The decapitation of Freddie Gray, what I feel is an obvious metaphor, symbolic, of what has been done to us for decades, is now literal. I have shared and blogged about the Decapitation of people many times figuratively. The ptb gradually separating us from nature, from reality, from ourselves from truth, spinning their web of lies more and more to try to confuse what is plainly obvious.
 The Crushing of the Spirit of people in their own homes by their own “parents” is just the micro cosm of this macro cosm.
 Those Baltimore Police MURDERED Freddie Gray in broad daylight in plain sight. There is NO way around it! They can spin all the BS they want which only reveals how truly sick and utterly despicable they really are!
 Freddie Gray’s spinal cord was 80% severed! And his voice box crushed! Holy Hell!! What kind of sick Motherfuckers are we dealing with? These cops are clearly being trained to KILL and that they will be protected. They clearly have NO respect for life Or Themselves! Cops walk around condemning the people of Baltimore and every other town as if they’re clean, while THEY are the DIRTIEST MFr’s walking!
 Then! An “attorney” from the Police Union says that Freddie was resisting arrest and would not walk when, in FACT, Freddie was already a Quadriplegic and could Not walk BEFORE he was dragged to the PD van! How DARE this Lying bastard! No matter how Blatantly clear things are, these Psychos try to Deny reality and desecrate Freddie Gray after they MURDERED him for making eye contact then running from Your “holiness” the police! I’d run too if I saw the face of cops! These cops Broke Freddie’s neck! Then try to blame him and say Freddie would not walk when we was already paralyzed! By THEM.
 THEN! The “president” of the police union, this piece of shit, Gene Ryan had the AUDACITY! To say that the protesters were not giving the cops Their Due process!! And were making the cops guilty of murder Before they were even tried!!! When that’s EXACTLY what those cops did to Freddie who is Now DEAD!!! WTF! Gene Ryan says, he cops didn’t even get their day in court and the protesters wan them in jail”. How Fucking DARE he!! The people have the right to go a make a citizens arrest! Where’s Freddie’s day in court GENE??? This guy is so fucking arrogant and so used to being smug and getting away with shit while condemning the public, it just spills off of him.
Take this system down!
Dominique Stevenson has the common sense to come out and point out exactly that. Where was Freddie Gray’s due process? Freddie was Tried, Convicted and Executed. That is a ridiculously obvious question to ask. But, not for Gene Ryan who is totally blinded by his self deluded Ego and arrogance.
 After hearing the common everyday brutality the people of Baltimore suffer and the hands, and the mental abuse, by cops, it’s normal to run because people know the cops will find any reason to harass them. Just like the child of an Alcoholic, abusive parent knows to hide when “dad” or “mom” comes home because they know that “parent” will look for Any reason to hit that child. This is what we’re living in.
 That is what this country has become. The abusive “family” system ALL because of Capitalism! To suck up to Bankers and Corps who piss on cops and consider them lower than dogs!
Baltimore has the highest rate of incarceration in the state of MD. The neighborhood where Freddie was arrested has the highest rate of incarceration in the state. “The rate of incarceration can’t be separated from the aggressive policing that takes place”, said Dominique Stevenson from the American Friends Service   Committee in Maryland, who was arrested at a protest in Baltimore voluntarily to keep an eye on a 17 year old girl who was arrested for civil disobedience.
 Eddie Conway from Real News Net interview 30 people from the community who witnessed the incident. A police camera that has been used for years to arrest the public for drug deals suddenly stops working the day Freddie was murdered! How convenient! “That camera would have been directly over Freddie Grays head”, said Conway. For the cops, that camera is working just fine! Like the rest of the rigged system.
 One witness said one cop dropped his knee down on Freddie’s neck while Freddie was held face down on the sidewalk by other cops. From there on Freddie was incapacitated. The cop severed his spinal cord 80%! The cops then, later, shackled Freddie’s legs and threw him back in the van.
“It isn’t a high crime area it’s a Broken Windows policing area, said Eddie Conway, where residents are arrested for sitting on their own steps. The people are not even allowed to sit on their own steps, the police will come and harass them”. 10, 11, 12, 13 year old juveniles end up in the prison system.
 The protesters calling for truth and justice were called a “Lynch Mob” by the Baltimore Police Union for rightly standing up for justice. “As a woman of African American decent, I find that statement offensive”, Dominique said. “Many people at the protests were willing to come up and speak to us about their abuse at the hands of police”.
 Because $$ is the ultimate goal, everything is backwards. Nothing can be straight up as long as the sociopaths deny the fact that everything they do is for $$. The victim/abuse cycle will continue.
 It wasn’t for 40 mins until medics were called. Freddie would be in the hospital for one week and died on April 19th.
 All of the officers who were involved in killing Freddie Gray were SUSPENDED WITH Pay! One refused to give a statement.
 Larry Bell, former Baltimore City Council President said ‘Baltimore has had a long history of these kinds of incidents. Since the age of technology and everyone has a cell phone with cameras’. “Over 20 years ago I was one of those people who led the struggle to try to get Civilian Review, that’s something that has been resisted for many, many years”. There has been a “camaraderie” in the police dept.
 Police misconduct cases has cost the city of Baltimore $6 million since 2011. One woman, Ms Floyd, said a cop took her face and ground it into the sidewalk in 2009. “I was grabbed by my neck from behind. I was struggling because I didn’t know who it was, ‘get off of me, leave me alone, why you doing this’. “They don’t answer your questions, they just tell you to shut the hell up”. When Barbara Floyd was across the street watching another incident a cop grabbed her, “he put his knee in the small of my back, grounding my face into the pavement. He kept telln me to ‘lay down,’ “I was already down”. Barbara Floyd received a settlement of 30k.
 Larry Bell talked about how the problem became exacerbated in early 2000 when former mayor Martin O’Malley began 0 tolerance policy. ALL the Tolerance for Them! 0 for You!
 They’ve been arresting people for petty, nuisance “crimes”. More and more arrests and a devaluation of black life. “We need to have jobs in these communities”. “We haven’t talked about the ways black lives are minimized. We are economically depressed and more $$ has gone into prisons than has gone into jobs. Leadership is out of touch with the people on the ground”. ‘It isn’t rocket science to see that something went wrong. We need responses to be a lot faster. The length of time that this is taking is inflaming the people’.
 When it comes to criminalizing the public it’s lightening speed!
 When it comes to looking at themselves, they drag time and give themselves, the criminals all the “due” process they want!
 This doesn’t take a Genius to see what’s going on. The Corporations and the police “profit” off of criminalizing and dehumanizing the public. The people have been Sold Out! That has been established long ago!
 Billy Murphy, attorney for the Gray family said that police brutality is a pervasive problem in Baltimore. “Typically the police deny, deny, deny no matter what the FACTS are. Its not unusual for them to PROMOTE the cop even after he’s been found guilty of brutality.” I had a case with a $44 million verdict against the PO where a PO rammed a client into a brick wall in the back of his holding cell and  paralyzed him from the neck down. That PO was promoted to Sergeant after the verdict against him”. The city refused to pay and made us appeal at every level”. “We won the appellate court at all levels and still they wouldn’t pay”.
 Congress member John Conyers introduced a bill against racial profiling.
 Former police chief said running is not enough to stop someone.
 The neighborhood where Freddie Gray was arrested was called a “high crime area” on Democracy Now. How about referring to the Police Dept as the High Crime area? The “white” house as the High Crime area?? The NSA, Wall St, bank board rooms????
 Too many good people unconsciously start out with a shifted perception and automatically consider the people the criminals and their neighborhoods when it’s the Corps and the Politicians who are the Real Criminals! Start shifting your thinking!
 “The perception of black men and the value of black men is on display” says Larry Bell.
 “There was a death without a trial, without a jury, without a sentence. There was an execution. It’s 1984, it’s Double Speak to call protesters a Lynch Mob, said Eddie Conway. They’re blaming the victims, they’re blaming the people who suffered, the lynching for protesting about the lynching about their behavior. Its obsurd”
 The doctors at John’s Hopkins Hospital already said the injury Mr Gray suffered had to be a very strong contact he had with somebody”, Larry Bell. “You don’t have to be rocket scientist. We need to have some people charged. Cops suspended and still getting paid inflames the people”.  “The feel there’s a 2 tier justice system, one for police and one for citizens”.
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When Awareness comes by being SCREWED instead of being RAISED, that’s a DEBT Based Society

