The Economic Hit of the Family

When people treat other people poorly they inadvertently ‎make the person the opposite of what they’re intending; more creative, more sensitive, more compassionate, more wise, more tuned in, more insightful, more fit, up to a point. After that, they turn bad. It’s like cooking. It’s either getting cooked, or, after that, it’s burning.
 I want to write about the micro version of what John Perkins writes about in Confessions of an Economic Hitman. I’ve been saying the same ting but, about the dysfunctional/abusive “family”. People tend to think that these kinds of relationships John talks about with the IMF and the World Bank go on only on a large scale. Of course, with the IMF they do but, the same kinds of behavior happens on all levels. Even with the relationships we have right around us that we live in everyday.
 The Economic Hit of the Family system is similar. I’ve been passionate about discussing and writing about the “family” for many decades and was always met with resistance. People making excuses and unconsciously maintaining the status quo at their own expense.
I write about this again and again to illustrate the micro of the macro. The fact is; people never leave the family. Unless people truly grow up healthy, which most do not, and have a healthy separation from source figures, people never truly “fly out of the nest”. They end up taking the dysfunction into their jobs and lives. The boss or the Company becomes the new “parent”. Nature cannot be ignored or gotten over on. When “adults” put a paycheck over doing what’s right, they are not grown up, they are under developed. They’re choosing “Mom & Dad” and the “secure” paycheck over maturity and emotional growth.
 We’re living in a world where people think they’re going to tell nature how things are going to go. I see it all the time. I’ve trained myself to pay attention to it. Most people have been conditioned to put $ over health. This is not going to bring us to a good place. The fact that we live in a country where choosing $ is the opposite of choosing health should tell us something but, it clearly doesn’t to enough people.
 The obvious fact is. $ is destroying nature. ‎Not only environmentally but, our health, physically and emotionally, relationship wise. How can choosing $ over these things be the path to take?
 Our health and our bodies are meant to function a certain way to be healthy. Efficiently, cleanly, joyfully. Under capitalism, this is impossible because too much leverage is tipped towards too few stealing the rightful amount from the rest of us. This is against the way Nature functions. The “family” system has become in many cases as it was for me, backwards. The child is there for the benefit of the parent instead of the other way around. Without a healthy family,, healthy parents, the structure of society is collapsing. Children NEED healthy people to lean on when they are young. People who will raise them and teach them morals and ethics and set and example of how to live them. All anything is about today is $$. “Parents” raise their kids and tell them to go out and make $. Not all thank God, but there are not enough real leaders for the young to rely on who can teach them what being a real adult is about because the “parent” hasn’t done it themselves. They have not grown up themselves. The man made $ system is functioning one way while nature and human development are going another. There is No One to Help a child LIFT themselves up. There’s No $$ in it. Human beings are becoming more and more diluted. even though they look like adults, they are children. The job is their “parent”. An Abusive parent which exploits their labor instead of paying them and treating them what they’re worth. There are no opportunities for a worker to move up like used to exist decades ago.
 The devastation that is coming due to the deterioration of nature and human development and their unhealthy relationship to fake $ is inevitable.
 If people can’t understand that nature is the highest intelligence than they’re already way off course. Those who worship $ like many Corps do who will bomb, enslave and kill innocent people in fake “wars” just to have it are ill people.
 Why is there no mental health for people who have taken over our country and world with their addiction? Why do the masses allow these sick people to gain so much momentum? If we focused on health more and what health actually is emotionally/mentally, even spiritually we would never have allowed sick people to take over.
 I hear so many people say things that are responsible for creating the horrendous conditions we’re living in today. Many people live their ‎entire lives and never question their attitudes or challenge the way they think. They unconsciously protect the system and keep themselves down. They are literally in an abusive relationship with the “gov”/Corps. Or, if they know that things are corrupt but, don’t believe there is anything that can be done then, they do not know their rights and that the system must be dismantled.
 In the documentary film Zeitgeist Addendum Creator Peter Joseph points out the how $ is debt designed to enslave the masses for the “benefit” of the few at the “top”. John Perkins talks about how the United States Corps, under the guise of “helping” a country, gives “loans” to that country, tries to buy the leader of that country so a few make fake $ while leaving the rest of the country devastated in fake debt. The people are totally unaware they’ve been scapegoated. All the people really need to do, like in Greece and what Argentina did for 14 years was not pay it. The debt does not belong to the people.
