We Need more Organic Human "Farmers!" We have ENOUGH GMO People!

Nature, what we’re ALL entitled to, has been bought and owned and controlled by a few Sociopaths. We were raised that this is correct. We were conditioned to believe we all have a chance and the opportunity to achieve success and reach our dreams. How can that be correct when not everyone starts out the same? When some start their lives inheriting more and are already ahead, they’re naturally going to always be ahead and continue to acquire more. That is a basic concept to understand. We’re trained, however, to believe its our fault if we can’t make it. The fact that many people start out in life with ridiculous challenges, heavy repression and abuses while others inherit privilege and wealth has no baring on who will succeed and who won’t, we’re made to believe.
The fact that we’re being conditioned backwards, the opposite way Physics and Natural Law work also, has nothing to do with whether or not we succeed.
The fact that my gut KNEW when I was very young what was going on and that what I was being told was the opposite makes the tension in my gut even tighter.
  Everything is coming full circle. Things I’ve said decades ago and was not allowed to say but, didn’t realize were as bad as they were, are becoming more blatant. The fact that many of us live like prisoners in our own bodies never allowed to be ourselves.
 What I experienced and knew at a young age was just a micro cosm of the macro cosm. It was evident to my gut instincts early on that we were living in a backwards, anti-health, anti-nature, debt based society. Ignore problems today and dump them on your kids and their future. Whether people/parents intentionally do it or not, they’re the ones passing the Emotional Pollution onto their children. This is the way the $$- before- everything system is designed. It was as clear as day when I was very young that it was the PEOPLE who were working towards their own demise. Its right in front of their faces and they don’t slow down enough to take a look. Everything is hidden in PLAIN sight! The people ARE slaves, are uneducated, have low self worth, can’t see that they’re destroying Real wealth while blindly following $$.
 It wasn’t the mistakes, the harm, the abuse that was the problem. It was the denial and refusal to see it, admit it, take responsibility for it and take steps to change it. Its a Debt on top of Debt mentality, aka, Sick and dysfunctional. Its the perpetuation of the Psych pollution that is the problem, like a car that burns oil.
 Its parents that perpetuate the slavery. It’s the, Innocent is Guilty country! Might makes right! Bullying country we’ve created All because people Snort the fake $$ too much! Because the $ system is at complete odds with Nature and has dominated the system, nature and normal healthy development became a commodity! People see the environment being destroyed, animals being tortured and killed, people in other parts of the world like Gaza being exterminated with funding from the U.S., innocent people being held and tortured against their will WITHOUT Due Process of law yet they can’t see that they’re own environment and personal health is being eroded.
 Like soil erosion or the destruction of forests, people can’t see that they’ve lost a good amount of their health and rights. They’re so used to living without it they don’t even realize they’re participating in their own annihilation. Like a person suffering from hypothermia their mental status is impaired and once that happens they make poorer choices. A person has be optimally healthy to be able to make clear decisions. Once Psych debt and low self worth sets in, aka Debt, it continues to spiral downward, like bleeding to death.
 Who in the world teaches people when they’re young how to preserve and grow their Emotional Health and self esteem? Who is going to teach people how to manage their Mental & Physical health “economy?”.
 The PTB do not want people to be healthy and smart. No matter how much they claim the contrary. The proof is in the facts. This is a forced Relationship that the 1% would rather not be in and vice versa.

RIGHTS are NON Negotiable!!

