• Brock McIntosh, Army National Guard veteran who served in Afghanistan from November 2008 to August 2009. He applied for conscientious objector status and was discharged in May 2014. He is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War and co-founded IVAW’s Afghanistan Veterans Against the War Committee.
    Brock McIntosh

    Well, Clint Eastwood and Jason Hall are good storytellers, and it’s pretty engaging and well-done.
  • Cat Watters
    Cat Watters

    is it accurate?
    I mean,, accurate as far as the way Iraqis are prtrayed
  • Brock McIntosh
    Brock McIntosh

    Walking out of the theater, the dilemma I faced was how to interpret it. How is it as a work of art? And how is it as a culture industry vehicle that many audience members will use to inform their beliefs, values, and worldviews, or to reinforce those ideas?
  • Cat Watters
    Cat Watters

    I know they’re seen that way
    was it challenged? The idea that Iraqs are “Savages” or reinforced
  • Brock McIntosh
    Brock McIntosh

    First, as a work of art, great story, symbolism throughout, cinematography, all that jazz. Digging a little deeper, the screenwriter, Jason Hall, argued the movie is a character story. The point is not to present the world as it is but how Chris Kyle saw it
    I think that’s fair. I think if you have that mindset going in, then you take something different from the movie. ‘Oh, interesting, this is actually how so many servicemembers saw the war.’ And this is the truth. Many of them did see the war this way. But why? Number one, because they were lied to by people they trusted. Number two, because when you genuinely want to both ACT and BE a moral person, many veterans cling to justifications that comfort them.
    I don’t care about the lies that Chris Kyle may or may not have told. They don’t matter. I care about the lies that Chris Kyle believed. The lie that Iraq was culpable for September 11. The lie that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The lie that people do evil things because they are evil. The lie that when you kill people, there is an afterlife. The lie that the only being who matters in your moral calculations is God and not the people who are impacted by your decisions.
    In order to see the world through Kyle’s eyes, it means you have to remember it differently, which is I think is something many veterans actually do. So if you see the movie as a character story, it means linking 9/11 to Iraq and portraying every Iraqi as an evil insurgent is permissible since that’s how Kyle actually viewed it. But there was something else the screenwriter made up that violated the reality of both the world-as-it-is and Kyle’s world, which I found egregious: Marc Lee’s story. Kyle and Lee did indeed serve together in real life, and Lee was the first Navy SEAL to die in Iraq. SPOILER ALERT!
    But here’s how the movie portrays him. Lee is the only veteran who becomes progressively skeptical of the war and its justification. Later in the movie, another SEAL, Ryan Job is shot in the face. Kyle is distraught by it, and decides he should lead a group of SEALs to go back out and avenge Job, which is portrayed as the heroic thing to do. While he and Kyle are clearing a building, a sniper shoots Lee in the head. They take us to Lee’s funeral, where his mother is reading a letter that Lee sent expressing his skepticism of the war. On the road home, Kyle’s wife asks him what he thought about the letter. Kyle says, “That letter killed Marc. He let go, and he paid the price for it.” What makes Kyle a hero, according to the film, as that he’s a “sheepdog.” It starts with his father lecturing him about how there are only three types of people in the world: sheep, who believe “evil doesn’t exist”; wolves, who prey on the sheep; and sheepdogs, who are “blessed with aggression” and protect the sheep. In this world, in Kyle’s world, Lee then stops being a sheepdog when he questions his actions in Iraq. He becomes a sheep, “and he paid the price for it” with a bullet from a wolf.
    Here’s the real story. On the day that Ryan Job was shot, Marc Lee stepped into the line of fire twice to try to save Job’s life, which apparently was either not “sheepdog” enough to portray accurately in the movie or would have deterred from Kyle’s heroism. You can’t have people believe that critical soldier’s are actually not sheep, can you? And as it turns out, Kyle never said those things about Lee’s letter and never blamed Lee for his own death for being critical and skeptical of the war.
    Here is Marc Lee’s actual letter in full. While it may not be a full-blown “this war is fucked” reflection, as most IVAW members can attest to, our critical perspectives were more evolutionary than sudden, and it’s pretty clear what direction he was evolving.

