William Binney on Awake Radio "They traded the Security of Everyone in the U. S. For $$"

  The theme is the same no matter who’s involved. Whether its the NSA, the Military, the CIA, Corps, Police Depts, the Just Us Dept, everything can all be brought down to one thing, $$ over people.  This eve on Organic News on Awake Radio that I do every Tues eve at 6pm EST William Binney was back on. Mr. Binney, highest-level whistleblower to ever emerge from the NSA, was a leading code-breaker against the Soviet Union during the Cold War. He resigned after 911 due to Washington’s overuse of mass surveillance which Binney knew to be in direct violation of the very Constitution the country is supposed to be preserving.

   Binney said the U.S. has more ability to mass surveil than the Soviet Union did during the Cold War.
 The NSA will be able to collect 966 exabytes which is the total of internet traffic in a year.

 “The ultimate goal of the NSA is total population control”, Binney said. Some reason for a little optimism is a recent Supreme Court decision that make law Enforcement need a warrant before they can search a smart phone.
 The NSA is not just pursuing “terrorism”, like it claims, but, also, ordinary citizens going about their everyday communications.
 “The budget was not the problem, NSA had plenty of a budget to do it. They didn’t need any more $$ to make that happen. The issue was they wanted to build the budget up”, Binney said. “They wanted more $$. So you don’t do anything that would take away the problem you’re using to get more $$”. “KEEP THE PROBLEM GOING”, was the issue, Binney said.
 If they get rid of the problem they get rid of the need for more $$.
“A lot of contractors got “rich” off of it”, Binney said.   

“Tom Drake found all the data on 911 sitting there” but didn’t catch any ones attention.
 “You make analysts dysfunctional by putting all that data on top of them, Humans can only do so much”, Binney said in an interview with Tragedy & Hope.
 “$$ was the issue, not solving the problem”.

 John Kiriakou was on in the second hour and revealed the same pattern.
 Lying. Just as Obama and the NSA blatantly lied about not Spying on Americans, the CIA also blatantly lied about not using torture.
 If they lie enough, deny enough and repeat it enough, aka exercise, shaping something into what you want it to be,, it eventually takes shape. And, as long as a good number of Americans listen and trust everything the Gov says, there’s going to be tremendous problems.
 The CIA is also about keeping problems going for $$.
 John Kiriakou admitted he was not arrested for leaking “classified” information. “People in Washington leak classified information all the time”, Kiriakou said. “David Petraeus, Leon Panetta, it was because I leaked about Torture”.
  Prosecutor Macbride saying that John Kiriakou “betrayed a trust!”
 These illegitimate institutions manipulate the good guys trying to expose abuses who end up being the ones pleading “guilty”. It’s the CIA who’s betraying the trust! Just like the NSA, the “white” house, the Military, and the Just us system passing their shame and guilt onto decent people who have more courage than they could ever hope to have. They hold so tightly to their delusion that the Gov is super human and so exalted looking down on and standing above everybody else. As long as the “Gov” maintains that attitude of never being self critical or admitting to mistakes and holding other “officials” accountable we can expect many more dangerous situations because that is a very dangerous position to hold. We had better start taking much more seriously that fact that we have Complete MAD MEN running the country and nearly the entire world.
 There’s a book called Shame and Guilt about abusive, neglectful “parents” who pass on their shame and guilt to their children and it can definitely be applied here. That’s exactly what’s happening in these agencies, the country and the world.

 Everything is about denying reality and using $$ to beat Americans over the head constantly with  lies that are so obvious, you’d have to be a total moron to believe it. This is what it’s coming to. We’re all going to be living under one huge, umbrella of mental illness and the people who see what’s happening will be tortured or killed for being healthy and decent. The healthier and more moral a person is the more they are going to clash with those who are living under the $$ delusion. We had better hope there are enough mentally healthy people in this country to counter the deranged. It will be all about chemistry, natural law, health, what people are made out of. 
  During the show Dr. Robert Duncan asked Bill Binney how he came to do what he did. Where did he get his morals from? Bill Binney naturally gave credit to his upbringing. He spoke about his father and grandfather who both served in the Military and who lived by and believed certain principles. This is not a surprise because that’s where everything real comes from. Where else does anything of worth come from besides nature. Humans are a part of nature just like agriculture and they way they’re “raised” has everything to do with who they turn out to be. Just like those who have No morals at all. Upbringing determines how a person will be physically constructed. 
 There is a War against Reality and people had better get a good handle on what it is or they’re going to lose it. 
 This is why I can’t stress it enough about Fitness and health. The closer we are to nature the better and in this country we’re being diverted from it more and more every second. 

Police Brutality,, Just the Larger Abusive "family"/Malcolm X Anniversary

I’ll start off by sharing something I’m going through right now that illustrates that Debt and criminalizing people is the whole point.
 I received a ticket on my car a few  weeks back for the inspection sticker being expired. I had planned on getting it inspected that day. The ticket was for approx $65. I had the car inspected that day and mailed in the proof, the receipt, in the mail the next day. I continued getting letters in the mail accruing more and more fees. I tried sending in the receipt again and appealing the ticket through the mail. No such luck. The ticket got up to $125 threatening with things like garnishing wages, seizing your property, etc. So I went in person to try to explain that I’m on limited resources and lucky I could pay my rent. I have a brother with a partial disability I had to assist. People have lives and issues they’re dealing with and the system treats you like you’re a criminal. That’s because it NEEDS you to be a “criminal”. That’s how the system is designed. Its not designed for people to have much recourse. It, basically, was a waste of time to go in person to try to explain my situation. Even if the ticket was lowered would have been a relief. The man behind the glass told me my “case is over, closed”. I had no recourse, no way to explain legitimate issues I’m facing. I attempted make a partial payment of $50 there on the spot and even there they wanted to charge another few $ for fees! I said, “forget it, I’ll just write a check when I get home”, which I did.
 I feel like the system is like a kind of “drone”, terminator that cannot be reasoned with, is incapable of compassion or any kind of understanding. It truly is like a machine that knows nothing except imprisoning, criminalizing, and $$.
 This is what I’ve been attempting to tell people All my life! This is exactly how I “grew” up. Criminalized by the time I was 8. I felt like I had to be my own lawyer to investigate my case to prove I was innocent and that I was framed. Just like the system, and the system is just like the “family”, its designed to pass down the guilt, pass on the shame.
 How can a child of 7 or 8 be guilty? Its physically impossible. Of course it’s those in “charge” who are the incompetent ones using the innocent to collect all their garbage.
Are they going to acknowledge and admit that? Are they going to take responsibility? Admit they were wrong or made mistakes? Some maybe, most not. The amount of Psych Debt an abused child inherits in this world is crippling. When the very people who are supposed to be there for you, helping to build your confidence and self worth, protecting you, are doing nothing but undermining and stripping you of your worth then, its clear they’re not “family”. Is it any wonder then, that banks rob people, hospitals and doctors are just after the $ many times. Nearly every field has been contaminated by $$ and “profit” over people. GMO over Nature, presence and Organic experiences.
 Vulnerable = Guilt in this world. That should scare the Hell out of people! The “family” system has literally been reduced to a “Criminal factory”. No different than animals in a slaughter house where the mother pigs and cows kept immobilized and constantly pregnant only to have their offspring ripped from them. The innate bond that is inbred in nature being completely destroyed. No different than Corporations like Texaco/Chevron dumping toxic waste on the people in the Amazon only in dysfunctional “families” the “parents” do it themselves. 
 The People’s Climate March that took place in NYC this past Oct. turned out somewhere over 400k people marching for the environment and the future, the lives of their children and grandchildren. That is what people are supposed to be doing. Obviously, if we need a march for the environment and children’s future then, what have we been doing up until now? Dumping and trashing it, that’s what. Not only the Earth but, the house they live in. The emotional garbage dumping people pass onto their children is no different than what the Koch Brothers Companies do to the people living nearby.
 Dumping on the future, abusing the vulnerable on so many levels and for what? To feed the Sociopath system at the expense of your children! How Fn stupid is that? 
 It’s Not the 1% who are to blame, It’s the PEOPLE.
 There’s no getting over on Nature and Physics and we are dangerously disconnected from it at this point.
 When I was a kid, not only did I not have anyone in my “family” on my side and having “parents” slack on their responsibilities and set such a low bar for themselves and their behavior rather than admitting when they mess up and at least attempt to move in a better, more fit direction. Instead, I had neighbors and extended “family” All making excuses for the “parent” telling me, “oh, your poor mother” which might be well and true but, the fact is, its completely criminal to be shaming a child for standing up for themselves and Not bailing out and feeling sorry for a parent who neglects them. It’s a TOTAL fudging of the #’s, “cooking the books” and taking Blatant advantage of someone in a vulnerable position who is Depending on you! 
 We need to start RAISNG the BAR! And Stop making excuses and letting people off who would actually Benefit from being held accountable. It’s Natural Law and Nature’s intelligence when instincts kick in, when a child has nothing and No one but their own innate intelligence to rely on then, “parents” are even Overriding that as well! The “adults” go into an out of the “power” role as it suits them. They use the child as an adult when they feel like, then, when the child’s instincts kick in and they take charge and actually Know better than the “parent”, the GMO “parent” feels threatened then, uses their Fake position of “authority” to control and steal credit from that child. It’s just a smaller version of what the banks and Corps do! That’s Debt ontop of Debt!! As the former Economic Hitman, John Perkins said, “it’s a double, tripple, quadruple Whammy!” When those who are entrusted with securing a child’s security and protection are falling down on the job and setting the bar so low, it doesn’t get any more Cowardly than that! Because it’s not on the level of “National Security” like Edward Snowden,, it gets NO attention! Yet, it IS on the level of National Security, because kids are growing up learning to tolerate what is Intolerable! Taught to take on Debt, programmed to take abuse and love your enslaver. 
 It’s about calling things what it IS! Screwing one’s Head on Straight.
 People who think they can set the bar so low and pass the mess and debt onto their children is the Opposite! Of Real Family. If people think Natural Law is not recording and keeping track, keeping a Check Book of all of it, they’re sadly Mistaken.
 Children are not some Blank Check for “parents” to withdraw from recklessly and not make the correct deposits. Children and our bodies are just like the Earth. They’re limited. Resources are limited unless they’re cultivated and replenished. The Body KNOWS when it’s being screwed over and left in debt and will assert itself to get what it needs unless it’s intimidated or threatened into submission. 
 Today was the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. I attended and filmed a small action in NYC in Harlem and at Workers World Party Solidarity Center.
 In listening to the speakers talk about the police brutality of his day and how the police work to maintain the status qua and keep the rich, rich and the poor, poor, I couldn’t help but think of the “family” as the same thing. “Parents”in too many cases, oppress rather than really raise their children up to be truly Fit. Its about knowing the wealth one has when they have a child. You get back what you invest. Parents who do not see the wealth they have in front of them because they do not see their own worth just end up screwing themselves over. Children, when loved and treated with respect and allowed to grow in healthy enough conditions, end up reaping many rewards for their parents later on.
 The same with Society. The Corps who are Total Junkies, which is not even a strong enough word & the resulting intoxication is not even a strong enough word, think they’re making out by oppressing the masses when they’re only destroying themselves. But, I guess it doesn’t really matter does it?

