When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals.

Getting-Away-With-Murder-SmThis is the subtitle for George Mallinckrodt’s book, Getting Away with Murder.

Another story that supports what I’ve been saying about my own experiences growing up in abuse at home. If I can feel terrified and completely alone, like so many others, in my own home around “family”, neighbors and people who are supposed to be there for you, on your side, then what is the rest of society have in store for you? This is not complicated. I’m just doing basic math here. Looking at the blatant break down of the “family”. It follows suit with everything that others are speaking out about. Abuse and corruption are the norm. The “family” is the same as the prisons. A micro of the macro. 
 There is no criteria for health,, especially mental health in this country. Only complete disorientation. People are lost. No compass. The disease of addiction to “corp profit” is spreading to the co-dependents underneath. 
 I studied Psych, dysfunctional, abusive relationships all my life after growing up in an environment that left me traumatized and in a health deficiency. There was no mistaking it. It was also the attitude of everyone around me that setting a low bar for child rearing was the norm. “You got a roof over your head don’t cha?” were things I heard often. The mentality was that as long as you didn’t have it worse, like the children in Somalia, you were doing good. The idea of treating children with worth and respect so they grow to be healthy and successful was not on the agenda. It’s clear there was an attitude of ignorance and not being educated or having healthy self worth. Instead of wanting better of their children, they just pass down the debt and abuse. People in the neighborhood also made excuses for the sub standard treatment but, no one thought to turn things around. “Your mother could’t raise you because no one taught her”, was what I heard, as if that was some legit excuse. No one thought about, Why that was. Why? was that being handed down instead of health and respect. These are the people I was supposed to be relying on and instead they’re telling you to your face that they’re passing down the debt and I just had to accept it and turn it around on my own. People had and still have NO idea that that mentality is by design to keep the people in line and enslaved while keeping the Sociopaths fed beyond the level of what I can even call sickness. Keep that attitude going for all these decades, like a BP oil spill, and you get the country we’re living in today where the most vulnerable who are in the greatest need of help get scalded alive.
 Beside any abuse, the larger problem is the denial. Things could be healed and remedied if issues were simply addressed. But, for some reason people love to add more debt to already sick situations by denying them. It is adding debt then adding more debt and even more debt once the denial begins that removes people further and further from reality.  We are Not born this way. This is not the way health and nature work. This is conditioning.
The mentality George and Eyal Press spoke and write about in the prison system is, to a more or less degree, the same mentality in an abusive “family”. Even at “home” the idea wasn’t to “raise” anyone up. That created frustration in my healthy body that was simply trying to function healthily the way it’s meant to. The same way the guards torment the vulnerable by putting them into solitary confinement for normal behavior. This drives a person Mad. When your body is being met with the opposite of what it basically needs to get it’s rightful, healthy amount of momentum, something is wrong. Most people just treat their children the same way they were treated without questioning it. I was “raised” with the mentality of “you’re not going anywhere”. Instead of being actually raised to stand on one’s own and fly out of the nest like the prisons and the system at large, doesn’t want to let people be free. It’s clear the ptb want permanent slavery. Some people are finally figuring out what the black folk and some of us already know. 
 We’re in an environmental crisis of another kind. Deficient, arrested development people feeding off of more vulnerable people. THIS IS THE REAL DEBT. It’s the Opposite of the way nature functions. When people do nothing to stop abuse or turn it around, when it’s seen as normal and accepted, not seen as anything wrong with it, there is something medically wrong with people and those people should be diagnosed with an illness. By denying reality over and over and using $ to buy the reality you want, that is way more mentally ill than Darren Rainey could ever be. That’s who’s in “power”.
 It’s not the inmates who are “mentally ill”, it’s not Darren Rainey who killed anyone, it’s the guards, namely, Roland Clarke. “Humanity” has crossed a line we may not be able to come back from. I call it Mental Climate Shift. We’re living in a “human” mental health, Environmental Disaster. It’s an avalanche of epic proportions and it’s picking up speed.
Abuse is everywhere and is the norm now in this “profit” over life system run by sociopaths. 
 Sociopaths have made their way into power and have hired ignorant bullies to keep everyone’s else in line. Developmentally arrested Bully’s are controlling prisons and intimidating psychologists and those there to help the vulnerable. The entire prison is a dysfunctional/abusive environment. It’s not just the mentally ill “prisoners” who are being abused.