    Glory is something that some men chase and others find themselves stumbling upon, not expecting it to find them. Either way it is a noble gesture that one finds bestowed upon them. My question is when does glory fade away and become a wrongful crusade, or an unjustified means by which consumes one…
  • Brock McIntosh
    Brock McIntosh

    On the other hand, like most pieces of art, it will be lost on most people (and I’m honestly skeptical that this even was strictly a character story, particularly because of the whole Marc Lee incident). For most people, this movie will have an impact on how they see the world, and they will see it more like how Kyle saw it, which was built on the lies that he naively bought into.
  • Brock McIntosh
    Brock McIntosh

    The movie hammers home over and over the idea that there is just good and just evil in the world, and thank god there are people who aren’t too weak to kill those people who are just innately evil.
    In the movie, Kyle joins after seeing the 1998 US embassy bombings. Why did those bombings happen? Without explanation, the default is the theme that the movie starts with. Some people are just evil and prey on others.
    Why did 9/11 happen? Just evil people doing evil things.
  • Brock McIntosh
    Brock McIntosh

    Why did we go into Iraq? Because of 9/11. Over and over Kyle explains that the point of the war is to protect Americans, and the American servicemembers in Iraq. When Marc Lee first questions Kyle about the justification of the war, Kyle says one thing. “Do you want them to attack San Diego or New York?” And with that one line, Lee is satisfied and ready to kill again. When Kyle’s wife asks him why he keeps going back over and over, he says, “To protect you.” And throughout the movie, Kyle is never wrong.
  • Cat Watters
    Cat Watters

    Thanks for the breakdown!
    I read everything you wrote except the letter
    so far
    that”s what I figured the movie was,, but you said in real life,, Kyle had doubts about the war
    Do you mind if I Post what you wrote?
    Needs to be seen
  • Brock McIntosh
    Brock McIntosh

    Amazingly, the war seems to have absolutely nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction. It also seems to have absolutely nothing to do with helping Iraq. Instead, every Iraqi in the movie–the two Iraqi women, the two kids, and all the men–are either evil insurgents or collaborators. Except for the Iraqi interpreters. The sense is there isn’t a single innocent Iraqi and they all would have killed Americans in San Diego and New York, if the US military hadn’t stopped them.
  • Cat Watters
    Cat Watters

    Good War Advertisment
    like One long infomercial
    for war
  • Brock McIntosh
    Brock McIntosh

    Contrary to public claims, Kyle and his SEALs don’t just call the Iraqi insurgents “savages.” When a friend buys a wedding ring from an Iraqi bazaar, Kyle asks, “You bought it from savages?”
  • Brock McIntosh
    Brock McIntosh

    And contrary to public claims, at no point does Kyle appear to have any ambivalence whatsoever about killing. There was a single moment when he seemed affected by the idea of killing and that was the time when he almost killed a child for a second time. Other than that, nothing. The only thing that “haunts” him is that he couldn’t save more military lives by killing more Iraqis. He would’ve spent the rest of his life killing in Iraq if the war never ended and his wife didn’t stop him. When he is training in sniper school, he performs poorly shooting paper targets, then shoots a small, camouflaged snake and long range and hits it square. He turns to his instructor and says, “I’m better when it’s breathin'” No sane sharpshooter is better at shooting smaller, camouflaged, moving targets. The only thing that would make him better at killing breathing things is a deep crave to kill. And after the war, when he takes his son hunting for the first time, he says to him, “It’s a heck of a thing to stop a beating heart. That’s why we’re gonna do it for your first time.” It’s just a heck of a thing that kids should learn. That’s it.
  • Brock McIntosh
    Brock McIntosh

    There is no ambiguity in the movie. Kyle likes killing and has no regrets. And there is no ambiguity in the book. He says when he was a kid, he wondered what it would be like to kill, and as a sniper learned that it’s “no big deal.” Most of the reviews of the movie are from dishonest people who are too chickenshit about maybe, possibly offending someone’s patriotic sensibilities.
  • Brock McIntosh
    Brock McIntosh

    So that’s that. And you can share.