WAR MADE EASY,, How the President & Pundits SPIN us to DEATH, Norman Soloman

 Norman Soloman, a media critic on Democracy Now last week on how the “gov” Spins the war agenda. How they claim to be wanting to end wars when all they really do is expand and make them worse. Deliberately, due to being owned by the banks and Corps who are racking in the cash and depopulating the planet.
 Also see, War is a Racket by Smedley D. Butler.

Norman Soloman said it as simply as it can be put. This “gov” “spins” information. I call it, GMO info, like Monsanto Media, to feed to the unsuspecting public, which many are beginning to wake up to. Just like this country does to its OWN citizens, criminalizing non criminal behavior and jailing people for non crimes, extorting them like the Mafia (actually, the Mafia has more integrity) that’s what this country does to other “brown” countries.

 Norman Soloman went on to say,, “The Obama Admin. preaches against endless war while doing more than any other President to make endless war policy, 2nd to none in Creating Enemies so the Spin Cycle, War Cycle, the Destructive cycle continues”.
 How is it possible that the public in America doesn’t know this country is falsely criminalizing and demonizing other countries when its doing the same thing here to its own citizens! I guess people want to believe all those Americans are in jail to have their “Freedoms protected”. They’re there for their own good. To save them from themselves and who they “might” become. What they are or might become is simply a normal, healthy, critically thinking person.
 Norman Soloman pointed out, “this Administration is operating in overdrive as sort of a FOG MACHINE to keep from the American People realities of the War Policy”.
“This white house prefers the uninformed consent to the Governed”. 
 The point I want to get at here is… the “spin”. The system uses momentum to keep everything rolling.
 It’s all tying in now, that the System NEEDS “Enemies” and “terrorists”.
 Norman Soloman points out that the Obama Admin. is using the 2001 AUMF to be open ended “Ride for all it can in Search of Enemies”. Without Geographical boundaries that will define this war the search for Enemies is Open ended and Infinite”. “I should add, Not only a search of enemies but, the CREATION of Enemies”.
 The “Family” system creates “enemies”. I was one by the time I was 8. There is a reason many people, Not all but, do not know how to relate in healthy ways that cultivate healthy relationships and Built Self Worth rather than deplete it. Nature is about replenishing and cultivating. Nature is about balance. Crapitalism is about constant raping. There’s NO way the 2 can coincide. 
  The Gov is just a larger version of the “family”, a micro cosm of the macro cosm with people Not investing time or energy into Conflict Resolution, active listening tech, or communication skills. “Farming” skills so-to-speak.  These skills NEED to be exercised or nature will disappear, simple. If people are not investing the time and energy it takes to create organic relationships, health, justices and respect, those things simply won’t exist. The Momentum of cultivating  “enemies” and “terrorists” will pick up more and more speed and careen out of control since they’re easier to create and can be done faster, like GMO. Creating True health and healing takes time, effort and energy, Nature’s way. Things the GMO monetary system cannot afford or desires to do.

 It’s “simple”. For the human race to survive and live with any trace of decency and humanity those qualities need to be “grown” at a rate counter to the rate the Sociopaths that Be are creating violence and “enemies”. Like battling Cancer. Because its easier and faster for the Sociopaths to make GMO violence, those who care to oppose would have to be doing it at a rate double that.

 When I was young that’s what I was attempting. As natural as it is to reach for water when you’re thirsty I automatically read books on healthy relationships and how they work. It was a natural response to want to learn to cultivate healthy connections and build families and communities to counter the domestic violence, abandoning, traumatic, unsupportive, uncaring environment I was forced to live in. I was the only one who wanted it or saw the need and was actually DOING something. People I knew didn’t care. No one else wanted it badly enough. They just didn’t see the need. They were happy with the way things were going.
 The same thing on a larger scale is now happening in Ferguson & the St Louis area and the mainly African American residents. They’re being put into a Debtors Prison, scam, Ponzi scheme that soon will be everywhere, done to everyone if it is Not countered. All the weight the public was putting on the system that was keeping it going,, NOW has to take all their Body Weight and Counter the system. Like the movie SPEED,, when the bus was forced to turn doing 50 MPH,, everyone on the bus had to move over to one side to keep the speed and momentum from flipping the bus over. This is what we, the Public, enough of us, have to do to counter the weight of the Corrupiton, 
 When I was younger I used to think to myself, “Is this it?” “This is your choice, to be the Abuser or the Abusee?” I studied how healthy relationships, mutually respectful relationships function and proceeded to attempt to create them. It didn’t turn out very well. When you’re the one being screwed, you’re naturally the one looking for “peace”, at my expense, I might add. You have no choice but to fund things yourself, then end up  Emotionally broken even more than when you started when people are not interested. 
 The “family” system is a Debtors Prison! Its the first system that trains people to be in debt, or not by whether it cultivates Self worth and builds confidence.  Many “Parents” put children in Emotional, Spiritual & physical Debt by treating them disrespectfully and neglectfully. The child, now being in a physical state of deprivation and stunted growth, has NO choice but to try to get their needs met using unskilled, debt based, addictive behavior and try to get it from people who don’t have it.
 Talk about a Rigged system! The larger system, being severely corrupt and getting away with it and the public not doing enough to counter it, can only add up to a gradual deprivation of the needs of children and a “capitalization” of the “family”.
 Child abuse has been around for a long time and seen as normal. If people, families, can’t even see that the disrespect and Children- Should- be- Seen- and Not- Heard attitude has simply created nothing but a Society being cut down  and that will become a full Blown Hell, there is no hope.