The fact that the Police killings have been associated and lumped in with the recent protests against Police Brutality is simply a way of using Peoples right to protest something that the PTB can give and take away when ever it suits them.
 Like the attacks on the WTC on 9/11, this idea that it’s people’s Rights that are somehow up for debate should scare the Living Shit! Out of the public. But, No, what do many in the Public believe? “If I haven’t done anything wrong, I have nothing to hide”. The People themselves have been trained to negotiate with what Should be NON Negotiable!!!!
 These are the same issues I was trying to bring light to at the age of 7 in the abusive environment I had to live in. I was being raised with that VERY attitude! That the Very things, your Self worth, confidence and Your Rights, were something up for sale in times of “emergency”. Oh, there’s domestic violence and divorce so anything goes! We’re in no position to be worrying about Your Self Worth, the VERY sacredness its our Job to Protect! There it was! As plain as day! How it all happens, how people learn to allow themselves to live SMALL. To be alright with losing what they were Born with. What they come into this world with that is Theirs! And NO one, Especially “Parents”, have a right to steal the very “muscle” they’re entrusted to build up.
 So, again, the issue comes back to, How does someone stop themselves from being robbed by the very people who are supposed to be protecting and building us?
 “Parents” are working FOR the system! When people try to grow in that kind of environment at such a young age, they have NO protection from the system!
 That’s exactly what’s happened! The system has invaded everything! Steals everything, INFECTS everything! Without healthy people Raising healthy people, Organic,, concentrated Nutrition! People, WHO will know better to stand and resist rather than bow and conform?
 The fact that we’re living in a country that knows no boundaries of Greed, “power” (not True power), domination or profit under the guise of “safety”, Proves that the PTB will do Anything, Say ANYTHING to get “into your pants!”
 The fact that people BLINDLY trust people who they’ve never met rather than treating them like any stranger who needs to clear Due Process. But, Natures Process gets too much in the way of the PTB’s path of running over decency!
 WHY would people grant their Gov what their Gov will steal from them in a second? Why would someone be on the side of a Gov that is stealing their rights? The VERY “Sacred Land” they’re supposed to be Protecting? The very same way I lived as a child and I knew better at 8 years old!
 WHO is teaching people to protect their rights? WHO is teaching people that Rights are Rights! Like Muscles that need exercise and strengthening, rights need to be exercised to keep fit and be sharp.  Anyone who asks you to surrender what needs protecting, you should SCREAM!! And run the other way as fast as you can, You’re being had!!!!
Again! Its an INSIDE job! Who better to rob you and get over than those closest to you?
 As time goes by, the system has made its way Into your house! Like the words of James Madison, “I believe there are more instances of the abridgment of the freedoms of the people by those in power by silent and gradual encroachments than by sudden and violent usurpations”
 If you’re not being treated with dignity and respect by Parents when you’re at your most vulnerable then, HOW are you supposed to have the leverage to know you’re being taken? When you’re not raised with fitness and a certain quality standard, these standards deteriorate and die! People grow to be accustomed to feeling small, to live with less of themselves than they had when they were born!
 If “parents” can’t or don’t even know how to manage your resources when you’re young and they treat you and your feelings as if they’re not important, you will grow to believe its normal to have no esteem and end up being a poor negotiator of your own worth.
 The “family” is where it all starts. We learn our worth by the way Source figures respond to our legitimate grievances. If we get responses like we don’t matter because we’re children and we have no say, which was considered Normal Parenting in those days and these days, then we can’t be shocked that this is the accruement of those actions.
 Even for those in charge in our Gov who think its their prerogative to play and be frivolous with peoples personal “body parts”,, Resources belong to the PEOPLE,, Not for the PTB to Spend any way they feel. 
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One Law of Physics for the Ruling Criminals, Another for US!