 So I did an interview with the lead singer songwriter of a new, local band that will be playing in NYC in the next couple of weeks. It’s always so eye opening when I speak to people who are doing what it is they choose to do in life. This young guy of about 25 years old told me about his life and how he grew up and got into music. He said he sang his entire life. He got into music and playing instruments in High School. He skipped College because he already knew what he wanted to do with is life which was, play music. He said he had the support of his family and wasn’t pushed to go after money like many parents so. They push their children to have a “back up” plan in case their dreams don’t work out but,  Mike’s parents didn’t. He said he went straight into what he wanted to do, which made perfect sense to me. Why not? What other way is there? To go West to go to the UK from NYC?  Mike said he’s worked since he was 13 and was always able to have a job and make $$. I told him it was because he came from a good family and was brought up well.
 It’s always so obvious when people are brought up right. They are free to be and do what they are meant to. Mike was telling me about the name of his band and the meaning of it and that  it was about living life to the fullest and doing what one loves. If we only had a short time, how would we live?
 Later, after writing the preview for their appearance in NYC, I thought, what does it mean to live life to the fullest? That’s just it, that all depends on the person and who they are and what values they were brought up with. I thought about it and concluded that I’m sure that’s what the Koch Brothers or the Wolf of Wall St would say that they’re doing also,, Living life to the fullest! Having fun and being “happy”. That’s what the Corporations would say they’re doing also. Having a good time at someone else’s expense by exploiting workers and stealing “profits” while depleting resources til exhaustion that the Earth will never be able to replenish.
 Many people use what Mike meant in a genuine way and spin it to suit sociopathic ends. To be hedonistic. Being happy and living life to the fullest means having regard for others and bringing joy and pleasure to others through writing songs that come from the heart.
 But, it all comes from who someone is and how one was raised. There’s NO getting around Nature. A person who came from a healthier environment growing up where their emotional needs were met will have one way to describe what “living life to the fullest” and someone who came from a more emotionally deprived environment will turn out like the Wolf of Wall St.
 I thought,, that’s the PROBLEM with many people in the United States, is that they just want to have “fun”, have a “good time”,, be “happy” but have NO idea of how to actually accomplish that genuinely and are actually incapable of being genuinely happy. What I spoke about with Mark Passio and the Parental Abandonment plaguing so many people who did not grow up like “Mike”. People who grew up genuinely and “organically” have a quality that is unmistakable. It’s a quality only Nature can create. People who are truly loved, wanted and grow up emotionally supported emit qualities that cannot be replicated by man or bought. Those who don’t feel wanted or supported in their families of origin will be lacking and have an emotional hunger that needs to be met or they will have no choice but, to attempt to fill it in very ineffective ways. I believe they are who the 1% and those who obey their orders are.
 In order to “live life to the “fullest” and be “happy” like Mike the musician said, you have to be full already. You have to NOT be in emotional Debt to start out with. If your Emotional or Spiritual debt is not acknowledged or dealt by the community and oneself, which is one in the same because people end up in denial because it’s not safe to express truth to the community, there is no way of being “happy”, NO WAY of living life to the “Fullest” because every attempt made to fill that emptiness will result in a perpetuation of the debt. This is why this country is in the mess it’s in. The ONLY way to live life to the fullest and to be genuinely Happy, like I spoke about with Mark Passio,, to be Happy in REALITY,, and not Epi- Genetically Modified Happiness like many people do and call it real happiness, is to acknowledge the emptiness and to allow people to feel and express their Emotional Debt.
 I find myself getting angry when I see others turn out and live life the way we’re supposed to, who were brought up without the emotional debt many parents immorally place on their children. I get furious because I could feel it when I was very young that I was not being taken good care of so that I could be someone who can write music, perhaps, and live more free to be myself. When you grow up in a healthy environment you’re free to be who you are and do what you want. You’re not in emotional debt to a “parent” who treats you like wanting to be Free to do what you want is some kind of Crime.
 I TRULY wish to call out the “FAMILY” system for what it IS!! I was stopped from doing it ALL my life and made to feel like I’m the guilty one for telling the truth and point out things as they were!
 Today,, I can’t read or watch any legit media without hearing someone say the EXACT same thing as I was over 40 years ago about the “family”.
 I KNEW by the time I was 8 that I was being FUCKED OVER and there was not ONE person to validate what I was saying and take action. There was not ONE person who was there for me as a child  and when my body had NO choice but to kick in completely on my own to fend off everyone myself then, they’re telling you you’re wrong. As if your body and instincts can be WRONG! Our bodies get Fucked OVER so BADLY as kids and prevented from functioning in the FIT, and SAHRP way they’re meant to and our SHIT country is living PROOF of it!!
 This Country is DONE! People are so brainwashed, Mind Fd and GMO’d they have NO idea they’e even living much less than they’re capable of.
 People have NO idea they’re supposed to be functioning at a much higher level than they are and that the way they are currently living is ALREADY a sign they they’re halfway to enslavement!
 People never get the chance to grow Fully! It isn’t about what’s being Robbed from you, it’s that you were never even allowed to reach it in the FIRST PLACE! How can you know what’s missing?  You can’t possible know what’s lost if you never even had it!
 That’s why I believe the PTB are actually doing the people a FAVOR by imprisoning them because at least they’ll be putting a FIRE under them and getting them to move and take the action they should have be taking all along!
 I heard about an activist woman in Kenya who took on some polluters who were poisoning the area and causing the children to have high levels of lead in their blood. She did what a GOOD parent does and took action so her child could grow healthy.
 How is the “family” system any different when “parents” are dumping emotional POLLUTION onto their children? Parents fighting, being emotionally abandoning, emotionally using their children or being physically or sexually abusive are doing the same thing to their children that Big Corporations are doing to indigenous people. When ever I tried to speak up for MYSELF as a child and from then on, I was treated the same way Doug Hughes is being treated for speaking up and flying a Gyrocopter into “restricted” airspace to tell Congress to DO IT’S JOB,, and Reform Capital finance! like I did when I was 7!! How can a Child stand up to Abusive, Polluting parents?
 Doug Hughes even gave the “White” house the heads up that he was coming by sending an email and having the TAMPA BAY TIMES call in to the WH to tell them Mr. Hughes was coming in. So, they KNEW he was coming. Every effort was made to give Homeland Security notice of who Doug Hughes was and that he wasn’t a threat. Mr. Hughes said he’s a father and a grandfather and he’s seen the country go from a “Democracy to a Plutocracy”. “the Fat Cats are calling the shots, they’re getting everything they want”, said Dough Hughes on Democracy Now today. Congress is NOT representing the people,, like I KNEW my own parents were Not representing me and I had only MYSELF to rely on to speak up! I am FURIOUS that this is what’s happening and that the VERY PEOPLE,, never mind Police Brutality, feeling like a Prisoner in your own house as a child, there’s Nothing worse! Parents are working for the system and oppressing their own kids, the Gov doesn’t have to do it!
To know it, to feel it, to see it and to be speaking out about the harm you can feel happening to you by the very people who are supposed to be caring for yo MORE than ANYONE! And the fact that neighbors and “friends” were All in on it! The problem being Right in front of people and they can’t even see that they’re oppressing their own children so MONSANTO can destroy the planet for more “profit”. I was being told and made to feel greedy for needing my most BASIC and fundamental NEEDS I’m being made out to be the Criminal by age 8! For speaking out about what more and more people are speaking out about today and the TOTAL SELL OUT of this Country to the Corporations for fake, Man- Made, Epi-Genetically Modified $$.
 Nature and the most vulnerable are going to feel and express the Illness of this society the most! And yet it’s those very people having the most severe reaction the how utterly SICK this country is and exposing it and pointing it out for what it is, are the ones being arrested and out in JAIL!! Like I was when I was 8! No one listens to you when you’re a kid or an adult when you carry NO weight,, but, it’s because the country SUCKS and the very people who’re supposed to be GIVING you that weight are stealing it from you instead! It’s a Catch 22 and not many people see it.
 The people who represent the effect of the Corrupt system are the GUILTY ones rather than those creating it! All the vulnerable at the bottom who are the expression of the Garbage producing Crapitalist system, The Signs and Symptoms, are the ones being blamed!! MORE SICKNESS!
 That’s like blaming a rash instead of what caused the rash. We live in such a BACKWARDS, DEBT Based, Opposite of NATURE and health system and such DANGEROUS degrees, if we don’t start learning about Natural Law soon,, its over!
 It’s it SEVERE Mental Illness we’re living in and by Not taking it seriously,, we’re making it SICKER. By not wanting to get upset or angry or responding urgently,, or being complacent, we’re adding to it!
 People are not stepping it up NEARLY enough to counter the Sociopath of the Corporations.
 TOO many people go along with Corporations for the $$ and join in on the destruction of the lives of others. How many people are in on creating the Debtors Prison in Ferguson, MO??
 If there are MORE people going along with and are IN on the imprisonment and enslavement of the innocent, who are into being a part of creating Sacrifice Zones and a Sacrifice populace so the Sociopath Corps can be eve MORE Sociopath then, WHO is there to help turn this mess around? There needs to be More people NOT in on it to Counter the people who are IN on it.
 $$ is the OPPOSITE of FREEDOM and is being used to enslave and imprison.
Here is a list of Corporations who are “profiting” really EXTRACTING, SUCKING the LIFE out of! “prisoners” from a recent Chris Hedges article in TruthDig ,,
Corporations currently exploiting prison labor include Abbott Laboratories, AT&T, AutoZone, Bank of America, Bayer, Berkshire Hathaway, Cargill, Caterpillar, Chevron, the former Chrysler Group, Costco Wholesale, John Deere, Eddie Bauer, Eli Lilly, ExxonMobil, Fruit of the Loom, GEICO, GlaxoSmithKline, Glaxo Wellcome, Hoffmann-La Roche, International Paper, JanSport, Johnson & Johnson, Kmart, Koch Industries, Mary Kay, McDonald’s, Merck, Microsoft, Motorola, Nintendo, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Quaker Oats, Sarah Lee, Sears, Shell, Sprint, Starbucks, State Farm Insurance, United Airlines, UPS, Verizon, Victoria’s Secret, Wal-Mart and Wendy’s.