 People do not want to work hard for something that works. They’re too busy being carried by momentum. It’s too hard to change the momentum the system is going so people let the current continue taking them in a very Destructive direction, not even applying minimal brakes. 

 I felt it myself when I show up at a protests against L3, the company that makes the drones used to kill mostly civilians in the Middle east, and I get there and there are,if you’re lucky, 10 people who show up. It’s deflating. 
 Newton’s laws of motion are; an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by an outside force. An object at rest will remain at rest, inertia.
The “Powers” that Be and those who do not resist them are like a run away train with no driver running purely on momentum. They are like a muscle that is all stretched out.
 The fact is, though, it takes less work to do what’s right! It costs more energy to run an inefficient system and an inefficient mind/body.
 A child in need is less likely to get it because its much easier to take advantage of them or to minimize them than to help lift them up. It takes effort to lift someone up but, not as much as abuse does.  Besides the fact that there are not enough caring people to help.
 All it takes is one person to help and give someone in need a small push. The added problem is the fact that many people in need are not starting from the point of simple inertia, they’re actually buried, and pretty deep at that, which requires even More effort and those who care.
 People who don’t have much “credibility” or status in Society are more likely to be looked down upon and scapegoated than helped, which is what they truly need and deserve. Their already GUILTY,, for being Vulnerable.
 Its all Math.

Former CIA analyst JOHN KIRIAKOU, Another Whiste Blower JAILED for showing who the TRUE Criminals are!

 As John Kiriakou shared on Democracy Now this week, he was jailed because of the “Torture debate”. “People leak information in Washington all the time, on purpose or inadvertent, former CIA directors Leon Panetta & David Petraeus leaking classified information with impunity”, said John Kiriakou. That is what’s convinced me when I say, my case was never about leaking, it was about blowing the whistle on torture”.
 In 2007 John Kiriakou became the first CIA official to publicly confirm the Bush Administrations use of Water Boarding. Abu Zubaydah was water boarded 83 times and provided NO useful information as a result, yet still remains imprisoned at Guantanamo without charge. Zubaydah’s name was mention 1000 times in the Senate CIA Report on Torture. 
 As soon as Zubaydah recovered from his 3 gunshot wounds he was “healthy” enough to be interrogated and was taken from Pakistan to a secret location where he was interrogated by FBI agents who were somewhat successful at obtaining some information. Untrained CIA interrogators replaced the trained FBI interrogators who subjected Zubaydah to all kinds of Torture techniques such as putting bugs in with him in a box, lights on 24/7, blasting music, he was beaten and sleep deprived and Zubaydah didn’t have any information to give. 
 “Torture is wrong under any circumstances” says John Kiriakou. “The establishment of a repore, the establishment of a relationship” results in actionable info is that person has that info. 

 Just like Chris Kyle might have believed he was serving his country and fighting the “terrorists” but, the fact is that he had no idea how he had gotten himself into a relationship with and was participating, essentially, in theater, I believe, so were the Interrogators. The interrogators might believe in all the “terrorism” fiction and get to act like tough guys but, those at the “top” know it’s all fake and use that to completely manipulate those at the bottom. The “higher ups” are just the puppet masters pulling the strings. 
 in the summer of 2002 John Kiriakou learned that Zubaydah was being waterboarded and believed what the CIA said, that the water boarding was working and that they were gaining important information from it and “saving American Lives”. It wasn’t until 2005 or 6 that John Kiriakou found out that that wasn’t true. was saying, “We do not torture prisoners, we are not water boarding”. 
 “I knew that was a Lie”, said john Kiriakou.  Bush made it sound like it was some stray CIA agent who decided to pour water on people’s faces.  
 “The ENTIRE torture program was approved by the President himself and it was a carefully planned out program”. That they weren’t using Torture was just a “Bald Faced Lie to the American people”.
 The post 911 Torture Program was released in the Senate CIA Torture report and showed the agency failed to interrupt a single plot despite torturing Al Qaeda and other prisoners from 2002-06 as admitted by Senator Dianne Feinstein,,, 
  “It’s been very difficult. But I believe the documentation and the findings and conclusions will make clear how this program was morally, legally and administratively misguided, and that this nation should never again engage in these tactics.
“Let me turn now to the contents of the study.
“As I noted, we have 20 findings and conclusions, which fall into four general categories:
“First, the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques were not an effective way to gather intelligence information.
“Second, the CIA provided extensive amounts of inaccurate information about the operation of the program and its effectiveness to the White House, the Department of Justice, Congress, the CIA inspector general, the media and the American public.
“Third, the CIA’s management of the program was inadequate and deeply flawed.
“And fourth, the CIA program was far more brutal than people were led to believe.

“We need to Prosecute some of these cases”, said John Kiriakou.

Then,, attorney Neil MacBride makes this statement about John Kiriakou,,,,

 NEIL MacBRIDE: “As the judge just said in court, today’s sentence should be a reminder to every individual who works for the government, who comes into the possession of closely held, sensitive information regarding the national defense or the identity of a covert agent, that it is critical that that information remain secure and not spill out into the public domain or be shared with others who don’t have authorized access to it”.
 Comments like this,, that continue to reinforce the belief that the “gov” maintains the “Pedestal” position, the Moral “High Ground” looking down on and judging everyone else, like some mental Choke Hold, when the Whole point of what people like John Kiriakou are revealing and doing is to take the “gov” OFF that pedestal and show them for WHO they really are! The more it is revealed that the “gov” is the True Criminal, along with the banksters and Corporations, the more they will use mind trickery and try to confuse the public. If the people are not fit enough they will fall for it.

On a more rational note,,
Rep Jim Moran asked Obama to pardon John Kiriakou stating, “Kiriakou deserves a presidential pardon so his record can be cleared, just as this country is trying to heal from a dark chapter in history”
“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.”

“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.” – See more at: http://www.whistleblower.org/press/congressman-calls-president-obama-pardon-cia-whistleblower-john-kiriakou#sthash.GveOBJXE.dpuf

“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.” – See more at: http://www.whistleblower.org/press/congressman-calls-president-obama-pardon-cia-whistleblower-john-kiriakou#sthash.GveOBJXE.dpuf
“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.” – See more at: http://www.whistleblower.org/press/congressman-calls-president-obama-pardon-cia-whistleblower-john-kiriakou#sthash.GveOBJXE.dpuf

“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.” – See more at: http://www.whistleblower.org/press/congressman-calls-president-obama-pardon-cia-whistleblower-john-kiriakou#sthash.GveOBJXE.dpuf

“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.” – See more at: http://www.whistleblower.org/press/congressman-calls-president-obama-pardon-cia-whistleblower-john-kiriakou#sthash.GveOBJXE.dpuf

“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.” – See more at: http://www.whistleblower.org/press/congressman-calls-president-obama-pardon-cia-whistleblower-john-kiriakou#sthash.GveOBJXE.dpuf

“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.” – See more at: http://www.whistleblower.org/press/congressman-calls-president-obama-pardon-cia-whistleblower-john-kiriakou#sthash.GveOBJXE.dpuf
“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.” – See more at: http://www.whistleblower.org/press/congressman-calls-president-obama-pardon-cia-whistleblower-john-kiriakou#sthash.GveOBJXE.dpuf
“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.”
– See more at: http://www.whistleblower.org/press/congressman-calls-president-obama-pardon-cia-whistleblower-john-kiriakou#sthash.GveOBJXE.dpuf
“Mr. Kiriakou is an American hero,” Rep. Moran said in a moving speech chronicling Kiriakou’s contributions to the country, including Kiriakou’s “outstanding work in the always-demanding intelligence world” and whistleblowing activities. Rep. Moran elaborated, “John Kiriakou is a whistleblower, as well. The first American intelligence officer to officially and on-record reveal that the U.S. was in the torture business as a matter of White House policy under President [George W.] Bush.”
– See more at: http://www.whistleblower.org/press/congressman-calls-president-obama-pardon-cia-whistleblower-john-kiriakou#sthash.GveOBJXE.dpuf

Obama says about those who participated in Torture,, “I don’t believe anyone is above the law, BUT,, on the OTHER hand, I have a belief that We need to look Forward”. 

