It’s Right in Your Face! from DEA to Cardinal Health

This post is about a piece by Jimmy Dore‎ entitled Bombshell; Obama and DEA complicit in Opioid epidemic. Dore says we have an opioid epidemic in the country and the reason for that is because big Pharma bought out our “gov” which is why America spends 10x more on prescription drugs than the rest of the world.

Tom Marino from PA was nominated by Trump to be the ‎Drug Tzar. According to the Hill; DEA and Congress complicit in opioid epidemic say whistleblowers.

Jimmy says, “kinda like Congress is complicit in gun sales” because they get $ from the NRA and gun manufacturers so they don’t legislate on behalf of the people they legislate in favor of “profits” from gun sales. Then Jimmy just comes right out and says it, “if you’re not paying attention, the “gov” is out to get you. They’re not working for you they’re working against you”.

Dore is saying EXACTLY what I have been saying about the abusive “family”‎ and even “neighbors” since the 70’s and was criminalized for it.

Let me ask this question,, How is the FACT that millions of, now, adults in this country grew up in blatant abuse? ‎And that isn’t enough of a Glaring sign that the people in this country have been sold out!? “Parents” are selling their own children out!

I mean, come on! You want to talk about being sold out,, the most innocent are treated like shit in an environment and by people who should be loving and treating them better than anyone in the world! An environment where a child cannot afford to be treated any less than with dignity and respect and yet, for decades and longer, treating children like “they shall be seen and not heard”, like they have absolutely NO rights and are here to foot the emotional bill by “parents” is not a Raging sign that the public has been sold out by the “gov” and just passing the buck??

I don’t see how people are taking this long to get it when the signs have been GLARING for,, I have no idea how long. I’ve been saying it since at least 1970.

If the most innocent and vulnerable get treated like shit what does that say about this country?? Politicians take $ from corporations and we wonder why we live in a Corporatocracy, Dore says. “We live in an Oligarchy”.

I was pointing all of this out when I was 7 and was criminalized by the very people who should be treaching you with respect more than any one on the planet and yet, that was not seen as a sign that the people have been sold out. A kid can figure out they’re being fucked. They’re just not in a position to do anything about it. They, unfortunately, have no one but sell outs to rely on.

According to The Hill; the DEA stopped an investigation into the sale of addictive opioids to the public while a new “law” makes it nearly impossible to prosecute the drug industry, an agencies former employee said.

‎ During the Obama admin the drug agency used it’s $ and influence to pressure top “lawyers” at the DEA to take a “softer approach” even when there was ample evidence of suspicious dealings. Right, “softer” on Criminals, harder on decent people.

Again I pause here to ask; if this is happening to “adults” by “adults” then what level of corruption are children dealing with in their own “homes?”.

I’m not talking about eveyone. Some people had quality parenting but, many did not. If “adults” can’t even keep their “gov” in line then what are children dealing with this same level of abuse and criminality supposed to do?

I don’t think people understand the ramifications of this. ‎Innocent children are treated with a total lax attitude, the In Your Face disregard for their life went completely unnoticed by society. “Adults” only notice when the abuse they suffer starts to get too intense.

Lynden Barber went from working for the DEA to working for Cardinal Health so he could rack up more $$ by lenient regulations.

“It’s corruption right in your face. They’re doing it right in your face. This is the system Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama props up. This is what you’re supposed to vote for”. – Dore

I do not know why it’s so surprising because this is exactly the same thing I’ve been pointing out and was criminalized for about “family” and “neighbors” since 1970. It was in your face out in the open that you were being sold out and those in “power” were putting themselves first at your expense. It was crystal clear and every “adult” around me was in on it. When those who are supposed to look out for the most vulnerable are taking advantage of their position, what happens to them? They get sacrificed.

I stood up and fought like hell for my life by myself when I was a child and a teen and had NO one on my side. People in “power” can do what ever they want. I was 100% in the RIGHT and it didn’t matter. What matters is having fake power to abuse.

I fought harder than “adults” do today. I knew something was wrong and I was treated like the criminal for speaking out. So called adults don’t even fight back! ‎Neighbors told me, “the poor abuser” and that I should be understanding of the them. This is CRIMINAL.