 Corporations Don’t escape NATURAL LAW,, NO ONE DOES!! 

Does it Get any more Sociopath?

 If it isn’t excruciatingly obvious by now that we’ve allowed Corporations to gain way too much leverage I don’t know what it will take. Everything has gotten so imbalanced because we’ve allowed ourselves to lose touch with our mental Fitness and Nature itself. Once we lose a sufficient connection to Nature, we’re SICK. That’s ALL there is to it! If we don’t value and respect nature, we’re done. There’s no way around it. But, again, because we’re disconnected from nature we won’t  grasp that. We might read it and be, “oh, it can’t be that bad.” Or, “oh, that can’t ever happen”. Which are just more signs of being disconnected from Nature to a severe degree.
 Lori Wallach from Public Citizen talked about the report Wikileaks exposed about Corporations wanting the “right” to Sue “gov” that tries to “impose” environmental regulations on them for loss of “claimed” future profits. Hello!! Are people getting this?? How Dare the environment have a healthy response to being disregarded by Corporations unlimited Psychosis! How dare nature not allow itself to be bought off.
 How blatant does it have to get when Nature, health, the environment are showing us that we’re destroying it yet, Corps STILL want to suppress limitations on themselves, they are So far into Psychosis and Profit addiction and WE are the Co-Dependents, can it get?
 No amount of fake, man-made $$ will let anyone over on Natural Law!! Stop the $$ addiction! Nature is giving the signs and signals as plainly as it possibly can and that’s exactly what Corps want to ignore?? How much more Sick can shit get?? How much more Sociopath can Corps get? How much more addicted can we get?
 I’m baffled because I’ve been teaching myself about Dysfunctional relationships ALL my life. The clarity I felt at such a young age was such a punch to the gut, it was a healthy response to seek healing and knowledge. The blatant dysfunction and abuse of the “family” system was/is so thick, it’s unmistakable. A person can’t help but have a normal response to it. Then, you’re put into even More debt when your healthy response is met with resistance.
 This is what is now happening to protesters finally exercising their rights. They’re finding out how bad we allow things to get when you get beaten up for justly demonstrating. All the protesting, the marching against Police brutality and killing is just a larger example of what I lived in my own house as a child. Being disrespected, devalued, humiliated, emotionally tortured and beaten down. Made to feel like YOU are the criminal if you stand up for yourself and have a healthy amount of dignity and self worth. If you’re not living beaten down, you’re a Criminal! How dare you want respect, how dare you want what’s rightfully yours. How dare you not allow “family” to rob your worth and treat you like shit. You’re “selfish” if you need a  Healthy, reasonable amount of respect.
 Because people have taken it and lived with it for so long, because the Sociopath Corp heads have bought out all the Politicians in “gov” and own everything, they’ve rigged everything in their favor which perpetuates their getting even More! Now that’s its gotten so imbalanced and the Corps and those they bought out have accrued such a deep amount of Psychosis they’re having INNOCENT people criminalized  for profits in jails, courts, police & lawyers. Even blatantly Killing them out in the open!
 Is fake, man made $ really worth all that? Are we really that blind that we can’t see that a very significant line was crossed a Long time ago?
 Again, because we’re not connected to nature in a healthy way we do not recognize it. 