MLK spoke about Nature

Natural Law is my favorite subject. The subject I am most passionate about because NL is All there is. I turned to fitness, weight training, Yoga & meditation early to find the Truth due to an abusive, domestic violence environment I “grew up” in. The simple fact is, NL Is Truth, physics IS truth. What or who is not held to NL? Who will not succumb to gravity if they trip and fall? Who will not die if shot by a bullet? Bleed when cut? What ball will not fall to earth if dropped? Who will not be emotionally imbalanced when they behave with extreme behavior? People fight over religion, some people claiming to be the “chosen people”by god, when, what god exhaults some people over others? It isn’t Real religion, its mans Incorrect interpretation of it to suit his own false Ego.
 In meditation books I’ve read its written; to make contact with the authentic You under the programmed self. John Bradshaw wrote many books on the False Self. I think of the instructions on a package of adhesive that says, “surface to be glued must be clean and dry”. Well, the same goes for people. Before anything will adhere, we must clean all the emotional injuries and false information from atop our Authentic selves or all we will be doing is responding from the old surface stuff that needs to be cleaned away, thereby, perpetuating nothing but illusion.  No easy task in this world that keeps the momentum and distraction going and keeps people from slowing down enough to tune in.
The truth is, legitimate PAIN is a Gift! Pawning it off on others more vulnerable does not bring satisfaction! Its the equivalent of taking an elevator to the top of a mountain instead of climbing it. That’s the COWARDS way out! (Unless you’re disabled.) Seek false power in order to escape legit scrutiny then transfer the discomfort they avoid onto others. Its the same thing slight- of- hand parents do to their children. Its all to easy and unconscious.
 All man is doing is interpreting religion from his old, worn out surface info that needs to be cleaned off instead of interpreting it from the clean self. We have to make the effort and take the time to do the inner house cleaning first. Then we can see clearer that the only religion is Health and Natural Law. Interpreting religion to exhault ones group higher than others in Not True Religion. Its a Ponzi scheme just like our $$ system. It’s man who wants to be above others. Some Men want to be above while others below. God creates balance. Different but, balanced. Like the different systems of the body. They are different and carry out different functions yet all work together to keep our body alive. The liver or the endocrine system doesn’t act higher than other systems or organs.
 MLK also spoke about mental, emotional imbalance and being Maladjusted. A subject I studied all my life. Again, health, nature. What could possibly be more important? What cuts through everything else and unifies everyone? What simplifies everything and makes things much easier to understand?
 Life is simple and straightforward. Man is trapped in his head that’s decapitated from his body and refusing to take a minute to look at the facts. Even when the facts disprove what some men believe, they STILL fight the truth! Good luck with that. Fighting God, not such a great idea.
 The “comfort” the PTB protect isn’t comfort at all. Its fear, insecurity and the illusion that they’re powerful and “successful”. That’s all it is, an illusion.
 Yoga is about doing positions one can do with Integrity. That means, do the pose you can do for Real. The full pose is a goal. Where you are now is where you are. Yoga is all about doing whatever pose you can do today and that’s ok. BE where you’re at. There’s nothing wrong with that. Its an illusion that being somewhere else is better than where you actually are. Tell the truth. Be where you are. Do your pose With Nature and cultivate it as you go. Its more real. Certainly a lot better than the fake poses those who “think” they have power are doing.
 The PTB are have the position but their pose is Inauthentic. Simple. They are fake. Their power is an illusion. They hide behind torturing & imprisoning the innocent to keep up the charade. They’re terrified of being found out.