Former attorney for the DEA Jonathan Novak told CBS in 2013 he noticed there was a sea change in the way big drug distributions were handled. These are not cases that are black or gray. Cases his supervisors turned down that they normally would have easily approved. Cases where evidence of wrong doing was Crystal Clear and the DEA would not prosecute.

Another DEA investigator, Jim Geldhof said, One Million pills ended up in a county with a population of only 25,000. Geldhof began running into roadblocks. When speaking with a supervisor he continued throwing up obstacles. “I would give him something and he would want something else. I would get that and he would want something else. When roadblocks keeps getting put in your face you start to realize they just don’t want the case”.

This is true in ANY relationship.

Yet they’re still throwing people in jail for marijuana possession, Dore said.

This is what this system is about. Like I’ve been saying about the “family” since 1970. It’s about those in “power” passing their sins onto the innocent to carry. The man made system is a front. The Real system is health and natural law that’s glaring right in the open and yet, so many people continue following the fake, man made system.

More and more people are describing Exactly what I lived all my life starting in the early 70’s. You think I will ever see justice? You think any of the most vulnerable abused in their own “homes” and by “neighbors” all siding with the system, who’s lives and health were severely compromised will ever see justice?

“There was a lot of pills and a lot of people dying and we had the tools ‎but our tool box was shut off”, another DEA investigator Frank Younker told the Hill.

The bill was signed into law by Barack Obama called, “Ensuring Patient Access and ‎Effective Drug Enforcement Act” after it was passed by both chambers of “congress”. The bill strips the DEA of any power to investigate suspicious drug distribution transactions as the gov/DEA is required to meet even higher standards before it’s allowed to take any enforcement action.

Here it is folks. Natural law being given a make over! ‎Laws of nature suspended for the Criminals and increased for the enforcment investigators. Just like I’ve been saying and life has been going for millions in the abusive “family” that no one in media talks about to THIS day. Who cares if the most innocent, who are supposed to be our future, are being oppressed and enslaved by those who should be raising them. This has been happening to children at “home” for decades.

“You’re Government is out to get you” Dore says, “They’re working against you. That’s the “gov” we have now, actively working against you”.

Oh really? People think they’re finding this stuff out for the first time when people growing up at “home” have been going through it and saying it for decades and no one has been listening. ‎What do you think the abusive “family” is? It’s a symptom of the larger system. The micro of the macro. Why is it acceptable for children’s rights to be abused but it’s not ok for the “gov” sachs to blatantly be working against the people, like it hasn’t been obvious for decades?

The most vulnerable, who people, adults, are supposed to be actively working to empower and raise are the very people being screwed, and countless numbers of people are in on that. It’s been considered normal for decades for children to have no rights.

Joe Marino who Obama made the drug Tzar and Blackburn from Tennessee called for DEA whistleblower ‎Joe Rannazzisi to be investigated for trying to “intimidate Congress” and expose the truth about criminal drug transactions. He went from supervising 600 people to supervising none, Rannazzisi told CBS. He resigned, The Hill reported.

Again, Jimmy said, “This is your “gov”. Right now‎ the corrupted, bought gov and that includes the Dems, that includes Barack Obama because he signed that God Damned bill. So did all the democrats and senate.

It’s not just Trump. They steal right in your face. Obama does it with a nice smile. “Trump does it in a very brutal way”, Dore said. ‎Going on to speak about the revolving door in politics Jimmy played a video stating, 46 investigators including 32 from the Dept that regulates the pharmaceutical industry, we’re HIRED by big pharma since scrutiny of the drug distributors began. Among them Linden Barber, former associate chief council of the DEA is now the “senior vice president”, totally illegitimate!, of Cardinal Health.

We don’t have a functioning democracy”, Dore said even though the Washington Post broke this story. The Washington Post and the NY Times do a “shit job”, Dore said. Again saying “we don’t have a functioning democracy, we have an oligarchy”.

We don’t have a functioning democracy? We don’t have functioning natural law! We don’t have basic mental health! The laws of health and nature have been clogged by $ that doesn’t even have real value! We’re in a War against reality, sanity and natural law paid for by $ that isn’t real! What’s real is constantly flaring up in people’s faces only to be ignored even by those getting screwed. They just lower the bar. I was surrounded by that my whole life.