Have to WALK THE WALK, Not just pay for FREE Your MIND conferences

“The People United Will Never Be Defeated” is a chant I hear repeated at protests and marches. That’s just it, the people are Not united and have a long way to go to be united to the point where they will make significant gains to counter the leverage and momentum of the ptb.

 I just found out today that people who stayed in the same room as me at the Free Your Mind Conf last weekend left my coat behind that I asked them to bring home from the hotel that I had left in the closet of the hotel room.
 It was a warm day the Sunday myself and one other friend left the Conf last weekend while 3 others stayed in the room one extra night. I realized I left my coat in the closet in the room about a 1/2hr or so after we had left. I immediately called one of them and texted that I left my coat in the closet. I spoke to them and texted so it would be in writing. I specifically told him it was in the closet so they would get it and not miss it.
 I thought one of them had it all week long. Its been an entire week and I just found out none of the 3 who stayed the extra night had my coat. They left it behind. I was told by one that the other guy had it, he texted me on Wed. I texted AND called that guy and got No reply! Had he told me earlier in the week that he didn’t have it either I would have gotten in touch with the hotel days ago instead of a week later about getting my coat back. It’s the fact that the longer I wait to get in touch with the hotel the lesser the chance of getting my coat back. Hotel staff can tell me there was no coat found.
 My point is, what is the point of going to a Free Your Mind Conf. to hear an Awesome talk by Mark Passio if it isn’t going to change you at all. If you’re just going to go back to being your old self when Mark’s, cutting through the BS talk is over, what’s the point of spending the $? Spending the $ is not going to make you a better person. You actually have to do the difficult work and look in the mirror. What’s the point of spending $ to stay in a hotel when you’re not going to walk the walk? What is the point of activism and “consciousness” if friends can’t even rely on each other to bring their coat?
 This is why the 1% are depopulating us. People don’t make enough effort to be there for each other, to have each others backs. If this is the slack behavior people are going to engage in when dealing with each other then its a NO BRAINER the PTB are enslaving and exterminating us. People are not on the ball, not sharp. Can’t even be there for each other. This is the kind of low bar behavior I’ve been trying to point out about my wonderful “family” system since I was very young. Because people are your “parents” they think they have a license to lower the bar, get away with treating you like shit and get away with it. This is the EXACT reason the Police are beating people down. Why the system treats the people like slaves and criminals. Because there are no families and no True friends who are sharp and make an effort to be on the ball for one another.
 This is Exactly the kind of behavior that needs to be looked at and addressed.
 Mark Passio stood and spoke on Sat night about looking in the mirror. Its all about stepping up, raising the bar, love, compassion, being there for each other and how Order Followers are destroying the Sacred Feminine. It’s coming together for each other that is going to change things. Treating each other with more thought, more regard.
 I’m just looking at the Math, using this seemingly insignificant example to take a close look at to see how you’re doing. How else do we see ourselves and our behavior? The facts show that not enough effort and thought was put into grabbing my coat. People just don’t CARE enough and this is exactly what Mark spoke about. Care.
 This is the kind of behavior I’ve dealt with all my life. Disorientation. Going in circles. People not admitting to things so situations perpetuate. I was conditioned all my life to let people off the hook, to lower the bar for people, to “forgive”, so people can continue to do the same thing over and over. Not to acknowledge what the facts are so we can get oriented and change direction, adjust ourselves and move correctly. We have to be PRESENT to do that. We have to LOOK so we can see how we’re doing. If people want to trivialize the opportunity to see how they’re doing and not look close, then you’re better off saving your $ and staying home.
 As long as people set a low bar for themselves, have No interest in being fit and using facts right in front of them to do so, then no amount of $$ Federal reserve notes spent at a Free Your Mind Conf is going to help.
 When people let you down for so long, for decades, when those around you who should be “protecting and serving” use their relations to be a slacker rather than a Step up to the Plate r, when people since you’re young, take advantage of their position to steal, get away with treating you less than, they create debt where accrueing should be taking place. No one really looks close enough at the Math, at the Reality. They don’t want to hear or know the truth and use it to sharpen themselves.
 This is what it’s ALL about. Being PRESENT. Paying Attention. What else are we doing? Why are we at a Free Your Mind from the enslaving system conf?
 I would think you’d see some change, Some adjustment, the slightest hint of someone being effected by that great presentation Mark Passio gave. You would think it would be tangible and yet I feel people are exactly the same.
 Mark spoke about those in the room, and it was a large conference room, being the “illuminati”. Taking back the meaning it has come to be known as something sinister and redefining it to it’s original meaning, to Illuminate. I had an small ambigram of Illuminati tattooed on my left arm over 10 years ago to take back the dark meaning it had come to be associated with.
 We have to love and support each other AFTER these conf are over and carry on what we were taught. Actually Live it. I used to see that at the Omega Inst when I was on staff there 15 years ago. It’s one thing to pay for a workshop but, we also have to Do the hard, dark work.

The BP Oil Spill,, Nature doesn’t forgive! WHY should WE?