 George Mallinckrodt’s book which tells the story of Darren Rainey, who was a schizophrenic—severely schizophrenic inmate, was locked in a shower stall and exposed to scalding water that was 180 degrees. He was left there for two hours. When his body was found, he had burns on 90 percent of his body. As I said, no one reported that incident, even though it was well known to the staff. The one person who did report it was an inmate named Harold Hempstead. It’s the only reason, actually, that we know that Darren Rainey—that this happened to Darren Rainey and that investigations have subsequently begun into his death.
How can psychologists and counselors do the job of treating and healing patients when the guards and the rest of the staff are undermining it by allowing abuse to happen?  She got the message, that “You don’t do anything to offend the guards”, Eyal Press when a counselor, Harriet Krzyzowski, went to her supervisor, Dr Cristine Perez,  with examples of guards abusing prisoners. This is terrifying. This is who is running the show. Bullies. Guards leave her alone with prisoners in rec yards and counseling sessions. Everything comes down to what it comes down to.
 The Counselor and George Mallinckrodt didn’t believe the inmates when they spoke about the abuse at first. Why is that? Why is the system always automatically Assumed to be in the right? Why do we not believe that institutions and those who work for them can abuse when they are in the easiest position to do so? Why do we not want to believe the powerless?
We live in a collective Status Quo where, unconsciously, everyone is in on it. People AUTOMATICALLY believe in the system and that those running things would never allow abuse to happen. AUTOMATICALLY, those without power are seen as the ones not to be believed and to not be credible.
 As in the cases of the Angola 3 and others like them, HOW can things ever change when the System is AUTOMATICALLY Given credit it doesn’t have to earn, when the scale starts out already completely imbalanced and the vulnerable have no reinforcment? It’s a neverending catch 22 where the vulnerable can never get the reinforcement they need because the credit is automatically handed over without question to the system. There will always be the discarded while the system gets away with it. The vulnerable have to prove themselves but, the system never does. People have to realize that, itself, is the inherent problem. Most people easily surrender to the PTB, to the system without making the system prove itself like people do to a vulnerable individual. It should be the other way around. One individual person has  less ability to harm than people in power or “authority”.
They found out that the abuse the inmates spoke about was really happening. Vulnerable, marginalized people are credible? You mean, they’re not the total scum, not to be believed, like “Dr” Perez told Harriet Kryzkowski. The inmates like to make up stories of abuse about the guards. OMG! More people need to be able to see that this is exactly how those in “power” discredit and Get Away With Murder. That’s how people in “power” do it. They pass their guilt and shame onto vulnerable people and make them look like the crazy ones. I know because I lived it. 
 An inmate named Darren Rainy was murdered in Dade Co “Correctional” facility when he was scalded to death by guards in a shower of 180 degrees. 
What I was trying to speak out about at a young age that I went through in my house is now a nation wide epidemic. I knew that if people can’t even get along in the “family” and no one does anything to turn things around, how can people get along and engage in healthy relationship skills anywhere? 
 Of course, it’s not the agenda of the capitalists to care about and encourage healthy relationship skills and, of course, if the PTB don’t instruct the people to do something they don’t have the self initiation to do it themselves until it becomes a crisis situation. I was calling for people to come together and organize at a young age and there was no one else besides me who felt the same way I did. Now, we’re in a crisis, like I predicted 4 decades ago. The abusive “family” has spread. Abuse and oppression is the norm in and out of prison. 
This is what was written about the murder of Darren Rainey in the scalding 80 degree shower,, from an article in the Miami Herald & the NY Daily News,,
 After picking up all the pieces of skin from the shower that morning, Joiner said a corrections officer directed him to a nearby stairway, where he pointed out more chunks of skin hanging from the metal steps.

The guard asked, “Is that the best you can do?”

Joiner continued to pick up the skin.

“I just kept shoving it in the shoe,” he said. “And then I asked, ‘What do you want me to do with it?’ And he said just throw it in the trash. So I did.”

The abusive “security” guards at the Dade Co. “correctional” facility are running the prison. This is the abusive “family” “grown up”. This is what happens when people do not take emotional illness and imbalances, abuse and dysfunction seriously. This is what happens when people are ignorant to health and nature and do not respect how nature and illness work. Now, we’re in serious trouble and a billion $ industry is being carried out by thousands of people who are “profiting”, sick profit, from the total enslavement, torture, abuse and murder of the most vulnerable people in society.
Eyal Press, reporter for the New Yorker wrote a piece called Madness. “These are people who worked in the mental health ward. When they saw abuse, they have a duty to report it. That’s part of basic medical ethics. And yet, they are, in reality, beholden to the guards for their own safety and security, for their ability to do their jobs”

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