We have Record BILLIONAIRES in NYC, we don’t Need MORE/Citizens Defending Libraries

Monday eve I was asked to film a meeting at the Brooklyn Heights library in down town Brooklyn. The meeting was put on by Marvel Architects and Reps from the library so people in the neighborhood could look at blue print designs at tables and pick whether or not they liked certain designs put forth for a new library. The plan is to demolish the existing library that was built by Francis Keally in 1962 who also built the library at Grand Army Plaza, the main library on the north end of Prospect park. These libraries are built like fortresses and are built to withstand the test of time, unlike what’s being built today.
I really had no idea what I was walking into when I went, I just knew someone requested this meeting to be filmed and felt it was very necessary. I was under the impression this plan was a go and that was why the people were sitting around tables choosing color patterns and designs for the new library. As the evening progressed, however, I learned more about what was going on. As I went around to talk to people and film/video I found people who were not so hot on the idea being presented and I finally found the man who had requested the meeting to be filmed.
Apparently, Big real estate wants to demolish the existing Brooklyn Heights library, shrink it down to a 1/3 it’s original size and build luxury condos some 33 stories high was the height I heard. There is also some plan to build off site affordable housing for the “poor” a few blocks away as some consolation prize for the Billionaires getting what they want. As time went by and people took to the stage to give their feelings as to what they wanted in the design of the new library, some got up and said they wanted this or that feature, like picking features on a new car. Others got up and expressed outright disapproval to the entire process. They called the Charette, a Charade. Some could see right through what was going on.
Citizens Defending libraries was created in 2013 in response to libraries being sold off to Big real estate. Michael White shared with me some facts about a library called “Donnell” that was across the street from the Museum of Modern Art which was sold in 08 and has been under construction and delayed due to an economic down turn. They took down Donnell and are building a high rise hotel and shrinking the library down from 96,000 to 28,000 sq ft.
The Donnell library was closed in secret without much public notice at all.
The same thing is being done to the Brooklyn Heights and at least 3 other libraries in Brooklyn; Williamsburg, Sunset Park, Red hook, and Pacific. The RE developers want to build as high as possible with the Brooklyn Heights library to access the view which protesters have said will block out already limited sun that reaches down town Brooklyn, not to mention the added congestion, traffic, the added population to an already over crowded area.
Michael White of CDL, says more and more the community is complaining about the off site affordable housing being built on an off site a few blocks away is some attempt at driving a wedge in the community by dividing up the “rich” from the “poor”.
Michael White referenced an admonition on the north face of the library that reads, “Don’t come here to seek treasure, come here to seek truth”. Michael White says, if the library does get demolished and a reduced one gets built he said the admonition should have a footnote that reads; “This was always part of this library but, someone came here seeking treasure and stole our truth”.
As the meeting progressed it seemed as if more and more people were against the project. Carolyn McIntyre who is part of CDL spoke out when Marilyn Berkon was speaking about the RE developers being “failures as Human Beings” and “stealing public treasures”.
Others from CDL I interviewed after the meeting shared their honest feelings that the plan had nothing to do with the library and was all about RE and $$ and the Bloomberg admin to underfund libraries, get the RE developers in, take over the land and public assets, shrink the libraries and they have their big high rise.
Nydia from CDL told me Mayor DeBlasio said he was not in favor of the plan to demolish the libraries and build high rise condos then, ended up defunding the libraries. “He’s not going to play us for fools” she said. “we’re going to go to him and remind him of his promise”.
Carolyn McIntyre of CDL said she’s opposed to the plan of “stealing public assets like libraries then giving them to private wealthy billionaires who are going to build stash pads”.
It’s an unnecessary demolition because “we live in a city with a record # of ‘billionaires'”, said Carolyn. “this is about selling RE, it was from the beginning”. “In the beginning they said they were only going to be selling this library the, we found out that that wasn’t true. The, we found out it was also Pacific, then we found out it was also Sunset Park, the we found out it was also Red Hook”.
A lot of this I already went over in the previous piece but, the reason I wanted to reiterate many of the points is because there is such an obvious pattern going on. Every time I discover a new story like this I find so many similarities to what I’ve been saying since I was very young.
People are perpetual children asking for what they want and those with the ‘power” can do what ever they want. This is why feel so compelled to continuously go back to what I went through “growing up”. it was a CLEAR sign of what so many are dealing with today. There is No question the people deserve what’s happening. They did it,, they created it. I was seen then when I was young, like I was a Nobody who didn’t deserve to be heard and valued, just like people are being treated like more and more by the $$ Junkies. Nature is always giving people the signs of what is real and True and if they don’t head the warning, then suffer the consequences.
Just like whats happening with the libraries, the very things that should be being preserved and protected are the very things being sold and shrunk down.
Listening to the people from CDL I could not help but feel so moved and that they were sharing feelings I’ve felt all my life and was trying to tell people about ME,, that I am not to be shrunk down. The people have been shrunk and compromised all along and I’ve been trying to make that so clear to people and they simply don’t see it. The public and those I knew and grew up around were just working class people who had no desire to grow to “full size”. People can’t even see or feel that they don’t get to grow to full size and they’re only “raised” to grow so high,, unlike the Luxury high rise condos that they want to build as high up as possible.
The point is is that people don’t pay any attention to the fact that they are shrunken down and the PTB do what ever they want to us. The people think those in “power” are there for them and their interest when it’s Clear they are not!
Carolyn said during the interview, which can be found on my youtube channel, April Watters, that the plan is not in the interest of the public. It doesn’t get any clearer that we’re living in a system that is out to crush the people. SIMPLE. I could feel it 45 years ago! and NO one listened!! If “families” aren’t even capable of being on each other’s side, if “parents” are incapable of being there for their own children, backing them, supporting them and instead, stealing they very thing they should be protecting and valuing the, what is happening today should be No surprise!
Who is protecting Morals, Justice, valuing children, raising them to value themselves and live with self respect? WHO is standing up for truth, decency, REAL beauty, REAL Family where people actually value and respect each other?
Are the people going to allow EVERYTHING to be sold for the profit of the “billionaires?” Have we Sold nature and real wealth for fake man made, slight of hand, GMO wealth that is not Real?
It All comes down to what’s REAL. Man does not make anything that’s REAL. Only Nature has the power to create anything of Real value.
I pushed fitness all my life because I could feel inside that people were allowing what was need to live fully and happily to die and be sold to Big Business. I could feel that the people were not fit and did not challenge the PTB and Assumed the PTB were looking out for them when it was clear that they were not! People do not know what healthy relationships are or they would have caught on and recognized the signs and symptoms and began stepping up a long time ago.
I pushed all my life for people to learn healthy relationship skills, active listening techniques, giving others the space to feel their valid feelings even if they didn’t like it. Emotionally stretching and anything that comes from Nature and fitness. It was instinctual when I was younger, I could FEEL the deterioration of all that was natural and healthy being demolished and shrunk. NO one else took an interest in what I saw as a complete EMERGENCY. I was the one being shrunk and compromised the most as a kid more than others but, it doesn’t mean that they were not being shrunk too. I might have gotten the brunt of abuse as a child but, it didn’t mean others were not getting some degree of it also. And even if I was the one getting it, it Still should have been a warning to others that what’s happening is coming from “out there”, that this was just a micro cosm and that if this low quality is happening right here in your own house then what is it going to be like out there?
Carolyn of CDL told me that what was being told to the people of Red hook, Brooklyn Heights and Sunset park about their library that just needed a new AC system was that they would have to sell their library if they wanted AC back, “that’s Extortion”. ‘They will not get AC unless they’re willing to sell the community owned library”.
It’s like a larger version of the abusive “family” system! It does ever end. The people stay trapped in arrested development for their entire lives being ruled by Sociopaths who only care about $$!