 The same thing is happening Globally. The unconsciousness, the carelessness in the pursuit of “profit” is destroying our entire planet and the people are helping.   The BP oil spill is just a metaphor of a Global crisis in the relentless pursuit of “power” and “control” by those who hijacked the leverage of the system. What they cant hijack is Real leverage which comes from Natural Law. As long as the people align themselves to man’s rigged and enslaving system they will lose their leverage because that’s what the system is designed to do. If we, instead, align with Truth, with Natural law, which man has diverted away from, we can engage our true power and acquire our rightful leverage.
 Obama is now calling Venezuela a “terrorist threat”! Call Obama the Terrorist threat! If we don’t call it like it IS, they’ll call it like it ISN’T and use that slack against us! Its how NATURAL LAW works!
 We’re meant to own our Own Power! Not be “electing” Fake “leaders” to babysit for us indefinitely because all that will do is lead to our Indefinite DETENTION! We are not meant to follow a “leader” all our lives. We’re meant to BE the leader of our own lives! If we allow ourselves to be led, we be led right over a cliff!
 The 2 cases in the previous post about the 2 black men who were on death row for decades then fully exonerated talked about Presumption. How its already PRESUMED before hand that those in suits and behind desks have integrity and are Trustworthy and those who are regular citizens and black are automatically Guilty. It’s Totally Unconscious !
 There is NO Question! We NEED more Conscious awareness! More nature and cleanliness. What good is anything if we don’t have that first? And it’s the accumulation of that Unconsciousness that perpetuates itself leading to a completely imbalanced system going even further out of balance.
 Take the cases of those 2 men and magnify it 100 times to get what we live in Nationally and Globally.
 If lawyers, judges, prosecutors can and the state invests in More Policing, More prisons, more prosecutions and None on providing defense then what is it on a larger scale? What is Obama, Dick Cheney, John Kerry and Condolezza Rice?
 If the lawyers, judges and “law enforcement” can refuse to look at newly found evidence that can free an innocent man, if it is what attorney Bryan Stevenson said and you fair better being “Rich” and GUILTY than Poor & INNOCENT.
 That is a very Powerful statement! It translates into Innocence is GUILT.
 Saying this when I was 7! The more vulnerable you are, the less leverage and resources you have the Guiltyier you are! That’s the way Man’s Anti Nature system works! The Innocent and vulnerable Are INNOCENT! And deserve Protection! Not prison and Death Row for 30 years!
 The dysfunctional “family” system functions the exact same way. Without even realizing it and sometimes knowing it, people criminalize their children. Make them out to be the problem, the “emotionally disturbed” when they were made that way, inherited it, like Chevron dumping in the Amazon.

Emotional Abuse of Police

The emotional debt a person gets into starting at a very young age perpetuates over time into their “adulthood”. The unexpressed anger and valid grievances people had as children carry over throughout their life and either destroy them and their Spirit or gets acted out on others. People can live their entire lives unconsciously and never realize they’re living a totally Inauthentic life. Living out what they were programmed to be and not who they organically are. Their bodies might “know” things and try to do things to get a persons attention yet, a person might have no idea why they do or feel as they do.
 I spoke with a lawyer on the phone today about a pretty well known case. I had a question for him about the case that I wanted to ask. About how judges, DA’s, police do what they do that, to me, is obviously corrupt. His response was basically, “that’s the way it is, what I’ve been dealing with for 40 years”. His attitude was very “adjusted” to this way of dealing with things. He said the average person has no idea how bad it is. “This is the way they are” as if it was normal. I asked him how we get it out to the public that its the norm for “law enforcement” to pull all kinds of underhanded things to til things there way. He told me that was what he’s been trying to do. My response was that it was the fact that people just don’t want to believe bad things and that’s exactly what enables people like cops and the “gov” to be as corrupt as the are.
 I told him challenging “authority” is what I’ve been studying and questioning all my life. The dysfunctional, abusive “family” system.
  In the words of Daniel Ellsberg who exposed the Pentagon Papers back in 1971 about his own father who fell asleep while driving which killed his sister and mother, if family can be fallable which kills their own family, then what is the Gov like? Not a direct quote. Watch, The Most Dangerous Man In America, Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers. And his father wasn’t an abusive or neglectful parent and look what can happen. Imagine what people can do who really don’t care about you.
 People who don’t even regard the “gov”, judges, police, lawyers, mayors as fallable people who need to be checked on, who can do no wrong is ridiculous and an infantile way of thinking. Not to excuse the wrong doing


Free Your Mind Conf. This weekend in PA. Many great speakers but, Mark Passio was the one I was most interested in hearing. I’ve been familiar with his talks for almost 2 years now and saw him speak in CT this past fall.
 I never heard anyone speak and say exactly the same things I’ve been saying for decades, except for the Cult Symbolism stuff.
 As far as the Natural Law stuff he talks about and the Family Abandonment, he’s right on in my book.
 A weight was lifted from me this past weekend when he got into the reasons people are Order Followers. He talked about all the things I tried teaching people about the abusive, dysfunctional “family” for decades. That was what I studied my whole young life after “growing up” in blatant abandonment, co-dependency, those who should be protecting and serving, instead, being completely incompetent with impunity. Being made to be the criminal by the age of 7 for simply having healthy responses to the blatant dysfunction. Health and truth were clearly the enemy in my house. They shown too much of a light on the blatant dysfunction that no one wanted to admit let alone take any action against. Natural Law exposes people for what they are and instead of them just admitting it, what’s been revealed right out in the open they deny, cover up and worse, pawn off on YOU!
 What is being spoken about more and more these days with Police killings I was saying about the “family” system for 4 decades!
 Mark Passio, pointing out the cowardess of Order Takers and that it’s contradictory of having Real Consciousness. Order takers abdicate personal responsibility to a false “authority” thereby claiming no responsibility for their own actions. When, in Reality, in Natural Law, that’s not possible. Natural Law records everything. Calculates everything. There’s no way around it.
 Mark described Order Takers as having deep self loathing due to low self worth and lack of self respect from Parental Abandonment. He hits the nail on the head! Again, there is no getting around Natural Law!
 Nature is recording everything that happens. Children reveal the truth about the abilities and maturity level of the “parent” and mirror it right back to them. No different than what happens when learning any activity like skiing, riding a bike. If “parents” can’t handle the honest feedback Not coming from the child but, coming from Natural Law! The “parent” will pass off the responsibility that belongs to Them onto their child.
 We have a blatant disregard for Nature in our Fake, man made society treating the environment and children like they’re here for our pleasure and use rather than our care.
 We gotten to the point where we live backwards, debt based and we’re Stealing from the Future rather than passing down the value we’ve accrued. “parents” don’t grow up themselves, then pass their emotional debt onto their kids. People are too busy chasing fake $$ at the expense of real wealth that comes from within, that comes from maturity, responsibility and real growth,, a Ripening, if you will.
 Mark spoke about simple right and wrong,, and Right action is not doing harm to another, which has been confused in this world. Due to the Fake $$ system, people have been bought. it’s simple. People do everything for $$ instead of what’s Right. In their minds, what’s Right is what’s right for them which they believe is what ever “pays”. Not realizing they’ve sold themselves and others out. Putting Man Made $ before Natural Law is what people have been conditioned to do. How can people know the difference between right and wrong when their minds are so misaligned? As long as the minds of so many people are so imbalanced and they do not know it, they cannot know right from wrong behavior, As long as people are bought, they cannot know the difference between right and wrong behavior. 
 I just watched Democracy Now and the discussion about the TPP and how Wikileaks has released the fact that the Corporations want to have the “right” to SUE “gov” for putting any regulation on them and interfering with their Claimed Future profits!! Does it get ANY more Sociopath than that? Is there ANYONE who sees the Complete Mental SICKNESS besides me? It’s because everyone has allowed themselves to be BOUGHT that their instincts and Health have deteriorated that they no longer have the Brain Cells to stand up to total Profit JUNKIES, ADDICTS, SOCIOPATHS who are bent on Destroying the Planet! Debt begets debt, like going into shock, if it isn’t interrupted, it perpetuates. Being in Mental Debt and giving into Corps, Addicts with $ at the expense of health and Sanity, perpetuates itself once it gets put into motion. Before you know it, you’re so far into soul Debt,, you can’t regain yourself. Once you’ve allowed yourself to be bought and get hooked on Fake Man-Made $$, unless you realize the direction yo’re heading in and head for a 12 step program for Corporation/Profit Junkies, you’re done as so are those in your wake. 

