I am being pushed to speak out more and more because people are using words I was using 4 decades ago more these days. Whether it’s at the #NYPDBlue12 press conference on their law suit against the quota system and how it destroys lives, Nicholas Heyward Sr. press conference on reopening the case of the killing of his son by NYPD cop Brian George in 1994 by DA Ken Thompson, which he now feels his hopes are crushed by news of a recent letter written by DA Ken Thompson to the judge presiding over the case of NYPD cop Peter Liang requesting leniency and No Jail Time.

I need to speak out more because I was intimidated into silence by the very people who should be on my side all my life. People are so blind to how programmed they are to keep the system going at their own expense and the expense of their own children. It’s right in front of people’s faces and they can’t see it. Or, they see it but, are just too fearful of owning their power.


At a press conference last week outside of 350 Jay street Brooklyn, the office of DA Ken Thompson, press and supporters gathered to hear family, assemblyman Charles Barron and attorney Roger Wareham speak about the letter DA Ken Thompson wrote to judge Danny Chun. Charles Barron spoke about the people saying to him recently, that they’ve been doing everything in peaceful ways but. “brother Barron, they’re not hearing us”. Then, Barron referred to Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as the “prince of peace” and quoting him saying, “Riots are the voice of the unheard”. Barron said that even MLK didn’t condemn riots. Barron asked, “Am I saying we should be violent? Am I saying we should do something we haven’t done? I’m saying, THE SYSTEM WILL DETERMINE THAT.” You can’t get any truer words. What I don’t understand is why people being oppressed and their rights violated are the ones worrying about being “violent” when they’re the ones who are Responding to violence being done TO them? This is how the system keeps people in line. It’s the system being violent gradually, over time, robbing and oppressing the people of their rights. The people are not the ones being violent when they have a Justified, Rightful responds to having Violence DONE TO THEM. This is how the Powers that Be mind fuck the people and train them that they’re being violent or criminal in some way by having a Healthy reaction to what is done to them. That is how the people get further and further into health Debt. They’re healthy responses are criminalized. This is how I grew up. I will never get over it and not stop writing about it til there’s justice. Instead of continuing to work For the corrupt system as it is, the people including myself, deserve reparations and justice.

Commissioner Bratton called Barron’s words “inciting a riot” and that “Barron was treading on shaky ground with his remarks”.“They come very close to being criminal in terms of inciting violence and riots,” Bratton said. “And so… he should be very careful about his words.” Bratton also called DA Ken Thompson’s move to call for leniency for Liang “courageous”.

It’s the same ol attitude coming from the abusers of power. They are never wrong. The people are never right and justified in calling out the system no matter how corrupt and rigged the justice system is.

DA ken Thompson wrote in the letter to Danny Chun that putting NYPD cop Peter Liang in jail won’t keep the public safe because he’s not a threat. And yet, Rikers Island is FULL of people who are NO threat to the public and that doesn’t keep them from being put in Rikers Island and they didn’t even murder anyone!

Barron said that the system cannot keep having the people go by way of peaceful means and ignore them, then “Violence is inevitable”. Which is basic math, cause and effect which everyone must live under, INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY people who occupy positions who are supposed to do right with their power.

For Bratton to say what he said is just more of the same bullying, abuse of power and mind fucking. He thinks that no matter how  rigged and unlawful the system is, that he is in it’s violation of the rights of the public, the people are always in the wrong when they rise. That the laws of nature will not eventually kick in and take over, he’s sadly mistaken.

Those in positions of power but, do not necessarily deserve the position will find out soon enough who is running things and it isn’t man. It’s not a difficult concept to understand that when people are abused again and again they are going to push back.

Like Charles Barron said, “The system will determine” whether the people are going to rise up and push back because it’s the system who is the Violent one and Natural law does not discriminate.

Those in positions of power forget what they’re supposed to be doing there. They’re supposed to be there FOR the people, not for their own Ego.

Let me add that Bratton is also the one who said the NYPD quota system was BS and yet we have the #NYPDBlue12 who are suing the NYPD over the quota system.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the system cares about nothing else but $$ and creating a debtors prison all over the country. Private, for profit prisons are popping up all over amerikka. Who do you think they’re going to fill them with? They need to make someone the GMO “criminal” like I was made to be as a child in my own house. It’s clear the system is not about raising people to be smart, healthy successful adults. The Corps don’t want the competition. Of course they’d rather “profit” off turning you into a criminal instead.





#NYPDBlue12 Law suit against NYPD quota system

DSC01115-768x432‎This past Tuesday I went to film a press conf in a Bed Stuy Brooklyn church of the #NYPDBlue12 with the support of the Justice League NYC to discuss their law suit, initiated about a year ago, against the NYPD and the quota system that creates the very racism and the violation of the rights of the very people in the neighborhood many of these officers grew up in.

 The very reason many of these officers became cops was to raise themselves and their community up and give themselves and their community the respect and guidance many of their neighbors didn’t have.