 This is the Biggest CROCK of Sh-t! Look “Forward?”” Forward??? First of All,, this is EXACTLY where things like Meditation and yoga, which I have to mention because the entire point of the practice comes into Play RIGHT HERE. Where you have to really be Sharp and on the Ball. This is where the SLIGHT of HAND happens. 
This country JAILS INNOCENT Civilians EVERYDAY for NON Crimes,, like minor Traffic “violations”, then puts them in Jail when they can not pay. Stop and Frisk to Ensure that the vulnerable person knows their place and is made to feel like a prisoner in advance. Our Prisons are FILLED with people who can’t breath or have a Critical Thought without being arrested! PROTESTORS exercising their RIGHTS are arrested! 

  Recently, a lawyer from Arch City Defenders with 2 of his clients from St Louis appeared on Democracy Now, who are suing the state of Missouri in a Major Legal action accusing Officials for creating what a dozen St. Louis area residents are calling a Modern Debtors Prison Scheme. They claim it unfairly targets African Americans with fines and locks them up when they can’t pay.
 “A study by Arch City Defenders last year found that a large portion of the revenue for several St Louis counties is generated by fines paid by African Americans disproportionately targeted for traffic stops and other minor offenses. In Ferguson, Fines and Fees were the cities 2nd largest source of income in 2014”, said Amy Goodman. Amy went on to report,, “Ferguson issued, on average, 3 warrants per household last year, the Highest # of warrants in the state relative to it’s size. The targeting may have had deadly consequences, according to the new class action law suit, 4 area residents unable to BUY THEIR FREEDOM committed SUICIDE in the local jails in the last 5 months.” The Debtors Scheme has Devastated the cities poor trapping them for years in a cycle of debts, extortion and cruel jailings” 
 The plaintiffs in the law suit want and End to the Targeting and for the victims to be compensated. Attorney Michael-John Voss from ArchCityDefenders accusing 2 Missouri suburbs, Ferguson and Jennings, of creating illegal debtors prisons. Michael-John Voss of ACD said the city of Ferguson “Exploits” African Americans unfairly because of their financial inability to pay the fines. They are then, made to pay an extremely high amount of money relative to the charge. If they don’t have an ability to pay, and there are no inquires made into a persons ability to pay. A Warrant is then issued for their ARREST for days, weeks without looking at their financial situation and find a specific amount so the person can pay to get out of jail.
 Again, using the blog about Portugal and the Drug problem in 2000 with the Prime Minister who actually WANTED to solve the problem, in this scenario it’s EASY to see what’s happening. The City WANTS “PROBLEMS”, is NOT looking for solutions or ways to work WITH the people so they can pay. It’s easy to see that the Cities entire Agenda revolves around ONLY getting people IN, not OUT. The system is Not set up to work WITH or to SOLVE problems,, only CREATE them. Pretty Sadistic! 
 Attorney Voss, working with Equal Justice Under Law in DC is seeking injunctive relief and and end to these practices and seeking damages for those harmed by this system. 4 Suicides and attempted suicides in the last few years. an 18 year old male clearly in need of mental health that went untreated, committed suicide, Mr Voss said. 
 How About,, it was the 18 year old who was the SANE One and it’s the Sociopath “Officials” running this Sadistic Ponzi Debt Scheme who need the Mental health Treatment?! The conditions are deplorable; 12 people in a cell that only holds 8, not enough blankets, no clean blankets, the Detainees can’t take showers.
 Alison Nelson, one of the plaintiffs of the lawsuit told how she was arrested for Driving with a suspended license 3 days before Thanksgiving when she was just actually sitting in her car in the drivers seat in her BACKYARD in her pajamas while the car was parked and not running!!
 The 3 warrants per household fines are used to pay for the cities services,,  Mr Voss continues,, what you see with a number of municipalities is this “Wedding” of the need to generate revenue for the municipality WITH the administration of “Just us”, (quotes mine), so the incentive is FINANCIAL,, Oh Gee,, what else? The incentive to be decent people, the incentive to create a compassionate, caring Just world, the incentive to leave a better world for their children?? NO, or course, the ONLY incentive there is,, Fake, man made $$. At the complete expense of Justice. Agencies Sure know how to relate and come together and get Married for their own interests, but the Public doesn’t know how to to that. The public is being ripped apart, communities ripped apart,, families, ripped apart,, while Agencies are marrying for $$ incentive!
 “What we need to have is a DIVORCE”between the municipalities and the Judicial system, said Mr Voss. 
 Answering the question if there has been any improvement in the 6 months since the death of Mike Brown, the 1 plaintiff Herbert Nelson Jr. answered, “No, it’s worse”.

 So my question is,, Where is Obama’s, “lets look Forward, when it comes to the people in Ferguson and Jennings, Missouri? When it comes to law abiding citizens just trying to survive, they get arrested and extorted by the Mafia municipalities while those, like Obama himself, who signed the Torture program, along with Dick Cheney, John Brennen and Donald Rumsfeld, and those who actually participated in it, in violation of the UN charter and violations of the declaration of Human Rights, get, “Let’s look “forward”.  IT DOESN’T GET ANY CLEARER FOLKS! Don’t sit by and let this continue!

“Torture is their Legacy”, John Kiriakou said about Dick Cheney and others who continually defend and defend the torture, despite being caught with their pants down that torture was ineffective. “The only thing they can do, to save their reputations, is to keep repeating this LIE and say that torture worked and hope the American people eventually believe it”.
“Edward Snowden gave us information on Government illegality that we otherwise would never have had. He did a very courageous thing. He did a great National Service”. John Kiriakou said of Edward Snowden,, “He would not get a fair Trial in the United States.”

U.S Justice Leonie Brinkema, the judge who sentenced Kiriakou, said about John Kiriakou,,, “This case is not a case about a Whistle blower. It’s a case about a man who betrayed a very solemn trust, and that is a truest to keep the integrity of his agency intact specifically to protect the identity of co-workers… I think 30 months is, frankly, way too light because the message has to be sent to every covert agent that when you leave the agency, you can’t just start all of a sudden revealing the names of the people with whom you worked”. 
 At first Judge Brinkema said a 30 month sentence was, quote, “fair and appropriate”. “When the court room was full of reporters 3 months later, that’s when Judge Brinkema decided to get tough”, John Kiriakou said. 
 During the hearing, any time the defense tried to introduce evidence of Whistle-blowing they were denied, evidence of Government wrong doing; DENIED, John Kiriakou’s personal history in the CIA; such as winning 12 exceptional performance awards, a meritorious honor award, the Counter-Terrorist service medal; INADMISSIBLE! Which was what led John Kiriakous to believe that Edward Snowden would “Not get a fair trial” and should not come back to VA. 
 John Kiriakou says, about who should be Prosecuted for Torture at Guantanamo, that Mitchell & Jesssen, “Psychologists” who designed the Torture program, his response was, “absolutely”. “Prosecutions should begin with Mitchell & Jessen”.  “They were Wholey unqualified for the bill of goods they sold to the CIA”. “They simply committed crimes over seas in the name of the U.S. Government”.

 Finally getting to the Focus of this writing is,, John Kiriakou’s experience at FCI Loretto, PA which he described the treatment of the prisoners there and spoke about an man of at least 70 who was Obviously having a heart attack by being visibly upset and clutching his chest while stating, “I’m having a heart attack”. The woman taking John’s blood told the man,, “Well You’re just going to have to wait, I’m the only person here”. The Old man had to sit and wait for another employee to come to work to confirm he was having a heart attack and call an ambulance to take him to a local hospital. 
 Another story John Kiriakou told was of a man who”s cell was across from the chapel and had complained of severe back pain for weeks. He would have a cane, a wheelchair,, and then the Chaplain intervened and noticed the man’s condition had deteriorated and told the Prison to take him to a hospital where it was found he had stage 4 cancer of the spine and died within 2 weeks.  Typical of the Medical “care” in all prisons.