PAY YOURSELF and Family FIRST, we could TAKE BACK the OUR Country!

There is a reason why I titled this blog, nature dictates to us, not the other way around. People do not seem to get this basic fact. I continuously speak to people who think its the other way around. People have drifted so far out of alignment from nature they actually believe they know the coordinates instead of admitting as a society, we’re lost. “There’s nothing you can do about the bankers and the corruption” and debt so natural law better just “let it go” and get used to it.
People perpetuate the very thinking that needs to be uprooted but, again, they don’t want to work that hard so natural law better lower the bar. The fact is. Nature does not forgive or forget. Nature does not “get over it”, nature does not “let it go” until it’s needs are satisfied and it’s demands are met. Period. People can have the attitude all they want that the bankers can’t be held accountable, that the corps cannot be stood up to, that Cheney, Bush, Obama & Rumsfeld cannot be convicted on crimes against humanity so it’s the people who just have to find a “comfortable” place with that.
Well, natural law says. To hell with that! That’s the exact attitude that needs to be turned around. That’s the exact attitude that needs to be uprooted and cleaned out. That’s exactly the attitude that the Earth First movement and the Occupy movement were trying to bring to light in institutions that are like, Capitalist run away trains violating people’s rights for $$, like “health care” & the just us system. Nature will rebel and push people to stand up one way or another, the easy way or the hard way.
I received a call from a friend yesterday asking if I could come and pick her up. She was driving to her parents in Bklyn from NYC with a sister and had a fight. She said her sister was yelling in her face and would not let up so when her sister stopped at a red light my friend jumped out.
This is going to happen more and more as long as the psycho, un natural, for $$ over humanity and truth system stays in place. Nature is not the “bad guy”.
Its a no brainer. Math is math, physics is physics and it’s not nature that’s the inconvenience by giving us clear feedback, it’s US! For not getting it!! How dumb are we? It’s amazing people ever learned to walk.
My friend was saying her sister was upset about unresolved issues from the past, feeling robbed of certain things. Their parents aging and needing more care putting pressure on her. I didn’t get all the details but I don’t need all the details to know the truth. The truth tries to express itself so it can get resolved whether in places like Baltimore or in the family system. People have gotten way to comfortable believing our GMO, fake, corrupt, man- made system is real. They forget it isn’t and that there is a force much greater and much more intelligent underneath that’s been covered over. We’ve been disconnected from it for so long and are trained to do the same thing to our healthy feelings and truth. Push them down, get over them, drown them with drugs, shopping, sex and alcohol. I try to teach people basic truths like Listen to the body. The body knows, nature and the earth Know the truth. Sure, it isn’t going to be easy to push back the “power” of the junkie ptb, the Koch Bros., the bankers, big real estate, the “billionaires” who cheat and steal to get what they want but, what else do we have to do on this earth? What else is more important? That’s what needs to be done. Nothing less and “By any means necessary”. People tell their family members to “get over it” and “let go” of healthy, valid, justified feelings because they’re  too greedy! While we turn around and say we can’t arrest bankers and war mongers for killing and stealing from millions of people throughout history. Do people see what’s going on here? Can we see how we’ve adopted such bad social habits that make the “rich” more Sociopathic while shrinking down the very people we should be supporting? Right, it’s our sister who’s venting of missed opportunities in an unskilled way who’s the criminal. We hold those around us to ridiculous and unrealistic standards totally unconsciously while we allow Police & Military to kill with impunity and for the NSA to spy on us and the “gov” to pass the NDAA.
The Psychos that Be can do what ever they want, be as extreme in inhumanity as they please and “there’s nothing you can do about it” yet our relative having a valid meltdown needs to get a grip. The more enough people do not stand up to the out of control lunatics the heavier the weight at the top will be putting more and more pressure on those at the bottom causing them to pop like popcorn kernels.

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The Baltimore police union wants Prosecutor Mosby out!

For me things are clear. I studied psych all my life. I studied as extensively as a person could on Emotional Health and balance. I studied it so intensely because I came from it. When you’re young the body seeks it naturally. Nature knows what to do if people just stopped interfering.