One thing I know for sure, most people do Not make the effort to look close enough at what’s happening right in front of them. Too many people are completely Unconscious to how they’ve been programmed to keep themselves and their fellow “little guy” down. I see it ALL the time! Its the people who scapegoat and gang up on their fellow man and protect the Psychos that Be. I’ve read posts on Social Media and have spoken to people who take the side of the Police in the cases of Mike Brown AND Eric Garner saying things like, “He had a history”, “the tax payers get to pay for his kids now”.
 People like to or want to focus on these petty criminals because, I believe, they’re too coward to point the finger where it needs to go. The Government, Corps and Wall St!
 Those at the Top are supposed to be in Charge. They’re supposed to be the “authority”, that means, when things fail or go wrong, THEY’RE at fault! Not the people! Its like blaming the children for the dysfunction or abuse in the family system, which happens more times than not. Not that many people don’t already know that the Gov does Not work For the people yet, its still under the guise that it does. So, if the Wall St., Corp owned Gov. Doesn’t really work for the people, let’s amicably break up!
 Its like being in a marriage where one person is blatantly cheating and the other wants a divorce but, the one cheating won’t divorce and won’t stop cheating! They want to be single and married at the same time while keeping the other person in total limbo.
 Why should the Gov give us a divorce when it can continue using and exploiting us against our will and we’ll always be in a vulnerable position unable to do anything about it? Unless enough people realize the abuse and have the courage to leave, those who are ready to break up remain hostage.
 It seems very difficult for a lot of people to see the larger picture that the Eric Garners of the world are the scapegoats for the Psychos that Be. They don’t see that the entire system is connected and nothing can happen in one part of the world or country that does not have an effect in another, remote  part. Just like the physical body cannot have one part of the body be out of balance without that imbalance expressing itself in another part of the body.
 People who think that what happens to people like Mike Brown or Eric Garner is some kind of freak, disconnected, isolated event is what’s wrong.
  I believe people unconsciously take their frustrations and rage out on the vulnerable because they were in theses types of situations themselves early on where they were vulnerable, mistreated and powerless.
 The newly released torture report revealing the incomprehensible acts done to prisoners who shouldn’t even Be Prisoners, I wonder to myself, “What makes someone treat another Human being, who has done Nothing to them personally and, maybe isn’t even guilty of anything! so horribly?
 I read in Alice Millers book, For your Own Good, not that long ago about the horrific abuse Adolf Hitler suffered at the hands of his father who was an Officer and he had no one to turn to for protection. His mother was not there for him and he had no one to express his hurt and anger to. Being forced to hold all his rage inside, he eventually made it through the ranks and unleashed it onto the Jewish people.
 Because we live in a world that has a blatant disregard for health, the Natural Environment and the vulnerable populations and continues to perpetuate blindness for the sake of Crapitalism, our Natural World and the environment of many humans will, inevitably be the place where the Pollution collects.
 There is No Way around Natural Law! I will say that in every blog post because its true! Natural law will not be gotten over on!
 Despite factual evidence, despite reality those yielding control just deny any accountability, deny any responsibility, call facts Other than what it is when it comes to themselves. On Democracy Now, one guest, Reed Brody from Human Rights watch, spoke about the CIA Torture report saying how the CIA was calling the Torture with a more tame label to let themselves off the hook and also when caught lying then saying, “it was a mistake”. Torture? A mistake! The arrogance and sheer Mental imbalance of people with so much power is terrifying!
 Its clear that people who yield so much power are clearly not mature and responsible enough. Its ridiculously evident that people are in desperate need of help and healing. If we only lived in that kind of a world. Why do we not live in a world that values truth and healing? Hitler, in Alice Miller’s For your Own Good, explains that he was able to get so many people on his side by tapping into all the anger that others beside him were holding it from repressed abuses they suffered as children. Where else would it come from? Feelings and energy don’t just come out of know where. People who are loved, valued and raised healthily are simply not going to get off by treating others in such unimaginable ways. It has to come from unresolved, undigested hurts and humiliations they suffered at some vulnerable point in their lives. Nature makes sense. People don’t just do things for no reason. People torturing others doesn’t just come out of nowhere.
 Because we live in a society that does not value health and truth and getting to the bottom of things, we might not ever put and end to these atrocities.

GMO People

I don’t know what else to call it. I had a pretty lengthy conversation with Dr Seth Farber last night about Mental Illness, what is it, is there such a thing? Dr. Farber said he doesn’t believe there’s a such thing as Mental Illness, at least as far as the “Official” version in concerned. The Mental Health “industry” is not in Business healing people. Just like “law enforcement” or the “justice system”, everything exists to make $$ at the EXPENSE of the Very thing the Inst should be For! Except for maybe a few decent people.
 I began telling Dr Farber about how the $$ system has been Genetically Modified! Fact! $$ is created out of DEBT! That means, in order to keep it going More Debt must be perpetuated! if Corps. Wall St, Banksters are not Emotionally healthy people and become addicted to $$, it only stands to reason that certain pockets of the population, the environment, morality, justice, compassion will ALL become, is becoming extinct.
 If $$ is a note of and is created out of Debt, that means people will be Forced to engage in criminal, dishonest, immoral, unconstitutional, even murderous behavior in order to Acquire it. Or the other way around,, because $$ is an expression of the Mentality of those controlling it who have Dishonest, Corrupt, thievery personalities,, they then, create $$, which should be backed and controlled legitimately, out of their own Low Self worth.
  If the $$ system has been GM’d without the public being made aware of it, like eating GMO “food”, doesn’t it make sense that it will make people Sick over time?  $$ is not Real, $$ is not Natural or Organic and can be manipulated in any way by those who control it.
 Just like Monsanto does not want GMO’s to be labeled, neither do the banks or the Fed want the public to know that the $$ system is fake and GM’d.
 As “food” and $$ have been diverted from what’s real and natural, so are people who use and consume it. The further away from nature we get, the Sicker we get. Simple. Nature is what heals. Allow a caged animal to go outdoors for the first time and see what happens. Give a human being what they need physically, emotionally or Spiritually and see the transformation.
 I have been saying it since I was a child. What people NEED and deserve is withheld! In order to control! That’s what the system, be it Society or the “family” does!

