“How U.S. Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds.” by the NY Times

There is no room for the vulnerable or innocent in this world. The innocent are too busy being used by the arrogant and shameless as the garbage dump the same way the earth has been used and discarded by capitalism. If more people who do the polluting don’t come to see this, or those being polluted don’t confront the polluters and hold them to account, we are finished. The $ system is on a collision course with nature and health. The 2 cannot co exist and it’s only a matter of time that the scale tips too far.
 One of these days soon, I hope to get the courage up to make a video/audio blog post instead of writing them. The vulnerable, wounded, polluted do not get heard. I do not get big views on my videos on youtube, I do not get large hits on most social media that I put out.
 Because we live in a society where people support those who are already winning, getting the attention and recognition. People do not support those who need it the most. It’s too much work. They’re too busy polluting and ignoring them rather than help turn things around for them. The attitude of “don’t be a victim”, even if you have legitimately been victimized, is prevalent in this country. There’s nothing worse than being seen as a victim. People will victimize you more.
 It’s not until, if ever, you get some attention, someone somewhere recognizes and brings light to your plight, and that usually doesn’t happen unless it’s happening to many others.
 Getting the ball rolling in the hardest part. Getting the leverage to the most violated is the hardest part. It’s ALL about the math. That proves that there is No reserve in this country. That there are More people IN on it than there are people already there as “responders”. That means that we have to mobilize people who should already BE mobilized, like neutrophils, ready to respond immediately. If we have to motivate and jump start those we need to be there already, it shows that there are more people who are a part of the problem than there are fit people to deal with the problems. We’ve created a human “flood” and many vulnerable are drowning and being sacrificed.
 In an article in the NY Times by reporter James Risen, “How U.S. Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds.” It found at least half of the 39 detainees who went through the CIA’s so-called enhanced interrogation program have later shown mental health problems—some have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, paranoia, depression or psychosis. The detainees were subjected to torture techniques such as severe sleep deprivation, waterboarding, mock execution, sexual violations and confinement in coffin-like boxes in secret CIA prisons and at Guantánamo.
 I’m excited to see the issue being brought to light more but, at the same time puzzled. Is it really that difficult to figure out that torturing people will leave lasting harm? I mean, really?
 In an interview with Amy Goodman James Risen spoke about how one source told him he thought that there were 65 to 70 percent of the people who had been tortured were suffering some kind of problems. “And then I talked to someone else, and I asked them about that, and they said, “No, no, it’s all of them. All of them have some kind of problem. We found that the pattern and the evidence of severe psychological problems is very striking”.
James Risen said, “They were based on the techniques that had been used by North Korea and North Vietnam in previous wars. What the United States was using, were some of the worst techniques that had ever been used to try to break people. You’ve got to remember that these techniques were designed to break people psychologically. And that’s what we found, is that we broke people psychologically. And originally, the Justice Department had approved these methods in the Bush administration by saying that there would be no long-term physical or psychological harm to the people. But what we’ve found is that that’s not true. There has been long-term psychological harm. The only problem is the United States government never went back to check; after saying and assuring itself that there would be no harm, they never went back to check.”

The methods used by many “parents” I will call, Advanced “Parenting” techniques, is the same. I’ve read plenty of books on abusive parenting and how the same punishment is used, the idea is to Break a child’s will, to break their spirit. How is that not being spoken about? The lasting effects of many of the “normalized” abusive “parenting” methods many people, except those is was being done to, are what’s led us to the kind of society we have today. The abuse gets passed on not just in the family system but, at work. People seek power positions to pass on their abuse to subordinates like what was done to them.

James Risen also said, “The torture he endured is really hard—hard to hear from him. Referring to another prisoner the CIA picked up in Somalia, Suleiman Abdullah Salim of Tanzania. “That was, to me, the hardest part of doing this, was actually hear the person that the CIA had tortured describe the torture that they had endured. You know, many of us have read about this torture in the Senate torture report or in the newspapers, but to actually hear someone and sit with someone who had to endure this is a very difficult process to go through.”

SULEIMAN ABDULLAH SALIM: Every time I think of prison, flashback come. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I can’t smell. Flashback come. Flashback come many time, you know. So much it make you crazy. I’m in so much pain. I don’t understand anything. I have headache. Too much headache. I want to vomit. I’m innocent. Why they beat like that?