Because I had no one else to rely on to plead my own case. Because I was made to be the guilty one in the “family”, framed and scape goated while neighbors and other “family” did nothing. The lack of mental fitness in this society is staggering. The level that people have been fitted to function according to man’s fake system instead of Nature is extreme. The fact that many people do not realize how much is also extreme.
There is literally NO emotional or Mental health in society unless you actively seek out alternatives and even then it’s difficult to get away from the $$ machine since nature usually gets diluted the second something gets commodified. It takes truly committed people to use $ for good. Over time anyone can get complacent.
The attorney for the Baltimore PD is now actively seeking for the State Prosecutor, Marilyn Mosby to be removed and her indictment of the 6 officers who murdered Freddie Gray overturned!! Full blown corruption out in the open. Video cameras irrelevant!
We’re literally experiencing a full blown dam burst of corruption right in front of us. It cannot be hidden any longer. If people decide to accept it and live with it like they’ve been doing for far too long (which is why its that bad now and that much harder to counter). If people don’t have fit families and relationships at home and don’t call “loved ones” out on there stuff and instead live Co dependently for the $, people will do the same thing with the system. They will accept what they think they’re worth. There are not many people who will walk away from $ in an abusive relationship unless the abuse is severe. But, if the abuse came on over time, the victim just might be too beaten down to muster the strength to leave. Unless a neighbor or co-worker or someone steps in and gives them a place to turn.
It’s much easier to prevent someone from putting you into a headlock than to get out of one once you’re in it! We’re IN one! And those who put us there are NOT letting go!
I get a bit confused at times watching Democracy Now and the guest she had on to discuss this today. The conversation sounds too much as if they’re talking about a legitimate judicial system instead of the system we all know to be and the one Amy herself has covered, the $ and Corporate profit over justice and Human rights!
The corruption is in our faces as plainly as can be and people are still using adjectives to describe it. Unsure of whether it’s a dictatorship or not and as if we have a legit judicial system in the first place.
I know it’s a news show but, where’s the outrage? People should be outraged at the blatant arrogance and spin the BPD union attorney put on it. The more they respond as if attorney Mike Davis is making some valid defense instead of coming from a place of complete and utter arrogance, the scale will never be tipped towards the reality that cops (who are representitive of the entire, militarized, brutal system) are getting what they should have gotten a long time ago! The longer people get away with getting what they want instead of REAL justice, they’re that much more into their mental imbalance and have more of a firm grip. It will that much harder to pry their fingers off of it.
Marilyn Mosby called for an independent investigation on the cops in the Freddie Gray case. She based her decision on the FACTS and evidence of that investigation. How clearer does it have to get? Freddie Gray is DEAD. He died in Baltimore PD custody. It doesn’t get any clearer! But, of course, it’s the cops who are being treated unfairly. Any detection of mental imbalance here?People are getting a Crash corse in Mental health, and it WILL get worse.
I knew early on I had to get Fit! That those around me didn’t use justice, what’s right or facts. It was a dictatorship and the exact attitude Eddie Craig describes in his video on how to deal with police. “It’s a Dictatorship”. Period! And again, the people have only themselves to blame for allowing it to got this far. How much more abuse do you need?
I’ve tried to teach people about the signs and symptoms of abuse for decades. I knew as a child that it didn’t matter who’s right it mattered Who had the “power”. When I got older and more powerful the tune changed pretty quick! When my emotionally tortuous mother saw I could now over power her she did a 180 and started acting like the victim. She had everyone fooled and made me out to be the criminal! This is NOT family!! This is not justice. This is immoral and corrupt!
If this is the American “family” how can we possibly be shocked at what we’re living with today?
We’re creating an entire world of garbage and pollution. Why?
Eddie Craig who has the site Rule Of Law Radio, who teaches people how to protect their rights when dealing with Police says the exactly same thing about police as I was saying when I was 6, 7 and on about the “family” system. Why do we tolerate this? The “family” is the greatest violator of the rights of children. We need to be there for children who are mistreated and abused in their own homes. Who is there for them when the very people who are supposed to be protecting them are the abusers? Its worse than brutal police because the child has no one!