NECROPHILIA! Innocent man jailed for 39 years, denied compensation. Still gettn screwed!

Thought the title of this blog was appropriate after watching a Democracy Now segment on Anthony Ray Hinton who was recently exonerated after being on Alabama’s death row for 30 years. Mr. Hinton said, “I shouldn’t sit on death row for 30 years. All they had to do was test the gun, but when you think you’re high and mighty and above the law you don’t have to answer to nobody. I got news for you, everybody that played a part in sending me to death row you will answer to God”.
 Convicted of murdering 2 fast food managers in 2 separate robberies when he was 29 years old in 1985. The only evidence were bullets that allegedly had markings that matched a revolver that belonged to Hinton’s mother. No finger prints or eyewitnesses. After being convicted it was found that the bullets at the scene did not match the gun Hinton was accused of using. Mr. Hinton’s conviction was thrown out last year. Mr. Hinton could not afford a defense lawyer and was appointed incompetent council. Hinton is the longest death row prisoner ever to be freed after presenting evidence of innocence.
 Amy Goodman asked Mr. Hinton what it felt like to be “Free”,, I thought,, Mr. Hinton has been let out of jail but, he is no way Free. Mr. Hinton’s Lawyer, Bryan Stevenson said there are people on death row “Dying for legal council”. Mr. Stevenson took on Tony Ray Hinton’s case in 1999, said the system “TREATS YOU BETTER IF YOU’RE RICH AND GUILTY THAN IF YOU’RE POOR AND INNOCENT”.
 They falsely claimed the bullets could be linked to a single weapon and that that weapon was Mr. Hinton’s. Mr. Hinton’s inadequate lawyer, who was only paid $1600 to represent him, couldn’t get an expert to disprove the matching bullet theory and Mr. Hinton was convicted. If Mr. Hinton had adequate resources he would have never been convicted.
 Years later the evidence was found that the bullets could not match the gun and that it wasn’t Mr. Hinton’s gun the state REFUSED to retest the new evidence! “It was Indifference, it was irresponsible, it was unconscionable that they chose to RISK EXECUTING AN INNOCENT MAN OVER RISKING THE PERCEPTION THAT THEY WERE MAKING A MISTAKE”. It was a rare occurrence to get the U. S Supreme court to intervene and had they not the risk of a wrongful execution would have been very high. “There’s been No accountability, the “experts have not been held accountable, the prosecutors have not been held accountable ,there’s been no apology, no offer of assistance.” “RACE WAS A FACTOR HERE TOO, I Can’t leave that out”, said Mr. Hinton’s attorney Bryan Stevenson. Investigators that were on the case were charged in Federal court for torturing black prisoners using cattle prods to interrogate black prisoners. The prosecutor said he could tell Mr. Hinton was “evil just by looking at his face”. The presumption of guilt before a trial gets assigned to too many black people in this country.
 “They couldn’t take my soul”, said Anthony Ray Hinton. Humor was his biggest asset while in prison.
 In 2002 states evidence of a match discredited by 3 highly qualified firearms examiners including the former chief of the FBI’s firearms tool marks unit testified that the bullets from all 3 crimes could not be matched to a single gun much less to Anthony’s mother’s gun. This is the evidence the state REFUSED to retest and the Supreme court overturned. There are NO laws that say the state HAS to retest exonerated evidence, “We rely on the INTEGRITY of the Prosecution and Law Enforcement”. “There was an absence of Good will”, said Mr. Stevenson.
 Let’s take a closer look at that,, what is automatically based on ASSUMPTION,, that Mr. Hinton is Presumed   GUILTY and “Evil by looking at his face” because he’s black,, is what Mr. Stevenson said before, and the Prosecution and “Law Enforcement” are PRESUMED to have Integrity and Good Will?? Like the Cop who shot Walter Scott and said he “feared for his life”and he’s automatically believed because he’s a cop?? An autopsy can’t find that Mr. Scott was at least 15 Ft away when he was shot in the back?? Cops don’t Lie? Prosecutors and “law enforcement are not lacking in integrity? An average person can’t be Decent? And a Gov official can’t be crooked? Boy! what a LACK of FITNESS and Being PRESENT. The BASICS are Missing!

  Those in positions of “authority” are asleep and  UNCONSCIOUS because once you get into power positions you can and get away with it.They already have their minds made up then make the Outcome match their presumptions,, instead of doing their JOBS and looking at the situation and the people while they’re actually AWAKE. There’s NO point to any of it then because everything is already planned out!

 The prosecutor wanted to see if they could “Get Away” with holding onto Mr. Hinton’s conviction. “it really is SHAMEFUL”, Mr. Stevenson. Some states have Conviction Integrity Units.

 Mr. Hinton passed a Polygraph test when he was first arrested and the results were IGNORED! Mr. Hinton was locked in a warehouse 15 miles away working when one of the shootings took place. Witnesses saw Mr. Hinton clock into work at the time of one of the shootings, his boss gave him his work instructions for the night, Mr. Hinton was seen at work over the next several hours by his Supervisor, “There was NO WAY he could have committed this crime and the Prosecution “KNEW THAT”.
 There is No incentive for Prosecutors and “law enforcement” to be careful and hold themselves to standards because they KNOW that nothing will happen to them if they don’t!

This Country went from a prison population of 300,00 in 1972 to up to 2.3 MILLION people today. We have more Innocent people in jail than ever before in History. “We’ve invested in prisons, we’ve invested in Policing, in Prosecutors, No one is investing in Defending people from wrongful convictions.They don’t have a right to council, they can’t get to court”, Mr Stevenson.