I’ve tried telling people of my pain all my life and get met with minimization, not taking it seriously and telling me to “Get over it”.

 It’s like the the cigarette companies saying that cigarettes don’t cause cancer. Where’s the common sense? The depression, PTSD, the lethargy, the terror, the physical wounds and bruises, the temperature extremes, the near drowning doesn’t leave lasting harm?? Who believes that?
I‎t’s the same mentality I’ve been pointing out since the early 70’s about the abusive “family”. It’s literally the same attitudes I’ve been trying to get people to look at for decades about how corporal punishment and abuse are “good” for children.
Abuse leaves real, lasting physical and emotional scars that do not just go away. Especially when it’s a child and the parent is the abuser. There is no escape, no cushion. It’s the same damage being done. Children can be traumatized much easier than adults.
 I’ve literally been trying for decades to speak out about the harmful environment I had to endure living in as a young child that everyone around me minimized and didn’t take seriously yet, the body tells a different tale. The changes and shifts taking place in my body were real. The darkness I fell into at the age of 8 when I felt myself die inside. I could physically feel myself dying I could feel a dark “entity” swallow me and there was no one to turn to. Everyone was in on it. It was “normal”‎ just like all the abuse happening all over this country and the world today.
 It’s a polluting world where people just continue dumping their abuse and emotional pollution on the innocent and the earth until there’s no place and no one left that has not been completely polluted. Like the entire country of Vietnam is just about completely covered with bombs and explosives. This is what the Corporations are going for and many people are helping them for fake $.
 It’s those with the least amount of self worth and esteem who will be easily influenced and allow themselves to be weaponized and used against an innocent person. This is how clear it is that it’s the destruction of the development and cultivation of nature /health that is more valuable than $. Money cannot buy you your development when it’s being used for the exact opposite. $ works for the opposite of maturity, responsibility, morality, humanity and critical thinking. $ works for and is run by Sociopaths to perpetuate the destruction of our health and the planet and the people who’s development has been effected will use their arrested judgement to put the fake $ first and join in on the polluting.
 In the interview with James Risen, a former Military Psychiatrist, Dr. Stephen Xenakis: “Well, I found that many—the ones that I’m asked to evaluate, that many, if not all, of them are still suffering with the consequences of what they had been subjected to. They have all the symptoms that we commonly attribute to post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety. They have nightmares. —anything can trigger them. They just feel lost sometimes in their world. They have problems getting adjusted. It has significantly affected their lives.
 The video shows Khaled Al-Sharif who now runs a prison in Tripoli, where his prison mate, Salih al-Daeiki, became the head interrogator.
[translated]. “The prison was created after the revolution by government decree. And I was appointed by the government to run the place. It’s a strange paradox that a man finds himself in places he didn’t expect or want to be in. I was a prisoner, and I became the head of a prison that had in custody many members of the previous regime”.
 That the CIA’s treatment of Salih continued to influence his behavior was asked to Mr. Al Sharif.
 He replied by saying, “the effects are still there and they still effect my life”. He says he feels a cold shiver when he ears the music that was played and the memory takes him back.
 The fact that those who were abused turn around and abuse is nothing new. I’ve been reading and studying about this in the abusive “family” for decades. I would have surely figured by now that we would have long been on our way to breaking the vicious cycle of violence. I was studying that back in the late 70’s, early 80’s. There are thousands of books written about abuse in the family and the lasting effects and how those abused become abusers. Usually it’s the males who act out and females who tend to attract abuse or pass on the abuse to their children.
 “How U.S. Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds.” It found at least half of the 39 detainees who went through the CIA’s so-called enhanced interrogation program have since shown psychiatric problems—some have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, paranoia, depression or psychosis. These detainees were subjected to torture techniques such as severe sleep deprivation, waterboarding, mock execution, sexual violations and confinement in coffin-like boxes in secret CIA prisons and at Guantánamo.
 The family system is the smaller Capitalism model of passing down the emotional debt. It’s robbing the future generations of what is rightfully theirs and leaving them with pollution that is not theirs.
 I’m shocked that no one is speaking out about this. I’ve studied and learned everything I could for decades to stop the cycle and not pass the abuse on but, I wasn’t as careful about not allowing myself to be abuse. The problem is is that the ground under you has been eroded. You are either an abuser or an abusee. The “dimmer switch” has been destroyed. You have been trained to be one or the other instead of relating in mutually respectable and dignified ways.

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