Survivors of Abuse NEED JUSTICE for their own healing- Dr. Robert Jay Lifton

 The only way to generate Real change is to slow down and BE fully in the moment.
 What happened to Freddie Gray is the opposite of Presence, of being Tuned in. That’s what a GMO, Capitalist system creates. People who are completely checked out to what is happening Right in Front of their faces! How can a person continue on doing what they’re doing DESPITE what is happening right in front of them?? How is it that s person can be behaving in blatantly immoral, inhumane actions and yet, have no ability to stop themselves or realize what they’re doing? I used to ask this of the way I grew up. How is it possible for a “parent” to be hurtful to their own child right in front of their face? The answer is Right there, the harm, the distress, the pain, the fighting and yet people carry on. How can Police who hear the pleas of Eric Garner 11 times saying he can’t breathe, be so detached from basic Humanity? How can the 6 officers who beat Freddie Gray to death severing his spine 80% be That disconnected from what is taking place RIGHT UNDER THIER NOSES that THEY are participating in? 
 It gives a Whole new meaning to Hidden in Plain Sight when it’s not what other’s are doing right in front of you but. what YOU are doing right in front of you and Can’t see it. 
 In Alice Miller’s book, For Your Own Good, she describes how it was possible for all those people to go along with the Concentration Camps during Nazi Germany. 
 In one part she writes in the case of Alois, Adolf Hitler’s father, and other parents who beat their children, is the fear of a possible resurrection and the return of the split off parts of the self. This is why beating is a never ending task- behind it hovers fear of the emergence of one’s own repressed weakness, humiliation, and helplessness, which one has tried to escape all of one’s life by means of grandiose behavior. What is really an issue in everything people do to others when they despise and demean them is the attempt to exterminate their own former weakness and to avoid sorrow. 
 The persecution of the Jews made it possible for Hitler to “correct” his past in the level of fantasy. It permitted him to; 
 1, take revenge on his father, who was suspected of being half jewish. 
 2, To liberate his mother (Germany) from her persecutor. 
 3, To attain his mother’s love with fewer oral sanctions, with more true self expression (the German people loved Hitler for being a shrieking Jew Hater, not for being the well-behaved Catholic boy he had to be for his mother.)
 4, To reverse roles- he has now become the dictator, he must now be obeyed and submitted to as his father once was; he organizes concentration camps in which people are treated the way he was as a child. (A person is not likely to conceive something as monstrous if he does not know it somehow or other from experience. We simply refuse to take a child’s suffering seriously enough.)
 5, Moreover, the persecution of the Jews permitted him to persecute the weak child in his own self that was now projected onto his victims. In this way he would not have to experience grief over his past pain, which had been especially hard to bear because his mother had not been able to prevent it. In this, as well as in his unconscious revenge on his early childhood persecutor, Hitler resembled a great number of Germans who had grown up in a similar situation. 