Another NON Indictment!! Eric Garner Protest

On my way now to Union Sq for yet another protest against Police/Corp abuse, this time for “clear-cut” case of Eric Garner. The case that the whole world saw on video that occurred in broad daylight!  So much for having it on video! The message is clear! The Psychos that Be make up reality! What makes people think the System will treat them any better than their “parents?”.
 How many people out there actually grew up with parents who were Democratic? Who were fair? Who actually admitted it when they were wrong or who acknowledged when/if they were behaving in less than Stepping Up to the Plate ways? Parents who truly loved you and saw to it you had a good life? Taught you your worth and how to be treated in life? The fact is, too many parents are not teaching their children what they need to know to be a truly quality, healthy and just person who knows their rights. That’s what makes it so easy for the masses to be dumbed down.
 I do believe there Are quality parents out there who do lead with a certain standards but they’re  rare!
Please! Let this Math sink in. There is NO getting over on Natural Law! The More Man’s “laws” are out of Alignment wit Natural Law,, the More Natural Law will Step up! It’s Like trying to steer Out of a skid,, it just makes it worse. Or try to QE 3, 4, 5 your way out of Debt,, It doesn’t work! It just adds to the problem.
 The way humans are treated and regarded as kids what they will turn out to be! If a child is living with people who are not mature, healthy or responsible that child will turn out the same!
 Too many “parents” are simply NOT qualified! They lack the maturity and the Emotional Health to Raise a child to be well adjusted. If you’re feeling uncomfortable by reading this, that’s a good sign! We’re supposed to be uncomfortable! Exercise is supposed to challenge!
 If people are always looking for things to feel good and seek pleasure All the time, you’re heading in the wrong direction!
 This society is what we get when we do Not Exercise! Nature does not screw around! It will destroy us, and in the most painful way, if we do not align ourselves with its laws! Look what happens when we allow ourselves to be led by “man”. People have allowed themselves to be Too Domesticated, “Genetically Modified”, stripped of their Natural, Organic instincts and enslaved.
 We are not meant to live in this Man-made, manipulated system, Period! We’re being herded and diverted more and more into the Meat Grinder!
 Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Ramarley Graham and the more recent shootings of black youth are the TIP of the iceberg! Just like the Vietnamese in the 60’s, the Palestinians for 60 years, dehumanizing people is the first step to slaughtering them. Calling them Gooks, Niggers, towel heads, animals, demons, etc is how the Ignorant justify killing. You’re not allowed to be different. It shines the light on ignorance! It takes effort and a level of maturity to stretch and expand oneself to grow and get to know another who is different. We have the gift of being able to broaden ourselves by taking the time, (aka, Nature’s process) to get to know others, if we were aware enough. But, in our, destroy the Natural Process to make the Sociopaths “Richer” world we live in, there’s no Time! When taking the Time to do things properly is exactly what we should be doing!
 Everything is GM and stripped of its Natural Process. We must stop it and restore.
 On way home now from huge protest for Eric Garner. As I was leaving the NYPD had the protesters pretty much cornered on the elevated Henry Hudson Pkwy. As a made my way east on 57th St away from the West Side Hywy there were several NYPD vans racing down to the WSH you thought Osama Bin Laden was down there. These are peaceful, innocent, unarmed American Citizens and the cops were acting like we were being taken over by Terrorists. Where were they when the WTC was being attacked? There wasn’t even one air force plane to intercept the “drones”. The cops are awfully tough when it comes to non threatening people, where are they when it comes to Real emergencies?
 I was standing on a short wall on the WSH near maybe 50th St and started talking to Officer Griffin.