 This is exactly what I “knew” and have been telling people about the “family” for decades. The abusive/dysfunctional “family” functions the exact same way. A “parent” who is emotionally unhealthy uses their child to fill their own needs instead of the healthy parent meeting the needs of the child. This keeps the child in a never ending emotional debt trying to get what they NEED but do not know how and sets them up for addictions and trying to get what they need in unhealthy ways; dysfunctional relationships for the rest of their lives, chasing $, sex, power, shopping, drugs, etc.
 I think of it like breathing,, the pressure on the outside of the lungs must be balanced by the pressure on the inside in order that the lungs do not collapse. Our relationship to $$ must be the same. We must meet $ with a healthy sense of self and having had our emotional needs met. If someone comes into a relationship with $ not having had their needs met adequately by a parent or a surrogate adult growing up,, their healthy self worth will be collapsing under the addiction to $. Trying to gain more and more of their worth from something unnatural that simply cannot provide it.
The people become so conditioned to believe that $ is valuable, if people do not have or are not given the emotional and self worth to negotiate and keep themselves balanced, the tipping over is a mathematical certainty. In our society, however, someone like a Jordan Belford is seen as normal. No one ever asks why people get addicted to these hedonistic lifestyles. What is it in their past that creates the addiction? Why don’t we deal with it before things get out of hand? Why don’t we live in a healthier society?
 I am angry because I was right as a child. I saw and experienced what more and more people are realizing today and I was told I was wrong by the very people who should have been supporting me and giving me credit.
 I write this because if we don’t learn to live in the Math, the evidence, the facts and reality, like it or not, we’re done as a race.
 I knew what was happening to me as a child. There was not one real adult around to be a mentor, teacher, leader. I will continue talking about this because I’m sick of everyone around me all my life telling me to “get over it” or “let it go”. Telling people who know they’re being mistreated and robbed of their basic needs is wrong. This is what has led to the few having obscene amounts while “parents” and “neigbors” tell their children they have to “get over” needing their rightful share. If we don’t look at the bad habits that led to the creation of this disaster system, it will never change.
 The people I was surrounded by as a child were ignorant and unconscious. They had absolutely NO idea what they were doing or how to raise a child into a healthy, successful adult. Those around me were turning nature on its head.
 We talk about EXXON, Texaco or BP destroying the earth’s environment by polluting or through deforestation. But, we never think about how the “family” system and human relationships are mangled and the exchange between members in the family is completely destroyed by abuse.
 I could feel very early that I was not being treated right and that my health was being severely harmed ‎by the very people who you need to rely on and who should be there for YOU more than anyone in the world.
 Just like we’re living today with the bankers, police and companies people work at like Walmart, ‎that the relationships are abusive.
 The abusive “family” and Domestic Violence are now large scale.
 I could feel that instead of me getting what I needed emotionally from my “parent”, I was being robbed and having my resources stolen by the very person I should be able to trust more than anyone. That “parent” uses their child for their own needs instead of the other way around. We’re living in this disaster system‎ now because of the abusive/dysfunctional “family” that no one wants to talk about. That those who grew up in them are acting out the abuse and dysfunction on the most vulnerable like a huge abusive Domestic Violence situation.
 I resisted and told people what was going on in my house. First, I was growing up with domestic violence and having my environment polluted as a kid. I was under so much stress and there was no one there acknowledging it or comforting me to at least counter it, that I self mutilated and pulled most of my eyelashes out on the top lid. From the 2nd until the 5th grade I did it. I self mutlilated in other ways too but, that was the worst.
 When you try telling others and the response you get is “oh, your poor mother, she couldn’t raise you because no body taught her”, that is the wrong thing to say to a child who’s being neglected and adding to their abuse. All one has to do is do the math. A child being told that has no choice but to go into debt to “bail out” the “parent”. This is wrong! Children should not be making excuses for and bailing out “parents”. Parents should be raising and treating their child in healthy and respectful ways.
 What happens when there is No healthy adult around for a child? Everyone around me had the same attitude, “your poor mother”. This is totally wrong! A child deserves a healthy parent. A child should not be told to have to feel responsible for a parents emotional or physical needs. Not only is the child being abused at home, they’re being abused by the neigbors who say that and anyone else who does.
 That is pretty much what I’ve heard all my life. “Get over it”. That is why the 99% is poor and stupid. You will never hear a 1%er tell another 1% to “get over” a loss. The people are their own worst enemy because they’re too ignorant to see that this is how they devalue themselves and their own children.
