What I feel happening, is that the more I focus on and practice health, how nature works the more sickness I feel like I’m ‎confronted with.
 Like the quote by George Orwell speaking Truth is a revolutionary act. The healthier, fitter, more just a person is, (which, in the level of corruption and pollution we’re living in, doesn’t take much), the more they will be retaliated against and made to be the “terrorist”.
 I constantly feel that all I need to know about this country I experienced in my house and neighborhood as a kid trying to grow up. It’s really Quite Simple that if those around you who should be protecting you and having your back more than anyone are, instead the ones using their position to slack off, do an unacceptable job and take advantage of your vulnerable position then, neighbors and relatives also don’t step up and give you the basic teaching, attention and support you require and Instead, make excuses for the slacker parents and tell you that you have to feel sorry for them because they weren’t treated right so they could treat you right,,  ‎this is Criminal behavior right in your face. Plain and simple.
 There is nothing else I need to know, my body needs to know.
 This tells me all I need to know about the country we are living in. If this is “family” and “neighbors” then what is the rest of the country like? People think that there’s room for slacking off, that there’s “cushion” and some never ending blank check from nature that they can pillage and plunder with no consequences.
 There is NO room for slacking when you’re a parent. Period.
 It’s one thing for Corps and “gov” to sell you out to $ “profit” but when “parents” and “neighbors” are helping, this is a sign of severe Environmental crisis. When it’s right in front of people and they don’t see it, something is really wrong. When the “family” system has been reduced to people who have functioning reproductive organs and that’s it and “neighbors” don’t step in and give a child the basic teaching of what is needed to thrive in the world, there is only one conclusion to draw, those around you are the enemy. And when you fear that admitting that truth to yourself leaves you in a dilemna because you’re screwed if you acknowledge it and you’re screwed if you don’t. That’s Debt.
 When we are in an energy shortage where we are forced to “donate” some if not most or all of our energy and resources to “parents” to maintain the -llusion that there is really someone there for us because admitting that there isn’t is just too painful, is due to the Debt inherited by the Corp $ first system at our expense. And we are being recruited to participate on screwing ourselves to hold onto and prop up “family” to keep the illusion going.
 Not to mention the fact that we are “bailing out” people who have not apologized, taken responsibility and are taking steps to remedy the situation. So, we are being set up to endlessly fund people who are feeding off our energy and Like it!
 This is what happened to me early on. “Parents” were not acknowledging the unacceptable job they were doing at apologizing and taking steps in a healthier direction. I was being conditioned by neighbors also, to constantly Bail out‎ people who would continue plundering, continue leaching off you.
 The system was severly backwards in the early 70’s when I was a kid and it’s even worse today.
 The signs and symptoms of what this country is today we’re right in everyone’s face right there in the “family” and neighborhood but, people were/are simply not fit enough, adult enough to see it and respond. This is due precisely to the Environmental/Health crisis being done to the “family” and society.
 Today we have police, judges, “correction” officers, just about anyone, joining in on the pillaging, like “parents”, feeding off the vulnerable instead of teaching, supporting, raising and loving. This is sickness beyond comprehension.
 The “family” is the micro of the macro. When people don’t see and change what’s right in front of them and they allow it to continue, then they are children and not real adults who should be reproducing.
 All to suck the life out of the most vulnerable, like human fracking, to feed the Sociopath Corps.
 The people created what we have today. Leading unconscious, unfit, destruction of nature and health lives.

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