I won’t get a lot of views or hits for precisely that reason. Most people are in on it no matter how much they Say they’re not. There’s no Real action or fitness behind it.

People would have to step up and actually HELP and stand UP for the abused, the most vulnerable. It’s BECAUSE I’m marginalized and have no momentum that I DON’T get the support. You see how it goes? It’s human Climate DISASTER! It’s backwards! The more help you need the LESS you get it! The more innocent you are the more abused you get! It’s ALL about what makes more fake $ and NOT what’s REAL. The less power and fake $ you have the more criminalized you are and the more pollution you get dumped on you! Because no one wants to work that hard, it’s easier to keep the momentum going that enables the criminals. That’s why this is happening. It’s a health, nature and fitness problem. Sociopath is “normal”. Insanity is “normal”.

People have accepted the dysfunctional and abusive “family” like it’s normal. People ‎adjust themselves to low fitness instead of acknowledging it and moving towards health. Why is this story any different than the deteriorated “family”? It isn’t! It’s because people adjusted to the sick “family” that this has occurred. Simple. How many people can truthfully say they have a quality, healthy and supportive family? People who were truly there for them, people they can count on, parents and relatives, neighbors who you felt truly cared about you and gave you everything to help you become a healthy, successful adult? Not many I would bet. And those who say they had it were conditioned to say it.

Dore said it’s Jeff Bazoz of the Washington Post who wants it like that, the NY Times, Comcast, Time Warner who owns CNN.

Let me ask readers,, who many of you were taught or pursued what you wanted to be when you “grew up?”. How many said, I’m going to pursue my unique gifts and talents and bring totally original ideas to society? Or how many people were taught to just go work for the large companies that already existed so you could make a lot of $$? It’s the people who craeted these corporations to be the Sociopaths they are. It’s the people who sold themselves out and who they really are and wanted to be. It’s the people who chose the $ at the expense of nature and living in a world where everyone had the right to be what they dreamed. Most people forfeited that and went for the $. Go look in the mirror instead of blaming the pharmacutecals or Time Warner. These companies couldn’t function without all their dedicated servants who are finally realizing they’re in an abusive relationship when, the fact that you were not raised to be your unique self in the first place was a Glaring sign. People whould be raised and have a chance! Not just work for some pre exisiting cancer company to make them even more cancerous. How can people expect to get anywhere when all they’re doing is helping a company get more at their own expense? It’s literally a larger abusive relationship. I’ve tried speaking about it since the 70’s.

The bill was passed without ANY opposition. Big surprise there. No challenge, no resistance, no fitness, what I’ve tried to get people to be my ENTIRE life! The public is so busy worshipping sociopath corporations instead of their own children and investing in them, now the bill is due. The monster the people created is and has been killing them. I knew it when I was a child things were severely wrong and people were all acting like everything was fine.

It’s Simple! If this “gov” gave a shit about the people the public would have been living a much better quality of life. There wouldn’t have been such blatant inequality and their certainly would not have been children being abused in their own homes! And if there were, those around would have stepped up and took action rather than sitting complacently by allowing the most vulnerable to foot the debt that isn’t theirs.

Dore went on talking about why there are not reporters at the Post and Times covering what bills are passed that day. The focus is so much on “profit” that basic decency is nearly completely eroded. And then it’s the people who’ve been eroded who get blamed.

It’s a mass example of what I lived at “home” as a child. Every “adult” around me was in on making a clear cut, dysfunctional situation confusing and turning everything upside down. Instead of calling a spade a spade and making it right. The person in the subordinate role was put in the role of “responsible”. Instead of everything being simple and basic that it’s the parent who’s responsible and should have been held to it, those around me consciously bailed out and made excuses for the abusive parent and put me in the role of responsible. Told me, “the poor abuser”‎ as if it’s physically possible to suspend the Laws of Nature and Cause and Effect! Natural law is magically going to suspend itself to bail out abusers.