 In the Second segment about Mr. Glenn Ford, who was wrongly imprisoned and on death row for 30 years!

Prosecutor Shroud had said that Mr. Ford was given very inexperienced council to try his case. Council that had never tried a Capital case at all. The Prosecutor, Marty Stroud, said although he believed Mr Ford to be guilty, didn’t feel Mr Ford was receiving adequate council.
  Mr. Ford was tried by an All white jury for fatally shooting a jewelry store owner in 1983. In 2013 an informant told prosecutors that one of the brothers originally implicated in the crime in which prosecution repressed evidence, had admitted to shooting the jewelry story owner. Had the Prosecutor, Mr Shroud, known the evidence at the time, not only would Mr Ford not have been convicted, there would have been insufficient evidence for an arrest warrant, a very “stunning statement to make 30 years after the fact”, Marty Shroud. “There was NOT even Probable cause to ARREST Mr. Ford never mind, try, convict him and send him to death row!”
 Glenn Ford was given another death sentence when he got out, third stage lung cancer, now stage 4 which spread to his bones, Lymph and spine and is now in Hospice in New Orleans. Mr. Ford filed a federal lawsuit claiming prison officials and medical authorities knew he had cancer in 2011 and denied him treatment!
 When Glenn Ford tried to get compensation for 330k when he got out, the maximum he’s “allowed” to ask for, which is Nothing for the 3 decades he spent in prison, 10k a decade, he was DENIED by the Judge saying, Mr Ford was involved in other “lesser crimes”. I mean, the system just Can’t Fk people enough! Even when he’s been found Innocent! and spent 39 years in Jail for something he didn’t do, the system STILL finds a way to keep Fking people to cover up their OWN Guilt and incompetence! I’m SO SICK OF IT! THEY are the ones who should be in Jail for destroying a man’s life by ignoring Blatant evidence and they continue screwing Over Mr Ford!. It’s NEVER THEM,, it’s ALWAYS YOU! Even when you’re INNOCENT, you’re STILL GUILTY!
  Attorney Shroud, made a public apology to Mr. Ford for all the harm he cause to him and his family.
 Both lawyers in both segments talked about “mistakes” that were made by the legislature, “people make mistakes”, they said.
 Mr. Ford said of being on Death Row for 30 years,, “It separates you, Can you imagine going 20 some odd years No Human contact”.
 I called this post Necrophilia because even after all the judges, prosecutors, the legislature did to them, once the “prisoners” are released they’re still getting screwed over! The system can’t screw people over enough! They’ll screw you to death and Still screw you! That’s what this system does. It hold s ALL the cards, It’s never held accountable the way it scrutinizes and brutalizes the rest of us. Capitalism, which is All the “just-us” system is, is just looking to cash in and exploit people, not really find the truth, especially with people of color. Whether those in the positions of judge, lawyer or legislature are aware of it or not, they are Clearly Not held to the same laws as everyone else. When it’s clearly them, they flip it, and point the finger at someone else of lesser “power”.
 Was it a “mistake” that Mr. Ford was given unqualified council to represent him? Was it a “mistake” that the court Refused to retry the case when new evidence was discovered?
 In the case of Mr. Ford, was it a “mistake” that the eyewitness was threatened to lie then keep that lie for 39 years?
 Is it a “mistake” that prisons are FILLED with people who commit non crimes? Is the Correction Corporation of America a “mistake?” Was it a “mistake” that the NYPD enforced a quota system on their cops that carry over into the next month if they don’t meet it the previous month? Essentially leaving an unsuspecting public easy prey? Was it a “mistake” in Ferguson, MO. that turned the entire town into a Debtors Prison specifically targeting people of color and putting all kinds of fines & fees attached to non crimes so the person could never be free of debt.
 Mistake or no mistake, the behaviors the system makes is far worse than the normal actions the public behaves in and I don’t see any judge, lawyer or legislator going to jail for their “mistake!”
 This is PURE BULL!! It’s a CLEAR case of One set of rules for the “rulers” and another for the most vulnerable.
 Why didn’t anyone who made a “mistake” by putting clearly innocent people in jail for 30 years go to jail? They clearly don’t bother to care about doing a quality job.

Wolfgang Halbig saying! SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG!!

Keeps happening. Relating to more and more people who are saying what I’ve been saying all my life since I was 6 or 7. Everyone, sooner or later will be confronted by it. Only question to ask is, which direction will you go?
 Went to interview Wolfgang Halbig Tues in CT where he’s been waiting 19 months to have a FOIA hearing. He lives in Fla and has to waste $ flying to CT to find the hearing “postponed” without his consent. He, like I, is finding out how deep the corruption goes. There is no law. Those entrusted to uphold “law” are doing whatever they want and pissing all over it.
 WH is doing nothing more than I did at a very young age. Be healthy and normal. Do what healthy people do, point out the obvious and ask questions. To be met with such hostility and aggression to simply being non threatening shows us how far into tyranny and oppression people have allowed society to go.
 The ptb have gone so far off the deep end for the sake of the “profits” of the Corps and the people who work at these jobs don’t ask enough questions or challenge the ptb enough, leaves that much more work for an upstanding man like Wolfgang Halbig and others like him. No different than a sick body and the White Blood Cell count is low and the WBC that are fighting the disease are too few.  Its obvious that there are more people on board with and go along with the corruption than there are those who speak up and resist. Little by little people let things slide when they could be strengthening themselves and their souls. Just like poor eating and exercise habits, over time people get overweight and sick from lack of exercise and not being mindful of what they ingest. Everything comes down to health & fitness mentally, physically & spiritually.
 We are in crucial times. People need to do some deep soul searching and ask themselves what they’re going to do when their back is pushed up against the wall and forced to choose to either stand up or go along.
 What I have to point out though, is that it might not be that blatant. You might just find yourself there and wonder how you got there. Its the living by default, the going along for the $ at the expense of ones soul, justice and truth. The not exercising and resisting the whole time. What do we think we’re creating when we don’t challenge ourselves and those around us? When we surrender natural law for man’s injustice. We’re creating a totally Genetically Modified world. Man making Nature over entirely. Everything and everyone Fake, manufactured so the ptb can continue getting their addiction fix of fake “profits”.  I certainly do not want to live in that world. I don’t like living in the world we have now. Can’t imagine what it will be like in 10 years if it continues.
 If it doesn’t scare the SHIT out people that Corps like Monsanto want to sue Gov for regulating their Socio-pathological addiction to raping and piliging the earth and the most vulnerable on it, there’s something wrong with you. If that doesn’t register in your mind as the truly terrifying reality that it is, you need to get checked. But, even that doesn’t make sense because in a world that’s that far into Mental Climate Shift, that might be difficult thing to do.
 That’s why I learned Meditation and Yoga in the early 80’s to counter and help me deal with taking on what WH is taking on when I was 6.
 All Wolfgang Halbig is talking about is the same thing I was. A certain quality standard. No matter who you are, its normal & healthy to expect a reasonable amount of standard from those around you, from those in “power”. Its healthy to hold authority to quality standards whether it’s parents or the city of Newtown CT or whether you’re Bowe Burgdahl having no choice because you’re pushed right up against your own instincts and autonomic nervous system. When its your own Natural law that kicks in and takes over and you’re being criminalized for that! Something is seriously wrong!! We’re being brainwashed that Nature is wrong! That’s truly SICK!
 Matthew Hoh was on Democracy Now and Amy mentioned soldiers being Criminalized for having fear! That’s right! For having HEALTHY fear! For being Normal! Saying this as a kid. Being normal & healthy is criminal. This system has people so in conflict with their own nature, with their own health, its either go into psyche debt so the Sociopaths can stretch even further or trust your bodies and your psyches wisdom and say “NO!”
 The courage to say “No” and for the people to organize is the real wealth we need.
 Wolfgang keeps saying , All this drama because of “Simple Questions”. That’s just it,, Simple and Basic is the Enemy of Corruption and Truth. That’s how we know who the enemy is,, Like Holding a Cross up to Dracula, posing simple truths will make the Sociopaths react with aggression and arrogance.