ROE v WADE 42 years. ABORTION, Not Just about Pregnancy’s

Thurs was the 42nd Anniversary of Roe v Wade when, in 1973, women won the right to safe, legal abortions. How that is up for debate again 4 decades later is another story and suspicious if you ask me but, none the less, it Is up for debate again.
 I never thought I’d would be all that interested in this subject since it doesn’t effect me personally anymore but, after being asked to film the demonstration in DC and ride down with a group of Pro Choice activists from Stop Patriarchy, connections were made that I’d forgotten about.
 On the ride down people, men & women, shared why they supported Pro Choice. What their personal stories about abortion were. I didn’t think I’d share but, I actually have tried to tell many people during my life that I grew up under the cloud of “Be glad you weren’t aborted”. I found out later in life by my mother that it was “against the Catholic church to have an abortion”. The oppression and lack of care was evident and unmistakable when I was a kid but, it wasn’t actually admitted until years later. The feel of it was unmistakable, however. There was no doubt about it in my gut that I was not really loved and wanted. I used to hear things like, “No body ever gave me nothing”, and “you gotta roof over your head don’t cha?” “Family” was clearly diluted and the standard of quality was barely existent. “Parents” could do what ever they wanted, treat you how ever they wanted and not be “charged” or even have to acknowledge or apologize. It was well known that children had No rights & didn’t have to be respected or valued. It was an accepted fact that no one disputed. Not where I grew up anyway. I did though. Strongly, as I got older my natural Spirit came forth with a fury. Of course, I had NO backing.
 I shared briefly to the group on the bus. I didn’t, however, get into any detail of how my life was effected growing up heavily oppressed. What it does to your emotional/physical health and prevents you from being healthy and successful.
 The point I’m trying to make is that things don’t have to be so literal. Abortion does not have to be and IS not Literal! It’s metaphorical, figurative. I WAS “aborted”. Not necessarily in the get-rid-of-you physically but, in the physical, emotional And Spiritual sense of being reduced, diminished and shrunken down so you’re easy to control. That is as much of an Abortion as any other. Along with the Millions of others on the planet who’s lives have been aborted AFTER being born. Its actually safe to say at this point in history, with the common knowledge, by some, that a very few control most of the nations wealth and are enslaving and criminalizing the masses by Design! That GLOBAL Abortion is happening! If not Nationally. Too many peoples lives have been aborted and many people will never reach their full expression.
 The signs held by the Anti- Abortionists saying, Pro-Life with Tens of thousands of, mostly religious, Catholic people chanting things like, “we are the pro life generation. As if every single person walking the face of the earth, who had a physical birth, is living a life worth speaking about?? As if physical birth = a life?? So, that means that any starving, depressed, un or underemployed person, any homeless person, or prisoner being abused should be so grateful for their “life”. The Palestinians in Gaza should be happy for their “life”. The skeleton kids and adults in Somalia have a “life”. People in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Ukraine, have a “life”. People working as slaves in sweatshops in deplorable conditions who work ridiculous hours and who don’t even get paid at ALL have a “Life”. The men in Guantanamo who’ve been held for over a decade without charge or trial, who are being tortured daily, who were deemed the worst of the worst when the fact is many were at the wrong place at the wrong time and never set foot on a battlefield, have a “life”.
I don’t get it! Its Clear that there are Millions of people who were born physically are still struggling to have a Life! To have rights, to have the respect and dignity they deserve. That’s all anyone needs. It’s blatantly obvious that being here physically does not = Life.
 Pro-life means pro LIFE. Anyone and Everyone’s life! If all these people cared so much about “life” why don’t they protest against the illegit wars? Why don’t all of these tens of thousands pro “lifers” come out and protest against what Israel with the support of the U.S. Is doing to the people of Gaza? To the inhumane treatment of the Millions being held for non crimes in our Nations for-profit prisons?? The Solitary confinement.  There are many, many examples of people who need a life Much more than a 6, 12 week old fetus.
 I am not an advocate for abortion and don’t think its something that should be abused and used as birth control but, even in those cases, what else is there to do? Bring More people in this world who need a life? Abortion might not be the ideal solution but, in this society, where morals and humanity barely exist for those who already Are here and where the mental “Climate” has clearly shifted so far to the side of INHUMANE, “profit” anyway you can get it, abortion IS a dignified  thing to do.
 The fact is, people also see things from their OWN perspectives, Not the perspectives of others. What they see abortion as is NOT what other people experience it as. Privileged people or people who’s lives have a certain position who, if they or someone they’re with was pregnant, might be in a position to see it as a blessing,  but, for others, who are living in a completely different world and are dealt hands some people will never understand, having the option of abortion is a necessity. Its actually SMART to admit the truth, that in many circumstances, people are not able to see and treat a child with the attitude of, “this is a blessing”. It many cases it is Not a blessing and there’s nothing wrong with admitting that when that’s the case.