 What is still happening today, just like what happened to Hitler and thousands of others as children, they were used as the emotional garbage dump for their parents. The “parents” are like the Corporation, like Chevron, that dumps it’s toxic waste in the Amazon causing hundreds even thousands of people to become sick. 
 No matter what harm is being done right in front of people’s faces, the Machine of society keeps on churning. No matter what the cost of health no matter how blatant, it doesn’t have the ability to snap a person awake. And the truly sad part about it is,, it’s “normal” for people who were abused and mistreated to have to act it out on others if it isn’t allowed to be brought to the fore, confronted and healed. 

 It’s literally, the body being made in the image of a bad economy. The bad “family” Economy.  
 Why can’t children hold “parents” accountable for abuses suffered as children the same way someone injured by a medication or a faulty part in an automobile causing a car accident? Abuses are abuses and if there is no one there for the child at the time, then later on, when the child is grown, it should be perfectly within their RIGHT to seek justice and compensation for what was done to them by the very people who that child relied and was betrayed. 
 Why do we continue on with a capitalist society when the cost is so obviously high? When we can clearly see the destruction it leaves in it’s path,, why do we continue with it when $$ creates more harm that it’s worth? 
  Why do we live in this world of perpetuating psychological and spiritual debt? Today, many are living in a Debtors prison in many towns and cities across America. Many people are in prison for non violent, even normal behavior to keep our fake system going. 
 Capitalism is Not trying to do things authentically, In reality. Nature, Reality and Presence are the enemies of Capitalism. The only way to end Capitalism and it’s destructive effects on the planet and our health, especially our emotional health which people don’t pay much attention to and don’t even know what it is, is to be more connected to the way Nature works, That means, slowing down, being MORE present and more in the moment. Enjoying the Now and surrender the pursuit, the endless seeking of what can only be found in the now. 
 The fact is, people are not raised to ever reach their optimum level of fitness and capabilities on any level. Very few people live truly healthy physically, mentally & spiritually. We can call that the muscle. For too many people $ takes precedence over everything and they end up burning “muscle” instead of building it.
 Someone like Hitler was clearly torn down. He was nearly beaten to death by his father when he was 11 years old. How do we expect someone like Hitler to act after that kind of treatment? Despite the fact that the reality is right in front of people, the cause and the effect, people are removed from the reality and refuse to admit the truth. 
 In a piece on Democracy Now, Dr. Robert Jay Lifton said survivors of Auschwitz were upset over the death of Josef Mengele who drowned in the ocean from a stroke in Brazil before being held accountable for the atrocities he committed. “It wasn’t so much a desire for revenge as much as it was for justice. Survivors of the Holocaust  are Justice Collectors. The NEED a sense of justice for their own healing”. You can’t have healing without Justice. I’ve been saying that all of my life. People expect you to just get over things. Nature cannot be gotten over on. It needs what it needs which is why many people just skip right over it instead of taking the time to do things legitimately. 
 Dr Lifton discusses the APA’s participation in the Torture of detainees at Guantanamo. A Dr. James Mitchell actually participated in water boarding Abu Zubaydah ,,, here is an account of other techniques used from an article by CommonDreams
 [Mitchell] ordered that Zubaydah be chained to a chair for weeks on end; that he be whipped by the neck into concrete walls; that he be stuffed into a small, black box and left for hours; that he be hung naked from the ceiling; that he be kept awake for 11 consecutive days, and sprayed with cold water if he dozed. But the torture designed by Dr. Mitchell was about to pass to another level. It was time to implement the final stage of Dr. Mitchell’s program.

Abu Zubaydah lay strapped to a gurney specially designed to maximize his suffering. His feet were above his head, just as Dr. Mitchell had ordered. His hands, arms, legs, chest, and head were restrained by heavy leather straps. As Zubaydah lay helpless, Mitchell and his subordinates placed a black cloth over his face and began to pour water onto the cloth. Rivers of water ran up Zubaydah’s nose and down his throat. He could not breathe. Panic gripped him as he began to drown. And when Mitchell sensed that Zubaydah dangled on the precipice between life and death, he ordered that the board be raised. Zubaydah expelled the water in a violent, racking spasm of coughing, gurgling and gasping. But before Zubaydah could catch his breath, Dr. Mitchell repeated the experiment. Then he did it again. And again. According to the United States Government, Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in August 2002 alone.

Josef Mengele was also, a “physician” who did the most twisted things to children at the camps at Auschwitz ,, from the site, Angel of Death, on Josef Mengele,,
 At Auschwitz Mengele did a number of twin studies, and these twins were usually murdered after the experiment was over and their bodies dissected. He supervised an operation by which two Gypsy children were sewn together to create Siamses twins; the hands of the children becawhere the veins had been resected.

