To Live under Natural Law

What is happening is the most sick and EVIL thing that can be perpetuated on future generations. The blatant robbing not just of the earth’s resources but, the health resources, spiritually, physically and emotionally, of future generations.
Not only are people stealing the health and cleanliness of the earth, they’re stealing the emotional and physical health of their children.
I get tired of hearing people say things to me like, “when you give you get”,that  I’ve heard all my life. Then, I think to myself, “wait a minute, that doesn’t apply to the PTB, the 1%, the Corps & banksters”.
Do you think anyone ever says to a bankster or Corp head, “when you give you get?” I must have heard it a hundred or so times in my life. Why is that? Why does the public stand for this, one- set- of- rules for the people and another- set- of- rules for the profit addicts when that is the very attitude we need to be challenging? Why does what the people say to each other not apply to the ptb or, more accurately, is in complete response to the ptb being sociopaths and people act like it’s healthy to be their co dependents and encourage it.
If it was True that you have to give to get then, how is it that the profit- no- matter- what corps and banksters have more than anyone? Do they have it because they give so much? I think not. And what they have isn’t Real. Again, ONLY by doing and achieving in REALITY is anything that comes from it sweet or real. Anything else is toxic no matter how much they have. How would someone who needs get somewhere by giving? Someone, mostly parents, would have to give to them first. Certain people who legitimately need are not going to get anywhere by giving. They cannot afford it. They need someone to give to them and do for them first which is supposed to be the “family” system. Would we tell a person bleeding out who was just hit by a car to go give to someone else if he wants help? So again, I go back to Natural Law and how there’s actually NO getting over on it. You can’t tell those who no one has given to “you have to give to get”. We might as well say that to our 2 year old and our infants. I mean, where do you draw the line? People need to be given to FIRST. People need to receive FIRST. People need to have FIRST to be able to give. That’s how Natural Law works. Someone who needs being told to give in order to get is a SCAM. That’s the SCAM of the system that keeps those who have nothing blaming themselves and bleeding themselves out trying to figure out why nothing is coming back to them. It’s a total mind F and rearranging of how nature works.
The way NL works is that if you “give” which is really submitting, and being totally disoriented by being completely distracted by other people from your inner focus, when you’re the one who legitimately needs and things should be coming to you easily and for FREE, then all you will be doing is perpetuating your own DEBT and bleeding yourself out!
People NEED to RECEIVE a required amount; food, shelter, clothes, mirroring, emotional validation, praise, encouragement, attention and affection to be healthy. Period! There is NO negotiating. If they do not receive their required amount, they will be in a health deficit. PERIOD which is why Parents need to be like personal trainers helping their children to reach a healthy level of fitness.
What happens in our Profit Addicts-have-all-the-power-to-manipulate-Natural Law system and pass the consequences and injury/DEBT onto the most innocent, and too many people support it, is that, because the Profit/Control/insecure addicts pass the health debt onto the most innocent, the vulnerable do not have the strength to fight back. They need the help of a certain # of the population to rely on. What if they’re not there? What if they’ve been brainwashed over time and came to believe the scam that the innocent are the guilty? What if there are not enough healthy “white blood cells” left in society to stand up to the Cancer before it’s too late?
If those most vulnerable are the ones being screwed, what is the effect on Natural Law? I’m including what this system does to animals also. What is the effect on NL of it being manipulated and the debt passed onto the innocent? What is the karmic effect? Is there one?
The health debt that accrues in a person who is being robbed of there required, rightful needs early on is being set down a path of being their own saboteur and perpetuating the SCAM at the expense of themselves and continuing to glorify the Profit Addicts at their own expense.  Never able to recognize, actually preventing themselves from being able to recognize the fact that they’re in a NO WIN abusive relationship. And how could they ever recognize it when the leverage, the support, the required needs were not there for them when they should have been.
No matter how much “man” wants to make up their own rules and try to override Real Natural Law, it CANNOT be done.
Man-made can Never over take Natural Law. Man made can make nature sick for sure then, NL will still respond accordingly and the consequences will be painful.