 John Kiriakou wrote in his letters about being “UN Institutionalized and ready to fight” while imprisoned,, like in Shawshank Redemption. “Un Institutionalized” meaning” never allowing the Prison guards at Loretto to “Cow” me. John spoke about one Lieutenant who was a notorious Bully and “Provocateur” and with whom he had a dispute. This Lieutenant “shouted at me one day”, said Kiriakou, “YOU NEED TO START ACTING MORE LIKE AN INMATE”. John Asked, “What is that supposed to mean?” “If it means, saying, “yes sir, no sir, sorry sir”,, “that’s never going to happen!” “Respect is 2 ways, you get respect when you Give respect, And I DON’T RESPECT YOU”. “And that’s the attitude I maintained though out my 2 years in prison”. 
 “Prisoners are treated Not as Human beings”, “They’re treated as Sub Human, people Not to be respected”. “It’s WAREHOUSING being being overseen by Flunkies and Drop-outs”.

 I have to make the connection here to the “family” system. Unfortunately, it’s not until a “well-off” person gets a taste of what many people grow up with and live with every day of their lives. There are too many innocent people ending up in these prisons coming from “families” just as John described about being in Prison. “Home” is prison for many people and I wouldn’t be surprised if the guards that work there, with the comment John made about the Lieutenant saying “You need to start acting like an inmate” is something he probably heard from his own “father”. Treating the prisoners as sub human is exactly the way many children are treated every day in their own homes by the Very people who are supposed to Love and Value them. I feel it so necessary to mention the family system often to illustrate how,, there’s no where to go from there. The Family is the last LIFE BOAT,, is that sinks, that’s it, You’re Drowning in Stress, Abuse and Rage,, only to take that experience out into the world and do the same to others. It’s All the accumulation of the Abusive “family” system because as long as Fake $$ is the Priority, there will be No effort and $ put towards mediation, conflict resolution, communication skills and respecting others. $$ goes towards creating Enemies and Terrorists.

 That is exactly what I was saying to my own Mother at 8 years old,, “you have to Give respect to Get Respect”. The person who is supposed to be teaching me and raising me, I have to teach her! That creates the Emotional DEBT we have so much of in this world. Immature, underdeveloped people having children. Passing down the Low Self worth, the abuse, the disrespect. 
 What is satisfying about perpetuating this treatment? Going through motions for a “paycheck”, which has NO Nutritional value, instead of treating people better and creating a more satisfying and healthier environment for everyone.  
 Lets turn these problems around and Stop perpetuating Abuse. let’s break the Cycle of Abuse, we will be the more happier for it.

“President Obama Killed far more people with Drone strikes than Bush ever did”

The Perpetrator is the Victim

 I just had a light bulb moment with a friend from Occupy on the phone and it became quite clear what the problem is and Why the little guy is losing and always will be if they don’t wake up and Do what needs to be done. Simple. Its ALL about the math! End of story. The people need to learn to be Selfish. Selfish as far as the 1% goes and others who are not awake go.
 Every penny, every ounce of. energy, every crumb of resource needs to be accounted for. An inventory needs to be taken of what the people have, what each individual person in the “community” has, skills, energy, equipment and focus it like a LASER beam on the Solution.
  In the conversation with this friend it became clear to me why the little guy is his own worst enemy and will never lift themselves up. Because they waste energy where it should not go, bail out people who need to be held accountable. They don’t know how and don’t seem prepared to do what has to be done. They want to afford luxury attitudes that they simply cannot afford.
 I wrote in a previous post about Portugal and how they finally were ready to Genuinely solve their rampant drug abuse problem in the year 2000 where 1% of the population was addicted to heroine. The PM and others got a panel of doctors together to put together the best drug treatment program and vowed to do what ever these doctors told them to do. That’s it. You have to just take a close, honest look at the problem, do the math, put together solutions and do what needs to be done. Portugal legalized all the drugs and took all the $ they spent on criminalizing the drug abusers and put it all towards the treatment program the doctors developed. The drug use went down by 50%.
 Its not so hard if people really want to solve problems. Reading Barbara DeAngelis books on healing relationships she also had VHS tapes at the time of couples engaging in active listening skills, mirroring techniques and other skills to help clear out the emotional baggage that built up before and after they met. That’s just it, how many couples are willing to do that? How many people care enough and want to work on their marriages enough to practice these skills?
  My friend said during our conversation about how to live in society and make $ without losing too much of yourself and still be an activist. The fact that some humans still struggle with this when we shouldn’t have to choose between $$ and oneself also, says a lot about the society we’re living in. However, I was expressing how my conditioning has been that in order to get $ I had to give up who I was since I was a kid in my house. To have a roof over your head and clothes on your back you had to be a slave and thank your parents for not aborting you. I expressed how I needed to retrain myself and not give up who I was for a job and $. This was the way to turn things around.
 The conversation went in the direction of anger and holding those responsible, responsible. My focus was the “family” system and not the 1%, Wall St or the Gov.
My friend ended up saying what everyone else used to say to me a million times growing up. “You can’t blame your parents!” Wow. How convenient! They can undeniably harm, abuse and maim you, sometimes for life, but you can’t blame them?! What an ingenious plan! The criminal says they can’t be held accountable! And those working for them. Am I the only one who sees the connection between this “family” dynamic and what is happening to our country and that the Powers that Be do whatever they want and do not get held accountable when THEY are Clearly the Criminals!??
 My “parent” had No problem making a totally innocent child  guilty as hell by the time I was 8. I could feel the “prison bars” slam at around that age.
 I use the Central Park 5 as another example and the fact that they were shafted by the city of NY. Coerced into false confessions, interrogated with no lawyer present and were made guilty for something there wasn’t even Any evidence for. The city clearly did not want to do their job and find the truth, they wanted to get the case “solved” and forced it to fit 5 teens it didn’t even fit. Does anyone of these prosecutors, cops, detectives get held accountable? Lose their jobs, do jail time?
 We live in a system where  injustice and corruption have accumulated So much leverage that the its inconceivable for the innocent people being criminalized to hold the Real criminals accountable?? Have I gotten that right? Talk about Climate Shift! Why is that? We have those in the white house being revealed by the Senate CIA Torture report that they our own Gov tortures those held indefinitely, without trial at Guantanamo, Dick Cheney, John Brennan and Donald Rumsfeld all getting away with War Crimes and there’s not even a Chance of them being prosecuted!
 Meanwhile, our jails are filled! With innocent people being beat up, held in Solitary Confinement, tortured And put into Debt while they’re in there for basically, being normal and having reasonable responses to the horrible things that happened to them that are created by those we won’t prosecute!
 So, my friend saying, “you’re “parents” aren’t responsible, we have to hold the system accountable”, is avoiding dealing with the issue in the Moment. Because the reality is, they ARE the system! Those unconscious people working For the System Are the system and Are the Powers that Be!
 When we raise children, or the way we’re supposed to raise children, is the give them increasing responsibility the older they get. A “mental bench pressing” if you will. That’s how people BECOME responsible, by holding them responsible. If we say, like my friend, “your parent was nuts or unhealthy or unconscious, they can’t be held responsible” IS the problem! It will continue to make people More irresponsible.
 Its the same argument at  Auschwitz. “I was just following orders”. Same debate over Chris Kyle in American Sniper. Those perpetrating the crimes acting for those at the top are just as responsible. Ignorance is not an excuse. The PTB will Not afford us the same luxury!
 Every ounce of energy needs to go to the people! They need to engage and pull up on themselves and not allow ANY Slacking! The slightest letting down of ones guard is enough leverage the ptb need to continue grinding up more innocent people up in their machine.
 The movie Apollo 3 is a good example. They had an explosion on their craft which blew out an O2 and something else. They had only 12 watts of energy to get their craft back to earth from how many millions of miles out in space. They cannot afford One Slight F up! They had NASA engineers and scientist working to create a makeshift “conductor” to channel the 12 watts efficiently so they could get home.
 That’s the way the people have to be. Not slacking, not luxurious, not leaking energy on things they cannot afford.
 People telling me when I was a kid, and still now, “oh you can’t blame your “parents”, or “oh, no body taught them so they couldn’t teach you” does nothing except give the perp the leverage they need to beat us completely. ALL energy and support must go where its needed. On those getting screwed! Period! Like in Greece. The Finance Minister woke up to the Ponzi Scheme. He knows that Greece didn’t even see the $ they supposedly borrowed and all they got was the Debt. Exactly what John Perkins talks about in Confessions of an Economic Hitman. Greece will not turn out like Portugal if those involved don’t Genuinely want to solve the problem and take Politics out of the equation and just deal with it from a basic HUMAN standpoint.
 Greece is seeing the problem and Does want the problem to end and is taking steps towards getting out of the abusive relationships with the banks and investors who don’t really want Greece free from debt.   Who benefit from keeping them in it like they try do to every other vulnerable country and culture in the world.
 Being in the NOW, and dealing with those right in front of you, holding those accountable who are right in front of you and  not diverting the problem just to those in the “white” house or the heads of Corporations and banks.
 Those who were the guards at Auschwitz who herded the people and directed them towards the chambers, who manned the doors, ARE responsible. Are they children? How was I made to be responsible/guilty at 6, 7 and 8 and on when you’re at your most innocent and yet those who clearly Are responsible are not??
The answer is right in front of our faces.
 We cannot afford to not hold those responsible to account. Every time we don’t, it gives them that much more leverage to do it to us and condemn the next innocent person! Its basic physics.