Mengele injected chemicals into the eyes of children in an attempt to change their eye color. Unfortunately a strict veil of secrecy over the experiments enabled Mengele to do his work more effectively.The full extent of his gruesome work will never be known because the records he sent to Dr. Von Verschuer at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute were shipped out in two truckloads and destroyed by the latter.
Twins undergoing his experiments didn’t know what the objectives were. It is known that he had a special pathology lab where he performed autopsies on twins who had died from experiments. It was located next to the cremetorium.
Any remaining notes Mengele carried with him on his escape to South America and those were never found. Some forty years after the war, only a few of these twins could be found, many living in Israel and the United States. Strangely enough, many of them recall Mengele as a gentle, affable man who befriended them as children and gave them chocolates. Since many had immediately been separated from their families upon entering the camp, Mengele became a sort of father figure. Still a tension existed, that at any time they could be killed if they did not keep a low profile. Older twins recognized his kindness as a deception …

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS when dealing with Cops with Eddie Craig

 Tmrw eve on Awake Radio I will have Eddie Craig as my guest. Eddie Craig ofwww.RuleOfLaw.com, soon to be www.TaoOfLaw.com has a video on youtube viewed over 200,000  times entitled; Secrets Police Don’t Want you to Know, which discusses the Fitness people need to have, the Fitness people gave up, in dealing with Police.
 Eddie says at the beginning of the video, “the American people  are no longer in touch with what their basic, common, unalienable rights actually are”. “We’ve been indoctrinated into surrendering them to the State and those we judge to be an “authority” over us for far too long”. Quotes on authority mine.
 “The indoctrination process has to be done slowly and people don’t even notice any longer, that they’ve been deprived of those rights until it’s far too late”.
 “There’s no such thing as Constitutional Rights”, says Eddie Craig. “When is comes to the American people Constitutional Rights don’t exist. Our rights are inalienable or inherent at Birth”. “They’re given to us by the Creator. Not by “gov”. We created that document to serve us not the other way around”. “The Constitution was created to limit THEIR power and Authority, Not ours! And when they refuse to operate within the boundaries of that authority that’s when you and I the inherent right to take them to task and hold them accountable for what they do”. “We’re being ruled by Judicial Opinion not by law and not by Constitutional limitations of governmental authority”. “We have to start going to the source, the people we have put in place as law makers. When we get rid of a bad law maker we cure a dozen symptoms right off the bat. The more we get rid of bad law makers and put in actual people that Care about our rights and the Constitutional limitations on gov first, the better off we are”.       “The best Gov is the Gov that governs least”- Thomas Jefferson
 “Take back the power that belongs to us and use it accordingly”.
 I’ve blogged about this many times and I have to say it again here. What Eddie Craig is talking about is the exact same thing I was pointing out and saying about the abusive “family” system all my life. Here it is again. Eddie Craig is coming right out and saying it in plain English the way I was at age 6, 7, 8 and on. Those who are supposed to be protecting and serving are doing the exact opposite. The cops are there to use your ignorance against you for revenue generating and see you as guilty! It’s what happened to me in my own house by age 8. It isn’t just the police, it’s ANY “authority” person. All “Parents” to some degree, are all working for that same system and teaching their children to go along with a system that’s working against them. Simple. It might not have been as obvious to some when they were young like it was for me but, unless people grew up with awake and conscious parents who really cared and taught them their rights and fitness, then you were sold out.
 Listening to Eddie Craig I can hear the fitness I’ve been talking about all my life. People have allowed themselves to neglect their connection to health and how natural law works and be diverted by man and the system he’s been diluting and taking away our rights more and more.
 My body went into fight/flight mode at about 7 or 8 years old and never came out. I taught myself by reading many books on what healthy relationships are and my body knew instinctively that my rights were being violated in my own house. I feel enraged when I hear people like Eddie Craig and Mark Passio saying the exact same thing I was saying for decades and was dissed by everyone around me who I needed to be on my side. This is the result of people Not listening to me for over 44 years! The body does not lie! I had more sense at age 7 than any “adult” around me and stood up to “power” and pointed out the violations being done to you right in your own home. There wasn’t ONE “adult” who stepped up! I will Never get over that. I will never get over the utter complacency and lack of fitness that people exhibit in this country! The system is completely upside down! When you have to be your own lawyer, be your own cop, be your own parent, doctor, dentist. What else? That is part of the debt though. It isn’t only about fitness, its about the fact that some people are being psychologically taxes to death! I mean, you have to be able to rely on someone! You can’t be on guard ALL the time! You can’t be hyper vigilant and never be able to relax and trust that someone isn’t going to be putting themselves first at your expense. If “family” doesn’t even really care about doing right by you and you have to watch out for them, the body doesn’t ever get a chance to rest and regenerate. It’s physically and mathematically IMPOSSIBLE to  be on guard with everyone! Which is how I feel at this point. I was RIGHT as a 7 year old and knew better than the losers around me and they’re Criminalizing me! It’s so twisted. The young are telling the truth through their actions and the system is too blind and capitalized to see it. A person needs to have Some one on their side being there Just for them to lean on in order to be able to stand up to those who will do harm and to even recognize those who will do harm.