"For Profit" is a War against NATURE and Family

The vulnerable and innocent are the “catch” of the day, Crapitalism being the fishing net. The conditions created by Crapitalism that brings about the effects of homelessness, “poverty”, broken families, drug use, people just trying to survive is like a Fishing Net for Wall St ultimately. Because the system is not about humanity or dignity and only cares about power and Addiction, the conditions of deprivation will never end.
 I have to write about the neglectful, abusive “family” as the micro cosm of the macro cosm. Because it is so uncomfortable and even painful for people to hear or believe that their own “parents” can not be totally in their best interest. It’s difficult for people to imagine their own “gov” sold them out never mind believing parents mistreat and neglect their own children.
What we need to realize is that Croney Capitalism is a disease. Our entire system is Anti-Nature and Anti-health. Just the act of fully being oneself and wanting to bring new ideas and original thoughts to society means going smack against the system. And because most people aren’t passionate about being who they want to be, they sell out for the $ at the expense of their very own nature. Most people don’t think of this as the environmental pollution that it is. But, it is actually human relationship dysfunction and pollution that precedes environmental destruction. “Human beings” must relate in abusive and dysfunctional ways first, someone submitting to injustice, not standing up to “power”, for environmental devastation to follow. In order to save the planet and be healthy we must First have healthy and just exchanges with each other. As long as people abuse and allow themselves to be abused without calling each other out on our stuff, we will continue to destroy ourselves and the planet.
I wanted make a list of all the signs & symptoms of the Anti_health and Nature system I witnessed as a child.
It was clear that not just trying to be healthy but, just BEing a healthy child was a crime. It seemed “normal” at the time for “parents” to break the will of the child. To abuse them, it was good for you, it builds “character” they said. If you tried to get the respect you deserved to have dignity you were responded to like you were crazy. The “family”, when I was growing up, was prison and “parents” were the prison guards where you were emotionally and spiritually tortured.
My body was always struggling and fighting just to be healthy, just to function normally, just to respond matter of factly and it was always met with resistance. It was clear that “parents” were treating you the way they were treated and made no apologies. They told you in so many words, “No body ever gave me nothing” and an, At least I didn’t abort you” attitude.
The resistance people and especially parents should be directing towards the oppressive and enslaving system, they’re instead, cowardly passing down to the very people they’re supposed to protect. Because they are not healthy and fully developed, they pass the resistance onto the most innocent and those just trying to get their basic needs met.
I will never get over how obvious everything is and will never understand how people don’t see it. How people can’t see they’re not being raised to be the fully developed person they’re meant to be. Where is that inner need to self actualize James Mazlow wrote about? Has it been conditioned out of people? It was clear when I was young that we were all being suppressed. That I was intimidated into submission was a no brainer but, not as obvious for others.
Don’t people want the young around them to grow to be healthy and powerful? Don’t the “adults” want the kids around them to grow to do great things? It was clear we were being diverted, our growth was being undermined. We were only being “raised” so far. Because my situation was worse and my body/instincts were forced to kick in and take over I was able to feel what I should have been receiving encouragement and praise for but, instead received threats and was made to be a criminal. This is the complete opposite way health, fitness and natural law work which is why we’re living in a world where the people don’t know their rights, have little self worth and have empowered Banksters and Corps like abusive parents to preside over them.
People need to see the connection between the way our system is today and how we were “raised”. See the “family”, to some degree, as the micro of the macro. I know not all people experienced what I did growing up, the clear abuse and neglect but, it wasn’t just the “family”. It was neighbors also, who perpetuated the passing down of the debt to those the “adults” should have been reinforcing.
I was reading a Wiki page about The killings in Charleston by Dylann Roof and it had written about the 2 divorces he lived through. It mentioned an Uncle who noticed Dylann becoming isolated and attempted to mentor him but was rejected, it said. My question is, why didn’t the Uncle try harder? Try again? Why give up so easily? This is your family, where is the effort?
Nature does not lie! There is NO getting over on Natural Law. “Parents” are passing too much psyche debt onto the future and their children that they are not built to handle. Children are to be invested IN! Not withdrawn from. If “parents” make more withdrawals then they do deposits.