 So, I could sum it up that way: one persons luxury is another persons necessity. Its not a $$ issue either. Plenty of wealthy people have abortions.
 A One-Prescription-Fits everyone mindset does not work. If a certain # of the population doesn’t believe in or agree with abortion then, don’t have one. No one has the right to tell others what is or isn’t right for them when one knows nothing about what other people go through. People need to pay attention and live in the Present Moment more instead of living in a predetermined Program so one can check out and not be present. Natural Law DEMANDS presence. Every moment is NEW.
 I interviewed a woman on Thurs who spoke at the Stop Patriarchy rally about having been raped at the age of 14 and having no where to turn. She spoke about her parents telling her that if she ever got pregnant they would throw her out or, something to that effect. The interview is on the World Can’t Wait youtube channel. She said she miscarried in the bathtub and nearly bled to death.
 What I found to be unfortunate was the fact that a 14 year old can’t turn to parents after getting pregnant from a rape. What kind of family is that? At 14 you can’t turn to the very people you should be able to turn to after you’re raped?? That is also a Huge part of the problem. No real Families. Young people have no where to turn for help. But, that’s what Capitalism is all about after all.

Capitalism is the CHOKE HOLD on the masses!

Its a vicious cycle. People do not have and are not able to accumulate enough of themselves as fast as the system steals from you. That’s why its hard to gain  leverage and density to negotiate ones  worth in life. When underdeveloped, immature people procreate they perpetuate the “digging into the muscle” system. Not enough people put enough time and energy building, helping the system to just take. Passing down to children the lack of knowledge and ability to be able to lift themselves up. Parents should be able to provide an environment their children can grow and develop in. Not one that’s abusive and tears down the “muscle” of a person or isn’t conducive to building. Families should build, not tear down. Parents need to grow up themselves so they have more ability to set an example of how to live an admirable life. Humans are part of nature. We have the ability to cultivate, to grow, to build. People just gave their power over to a system they thought was looking out for them. A system that’s looking out for you is not going to keep you codependent, keep your development arrested.
 The best thing a person can do is allow themselves to feel their genuine feelings of anger, of missed dreams, of a stolen life, missed love, missed opportunities of being ones best. Listen to and trust your gut. The system wants you in your head where they can decapitate it from your true intelligence in your gut.
 Trying to find fulfillment by chasing $ when a person is physically & emotionally underdeveloped is like a drug addict trying to get high off of smoking it.  Only Nature satisfies.  Only Nature fulfills and heals.
 The family, relationships are a part of nature and is the only thing that has the power to grow real value. If people only Knew it
 Early in my life it was very clear. I didn’t, and many others didn’t, except they don’t see it because they don’t have the “muscle”, get to grow to acquire enough “muscle” before they’re required to go out and make $. When you come from not privileged means you end up living a “burning the muscle” existence. Even if you come from $ you don’t always get to be who you authentically are. When you’re poor it can be harder to be who you are but, it depends on the values and strength of the family.
I could feel myself being pushed out of my house at a young age to go make $ before I even grew and developed my gifts and talents. Too many don’t get the chance to build their “muscle” before life invades their life and tears it down. A person is left with not enough ability to negotiate their worth. That’s why So many people put $ first. There’s a kind of “tracheal deviation” occurring. Its what happens when one lung gets punctured and deflates bringing the trachea and anything down the middle over to the collapsing side. When people don’t have the opportunity to grow in a healthy environment so they can be armed have leverage and feel prepared to negotiate with the world they can remain in a chronic state of TD indefinitely. $$ keeps the TD in place so a person can never reach their full level of development and have the ability to take down the psychos that be. This is why its crucially important for people to turn to “God” to what’s Real and develop what’s within, turn to what’s within because as long as people chase $$ without muscle, they’ll be in a trap forever.
 It makes no sense that there’s so much fighting in this world over the god of $ when so many claim to believe in a real God. I don’t understand how or why so many people worship “man/$” and have allowed him to take over when so many claim to believe in a real God. Why don’t enough people follow and practice the actions of a real God over worshiping at the alter of man/$$?  Isn’t it obvious that man has created and worships a fake god at the expense of the real one?  The system is designed to keep people away from their instincts, away from developing their muscle and maintain a level of ignorance and mental/spiritual debt so they can be manipulated and controlled and never be a threat to the Criminals.