 Nature does not and will not “just get over it”. This is how detached people are from reality and how nature works. Nature and health will not be dictated to. It DOES the dictating. When the body feels something, it feels it. When a child feels soemthing, the feel it. Only totally incompetent people and cowards who have no busness having children‎ would say that to a child. Yet, they get away wih it everyday while the 1% cashes in. The 1% love GMO “parents” like that because that’s how they destroy the family and create the next generation of slaves.
 ‎ I was right for decades pointing all of this out, reading, studying about the “economy” of the family and no one listened. People just minimize everything, never stepping up to the plate and taking things seriously enough. Now, we’re living in a situation I was pointing out decades ago 100 times over.
 Let’s see if it will work telling nature to “just get over” all the pollution. Let’s see if nature will “let it go” of all the fish and sea life washing up on beaches in
‎Panama, California, Japan and other places
 Try telling Nature to “just get over it”. When are people going to seriously start changing their habits?

Relationship Debt

Most people just don’t think about it but, when you really look, when you really do the math, it’s clear how people inherited a debt way of thinking and living. It’s clear where the mentality of, you can’t fight city hall so we just scapegoat the littler guy, mentality came from.
 That is the attitude that most people need to confront and see in themselves. Most people are not raised with the attitude of challenging the system. They’re taught to go along with it. That right there is deadly. That tells us right there how rigged the system truly is. NO ONE should ever be above reproach! NO one should ever be in a position where they’re “above it all”‎ and never scrutinized while they are endlessly scrutinizing and judging those who don’t even have the power to do anything “bad”. Those without power end up being criminalized for healthy mistakes and healthy anger while those in power end up with an excess of their rightful share. It comes down to health. We don’t  need to be in a work environment to see this, It starts at home. Is the environment healthy?   Are the relationships healthy? Not dealing with after admitting the relationships are not healthy only keeps the problems and the pollution going until it becomes a crisis, which is where we are today.
 This is why I’ve been telling people about Natural Law and Fitness all my life. Healthy relationship skills in the family and in all situations. NO one should ever be in a position of not being challenged and scrutinized. Ever. It goes against natural law and should be a red flag and a warning of abuse. If people are being brought up to never be allowed to point fingers at parents or parents never admit to mistakes or fallability and admit that their child is correct in pointing something out, this sets the stage for endless abuse and of those in “power” to never be held accountable.
 The first place democracy and healthy relationships should exists is at home. And how often does that happen? If a person grows up in a “family” where a parent can never be challenged or fallable, never admit they’re wrong or made a mistake, that steals from the child. It robs the energy and rights from the child and goes to the parent who doesn’t deserve it. It can make a child emotionally ill due to having their Rights violated. If someone is right, they’re right. Not giving them their due credit puts people into a psych and a health debt they can never get out of.
  If a parent is not healthy and their development is under developed, they can’t not do this. They will rob energy from their child to finish their development, to feel “one up” on the child. To finish what ever unfinished business they need to deal with from their own upbringing. If their parent or parents stole from them the debt persists until it’s satisfied.
Nature cannot be gotten over. This is the Debt I’ve been studying and trying to get people to look at since the 70’s. With not enough leverage because my energy was robbed and recieving so much opposition, I was stuck and still stuck in a catch 22. How can a young person ever have the energy and resources it takes to deal with and go up against those who are supposed to be there for them and be providing that energy and are, instead, stealing it? They can’t. This is the biggest scam that no one is talking about. This is the biggest “Ponzi scheme” and “economic crash” that no one talks about. I don’t know why. I guess it’s not National Security level enough to get high ratings yet it is the most dangerous.
 People do not understand that as time passes and those in “power” abuse it and don’t get held accountable, like the pollution of the environment, more and more psych garbage will be passed down to the young. This can’t Not happen, unless a parent is wide awake to what’s happening and is actively resisting those in power.
 If those in power were truly powerful and deserving of their position, they would be open and even encouraging the people to hold them accountable. They would be holding themselves to account. There wouldn’t be this, “We’re above reproach” attitude, “We’re above natural law” mentality.  Those in “power” should be scrutinized MORE than those without power. The system is completely backwards and right in people’s faces and they don’t see it because they haven’t been taught to challenge the “powerful”.
 We need to change our habits Big time and start pointing th finger more and those in power to make sure that when they’re poiting the finger at us, it’s clean and they aren’t just dumping their own guilt down.