"FAMILY" Micro Cosm of MACRO Cosm

 The family is the womb of society. The place where those in it should be protected and safe from the outside world, especially the children. A place where, when you’re there, you know you’re loved, supported and amongst people who have your back. If any contaminants get in, the people inside can get infected, sick or have an emotional deformity.
Too often that is the case. The family is not the healthy, caring, protected place it should be. Too many people have adjusted themselves to the psych debt that has been passed down through the umbilicus of the family. The pollution in the world, emotional pollution, has been seeping its way into the psych of the family and tearing it apart. The more the, $$ first everything else last, world continues the more polluted everything will get.
You don’t hear people speak much about “emotional pollution” but, I see and feel it clearly. We have to remember to see ourselves as the part of nature and the environment that we are. When we’re in it we can’t always see it. We’ve been living in this man-made, fake habitat for so long, we’ve been disconnected from the natural world for so long we are getting further and further disconnected from the way Natural Law works.
There is no doubt in my mind that the reason there has not been a revolution in this country is due to the fact that there’s such a break down of the family. “Parents” teach their children to accept low standards. How can people stand up if they have no self worth? How can there be a revolution when people have not been fed nutrition and real love by people who truly care about them? The standards of the family, I feel, are constantly deteriorating and too many “parents” are incapable of actually Raising their children so they have a good life.
Which direction is the flow supposed to be going in the family system? In a healthy family the flow should be from parents to child. Too often it gets reversed. Maybe at the beginning many parents take care of their child well then, as the child grows a little the care lessens and the flow gets turned the other way.
The family is doing the bidding of the Powers that Be in too many cases. The family is like the slave farm or slaughter house like with animals and the babies get taken from the mother at an early age. In the example of the family the tearing away is more psychological and it’s done by the parents themselves. The system, banks, corporatocracy, what ever you want to call it, don’t have to do it. The parents do it unknowingly by being unconscious and not paying attention to how heavy those at the top are crushing down on us. They don’t realize how the pollution, the addiction, the lust for $ above all else, the mental illness of the ptb is seeping right through the umbilical cord, through the parent and right to the child.
This system is ALL about garbage, all about creating enemies and criminals so the $$ cow can keep rolling along. It’s all about functioning the opposite way nature functions so it can extract more and more real value and energy from the people in exchange for a fake piece of paper. The family system is a part of nature. The Corporatocracy knows no limits to $$ and madness. There is No Way the family system can withstand the onslaught of the Sociopath of the Corp if people are not aware and doing everything they can to counter it. If people do not know that the Corp has been robbing them for decades, if people are not paying attention to the fact that the 1% have nothing better to do than suck the life out of everything and everyone then, they cannot possibly be alert. Most people can’t even imagine that the Corp could even do what it, in fact does everyday and has been doing for decades and will continue to do. Just because it’s so outrageous to comprehend doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Just because it’s so horrible we don’t want to think about it doesn’t mean it isn’t real. It’s because people live so naively and unsuspecting that give the Corp the ability to do what they do with impunity. Despite the glaring proof in everyone’s face people still refuse to believe. It’s REAL!

Due to the fact that the people are not emotionally healthy in general, we do not pay enough attention to emotional balance and what it is we have gotten out of balance and have had our fitness robbed. $$, the opposite of real wealth, has been used to give the masses and “energy transfusion”. To extract their energy and vibrancy in exchange for fake $. Natural law is being gradually replaced by GMO. If that’s the kind of world you want to live in then you don’t have to do anything. If you don’t, then the current must be redirected and it’s going to take all the help it can get. Every time we engage in an exchange with another person in anyway other than natural law, fitness, truth, justice and instead engage for $ or the perception of advancing one’s “career”, you’re creating and perpetuating Cancer because it isn’t based in reality. Human exchange is the same as chemical exchange in the body. It must be Fair and balanced to keep the body alive and healthy. If it’s imbalanced, even a little to start and not corrected, that debt exacerbates. If it’s not corrected the debt usually gets compounded. It doesn’t remain the “little” debt it started out as. It grows into “adult” debt which can reek havoc later on. We reap what we sow.
I know of a “family” for many years who has had many issues to begin with that, recently, the bill is coming due. Now that the Mom is in her 90’s and getting more and more weak, the health of the relationships between the daughters and the 1 son are becoming more obvious. The problems have been evident for decades but, getting more intense since the mother had to be placed in a facility. The father has been out of the picture for a long time from divorce. One daughter told me about her mother held her over a fire when she was a child and used her to be the mother to take care of the younger kids. None of the children reached any level of real success. They all just have jobs, one works at Home Depot and is in her early 60’s. Not your typical 60 year old, however, had 4 children with 2 marriages, both ended, 1daughter who doesn’t speak to her anymore and the last 2 sons live with her in their 30’s.
The point I’m trying to make is the emotional debt that gets passed down. People pro-creating who have not reached any level of success or standard of quality or family for themselves, turning around thinking they have the right and are in a position to bring life into this world. Over the decades it creates a “vacuum”, a deficiency, the same as what banks or Corps do. It is the ultimate betrayal to children and the future. It likened to the deformity of a Vietnamese child due to the effects of Agent Orange. All this system does is create Pollution and garbage unless people are actively aware and redirecting behavior.