I’m just pointing out basic facts here. People think all this is a joke until the bill comes. And it’s here. The fact that everyone around me allowed me to take on the debt and told me to feel sorry for the abuser when I was very young PROVES I was sold out. There wasn’t a SOUL there for me as a child. Not a relative, neighbor or anyone. This is so telling of the kind of Country we live in, the low quality of people and how everyone is alright with it. Nature is not.

All people do is make excuses. It was CLEAR in the 70’s who was in the wrong and who was being shafted. If those around could deliberately make that situation confusing then what can happen on a larger scale? The “family” and community is a symptom of this corruption. Simple. ‎More Climate Breakdown to come.

After playing a recording of Poppy Harlow, nice name, From CNN, asking why no one knew about this bill being passed Dore asked “why do you think there aren’t any investigative journalists?” about Harlow Dore said, ” Look around CNN, there aren’t any. ‎You think you got that job because you’re such an amazing investigative journalist?”

“Because they’re all bought. The same people who bought off the DEA, and bought the “Senate” and “congress” Obama are the same people who advertise on your network, they bought you off too,” Dore said in response to Harlow asking, “how did this bill get passed if it had that much of an impact? Big Pharma doesn’t have ads so you DO investigations, they have ads so you DON’T”.

Fake $ makes everything FAKE.

Dore said, We could have free college right now but, the “gov” gives 80 billion a year to bombs with NO debate. Your “gov” has already been taken from you. People shake their finger when people vote for 3rd parties. We should be voting for 4th, 5th, parties. Because a 2 party duoloply gets you Trump, gets you half a country that’s poor or low income”.

It’s much of the population that wants it that way too! That wants some poor and sacrificed so they can “have more”.

“Tom Perez doesn’t give a shit about you. Tom Perez wants to screw you”, says Dore, poiting his finger at the camera.

‎That’s really happening, that’s going on right now!

Tom Marino’s nomination was withdrawn by Tom Perez but, “did they repeal the “law”? Are they going to investigate the ones who went to work for the pharmacutacle industry who used to work for the DEA? Are they going to pass a law that stops the revolving door? NO!”

Dore says, “THEYRE DOING IT RIGHT IN YOUR FACE”. They were doing it in my face when I was a child and teen and I fought like HELL by MYSELF and was criminalized and guilted by people who should have been standing WITH ME!

‎I’m sayn this shit ALL MY LIFE! I can’t believe it’s taking this long for it to come out.


The very qualities that should be praised and valued in our country are the very qualities I was Criminalized for when I was a child!! That should have told people something 4 deacdes ago! The People are the problem! I could feel it and said it when I was 7!!

Dore continues, “which is why everything is broken. Which is why 30 million people in the “richest” country don’t have healthcare. Which is why we have endless war and everyone is going bankrupt at home. Which is why Go Fund Me’s biggest thing is medical surgeries.”

Dore mentioned Bernie Sandres as the only guy talking about stuff but, things can’t be fixed from the inside. “They’re not going to stop screwing you, your “gov”. 63% of Americans don’t have $1000 in savings”.

Dore’s sidekick pointed out how the tentacles of big Farma go so far as to own police, doctors and the justice system which is why a person can be arrested for a small amount of marijuana. Big Farma doesn’t want any competition.


We needed people doing what I did when I was 7! rebelling against abusive people in power and calling things out for what it and they are! ‎-Watters.

Bombshell: Obama & DEA Complicit In Opioid Epidemic

I have been like Joe Rannazzisi All my life. I fought like Hell Not to be like those I was surrounded by as a young person. I raised the bar higher because those around me kept lowering it instead of admitting problems and fixing them. MORE denial and debt was added. IT was an epidemic,, and I was the one who suffered my entire life! I was the one who was Criminalized like Joe! ALL MY LIFE people condemned ME for trying to raise the standard of Fitness and not “forgive”.

Is there anyone out there who would Hire someone like ME? I figured out ALL of this in the 70’s when I was a child.


The Weinstein revelations,, A larger Abusive relationship, like the “family” I’ve tried speaking about since the 70’s

More and more I hear stories and reports of abuse and people having the same experiences that I and many other vulnerable, innocent children do in their own homes.