 Where is the video on how to stand up to abusive “family?” We need a video for that because there are too many people growing up and not being taught their rights by parents and who’s rights are even being violated BY parents just like the Police are doing. Everyone is gradually choosing man made paper over Natural law and instincts. Even those getting screwed.
 The step father in Baltimore who’s stepson broke the police car window with the traffic cone turn himself in are now finding out what happens when you think you’re doing the “right” thing in a system that plays by an entirely different set of rules. Did those 5 cops who beat, shackled and severed the spine of Freddie Gray turn themselves in? Just like in Eddie Craig’s video on how to deal with police, the family of that boy are now finding out they gave up their own rights! Their boy is being held at a higher bail than the cops who killed Freddie Gray. They’re now on TV complaining and being outraged to the 500k bail for their boy and the 100k, I think, for the killer cops! They’re finding out, yet again, like it isn’t obvious enough that these cops psychologically abuse and beat the already, that they screwed themselves by doing the”right” thing in a corrupt system. Like I’ve done too many times to count. Its become too blatantly obvious that the laws of physics has been “altered” by the rigged, for profit system so any slight move you make and you hang yourself and your family.
 This is what I mean when I talk about “family” and parents who are not fit and aware of their rights. They end up doing harm to their own kids thinking they can trust the system. You can’t!
 Parents need to be teaching their kids what Eddie Craig is teaching. Fitness. Parents should be helping kids to be fit in life. Not doing them harm. People are so used to their enslavement they feel strange when one of them, mostly the young, has the courage to step up, like I did at age 7. Its the “parent” that beats the kid into submission and beats the instinct to fight back right out of them!
 I’m not advocating smashing police cars but, when the entire system has failed these kids and they get beaten by cops everyday and see their friends killed by cops, NO one has the right to judge their behavior for breaking some police window! It’s totally justified!! It’s the Least these kids can get away with.
 The cops don’t need to beat the people. They do it to themselves!
 I KNEW my parent was not on my side as a kid. I KNEW to stand up and challenge the Fake authority. Kids are smarter than “adults” who’ve sold out and the kid who knows better than the “adult” gets criminalized! No one teaches these kids then they’re going to judge them for acting out?? The system totally sold these kids out and they KNOW it! And “They’re” the criminal for rising up the only way they know how!
 My question is,, WHO is there to rely on? Who is there for young people, and older people to rely on who are not there to Capitalize on you and use your lack of ability or knowledge against you?
 If there are more people in the system willing to go along for $$ than there are countering it and actually CARING about people, the scale will tip.
 There are videos on youtube showing citizens standing up for their rights to cops. When you do what’s right and people are not used to it and you make people feel bad about themselves, they don’t like you! Instead, it’s their own unfit behavior they should give up. The same way people choose to over eat instead of being trim. Choose lack of exercise instead of being uncomfortable.
 The people in the video literally had to mentally wrestle the cops! I read a similar technique in John Gray’s book, Children are from Heaven 20 years ago. He was teaching parents to stand firm and repeat their direction over and over and not be waived by what the child came back out them with. Parent, “I want you to brush your teeth and go to bed”, child, “I hate you, you never let me stay up”, “brush your teeth and go to bed”, “can’t I just stay up a little longer?”. “I want you to brush your teeth and go to bed”.
 That’s what I’ve been advocating for decades. Mental wrestling and fitness to gain your rightful leverage. I was not very popular. No one but me felt the need for it and now we better hope we haven’t lost so much leverage we can’t regain it.
 Not everyone is going to have an easy time questioning and challenging a cop.
 I felt the Emergency need for relationship fitness over 44 years ago for personal and professional interactions. The setting of boundaries, conscious communication skills.
 I learned and read from growing up in an abusive family that anyone who is truly on your side will not ask you to surrender the very thing they’re supposed to be teaching you to protect. Even husbands, sisters, brothers, cousins. People do not have healthy, fit interactions.
 These tech with police need to be used with anyone especially those in “Authority”.
 We can’t  take anything for granted. We must cultivate fitness or it will not exist. No one will do it for us. Capitalism is seeing to that.