GREECE, the Macro of the Micro

Tues eve, July 14, I had Sameer Dossani from Action Aid International on my radio show on
The week before that, Costas Panayotakis, Sociology Prof at NY Tech speaking about the Greek “debt” crisis. Because I was a psych major and have been trying to call attention to the blatant “economic crash” of the “family” system all my life that no one wanted to pay attention to, I now feel the need to show the fact that there is no difference between them. One is just the larger version of the other. I feel that by scaling down to size examples of a dysfunctional, abusive “family” system, it might make it easier for people to understand, at least put it in more “bite size” pieces. But, if  family dysfunction were manageable and “bite size”, those issues would have been addressed. Why are they not? Why can’t the people see they’ve been programmed against their own interest, against their own survival, against their nature? Why can’t people see they’ve been conditioned to function the opposite of health, fitness, efficiency and cleanliness? People would have responded with enthusiasm at the challenge of taking on an issue that would benefit them if they did so. Clearly the issues were not addressed and the reason why there is so much chaos today.
The system seems like a gigantic rapid river that keeps people unable to attain even the most basic traction of creating cooperative families and communities. They don’t even try or feel they have a responsibility to take the initiative on their own or their children’s behalf. People stay in a child-like state then pass that down. The natural drive for challenge and growth is conditioned out of them. They’re incapacitated. The natural instinct of growing to one’s fullest expression is diminished.
Greece, according to John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, is the victim of the Corporatocracy. This is what the Economic Hitmen do. Put a country into such a debt that they can’t pay it while a few rich people get richer and leave the people holding the debt.
It’s an abusive relationship. John Perkins says Greece should not pay it because the debt does not belong to the people. That was before PM Alexis Tsipras said he was “forced” into a deal which created more austerity for the Greek people. Why are the Bully’s never held accountable? Why are the Criminals never exposed for who they are and called what they are instead of being treated legitimately? No backbone on the part of the 99%?
Debt comes in all sizes. Like it or not, the “family” system is the easiest and most common place to pass down debt to the most unsuspecting, most innocent and vulnerable of society. MOST, if not all parents pass down their emotional baggage to their child. It’s rare, healthy parents who are able to raise their child consciously and with dignity and allow the child to be the Free, sovereign person they’re meant to be. Anyone who doesn’t want to face these facts are the reason this country is in such a state of emergency.
I spoke with Mark Passio on my radio show on Tues who speaks publically about many issues, including the unhealthy family. Like the larger system we’re living in now, a child is completely at the mercy of those in “power”. A child’s physical growth and development actually gets Arrested when they are not raised by health, competent leaders. They literally are Imprisoned in their own bodies with No healthy leader to give them the leverage to fully develop and surpass what’s become normal, everyday functioning.
It’s the system that’s failing the youth not the other way around.
Obama just recently visited a prison in Oklahoma and spoke openly about the fact that the U.S., which has 5% of the world population, incarcerates 25% of them. Interesting how it’s been happening under his watch. He spoke about the mistakes youth make that even he or anyone makes but, because of lack of family, support or resources their mistakes were made criminal. Obama went on to say how normal youth behavior should not be made criminal. Its clear man’s system is out of sync with Natural Law. Where man is so blind and hungry for fake profit they’re not only willing to drill for oil in the Arctic and the most pristine locations on the planet, they’re more than willing to criminalize Normal, Healthy behavior in the most vulnerable people on the same planet.
Something I’ve been saying for decades about the family system. Its the dysfunctional system that sees normal, healthy people as criminals. These people are the symptoms showing the system itself. The effect, not the cause and those in “power” blames the effect.