  Excellent report Wed. on Democracy Now by Johann Hari and what causes drug addiction that’s unlike anything we’ve been taught (except for those who take the time to look close enough). In his new book, Chasing the Scream: The First and last Days on the War on Drugs, Johann reveals what I’ve known and have been writing about and trying to tell people for many years. It’s about Being PRESENT. Only Nature can heal and only giving people what they need can heal them. Meditators and those who practice mindfulness have known this for thousands of years. The problem is,, there’s too much $$ to be made from problems so the system keeps them going. Only lately, perhaps, are the problems outweighing the “profits” that are being made and it’s time for some Genuine
 Johann describes an experiment with a rat in a cage and 2 water bottles; one bottled filled with just water and the other with water and either heroine or cocaine. The rat will almost always prefer the drug water and drink it til it kills itself. Bruce Alexander, a Professor from Vancouver BC who explained the old theories of addiction came from these experiments. In the 1970’s Prof Alexander pointed out that the rat is being placed in a empty cage with no stimuli and nothing besides 2 water bottles, the rat has nothing to do except drink the drug water. Prof Alexander wanted to try it a little differently. This time, taking 2 different settings,, the same setting with the empty cage and the 2 water bottles and the other “cage” was Rat park which was like heaven for rats with colored balls, cheese, other rats and so on. The rats in Rat Park were not interested in the drug water, they used very little of it and they never OD’d on it and never used the drug water in a way that looked like addiction or compulsion.
 ADDICTION is the ADAPTATION to your ENVIRONMENT,, says Prof Bruce K. Alexander. It’s the Deprived, DEBT conditions that create the drive to compensate towards addiction. The lack of Love in a person’s life, the job with no meaning or purpose, people in society that feel marginalized and discarded, the poor, the unemployed or under employed, even the Fully employed with out a Spiritual life. I’ve been trying to tell this to people for decades.
 This explains the immense addiction to Greed in our Society and the Lust for “wealth” and “profit” but, at the expense of True meaning or purpose other than enslaving the masses, destroying the environment and stealing the “wealth” because Corporations and banks simply can’t get enough. The only difference with Addiction to Greed and “power” is that it’s Not the the addict who kills themselves,, it’s others they kill with their addiction.
 What creates the addiction to $$, “power” and Greed? If the rats in Rat Park are satisfied and don’t need the drug water, then how is it with all the pleasures of the world the 1% have, they Still cannot find satisfaction in 1% park?? With All of their $$, their travel, mansions all over the world, sex anyway you can get it, I’m assuming a “deprived” environment isn’t just about geography or materialism. It’s about the Quality of the environment, the “Nutritional” value. Johann doesn’t get into  that point.
 Johann goes on to talk about Billy Holiday and her addiction to heroine that she turned to to deal with the pressure Harry Anslinger from the Bureau of Narcotics put on her because he didn’t like the fact that a black woman was an up and coming star.  She was also beaten and raped while working as a prostitute by her Manager, “husband” McKay.
 Billy wasn’t even allowed to enter the hotel through the front door where she sang, she was forced to enter through the back. A black woman singing a song about lynching to a white audience was seen a shocking at the time. Harry Anslinger told Billy Holiday to stop singing the song Strange Fruit, a song about Lynching and Billy refused, vowing never to bow to a white man. Harry Anslinger tormented Billy Holiday throughout the 40’s and 50’s and said Jazz music sounded like “the jungles in the dead of night”. Harry Anslinger blamed marijuana for the way jazz music sounded, and believed Marijuana slowed down one’s perceptions of time and thought the musicians were living in different inhumane rhythm. Harry believe the music of jazz proved marijuana drove people insane.
 Billy Holiday became a drug addict due to the abuse she suffered, being raped and being forced into prostitution in NYC when there was no other work. She was sent to jail for being raped and when she got out she turned to the hardest drugs to keep her from deepest, darkest hole of depression. Billy was so shy she could barely speak without the drugs. Her Pimp, “manger”/husband stole almost all her $$. After her greatest performance at Carnegie Hall he greeted Billy with a punch to the face that sent her flying.
 Harry Anslinger heard that the singer was becoming a rising star and a heroine user so he sent Jimmy Fletcher to watch Billy’s every move. Harry didn’t like hiring blacks but he couldn’t send a white man into Harlem to spy on Billy. He was allowed to deal the drugs to to gain the confidence of the buyers, those he was planning on arresting.
 Jimmy Fletcher fell in love with Billy Holiday after spending time with her, talking for hours, dancing with her at Club Ebony. Billy Holiday and the Bureau of Narcotics agent swaying together to jazz music.
 McKay, Billy’s “husband” was finally given the boot by Billy after having been beaten by him so bad so many times they had to push her on stage to perform after taping up her ribs. He then, went to DC to meet with Anslinger to set Billy up for drugs. Billy was busted again and sent to jail for one year where she was forced to quit drugs cold turkey. She didn’t want to cry in front of the judge and simply told the judge she just wanted to go to a hospital where she can get off drugs and get better.
 Having now, been a convict, she was stripped of her cabaret performers license not allowing her to sing anywhere alcohol was served which meant all the jazz clubs in the U.S.
 Billy Holiday was clean after getting out of
 Yolande Bavan told Johann Hari that Billy Holiday could survive anything but this, to lose her ability to sing. That’s the cruelest thing that could happen to a person,, to lose the One thing they Love an that keeps them alive. “How do you best act cruelly?” her friend Yolande Bavan asked me in 2013. “It’s to take something that’s the dearest thing to that person away from them.” Billie had been able to survive everything — but this? “You despair because you have no control. You can’t do the thing that is a passion and that you made your livelihood at, and that has brought joy to people all over the world,” Bavan says.

 How many people walk around in this world Not doing what they Love and what brings them health? Or, for that matter, how many people even get to develop their gifts at all to even find out what they Love, like Billy Holiday? It was most likely the fact that Billy Holiday was in touch with her Love, her gift and talent that caused so much misery to be brought upon her. Action/Reaction. In those days it triggered so much hatred and racism from those around her like Harry Anslinger & McKay, white supremacists,  to see a black woman rising, they just had to bring her down. Too many people want others down so they feel “up”. They don’t realize that helping others in need helps them.
 What is it that makes people have the need to beat others down so? The fact that it was done to them, most likely. How does the vicious cycle of abuse get broken?
 There are TOO many people being “born” into this world and Not given the Love and “Rat Park” they need to even get remotely in touch with their gifts so they have the ability to live an authentic, healthy life. That makes them despise those who do.
 It’s a War against Nature and the natural passion that drives ALL people to want to be their fullest expression. That Spirit threatens many who fear that in themselves and others. Because so many are not raised and Loved and end up doing jobs and using that job to inflict unjust harm on others instead of using their position fairly.
 No matter how you slice it, everything ultimately comes down to Nature and what people are made out of. No matter what people do for a living, it’s whether or not they’re a quality person inside.

Not much has changed today. When we have so much “power” and control in the hands of the few who continue to to suck more and more for themselves and instead of the masses standing up to them,, all they do is abuse the vulnerable.