Yoga and Torture, 13th Anniversary of Guantanamo

 I went down to DC over the weekend with activist friends Debra Sweet of World Can’t Wait and Andy Worthington who’s been writing and researching about Guantanamo since 2006.
 I’m glad more people are bringing to light the dark topics of abuse, Torture, indefinite detention, and what it does to people. And not just the victims but, the perpetrators also. I find it hard to believe that “grown” people would ever engage in this kind of behavior. The violence, abuse, the everyone- for- yourself mentality, the lack of real love and support I grew up with forced me to read and learn how to have healthier relationships. It was a natural response to the trauma I was surrounded by. How we’re now living in a world where people hold other human beings against their will without charge or trial and Torture them is simply beyond my comprehension. Maybe its because I was young when the abuse happened and still in touch with the, undamaged, instinctual  part of myself that I was smart enough to listen to and trust my body’s intelligence to direct me. I wanted Nothing more than to love and have healthy, fulfilling relationships. I thought other people knew how and already had that. I thought the rest of the world was raised healthier than me. Clearly, I was wrong.
 What makes people come to participate, condone or look the other way when other human beings are being so mistreated? What is it about those doing the inflicting that makes them do it?
 It was very emotional being at all these talks and events where people were actually standing up against the treatment I’ve tried to get people to stand up against all my life. At times I couldn’t contain my tears and sobbed. I longed for someone to stand up for me when I was a child, or at least stand with me when I stood up for myself. I felt jealous of the support the men in Guantanamo were getting. I feel that by being around it I might be able to steal some support for myself, that drops of the strength and courage people express on behalf of these men will sprinkle down over me.
 I’m dying to speak up and talk about the torture and abuse I experienced growing up by the very people who are supposed to love and protect you. The fear of  admonishment  and that I’d get the same responses I’ve heard a million times in my life, “oh, get over it”, not be taken seriously, or that my abuse doesn’t compare to what the men in Guantanamo are going through. Yet, abuse when you’re a child at the hands of the very people who are supposed to protect and love you more than anyone, is more torturous than anything. Many of the detainees at Gitmo have families that love them.
 At a young age I knew better than most “adults” around me and started to read about what healthy relationships are and how they’re supposed to function. What the signs and symptoms of abusive, dysfunctional relationships are. Obviously, these are not teachings and skills our society values or they would be more prevalent. Of course, the PTB don’t “profit” by people learning healthy relationship skills and listening to each other. Even though, the fact is, they Do benefit.
 I turned to fitness, things like weight training and Yoga practice to get the Visceral feeling of where the line was between harming and building. I used to hear when I was growing up things like, “having a hard life builds character”, things to that effect, so the perp can excuse themselves of any wrong doing. My insides told a different story and I’ll take what the body says over what anyone else says any day! People, literally, used to tell me not to listen to or to trust what I felt and what my body knew.
 By working out with weights it gave me something visceral to push up against. Something that wasn’t going to lie, cheat, abuse, manipulate, undermine or deny. The facts were right there. The answer was right there and I controlled it. Training with heavy weights helped to relieve some of the pent up rage I was experiencing from growing up. It was a way to seek where the internal wound was and attempt to sew it back together.
 The relationship techniques I was teaching myself was the other way I attempted to “sew” wounds back together. Like weight training it was my attempt at strengthening and making fit relationships with people. To try to put back together and repair the wounds I sustained  growing up. Finding other people who were willing and who wanted healthy, fit and loving relationships as I did. War is terribly destructive especially when its going on in the home. Bombs being dropped on innocent civilians is a horrible thing but, so is a child living with warring or abusive parents. War is war, fighting is fighting. Not acknowledging the damage
 I heard Ray McGovern and many other speakers say over the weekend, quoting Gen John Kimmons, “no good information can ever come from abusive interrogation practices”, something to that effect. Like parents should not hit their children but, history actually encourages abuse and corporal punishment in child-rearing as normal.
 Yoga practice teaches balancing the hard & the soft. Getting back to the way nature functions and that all we can do is create the conditions for the poses to happen. We can’t force it. Physics will only push back. Nature can’t be forced. All force does is blowback in your face.
 Strange how less force, less aggression, more cooperation and taking the time is never an option with the Military/Gov, Corps. or Wall St. They may think they’re “getting” by the use of force but, what are they really getting? A vicious cycle. The info from a prisoner being tortured is not reliable. Anyone would say anything to get the torture to stop.
 Most people tell “authority” what they want to hear. Most behavior in the world comes from threat, fear, coercion. That’s how most people we’re “raised”,through Fear. Not respect or reason, taking the time to teach or explain so children understand. Its the Capitalistic way of child-rearing. Don’t have the time to do things right. Too busy so the debt builds up over time.
  Even Miko Peled, in his book, The General’s Son, wrote about his Martial Art studio that he runs in San Diego and how it was Martial Arts training that taught him to balance aggression with compassion, the opposite of how he was trained by the IDF. He said, the IDF strip you down then build you up to be a killing machine.
This is exactly why I turned to Yoga, meditation and Fitness at a young age. I was past my eyeballs in stress from growing up in a warring “home”. I wanted Peace so badly, wanted to learn healthy relationship skills so badly that I lived it every minute of every day. Of course, I wanted it more than others because of how I grew up being so oppressed that I tried to “get along” with people too hard. The “peace” I was seeking so badly always came at my own expense which made it Not peace at all. It’s difficult when you start out imbalanced to find balance without help from others but, there is no help. People don’t understand or take the time to connect so the imbalance perpetuates indefinitely.
 Spending the weekend listening to the Peace Poets from the Bronx recite their poetry in support of the prisoners at Gitmo who’ve been indefinitely detained without trial for over 10 years and have not been found guilty of any crimes yet, have not been released even though many have been cleared since 2006, brings up feelings of my own abuses.  I feel drawn to join in the because I’m reminded of my growing up when I hear the stories of these men. At all the talks, meetings and events I attended its always the same. I say to myself, “I’ve been saying that since I’m 6, been saying that since I’m 7”, and no one listened. I had, and fear I will always have, only myself to stand up for. There are many people in this world being and who have been abused and receive no justice. The definition of our entire World may as well be abuse because that’s all we can have as long as we have a few people with too much power and an insatiable lust for more on an Earth that is limited and runs at a slower pace.