 I’m writing these blogs and making ‎video blogs on my youtube channel, April Watters, because I could not speak out about these issues for most of my life. Or, if you spoke it, I was guilted, shamed further, I was told to just “get over it”.

I’m writing this blog because people who are even more vulnerable than those abused by Harvey Weinstein do not get the attention‎ they so desperately need and deserve. People, adults today and many children who have it worse than I did, I am speaking out for. Child abuse and dysfunction in the “home” has long been too normalized.

The abusive “family” has spread like the wild fires and nothing has been done for millions of the most vulnerable who have no way to speak out. They become part of the problem.

Imagine this; those who are meant to give the innocent the support and leverage they require are the very ones preying on them instead. What is that creating? Like Climate breakdown, an human environmental disaster has been created for decades and those who are meant to be the future are being enslaved by very sick people. It happens on all levels.

Like deforestation, we have De Humanization. A total enslavement of the most vulnerable instead of those who have the support to go up against abuse of power, the succumb to it instead.

This is an environmental disaster on epic proportions. The women who have been abused by Weinstein speak of needing the job and not reporting being raped by Weinstein. A larger Abusive “family” scenario. With so many people being born to “familiesl , “parents” who can’t raised and teach their children to have some leverage and to resist those in power rather than bowing and “needing” them nature and health are being totally destroyed.

There are NO real adults!! No REAL mature, responsible humans and only adult children and preditors.

In an interview on Democracy Now Tomi- Ann Roberts described her encounter with Weinstein over 30 yrs ago when she was 20 in 1984, same age as myself, and the fight, flight or freeze response that occurs when faced with an abusive situation and person. She spoke about the psychological exit stradegy of putting the fault on herself who was not ready or up to what Weinstein wanted her to do.

This is the same Debt Economy I speak about and try to teach about the abusive “family”. So to not “poke the bear” as Tomi-Ann put it, she put the blame on herself to make her exit. This is what automatically happens to children in many abusive siutaions, not all. They “need” the person in power so they go into Debt and make the abuse their fault and bail out the abuser. This is such an important point for people to understand. The same as a body going into shock, the blood is taken from the parts of the body that the body can survive without, limbs, extremities, and send it to the parts the body can’t survive without like the heart, brain, lungs.

Due to our Disaster Capitalism system, this way of “relating” will continue to become the norm and accelerate like the wild fires in California.

A child is trapped in the situation of abusive “parents” and can’t leave unless someone intervenes. If not, the child’s energy and psyche are “bled out” and the child repeatedly puts the abuser over themselves thereby, “funding” their own abuse. Without someone there for the vulnerable, they will bleed out completely and be left with no sense of self. There body and soul will be taken over and used completely by the abuser‎. This is exactly what those in “power” want.

Louise Godbold expressed her experiences of assault by Weinstein and how she didn’t say anything because she felt it would be “career suicide” since she was trying to get a start in the film industry.

I just want to stop here and again point out the feeling of being trapped with no choice but to feel one has to put up with abuse if you want to pursue ones “dream”. Those in power take advantage of the dreams, aspirations and out right desperation of those trying to do what is their right in life to do,

I have to point out how this happens in “homes” by abusive “parents” exactly the same way. Sick people get off on having power and control over the vulnerable and take total advantage of the dependence of a person. In fact, the more someone in a “power” position knows that a person is vulnerable and despearte, the more likely they are to abuse the situation and the person. And that makes children a prime target.

The family, even if parents are not abusive but, lack the ability ‎to give their child leverage because they don’t have any creates desperate people primed to be abused and taken advantage of by the system. The firewall of Family has been eroded.

Due to growing up in abuse at an early age I was aware and on the look out for abuse where ever I went. I expected it since I was used to it and no relative or neighbor taught me otherwise. I was on my own; hypervigilant.

Louise Godbold was asked why women of assault carry the shame of the abuser. She responded by siting our societal conditioning, parenting and of being compliant.

This is what happens in “families” also. Children are trained to carry the psych debt of guilt & shame that does not belong to them from the toxic emotions of “parents” who use their own children the same way Weinstein did. ‎It’s all part of our debtors prison system. The same reason the Banks get Bailed out and the public gets Sold Out. People are not taught to stand up to abusers but to take on and carry the debt. There would need to be someone there for the vulnerable to teach them to stand up and give the shame back to the abuser.