WOLFGANG HALBIG, Threatened for asking Questions about Sandy Hook, FOIA hearing Postponed

  I took a ride to Hartford CT yesterday, March 31, with a friend who is a supporter of Wolfgang Halbig. Wolfgang Halbig has lived a life of serving the public as law enforcement officer, school official, safety expert who has been seeking some answers to some simple, basic questions about the Sandy Hook school “shooting” which occurred on December 14th 2012. I heard many things about Sandy Hook being a hoax but, I didn’t put much effort into it. You can only take so many “conspiracies”. I was all set to go to another event when a friend, who has spoken with Mr. Halbig and has looked into the story, said they were taking the ride to Hartford CT to support Mr. Halbig for a FOIA hearing with himself, the chief of Police and the school board. He showed me a couple of things about the story and how things just didn’t add up so I decided to take the ride and meet Mr. Halbig in person.
 I expected there to be a small crowd when we arrived there but, there was 3 other supporters of Mr. Halbig and Mr. Halbig’s new attorney. We met one supporter who was very up to date on everything about the case and has done a lot of research on the subject and began filling us in while Mr. Halbig conversed with his lawyer in another room.
 Once Mr. Halbig came out we all went into that same room and Wolfgang Halbig filled us in on what was going on.  There was supposed to be a FOIA hearing that Mr. Halbig waited 19 months for, since Feb 27th 2013, that he found out was “postponed” til the end of April. Mr. Halbig said it’s illegal to postpone a hearing unless agreed upon by both parties involved. He said he was not informed of this action by any official documentation. Mr. Halbig said his lawyer o.k’d the postponement without his consent after Mr. Halbig paid him 10k. Mr. Halbig said he was informed of the postponement by his former Lawyer, Paul Spinella, at 10:10am on March the 23rd because the attorney representing the school board and the PD had an urgent matter out of state. A supporter of Mr. Halbig’s sent the FOIA documents to him and not even his own lawyer. “I had to learn from somebody who really cares about America”, WH said. If the supporter had not sent WH the documents via email he never would have known.
 Mr. Halbig proceeded to tell us more about what was going on while myself and one other supporter filmed. Mr. Halbig said Monte Frank, the lawyer for the city and school board was not out of town on urgent business but, riding a bike for gun control. WH wants to file a grievance for having the hearing postponed without his consent. “How is that having higher priority than representing your clients?” WH asked. “I have to waste donors $$ to fly up here, for what? They’re jerking me around”.
 WH said the Commissioner who was supposed to hear the case didn’t postpone it until 2:30 in the afternoon, “how did my attorney know at 10:10 in the morning?” “There is such corruption in the state of CT, I’m embarrassed for the people of this state”.
 There is no way they can postpone it again, “I’m letting Monte Frank pick the date”, said WH “and I will be here”. The hearing is scheduled for late April, the 24th or 30th.
 “This is CT in it’s finest hour” said WH. “This FOIA commission is supposed to be for the people, supposed to be about transparency”. “When you have people in this office that don’t care about the law, I have serious problems with that”.
 “I only got involved because 2 cops came to my house”, a week before Christmas 2014. Another supporter said that’s what got him involved. “You don’t threaten Americans” he said. WH said, “You don’t threaten a former cop who’s asking simple questions”, said WH. The supporter went on to mention the fact that thousands of dollars in donations went to a fraudulent cause people believed was real. The cops scared WH’s family and told him to stop asking questions about Sandy Hook or get arrested by CT state police. “Can’t ask questions? That’s one of the greatest gifts we have as Americans, the right to ask, the right to know the truth. And they’re telling me if I don’t stop I’m going to jail, No.”
 Guess how many people know what the conditions of the schools are in Newtown CT? A lot of people see those reports. “Why can’t I see those reports? it’s Public record, what’s the secret?”
 WH spoke about the deteriorating condition of the school; lead paint, asbestos, PCP which comes from contaminated ground water.  The children will get serious life long health risks if they attended that school. “Why would a parent who loves their child send them to a filthy school?”
 The crime scene photographers and videographers for the CT forensic crime squad went in on Dec 14th 2012 at 3:58pm, it’s on the time stamp, and showed the condition of the school. “It’s not me making it up” said WH, “it’s them showing me how filthy it is. It’s their videos, it’s their pictures”, “and it’s not even ADA compliant”.
 The FOIA commission says, you have a RIGHT TO KNOW, “the people in this office don’t care about the law”. When people don’t care about the law, “I think we got serious problems”.
“The people in this office are struggling to find the answers, they don’t know what to say”, WH.
“What I find offensive is how the gov calls us Truth Seekers, they question our integrity, our patriotism and love for our country”. “We better get ready, cause if that’s what going to be allowed across the country, you’d better get ready for what’s next”.
 Attorney Monte Frank has never attended a school board meeting. Colin & Wolf also represent the city of Newtown, the PD and the school board and appointed Monte Frank. How do you conduct school board meetings and you don’t ever see Monte Frank?
 “I can’t wait for those witnesses to be here”. “I could care less what Monte Frank has to say, I care what the super intendent says, what the director of facilities says, what the chairman of the school board says, what they police chief Mike Kehoe is going to say”. “They have to speak”.
 WH said when he went into Newtown they treated him with silence, at the hearing WH will get to ask them questions.
 “All this drama for 7 simple questions”. -WH How many people have knowledge of a crime being committed? “Accessories to a crime, This is huge and it starts at the Gov office”. “I and the Lt Gov were notified that something like this might happen”, -Gov Molloy of CT. 
Videos of interview  also,