 This was a no brainer when I was a kid. My “parents” were not “parents” at all. They were literally imposters. People who have reproductive organs and can reproduce does not make them real parents. The standard of quality of real parenting is so low, anyone with a uterus and a penis can copulate. But to truly raise a child to be a real, healthy adult is a completely different story. Most people are incapable. They have not even reached a healthy level of maturity themselves and have grown to full adulthood themselves. The endless reproducing of people who are immature and underdeveloped creates and endless cycle of “diluting” Humans. Every generation becomes less and less “ripe”. More and more Genetically Modified. People rely more and more on $$ and think that as long as they have $ and teach their kids to just go out and make $ while skipping over nature’s process of teaching them and raising them with nature’s process, everthing is going to work out fine. The problem with this mentality is that it’s GMO ING human develpment. You either go through nature’s process or you don’t. A fruit, a vegetable either goes through nature’s process o it doesn’t. An animal either grows naturally or it doesn’t. We should be living in a world where doing things as close to nature as possible should be the goal. But it’s actually the opposite. Doing things nature’s way is too inconvenient, too much bother. Skipping it is the goal. GMO ing it is the goal.
 In an email from the Institute for Public Accuracy I received it talks about a grandmother jailed and an Order of “Protection”‎ against her for photographing protestors at an airbase in upstate NY. This is what it said,,  She said today: “The U.S. military killed an elder in Afghanistan on his way to mediate a land dispute. Then drone pilots carried out a triple tap — targeting first responders who came to help after the drones killed the first group of people, and then the next three who came to help. It’s obvious that the actions of our government are just creating more destruction and anger. We citizens must stop U.S. state sponsored terror through the use of killer drones. As the whistleblower drone operators stated in their open letter to President Obama, this practice only fuels recruitment to groups like ISIS.”
She was jailed for photographing eight Catholic drone protesters outside the Air Force base from the roadway. End.
When are people going to start taking things seriously instead of continuing to have this laxadazicle attitude that the world is too big for the corrption to ever reach me, attitude? The fact that people don’t respond to injustices like this shows that the corruption Has reached them and has affected their health and sharpness.
 The other night I watched Prison Kids. This is who we are putting in jail. This is what jail has become. A human zoo for those who reveal the corrupt system’s dirty little secret by acting out. These kids are just as much a whistleblower as Edward Snowden, they’re just presenting it in a different, less privileged language.

People are much more Ill than they realize

‎As uncomfortable as it is to hear, it must be said. I’ve lived it and been pointing it out for decades only to be beaten into submission by the very people who should be on my side.
 I can’t see how people are the least bit surprised or shocked by what’s taking place today since they’ve been the one’s funding all along.
 All I can share, as I’ve been, is my experience and what I witnessed. Not everyone of course, experienced what I experienced in the exact same way but, I do believe most people experienced it on some level. All the facts and evidence we’re living with today points to that fact.
 Example after example happening currently over and over ‎with this attack here and that death there is the macro cosm of the micro cosm I’ve tried to get people to see for 4 decades. The fact that those around you are too busy treating you like ‘what do you know, you’re only a kid’ proves it. The very people who should be there protecting and championing you the most are the very ones undermining and pulling the rug out from under you the most. I think many people, if they’re honest enough, can admit that their family of origin was less than healthy and supportive and yet, it gets minimized and the significance of what’s right in our faces gets overlooked. Meanwhile, this is what’s building up over time. People can’t even ‘see’ what they’re funding over time til it blows up in their face. And not even then.
 Last night on the radio show Organic News on that I’ve been doing for 3 years next month I interviewed Jennifer Loewenstein of Penn U Middle Eastern Studies. She is just another person I’ve interviewed among people like Stephen Zunes, Dr Dahlia Wasfi, Miko Peled, Norman Solomon as well as others I’ve heard report on it on non mainstream news, that it’s the U.S. Who funds these so-called, ‘terrorists’ and pretends to be trying to eradicate it.
 The podcast for the interview will be on the Awakeradio1 youtube channel. I asked Jennifer Loewenstein about the U.S. Being in the Middle East for 15+ some-odd years now so, where’s the improvement? If things are getting worse and groups like ISIS are getting larger and more radicalized then,??? There’s your answer. The U.S. Should be held accountable for creating a humanitarian disaster.