It’s the emotional level of Texaco dumping pollution in the Amazon or the BP Oil spill.

Louise Godbold sited the Adverse Child Experience study and states that abused and traumatized children are more likely to be victimized later in life.

Louise stated that victims carry the shame because there is no one countering it. There’s no one on the victims side. Something I’ve been saying for decades.

She goes onto say how family and friends, thinking they’re giving you good advice tell you, don’t rock the boat and don’t get involved when that’s the opposite of what the abused need. They need leverage and encouragement to speak and stand up. It’s basic physics. An object or person in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside source. Weinstein gets all the momentum and clearing of the pavement for his abusive actions while those engaging in Right action get friction. It needs to be turned the other way around. ‎That takes conscious effort and work.

Louise spoke again about fight, flight or freeze and how we need to educate about trauma. What fight,flight,freeze illustrates is the level of human Climate Breakdown we’ve advanced to similar to polar bears having to swim longer to find ice.

We can’t allow abuse to be normalized.

Louise Godbold spoke of the healthy pain and anger that comes from not being believed for over 2 decades. ‎How she would have loved for someone to tell her that she was acting bravely in speaking out rather than being told to sit down and shut up, not to make any waves.

Well, people need to understand, we need the kind of waves made by those standing up against abussers and Not the waves made By the abuser!

Why do so many people make those standing up against abuse wrong and the abusers actions go unchallenged? I’ve asked this question for decades. Those around me seem to have the attitude that not standing up is going to solve problems when all it does is increase them. How did people get so disoriented and lacking in courage?

Irin Carmon expressed how courageous the women were who spoke out. ‎She spoke about Ronin Farrow’s attempts at getting this stroy of Weinsteins abuse published. She said the standard of corraborating stories is so high that it ends up revictimizing the victims. We have to ask ourselves why? Who is setting the standard? The abusers that’s why.

Irin Carmon said how Weinstein “bought off people who were an impediment to him”‎. This is what $ does. Creates a false reality disconneced from the real one because so many people put fake $ over truth and what’s right. Fake $ is creating a human climate breakdown because it is at the expense of real justice. It’s not just the earth’s climate being destroyed.

Irin said how Weinstein attended the women’s march in Utah and showed how people like Weinstein can use issues to cloak their misdeeds. Hiding their abuses in actions contrary to who they really are.

This is why I’ve practiced and talk about mindfulness, meditation and yoga which is all about looking close, paying attention and which is all about incorporating in nature’s process rather than skipping over it which is exactly what the $ system doesn’t want. Taking the time to look is the enemy of this system.

So, watch out for people who claim to be your allies, is her point. The same point I’ve been making about the abusive “family” for decades.

Then the co host of Democracy Now, Naimeen Scheike‎ read something written by Weinsteins secratary about the unequal power of herself in age and position as Weinstein. He a “10 and herself a 0”.

Again I want to get people to think about what abused children go through with their own “parents”. We simply do not hear about it and not enough is being done to deal with abuse in any environment. If older people and people in the spotlight are experiencing such blatant abuses, imagine what‎ horrible abuses children go through and have no way to express? I encourage people to watch Conspiracy of Silence banned Documentary on youtube.

“It’s the very abuse of power” that Weinstein liked in these scenarios, not that he liked pretty girls, Carmon said.

She then spoke of the actress, Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, who wore a wire for the NYPD and returned to Weinstein’s place to gain evidence ‎of harassment and got it only for the “prosecution”, Cy Vance to not prosecute Weinstein and receive 10k a couple of days later.

They are speaking about the exact issues children deal with everyday with abusive “parents” and have NO power to do anything about it. They are ground up by this system which lowers the bar for everyone else. Like human soil erosion.

I’m still trying to recover from trauma to this day. It’s a crisis that there is NO safe place and real help for vulnerable people who have been abused to go to. This is Nothing other than a Health Crisis and Psychological Climate Breakdown! It’s No different than destroying the planet. Plain and simple. If it isn’t countered, we will destroy ourselves.