Like PLASTIC, man-made Epi-Genetic Modification programing doesn’t break down in Nature.

From the Neck Down issues won’t be solved by from the Neck UP solutions. Like they literally did to Freddie Gray is what the system and those promoting it Are themselves; Decapitated. They live from the Neck UP Despite the FACTS, the, from the Neck DOWN reality glaring them and everyone in the face.
 I’m confused because I don’t get how this is a surprise. We all see the reality, we all know this country is all about $$ over everything else. The Prison State mentality is moving in every neighborhood. Is there anyone who doesn’t know that? The FACT that people like Freddie Gray were living under the conditions they were living with in the First place shows the Sacrifice Zones Chris Hedges writes about in places like the Mid West and the Dakotas with the Native Americans and places like Camden, NJ.
 The Mental Illness of those who have ASSumed the position of “authority” is becoming more and more apparent.
 It’s Organic Nature vs Man Made, Epi-Genetically Modification (to use Mark Passio’s term, I called it Basic Genetic Modification) of Reality that, despite Nature’s signs & symptoms, those who’ve assumed the position of recycling that Debt and GMO program Refuse to awaken.
 Like plastic, Epi-genetic modification doesn’t break down easily in Nature. When the Plastic mind set of the Capitalist mind set comes into contact with something genuine, it actually has as adverse reaction. It responds by clinging to it’s Epi-Genetic Modification even more! It grips down even tighter into itself becoming an even higher concentration of Epi-Genetic Modification.
 All those saying the Rioters are bad or “thugs” clearly show the same GMO program. I guess the earthquake in Napal is to. All of us are connected to nature, like it or not and human beings are going to have a healthy response to being oppressed and imprisoned. Let’s hold the Oppressors and the Profit over people and the planet Corps and Banksters responsible!
  People don’t know Nature from GMO since living in a man-made habitat for so long. Nature doesn’t need to ask, it doesn’t need permission, it doesn’t need anyone to like it. The Earthquake in Napal isn’t wrong or bad. It Is.
 Nature has to, eventually, give back an Equal and opposite reaction to what’s being initiated against it. That’s how natural law works. Like it or not!
 My favorite quote by James Madison; I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedoms of the people by  gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by sudden and violent usurpations.
 Those who’ve Assumed the Position of power have done so by Epi-Genetic Modification, NOT organically in reality. Because their fake, GMO $$ has been used to divert people away from Nature and their organic instincts people have allowed themselves to get  unfit from the neck Up and neck Down!
 You can say what ever you want and complain about the rioters but, they are showing the system the truth. They are a valid symptom of a world wide systemic problem that not enough people are addressing. When not enough of the population takes issue with the fact that an entire neighborhood, entire towns are being turned into Debtors Prisons those being marginalized and sacrificed the most will revolt. That’s natures intelligence.  A heart attack or illness might be an inconvenience to the $$ system but it’s necessary none the less to get our attention back to nature.
 Man is nearly completely done making nature over to his $$ image. When people want to measure how they’re doing in life success wise, do they measure themselves against man- made or Nature? All my life I’ve been an advocate for fitness. Real fitness. Its only by aligning with Natural Law that we measure true fitness. If we measure ourselves against how much materialism or “power” we have as opposed to how much we’re loved and connected to community, we have fake fitness.
 A youtube video hosted by Law Enforcement educator and whistle blower Eddie Craig entitled, Secrets the Police Don’t Want You to Know he made a basic point that does not take much thought. If more people fought traffic Tickets than fought them, the system would DIE! Exactly! The people are afraid of their power. Eddie explains in the video how the entire system is exactly conducted like the Debtors Prison that grew out of the corruption in Ferguson. Eddie didn’t make that connection because I think his video came out prior to the Ferguson incident. That’s what they’re doing to ALL of us.
 Eddie Craig said its because people give in and Pay illegal tickets that FEEDS the monster! For “convenience” sake, instead of taking off from work and making the time to Measure oneself against Nature and stand up against the system, they give in and buy their way out of the situation temporarily. What they’re really doing is fueling the Machine that will use their energy against them. This is what happens when people live by man-made instead of nature made, instead of fitness. When you look to use your fake $$ to handle a situation, all that does in Natures terms is create more debt, more lack of fitness and ADDS to the ever increasing GAP between $$ and Natural Law.
 It isn’t about $$ it’s about how Healthy a person is and how they use their $$. If someone looks to avoid real Fitness and use their $$ to buy their way out of being fit, you’re aligning yourself with Fake, Man-made and further away from Natural law! Over time people are accruing their self made prison!
 The system is all a LIE! The same with the IRS.
 The system is Extorting us!! It’s playing us for FOOLS! And the more you think it’s not so serious the more it adds up to a Debt “Health Account”.