 Before I veer off and lose focus, I want to go back to the ‘family’ system. The signs and symptoms are right in front of people that they are the ones screwing themselves and those around them while following a system that’s pushing them over a cliff.
 I was completely on my own starting from around 6 years old, is as early as I can remember. ‎The ‘family’ was not family. It was just called that. No one was on each others side. I KNEW at around that age, that I was being robbed and sold out and there was no one to turn to and nothing I could do about it except do my best fighting for my life by myself. I will forever have PTSD and watch out for anyone around me as the enemy because that’s who will, ultimately, be the source of my demise.
 What people don’t understand about growing up in dysfunctional or abusive environments is that it completely screws up your health. Your mind/body can’t possibly grow right when you are not getting your BASIC needs met. And I’m not talking about food, clothes and shelter. I’m talking about emotional, developmental needs.
 Today I watched a video on lowering the age of those who get imprisoned or put in solitary confinement . It was a video asking people to call a # to ask an Assembly person to lower the age of people in Solitary Confinement. 16 & 17 years Olds ‘treated like adults’ and placed, not only in jail but, in solitary. Angelo Pinto was desribing what it does to the psychological development of a young person of that age to be placed into these abusive environments. When a young person is still developing and they’re in these unsupportive and abusive environments it delays their development. The young are not equipt to be handling the stresses being put on them. A point I’ve been trying to bring to people for decades about the abusive family system and why kids need healthy parents. The system we’re living in is so sick and the majority of people go along with it and scapegoat the young and criminalize them when they should be being supported and raised.
 There are NO leaders! Everyone has sold out the youth and the future. The video said something about teaching these young people about ‘accepting responsibility for their actions’. If I were eating or drinking I would have spit my food all over after reading that. So these young people can ‘take responsibility?’ Give me a break! What ‘adult’ takes responsibility? What ‘leader’ in ‘power’ takes responsibility for their actions? The whole reason these kids exist is because there are NO REAL adults! No real leaders. Then they blame the youth for being the way they are and mirroring back to society it’s own reflection. That’s not complicated.  They’re treating these youth like garbage when the real garbage is the system that creates those to be discarded. Humans garbage? Do you really believe that an efficient system would create human beings to be treated like garbage? It’s the system and those who run it who are the garbage. Nature doesn’t make garbage. Only man does.
 I grew up the EXACT same way. I stood up to and exposed the illegit ‘parent’ when I was young. My body is simply having a normal reaction to the totally sick environment I was forced to live in. Instead of the ‘leaders’ looking at themselves and taking responsibility that THEY are the ones who Created ‎the mess, they defend themselves at the expense of their own child and use the child as the scapegoat. That’s happening all over the world on a larger scale. The ‘terrorist’ issue is that very concept. So is the situation I aired on Organic News last night with the Aunt of Akia Gurley, Hertencia Petersen, and the remarks that Commissioner Bratton made in response to the comments of Assemblyman Charles Barron who said at the press conf last Thurs., ‘violence is inevitable’. When the people are doing everything peaceful in standing up for their rights and the PTB are not hearing them. The system continues to want to treat the people like they’re garbage and don’t have value. When the nature inside of people is saying otherwise. Sooner or later things are going to blow. No one is above the laws of nature. Maybe that’s what the system wants. That’s what it does with ISIS and all the other problems it claims to want to solve. The reality is. There’s too much $ to be made and people value fake, man made $ over real value like human life.
 It is imperative that the people end this system that will surely kill them. ‎
 Instead of those around me helping me cultivate myself when I was young to be the best, smartest person I could be, they did the opposite. Not ONE adult stepped up to the plate to help me raise my self worth and self confidence. They did the opposite. Like the system, they don’t want you to be smart. They’re threatened by your smarts and spirit. They pull the rug out from under you, tell you your wrong when you’re right. They believe, like many cops and military do today, that they’re benefitting more by treating you like garbage than if they treated you well. That’s how ignorant people are. They don’t even realize that they benefit more by treating others well. They’re so immature and deficient in their development, they get off on having power over you and abusing it rather than treating you with the worth, value‎ & support you deserve. They bebefit more when they do this. But, they’re too ignorant. This is how the health and emotional/spiritual deficiency gets perpetuated. ‘Parents’ don’t have the emotional maturity and affordability to raise their children to their full capability. They only raise you enough to go along with a system that’s screwing them.
 I liken it to a farmer that grows beautiful tomatoes then stomping on the result instead of utilizing it and eating and selling them. ‎