The Obvious Climate Change of human mental health

mentalhealth1 ‎I’m glad more people are getting it. I just hope it’s not too late. The problem is, it’s people with more cushion who set the tone for the entire system. So, it doesn’t matter if the clear signs and symptoms are there that others are being maimed, if too many people live with enough cushion, they’re not going to rise until it hits them directly. People didn’t rise when their own family and neighbors child was/is abused. Even though many people have been getting maimed for a long time, imprisoned for no good reason, most people created what we have today, helped those in “power”, Corps and banksters get where they are.
The people I’ve been surrounded by “growing up” had No problem just having jobs and staying small and passing their cowardess onto the vulnerable. No one I knew ever cared about living to their full potential, being smarter, more educated, knowledgeable or just plain fitter. Due to feeling my health being destroyed before I was 8 at “home” and everyone around acting like it was “normal”, I always felt the yearning to be more, to be heathy. To simply live as any person is meant to. The fact that that was not the norm when I was “growing up” is why the country is where it is today. The signs of Climate Change were right in front of people and they accepted it like the frog in the gradually boiling water.
 I was not just sold out and abused when I was a child/teen/young adult but for my entire life. The so-called “family” and “neighbors” start the ball rolling and the rest of society keeps it going from there. It’s very basic. Any time my body, not me, tried speaking about it throughout my life the response was always the same. I was the problem for not being able to “get over it” or what it really came down to was NATURE is the problem for not allowing itself to be gotten over on. How dare you, your body, the earth, physics give the Abusers real feedback and not allow them to not rectify a situation and get away with it.
 I’ve said it before and I will continue saying it.
“Family” and “neighbors” are the enemy. It was right there in front of everyone’s face. People were/are out of sync with the healthy rhythm of nature and created chaos and trauma and called it normal. This is the scaled down, “family” version of the Corporations raping the environment for “profit”. Those who should care and protect you more than anyone sold you out.
 This is a no brainer. The same thing that’s being done to the ‎earth is being done to the most vulnerable and children. It can’t NOT happen under Capitalism because Capitalism is itself, cancer, anti nature, taking and no giving especially of the most vulnerable.
 The “family” is just a scaled down version of preying upon the unsuspecting. “Parents”, just like any worker, is forced to abuse the vulnerable or stand up to the corrupt system. What are most people going to “choose?”
‎Health Must be destroyed under addiction, junkie Corporate Capitalism along with the environment. We cannot pollute the environment to the degree it’s been pillaged without also destroying health, arresting development, “parents” using their own children for their emotional/physical needs instead of the other way around, creating debt people.
 All people around me did when I was very young and even when I was older is use me for their own needs at my expense. Health is people, adults, REAL adults, being there FOR the young. That does not exist like it used to, if it ever did. It was ALL about them. People were/are completely detached from the REAL COST. People around me, so-called family and neighbors engage in behaviors that cause great harm to my health then condemn me when my body responded with accurate feedback. This is totally Orwellian. This is All my life. It’s not just the Powers That Be creating an Alt Reality, Alt Facts. I lived around people my entire life, met people all my life who live in their own made up “math”. Who takes the time to look at the reality or does the math? Most people don’t look close enough. They’re more invested in covering up. This is how Capitalism has conditioned people to function. it’s the opposite of the way Nature works, it’s very basic and very Real. What people did or said was not the same as what my body felt and knew. I was the one left with the pain, the harm, the compromised health, the looted energy. “Family” and “neighbors” are just like the banks and Wall st. They ROB your resources. They can’t not, like I said. It’s physically impossible for it to not happen if that’s the way the system functions and is only getting worse. The Sociopaths need someone to inherit the bill, the pollution just like the planet.
 They chanted yesterday at the spontaneous Standing Rock gathering at Foley Square, Water is Life. We need clean water and clean air to live. I never hear people talk about needing clean people. How can we live without Clean People? Clean, rational people to turn to when in need. That’s the REAL bank account, Nature, health, what people have been collectively contributing to the destruction of except for a small minority of  people. th-1
 If most people are Dirty, polluted, sell outs then, that’s it. More dirty people than clean people means more dirty people water and air than clean.
 The corrupt “family” system doesn’t get nearly the “credit” it deserves of contributing to the imperialistic, addicted, sociopath, destroy- nature and justice for fake $, system that has so much momentum today.
 If we’re always looking at the larger scale, cummulative problems and not looking at the more scaled down, in your face, ones, the problems will continue endlessly.