Nature and Your Body are WRONG! Man Made, GMO is Better!

If the PTB can get you to accept that, they’ve got you for life! Its no accident that people are not raised to be “All you can be” using the catch phrase from the Army. So if you have to join the Army to be All you can be then, what are people doing who do not join the army? Obviously, not being All they can be. There’s something very important that people do not pay attention to and will bite us in the ass if we don’t. Physics, Natural Law.
 Last night I had on my show on Dr. Robert Duncan talking about Cyber warfare, mind Control technologies that he developed but, has gotten into the wrong hands and being used remotely torture people. Those with all these gadgets and tech will continue to expand and inflict themselves upon “good” people NOT because they’re mental extremists totally, that’s part of the problem but, also because there’s nothing and No one stopping them! Physics. If the people do NOT own their power and take what’s rightfully theirs, those they’ve given it to will use it against them, period. This is how Natural Law works.
 Yoga is ALL about this! Also Martial Arts. BE Engaged, Be Present. What does that mean? It means live life Organically, in the moment, spontaneously, “freshly”, “cleanly”. Most people are not taught to live that way. They’re taught to live GM, genetically modified not General Motors, instead of Organically.
 Be Engaged as in Yoga practice means be alert in a relaxed way. The way Nature does. Nature doesn’t struggle. If you have to kill yourself to get ahead, the system is rigged. When you do things with Nature there is no need to struggle. Living in a balanced state of relaxed alertness means you’re paying attention moment to moment and living Pay-as-u-Go rather than the unnatural, Get-into-Debt then, Pay-a-Bill way we’ve been conditioned.
 I write about my experiences “growing up” because I hear way too many people talking about what I was telling people decades ago and was not allowed, and was shamed and humiliated for pointing out. Essentially, being on the ball and smart is criminal. There it was, right in front of everyone’s face yet, they’re too Blind to “see” it because man is IN on the GM of Nature. The deterioration of Health and Nature/ the Ecology was right there and people are helping it along! Instead of seeing it and turning it the other way!
 There is NO greater way to screw someone over than “parents” getting over on their own children. I believe that is what’s at the root of the inequality and enslavement we live in today. “Parents” getting their kids to lower the bar, to accept less-then standard treatment by those who should be stepping up for them and teaching them to be All they could be.
 If “parents” are not raising their children to be fully fit and all they can be then, what are they doing? What is the point of reproduction if it isn’t to create someone as exceptional as they are capable? A human life has the capability of accomplishing SO much and being So much and if “parents” are not even capable of realizing that and utilizing ALL their child’s potential they’re wasting their time!
 This is why the “psychos” that Be are “reproducing” and creating “children” by giving birth to all this tech that’s being used against the public. What the people do not own the PTB will take and use against you. That’s Natural Law.
 The way Yoga practice goes; its about integrating All of your parts physically, emotionally & Spiritually. There are many parts of ourselves we’re trained are wrong or bad and we expend an awful lot of energy holding down. Well, guess who’s using it? Those emotions; certain aggression, sexuality, a certain amount of pride or Ego, fear if you’re male, anger if you’re female, typically.
 According to Nature we All have these emotions and need them in balance. Not only if you have $.
 We created a country where people purchase the “right” to be a deviant and get away with it. Yet, dump their consequences and Emotional fumes on the innocent. This is the way man creates a GM society. Not the one Nature created. And I, for one, do not believe “man” can do better than Nature.
 We’d better get back to the Laws of Nature and Sanity, common decency before Psychological deviance gets even more tipped because if it tips anymore we’re done. The PTB already have such a. “god” complex, have gone so far to the dark side it will be impossible to bring it back without a lot of torture and death.
 Imagine if it was you or someone you know and love being detained and tortured. You just might find a way to get it in gear.

Chris Hedges Article,, PRISON state in AMERICA

I never, in a million years, ever thought I’d be living in a world where some humans would “profit”, which isn’t really profiting, off the Torture and dehumanization of other Innocent people. The newly released but, heavily redacted torture report shows the low level even “doctors” and “psychologists” are willing to stoop. I’ve said this for decades. Its the quality of a person, underneath what they do for a living, that counts the most. Its the foundation of a person that the job and everything else is build on top of that determines who someone will become.
 I could always feel at a young age that society was moving faster than my growth and that people are forced to get jobs, make $, be “somebody” out of sync with the Natural Process. So you’re a cop, a doctor, a judge, a president, a correction officer but, you’re underdeveloped. You’re immature, irresponsible or worse, emotionally wounded. Have “undigested” business from your past that never got resolved and cleared up. There’s still a clog, a blockage that our, keep consuming, keep destroying, keep making fake $ that doesn’t even satisfy or fulfill, system will not allow us to slow down and take enough time to deal with.
 Those at the “top”, another illusion, are not truly benefiting from this system either. They’re Nothing but Junkies who will Never find satisfaction from “power” consuming, from war and genocide because, like $, all that is GMO, no nutritional value, empty calories. How can anyone expect to find gratification from GMO??
 That’s just Debt perpetuating itself. The Addicts that Be will never admit that they’re not getting TRUE, plus side, nutrition from their GMO “power”, like Russell Brand did, because they’re unable to. They’re caught in such a downward spiral, in such momentum, like Any drug addict, they’re being carried away and are taking everyone with them. Unless enough Natural Law steps up to even slow them down to a significant degree, they will continue on because there’s nothing and no one Real enough and substantial enough to counter them. An object, person, Corp, idea, addiction in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. No amount of GMO $ and power makes a person immune to the Laws of the Universe. The GMO people in “charge” are only there because they’ve convinced many people to stray away from Natural Law also and become addicted to Debt based $ and “power”.
 I couldn’t even finish reading Chris Hedges article last night on Prison state in America. I knew things were bad and that there exists the CCA, the “Correction” Corp of America, a Corp put in place so a few at the “top” and others “below” actually create the ILLUSION that they’re profiting.
 The Gov has turned everything over to private Corps to deal with and steal $ from “prisoners”. I put quotes around certain  words to illustrate how the term no longer represents its original meaning.
 I encourage everyone to Please Read this article. Crapitalism has reached such advanced diseased proportions. Don’t let it take your soul with it. I cannot wrap my mind around the fact that so many people have to be involved in order for all this human rights violations to occur. Many, many people have to consent in order that people be imprisoned for ridiculously minor “offenses” in the first place, let alone abuse their rights even further once they’re in the prison.
 I find it incredible that so many people participate in these atrocities all for GMO $. This is not the healthy, rewarding, true wealth way that Nature functions. Healthy humans take pleasure in helping other humans. Normal, sane people feel healthier and satisfied doing good for others. When did so many people cross the line into finding satisfaction doing such harm to people who did nothing to them and who are completely innocent?
 In reading Chris Hedges’ article I was, again, brought back to how I grew up. Every time I turn around now, all I do is hear or read someone saying exactly the same thing I was trying to tell people that I was experiencing very young.
 The Family isn’t exactly Family when you’re not taught your rights, not raised to feel valued and respected, not taught to have healthy self worth, don’t feel safe or protected. I believe people learn about $$ and value better by the way they’re treated and interacted with while growing up. $$ is only part of it. 