 Johann Hari went on later in the program to talk about the drug problem in Portugal and Vancouver and how they found ANOTHER WAY of dealing with it. They tried the usual unconscious way of “cracking down” and all it did was make matters worse. How many Countries, States SEE that the way they’re doing things doesn’t work and STILL keep doing it because people are making money? We will Never be Free of these Problems as long as we have predators who just want to Capitalize of others’  miseries and those who work for them.
 Johann said Vancouver and Portugal abandoned the Drug War model and turned to alternatives,, The Light Bulb moment. In the year 2000, Portugal had one of the biggest drug problems, 1% of the population was addicted to Heroine. Time after time the country handled the situation the typical way and “cracked down” by criminalizing the problem, like some dysfunctional “parent”, only to make the problem worse. Again, like many “parents” who alienate their children by doing the same things over and over refusing to look at what they’re doing and admitting THEY  are the one’s creating the mess,, NOT the child. It’s ALWAYS the one with the “power” who is responsible. Those in the “lower rank” position are always the result. It’s when those in “Charge” are illegitimate and are Not REAL Authority and blame the result rather than themselves,, they want the Privileges that come with being in “authority” MINUS the responsibility,, That’s a Child. There for the taking,, not the giving.

 The Prime Minister decided to find an alternative solution and a way to GENUINELY solve the problem. They took the problem OUT of POLITICS and got a panel of doctors together to come up with an amazing method of treatment and agreed to do what ever they said. What the doctrs said to do was,, LEGALIZE EVERYTHING! Cannabis, Heroine, cocaine AND take all the money that was being spent on arresting, jailing and trying drug users and put it towards TREATING Drug abuse. Instead of fighting the problem, they got to the bottom of it. Portugal woke up and broke the vicious cycle. What a concept! Now, if that was only done with Greece! If those involved REALLY wanted to solve Greece’s Debt problem, the problem would get solved. it’s that Simple. But, the fact is,, like every other “problem” in the world,, be it “terrorism”, the Environment,, which is a REAL Problem, “Wars”, the “Economy”, those involved don’t REALLY want the problems solved, they Pretend to to get their foot in the door then, once it’s in, they do the opposite of helping. the banks, investors, the IMF run by Wall St, Want to suck from Greece’s already vulnerable position and put the country, and keep them, further in debt.
  The focus of the drug treatment was to give every addict a purpose in life. They offered to pay half the clients wages for a auto shop to hire there for a year. 15 years later, injecting drugs use is down by 50%. THERE’S THE ANSWER! Instead of so many people Capitalizing off of or working FOR Companies that “profit” off other people’s miseries, addictions, vulnerabilities, their poverty, their ignorance, their innocence we need people who Genuinely WANT to help and see the True value is in HELPING solve problems rather than “profit” off of them till they spill out of control.
 It’s important to know WHO we’re letting into our lives, who we’re getting involved with and make sure they’re really looking out for our best interest or not. When a person or country is in debt, they’re desperate and don’t usually make clear decisions. Like a person in shock, their judgement is off causing them to make ever poorer choices. That’s what debt does if not met by and helped by someone who truly desires to help.
 Johann also mentions a drug user turned activist, Bud Osborne from Vancouver, who said he had to something besides watch people around him die. Him and the other users took turns patrolling the ally way when they were not using and would call an ambulance for the others. It began to give them self worth. They started to think maybe they’re not the losers they came to believe they were.

GREECE, Ending BAD relationships. "We have resembled Drug Addicts craving the next dose. What this Government is all about is ending the addiction".

I literally cannot believe more and more people are saying what I knew over 4 decades ago.
 They might not be saying it exactly like that out right but, that’s what it’s turning up to be. No matter where it is, home, work, church, school, community, your “Gov”, Corps. Everything comes down to how healthy, or Not, we relate.
 If more people were aware of and recognized the signs and symptoms of an unhealthy or potentially abusive relationship anywhere, so much trauma and pain could be avoided, not just for those involved directly, or, Not even those directly involved but, those who will ultimately suffer the consequences of the decisions of those relationships.
 Its clear that some relationships, especially of Companies, are meant to be unhealthy for the public. In the article originally posted on Truthout.org also on Moyers & Co. Titled, These Five Corporations are Making Millions From Mass Incarceration, No 1 on the list is a Corp named Turner Construction. From the article,,,,
 According to IbisWorld, Turner’s average annual income for prison and jail construction came to $278 million per year from 2007 to 2012. This represents lots of money in most quarters, but qualifies as only slightly more than pocket change to a firm that earned $9 billion in total revenue for 2013. In almost a century and a half of operation, Turner has been involved in building New York’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium and constructing corporate headquarters for Boeing and the RAND Corporation. It has about 5,000 employees worldwide.

 Like many of the firms that reap profits from the prison-industrial complex, they keep quiet about it. Their website highlights their role as the “leading builder of green buildings.” They also proclaim on their website: “We have the highest ethical standards in the industry. We ‘do the right thing.’” Perhaps doing the right thing might include pulling out of prison and jail building altogether, especially since an income cut of $278 million would reduce their annual revenue only by about 3 percent.

 So, a cozy relationship for some = the end of the road for others who are much more vulnerable in a society where “profits” trump morality.

 In an interview on Reason TV with former NSA coder William Binney he describes it the same way. He developed a system called Thin Thread that worked efficiently to allow the NSA to find information they should be looking for. “How do you figure out what’s important in that data to pull out?” Certain targets within analytics. Referring to Thin Thread, Binney said, “In late Nov. 2000 we had the entire problem solved” yet the NSA instead, went with Trail Blazer, a program that didn’t work and cost more money. “Because it helps build their empire”, says Binney. “Adds more people to the Gov. Roles, adds more contractors, more contracts, more $$, you get a bigger budget”.
Bill Binney was frustrated that the “intelligence” community did not provide the type of intelligence it took to prevent 911 and it aided in his leaving the NSA. “When you have an agenda that focuses more in a corrupt way, when you’re focused on $ acquisition as the main issue as opposed to intelligence production you’re defeating the entire purpose of the agencies”.
 It isn’t too difficult, when one chooses to look, when a relationship they’re in isn’t in one with them!  The question remaining then is, what are you going to do about it? Why is it that it took a Bill Binney along with J. Kirk Wiebe and Edward Loomis to come out about what the NSA was doing when other didn’t? Why do most stay in an obviously Abusive agency that is violating the Constitutional rights of the very people they’re supposed to be protecting?
 Like the Corporations who profit off of Mass Incarceration and Bill Binney said, “to help build an empire, more contracts, more $$”. So our own country will turn on us to create the illusion that they are creating “wealth” for themselves.

 Today on Democracy Now, Yanis Varoufakis, the Finance Minister in Greece, in summing up the Cure for Greece’s debt situation he used health terminology which, ultimately, everything comes down to, by saying “Greece, as of now, should be taking another Tranche of loans,, NO. It’s not that we don’t need the $$, we’re desperate but, my message to our European partners is, For the last 5 years Greece has been waiting for the next loan tranche. We have resembled Drug Addicts craving the next dose. What this Government is all about is ending the addiction”.

In my writing my goal is to show that dysfunction and abuse in the family system is NO different than Debt and Abuse anywhere. It’s ALL the same. The EU and the IMF have “remortgaged” Greece.
From a website called Wizzley,, Who does Greece owe Money to,,
When external investors identified a potential problem with Greek public finances they significantly increased interest rates on loans, mainly through fear of a collapse. It was in fact these rising interest rates which were the major contributing factor, rather ironically, to the Greeks not being able to service their debts. Foreign investors had inadvertedly created a higher level of risk for their investments as a result of acting on their fear, possibly even causing the situation that they had previously dreaded. Greece subsequently began to default on payments, unable to service the spiraling debts, and the nation had their credit rating downgraded. The result was interest rates being pushed even higher and the countries International Overdraft Facility was suspended within a matter of days.

  The Finance Minister realizes Not to take another Tranche of loans attached to all kinds of austerity measures,,, From BBC News, the EU and IMF insisted that Greece embark on a major austerity drive involving drastic spending cuts, tax rises, and labour market and pension reforms.
These have had a devastating effect on Greece’s already weak economic recovery. The latest Greek budget predicts that the economy will shrink by 6.5% this year and by a further 4.5% in 2013.
The IMF made clear that it would only consider the debts sustainable if they could be brought down to 120% of GDP by 2020. The IMF will not lend money to a country whose debts it does not deem sustainable.
From YAHOO Best answer to Who Invests in Greece’s debt,,, Banking is an international business. Banks always invest some of their cash into “safe” investments, including the sovereign debt of other countries. Greece, for example, had a lot a debt which was purchased by banks in other countries. If Greece is unable to pay off that debt, banks around the world have losses on their Greek bonds. So just as influenza is contagious and spreads from person to person, bad debt from one nation is contagious and spreads from country to country. In a worst case scenario, a Greek default could cause other economically weaker countries to default, which in turn could cause defaults in more countries, etc.