From left to right,, Angelo Pinto, retired detective, Graham Weatherspoon, Edwin Raymond and Derrick Waller.
 After being an officer with NYPD for 8 years, 30 year old Edwin Raymond realized, “I could be a Sergeant by now if I went along with these policies”. Edwin Raymond had been passed over for Sergeant because he wasn’t “pulling in the #’s” , although no one would come right out and say that. NYPD, today are nothing more than enforcers of a debtors prison, with maybe a few exceptions, to bring in $ to the Dept. As Angelo Pinto, who spoke at the press conf said, “it’s more like a few good apples rather than a few bad apples”.
 This is the exact corruption I warned people about in the early 70’s. Those who should be “protecting and serving” are doing the opposite. Then, ONTOP of that, it’s gets denied and the person pointing it out are retaliated against and gets criminalized which creates even More debt. The $ system follows the mindset of those controlling it. I’ve tried explaining that for decades. $ must be controlled and backed by healthy people and something stable. If it isn’t, it will simply be a weapon used to destroy lives.
 It’s not the fact that people “make mistekes” do “bad things” or “fall from the mark”‎ that is the problem. It’s the fact thay they don’t, won’t, are incapable of admitting it then, taking steps to move in a better direction that is the real problem. The reason for that is a self fulfilling prophecy due to the $$ that disconnects people from health and nature and keeps the $ cancer system going.
 Many, if not most of us, have been trained to function in the opposite way nature and fitness works. People think $ brings health but, it doesn’t. $ brings whatever the person pursuing it already has to begin with. So whatever level of emotional health a person starts with, that will continue while pursuing $, maybe even deteriorate. Again, $ must be Backed by health in order to have real value. It’s not.
Health comes from nature and the healthy relationships we get from our parents. If they’re not healthy, we will be in debt. Simple. Then perpetuate that psych debt through out our life unless someone intervenes. Because we have addicts who’ve hijacked the entire world almost, it undermines any chance of anyone getting free of it.
 We can get out of debt through nature, healthy relationships and relationship skills. Period. Nature is the only cure. Not admitting an error, a mistake can only draw one conclusion; the act was intentional. Or, the person is So identified with that part of themselves they can’t step outside themselves to see it. The person or persons have no desire to change or to redeem themselves and move in the “right” direction. This is unhealthy and not the way nature functions. It’s conditioned and can be unconditioned.
 Lack of fitness and health is at the root of most, if not all our problems. $ perpetuates the disconnect from health and fitness because those who control it are mentally ill and disconnected from nature and use it to perpetuate that disconnect.
 The #NYPDBlue12 ‎are having the same experience I had in 1970’s when I was very young, where it is clear that those in “power” are abusing it and violating rights instead of protecting them. This is not emotional. This is pure Fact. Because the people around didn’t want to hear anything bad about people in “power” and are unfit themselves, they didn’t want to step up to the plate and get fit, they dilute the reality to make it seem “not as bad”. Reality cannot be diluted, like the $ supply can. Man cannot deny fact and get away with it. It’s not physically possible. Even when it seems like those in power are getting away with it, in reality, nature will not allow it. They, themselves, are being effected by their lack of taking responsibility and are being physically changed by it. They might not notice or care but, they are.
 When I was a teen in the late 70’s early 80’s and still dealing with the imcompetent person in power that I had to deal with and being completely pushed to my physical limits, I had the insight to know that I was being turned into something not healthy. I could feel I was being turned into a monster.
 Looking back, like Edwin Raymond said, “I’d be ‎a Sergeant if I went along with these policies”, it’s an oxymoron to believe that we can get ahead or somehow, get somewhere by going against our gut and what we know to be so. That is what tells us that $ is a fake and a fraud. How can $ have “value” if we’re being forced to get rid of they very thing that $ should be supporting and protecting? That voice inside of us that’s telling something doesn’t feel right is what we should be listening to. Not the Powers that Be. We’re destroying our inner environment for $ when $ should be protecting these things. That feeling inside that something is not right is what we need to be listening to and be cultivating. That’s what I’ve tried to do ally my life starting at an early age when I was naive enough to believe that that’s the way most of the world functioned and that that’s how a person got ahead, in other words, legitimately, in Reality, the way it’s supposed to.
 I, like Edwin Raymond, has a high moral standard from the way he grew up and join groups because we’re seeking others who feel the same. Then, we find out they don’t and we’re the black sheep like Frank Serpico. The NYPD is just a front. It shouldn’t be a surprise since the movie Serpico came out in the 70’s disclosing this issue.

 Relationships need exercise to be fit. Period. Just like our physical bodies. We’re always dealing with nature and physics. No way around it. In man’s total arrogance with power he actually believes he can dominate God. The NYPD and other institutions like it like the U.S. Military and Corporations, are in a literal war with God, themselves and natural law.

“The quota brings problems to the most vulnerable because when you put pressure on cops to come up with #’s they’re not going to Midtown. It’s the black, it’s the Hispanic, it’s the LGBT community, WE GO FOR THE MOST VULNERABLE” said Adhyl Polanco, right, at Tues press Conf. Left, Graham Weatherspoon retired detective and, middle, Derrick Waller.
“When it comes to Mass incarceration in NYC quotas are at the root of it. We took an oath to serve and protect the people.” Edwin Raymond also said during the press conf. That he and the rest of the officers are doing it for the people, not only for themselves. “We’re protecting the people from the Dept itself.” In other words, Real policing is protecting the people from the police dept. Not by going along with the rights violating policies. The NYPD does not exist to protect the rights of the public any more than my own parent was there for me. ‎I needed protection From them! And the community around me growing up, who were like the cops who go along with the policies instead of protect and serve the very people they should be. This is in your face stuff. Not rocket science. People are literally being brainwashed to allow themselves to be violated or to violate others.