Documentary,, The THROWAWAY’S by IRA McKINLEY

Last week on the radio show I do every Tues called Organic News on I had as guests, Ira McKinley, homeless filmmaker who created the Doc. The Throwaways, join member of Revolution Communists Party Carl Dix.
 Ira McKinley has an incredibly inspiring story. He’s an ex con, a term that’s been quite over used these days so you have to make you’re own determinations about that. Ira was imprisoned for drugs for which he had gotten addicted. Ira was homeless and living in someone’s backyard throughout cold winters of the northeast. He managed to find his way to North Hampton Community television in Massachusetts where he took a production class and learned filming and editing for free so he was able to put together The Throwaways which has received many Film Awards. Ira was living in a tent in a backyard of some people he knew at the time. He was throw out of a homeless shelter for not stopping his Homeless Art Project.
 After doing time in jail Ira tried to turn his life around but, was unable to find meaningful employment. Ira explains that once you have a criminal record it makes finding a job impossible.  “Once you have that Felony you’re marked”. Says Ira in his film the Throwaways. Even though he was trying to improve his life he was always ending up in homeless shelters. “I tried to get jobs but, Society wouldn’t let me”. “I ended up going from one homeless shelter to another, until I got dam sick & tired of doing that”. Ira was continuously being harassed by Police and rearrested for trivial offenses in his neighborhood in Albany, NY. that had become deserted due to people being shot and killed or people being put in jail. Many of the houses in the neighborhood are empty and boarded up.
 In the film Ira expresses, “My resume is deep, and they look at you like, I don’t give a F”. “Why do I have to go back into the system? Why do I have to continuously be a Throwaway? Cause you want us to be in your control?””They expect you to fail”. “I was told not to do this, I was told, They’re gonna kill you and all this other stuff.” ” I was like, What else do I have, What do I have to lose right now?” “I’m homeless, I ain’t got no job, I’m cold, I’m hungry. What do I have to lose by speaking out, they’re killing me already by not speaking out?” “When I got out of jail a vowed to never go back”. I started reading, I read the new Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander”.
 Its not people like Ira that are the problem. Clearly, it Is the system. The system CLEARLY doesn’t care about people and would just assume let you live in a homeless shelter or a for profit prison then give people the opportunity to lift themselves up. The system is not set up to help you up only to keep you in it going in a vicious cycle.
 In the film, SICKO, a health insurance investigator said, “you’re not slipping through the cracks, the system is making those cracks and sweeping you right towards it!”
 I’d say it’s the same for All agencies and Institutions. Its ALL about $ and it’s becoming more and more blatant. Am I the only one that is truly sickened by it?
  I wanted to write about Ira McKinley and his film the Throwaways because of the title. In this illegitimate and rigged system man wants people to be garbage. That’s what this system does. That’s why I constantly try to write and talk about nature and how in Nature, there is NO Garbage! Nature makes NO garbage because it’s efficient and Healthy and utilizes everything and everyone. It’s those at the Top who want YOU to be garbage who are the REAL garbage and need to be Thrown away! They want to see others as garbage and keep them down, not having any processes in place for a person to lift themselves up. The system wants you to be grinded up in it. This should make people very angry! Even if it’s not happening to you personally. The fact that some people are trapped and the system is just looking for ways to control or criminalize people should enrage anyone! If they system doesn’t want you to lift yourself up that doesn’t necessarily mean just people like Ira. That means everyone. Even if you’re not in a homeless shelter or in jail and you’re just trying to be creative by becoming a film maker or actor or what ever, you might find it unusually difficult to achieve any amount of success and end up thinking that it’s you when you don’t realize there are unseen forces keeping you from progressing.
 This is why it’s important for everyone to be outraged about what happens to people like Ira. When you care about others it helps you. It might not be as noticeable with certain members of the population as it is with the Ira McKinley’s of the world. But, in his case it might be more of a blessing that it’s that noticeable because then, there’s no mistaking it. That’s why I feel, at times, grateful, that I grew up in an obviously abusive environment because, in my gut I knew what it was because it was unmistakable. My gut knew and responded but, the messed up thing is that, that wasn’t even enough. People STILL DENY it, Still Minimize it! Still call it something other than what it is. Like Ira, even though it’s clear how the system works, the evidence is everywhere, those working for it won’t call it what it is. They will deny the truth and the facts of what’s happening to keep people confused and enslaved.