MY QUESTION IS,, Who is dong the “HELPING?” Is the end goal to Really help Greece out of Debt or is it for others to “profit” off Greece’s Debt because, YOU CAN’T HAVE BOTH. Do the “helpers” Really want to see Greece lift itself up and out of Debt or “profit” off of it’s miseries? In the Above paragraph on Yahoo Answers,, it says,, BANKING IS AN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS,, that means,, they look to “profit” off of “helping” ,, which is Not HELPING. In everything I’m reading about Greece, I keep reading things like,, if Greece doesn’t repay their Debts “A Downward Spiral” will occur. Again,, MY QUESTION IS,, WHY is it Greece paying back it’s Creditors,, yes, sure,, MINUS the interest,, that is the Focus and NOT on those looking to “profit” off of Greece’s ills?
From the BBC Q&A Greek Debt,, If Greece does not repay its creditors, a dangerous precedent will have been set. This may make investors increasingly nervous about the likelihood of other highly-indebted nations, such as Italy, or those with weak economies, such as Spain, repaying their debts or even staying inside the euro.
If investors stop buying bonds issued by other governments, then those governments in turn will not be able to repay their creditors – a potentially disastrous vicious circle.

Here is something promising,,, The vast majority of Greece’s private-sector creditors agreed to write off about three-quarters of the debts owed to them by Athens. They also agreed to replace existing loans with new loans at a lower rate of interest.
In the latest agreement, Greece’s lenders have found ways to shave an extra 40bn euros off Greece’s debtload.
However, in return for all this help, the EU and IMF insisted that Greece embark on a major austerity drive involving drastic spending cuts, tax rises, and labour market and pension reforms.

SOMETHING HAS TO GIVE, if there’s NO Give,, everything just gets tighter and tighter. 
 Banking “Laws” and Natural laws are Not aligned. Humanity and Natural Law demand that there be some Give in life. Our physical body is designed with Give,, with space, ligaments, tendons, bursar, sinuses, all make it possible for our bodies to move, to have range of motion with limits. If our heads didn’t have sinuses they would be too heavy for us to lift! That’s what our economy is like. No Free space.
 Banks and other lending institutions want Guarantees, no risks, want to profit and never Just Solve the problem. People, even Banks, need to act from their Humanity Once in a while.
 The facts are the facts. the situation and the results don’t lie

 What those who choose corruption will eventually find out, because they’re cheating and stealing $$ instead of earning it legitimately, it will not bring the satisfaction they seek. Its EMPTY CALORIES when nature’s process is completely skipped over. They’re screwing themselves like a bunch of Junkie Drug Addicts like those cheaters down on Wall St.
 Like any relationship, in order for it to be satisfying it needs to be cultivated. Like a marriage and a family, relationships need the time and attention put into them. This is the Only thing that can bring about True satisfaction in our society. When an entire Agency like the NSA, those Companies who “profit” from the Mass Incarceration  of millions of Innocent people, the Military and now the militarization of our Police is literally built on pure Evil.

STONEHEARST ASYLUM movie. Ben Kingsley, Kate Beckinsale. A Metaphor for Life, LOOK BEYOND the Titles and Roles.

After watching this movie for just a few mins into it I thought it was easy to pick up on the obvious metaphors. This place, Stonehearst Asylum, however fictitious the place may have been, I felt, represented what is clearly, many true-to-life situations. The place was a micro-cosm of the macro-cosm. The entire place represented an entire country, an entire world all under one roof, like the “family”. 
 The idea that the “Lunatics” are running the Asylum” when in fact they are but, they are really not lunatics and are actually doing a better job than the, so-called, doctors and superintendent played by Michael Caine.
 The facility was an obvious “Random sample” of what’s going on Nationally and world wide with the poor, the imprisoned, the “terrorists”, Muslims, the discarded, the “shamed”, the “mentally ill”, the throwaways and the starving.
 Those running the place used barbaric methods to control and subdue the “patients” who were there mostly because they were embarrassments to their well-to-do families, rebels, dissidents, people who’s families could not control them. People who had justly defended themselves under unjust conditions, much like in our country today.
 The “patients” played by Ben Kingsley as “Doctor” Lamb, Eliza Graves played by Kate Beckinsale and others had the “real” superintendent doctor of the facility and other staff held up in the dungeons. The film had all the qualities of the Abusive, Dysfunctional “family”. Michael Caine played the Abusive, controlling “father”, doctor using barbaric methods, drugging “patients” to control them, a “treatment”, in today’s terms would be considered, waterboarding, and spinning Ben Kingsleys character in a chair til completely dizzy. So, the “patients” managed to gather the “officials” down in the dungeons, while they take over their roles. They’re found by a visiting “doctor” Edward Newgate, played by James Sturgess who, ends up “really” being a “patient” himself from another asylum who sees Eliza Graves in a “clinical” instructoral classroom led by the authoritative, cocky, demeaning Alienist played by Brendan Gleeson, and falls instantly in love with her beauty and makes it his mission to find and free her. He takes the role of the Alienist instructor who insinuates to sexually assault Eliza Graves in front of an entire class of students while calling her reaction to his touch “mad”. Eliza Graves’ husband is a very wealthy, repugnant, man who she physically maimed in self defense so he had her committed but, plans on coming back to reclaim her.
 I like the clear metaphors in the movie and how it shows the utter “theater” that is life and how those in the position of “doctor” are anything but, while calling the others “mad” and insane. A pure battle of wills.
 Edward Newgate, due to having been abused himself, and growing up in an orphanage, ends up making a great “doctor”, having the sensitivity and the patience to reach a man held in a dungeon they called Ogre by, while nearly being strangled by the man, he sees his name written on the wall and calls the Ogre by his real name, Arthur, barely able to get air.  When the “Ogre” hears himself being called by his name he “snaps out of it” and allows the “doctor” to change the dressing on his hand. “Dr. Newgate” manages to find a way to get an older, blind woman to eat who hasn’t since her son left for a war some years earlier by speaking to her as her son and telling her that he if she eats he gets strength because they’re “attached by a cord”. He even manages to “heal” “Dr” Lamb from his PTSD he suffered as a result of tending to soldiers during a war. At one point he simply gets overwhelmed by all the pain the blood, the maimed bodies and the moaning that he takes a gun a executes about 6 or the wounded soldiers. Lastly, a young soldier wearing a red coat missing both arms just above the elbow. When he’s done executing the soldiers he attempts to shoot himself but, the gun is without bullets. 
 “Dr Lamb” is about to practice his electro shock “treatment” on “Dr Newgate” who he’s losing trust for because he’s finding out too much but, is rescued by his own ingenious idea of placing the pic he found in Lambs patient file, of the young soldier Dr Lamb executed in his front breast pocket and asking Lamb for one last request. He tells Lamb the pic is of Eliza and he wants her to have it. Lamb pulls out what ends up being the pic of the young soldier he executed which sets Lamb back in time reliving his trauma and walking off in a daze of PTSD. Lambs right-hand man Mickey Finn decides he’ll finish the job for Lamb and attempts to shock “Dr Newgate” but, is knocked over with the gurney Newgate is lying on by Eliza Graves who comes to his aid. Finn gets up and grabs Graves while she’s attempting to undo Newgates footstraps holding her from behind in a bear hug causing her to have a manic episode and go into contractures but, is pulled out of it by “Newgate” when he yells to her to look at him where he is able to give her strength through his stare. This helps Graves bite Finn’s hand to release her where she is able to then, slug him in the face. She then, lunges at him with the electro shock prongs and Newgate tells Arthur to hit the switch which ends up frying poor Mr. Mickey Finn to a nice shade of charcoal.              
 The ending scene is the repugnant Alienist and husband of Graves coming back to reclaim her only to find out the other “Dr Newgate” ordered her release 3 weeks earlier. The “real” Dr Newgate began to inform the staff that, that “Dr Newgate” was mad, deranged, incapable of real feeling while he and Eliza moved to an asylum in Tuscany, Italy where they lived together happily ever after.
 The movie shows the viewer to look beyond the titles, the roles that most people blindly submit to and look closer to see the person underneath for who they really are, and, to also BE other than what YOU are labeled.