"Incubating" ourselves with Meditation

According to health and Yoga Philosophy, the more we can identify and isolate individual parts of the body, the MORE that part contributes to the Whole system. The spine is the perfect example. Who wants degenerative vertebrae? The ideal is individual vertebrae that move freely but, are still part of the whole. The same principle as Definition is to weight training. Each muscle is exercised in “isolation” without any assist from other parts as much as is possible. A preacher bench for biceps is one such example. We want just the bicep to do the work. The same principle goes for Emotions. We make contact with what we feel as it arises  and BE with it so we don’t lose control. Get in the “drivers seat” of it so we can manage its energy instead of cutting ourselves off from it and then having it get triggered and explode. We’re not taught to use ALL of our parts. Their lack of integration and under utilization will only make them More atrophied, ill and irritated. That’s not intellectual it’s physics! We cannot solve problems of Reality and Fact with an Intellect that’s in Denial or full of Ego!
Its the equivalent to Extreme skiing or Rock Climbing. Since most people don’t get to participate in activities at this level, most of our abilities go to waste. Those who do feel their energy and want to live fully and utilize it will, naturally, come off unskilled and awkward.
“Authority” is supposed to be doing the training but, because “authority” has been diverted to working for $$ and away from teaching and Raising, more and more people are being born receiving more Diluted rearing. Ever hear the term diluted or GMO parenting?
 So, it’s not the fault of unskilled people who were never taught to manage their energy. When people are being pushed beyond they’re level of skill, there’s no other way for them to behave. As far as the aggressors go, they will bring upon themselves the effect that they created. Its not only those being bullied who need lessons in non violence. The little guy is allowed their fair share of being unskilled. Its the aggressors who claim dominance and superiority yet, inadvertently create and demand MASTERY of those whom they violate! But demand yet More Mastery! Its a completely no win situation! The people can only become so much of a Master! Before they’re overwhelmed and break. Mastery cannot be forced. The rest must be put back on the aggressors.
 Its up to the those being trampled to push back those who we will never reach with reason.
   Its not easy to be alone. No one likes or wants to be alone. And, yet, spending time alone helps define ourselves which actually aids in our relationships to others. It can be a catch 22. I feel all our problems in life can be summed up by looking at the family system and whether or not people were raised with their emotional needs met adequately or not. I will say it again and again, there is NO getting over on Nature! People just don’t think about the fact that the Natural world is Constantly calling for us to slow down, tune in and “pay” attention. BE, LOOK, Listen.
   The Fact is; too many people are in Emotional DEBT which is left over from growing up. People get put into Emotional/Psyche Debt from early on and never have it acknowledged or remedied. There’s no choice but to carry this Debt into “adulthood”.
 Isn’t it quite Obvious that the world is not run by real Adults?! Seems pretty clear to me the world is over run by “children” acting out their, perhaps, justified rage or being spoiled  growing up. Its not only a matter of being abused or neglected growing up, its a matter of excess. Its a matter of Fitness and whether or not we learned to interact with Fitness and optimum efficiency.
 People tend to take for granted that they were raised adequately and then begin living off of it as if they’re Psych account is Full. They take for granted they’ve been taught all there is to know when they have not. Most people don’t spend enough time or energy acknowledging the limited teaching they had. They don’t acknowledge the reduced quality they received and take steps reading or training in relationships skills to increase they’re “wealth”.
 What makes people “think” that simply going to work every day for decades is going to bring them the satisfaction they deserve? How can working for man-made paper possible bring fulfillment Before we had The proper teaching and human exchange that can Only bring Real wealth?
 Real wealth comes from Nature. That’s not a cliche! Its reality.  Granted, the system does not encourage and makes it difficult for people to deal with these issues which is the whole point. We must Challenge the System directly. Resist! It doesn’t have to be in some drastic way. Like Diet and Exercise, we can start by making small adjustments to our habits and behavior. It might turn out to be drastic if we try something seemingly small at work like speaking our mind and standing up for ourselves and ending up fired. So be it!
 The fact that no one talks about these issues and that there is no community/work gatherings to come together to discuss family, work and relationship challenges goes to show us that the “system” does not want it. The PTB are not going to care. As long as the system is set up For them at Our expense, that’s alright with them!
 WE have to set a system up that works for US! Don’t expect the Establishment to do it. WE must pull the Plug on the System rather than feed it and deplete ourselves. Its ALL about leverage and tipping the scales towards us away from Way too much weight and force on the side of the Sociopaths.
 What’s going on in Ferguson is a smaller example of what’s happening in Gaza and the Ukraine, Iraq and Syria as well as in the “family”. All people are doing is trying to Grow up, to finish developing, to get their rightful NEEDS met and have their rightful share in life while those who have more of the leverage, the United States and its Corporate take over, FED and banks who CHEAT, STEAL and LIE, uses its leverage to get larger and larger.
 Its simply Cancerous! It’s a WAR on NATURE’S Process!

Lift with your LEGS! Not Your Back! We’re passing the slipped disk to the Future!

 Life is meant to be lived with Alignment! WITH our Authentic self in place then build on that so we’re lifting and building on a proper foundation. When we don’t grow to be who we really are, to feel what we really feel and feel encouraged to express ourselves to our rightful amount, we end up living misaligned for the rest of our lives.
 Those posters in factories showing the proper way to lift heavy boxes not only pertain to our backs. They’re a good metaphor for living in alignment with our values and our health.  If we are not allowed to be our free self early on and receive respect for who we’re meant to be, we start our lives “lifting with our backs”.  Once our connection to ourselves and Natural Law has been compromised it perpetuates and we end up passing it down to the next generation. This is fundamentally unethical.  If we could recognize, feel and admit our disconnection, our Pain and begin making our way back to balance, we could ease the debt of ourselves and the future.
 Its not about $, its about quality. $$ and quality have lost their alignment. We have to admit we don’t have a handle on our authentic selves, our lives, our beliefs first. We have to acknowledged that we’re being dragged, unable to get our footing and not stop until we are heard.  I have to keep going back to activities we usually learn early in life to illustrate like walking and riding a bike. Its easy to feel in those activities when we fall or lose our balance. Society actually gives us permission to admit we’ve fallen and try again. Not so with many activities we attempt to learn later in life. We’re actually discouraged from admitting we don’t have a “grip” on our job, don’t agree or believe in it.
 Today, we’re literally criminalized for pointing out simple truths, simple realities. Being Healthy has become Criminal! Terrorist! Many people experience this as kids in the home. Most people are not allowed to function in healthy ways, to have normal responses to dysfunctional situations.
 We need to turn this around and heed the warnings from Nature, not destroy it even more. Nature is the Ultimate Law!
 What kind of a world will be created when children’s bodies are not allowed to have their healthy expressions to the abuse they live in? If we continue to live from the neck up, “thinking” everything can be thought away rather than living in reality, we will go further and further into Sociopathology.  Nature gets blocked and the healthy response suppressed. This is Literal CHEATING on the part of those in charge and complete Abuse of Power. The Natural world is not that accommodating. Truth will force its way out. Eventually.
 My aim is to look closer at the “family” as the first system where people are stripped of what’s rightfully theirs and learn to be accomplices and participate in their own enslavement. Its about fitness and using ALL of what we have instead of only being allowed to grow so much.
 I have read and studied for decades because I knew and could feel how I had been robbed of my legit feelings as a child. I was taught that I was a criminal if I did not want to live with my head held down in shame. To this day it’s still blows my mind to see how it perpetuates and, unless someone is there to acknowledge what’s happening and give you aid, it will just continue.
 We have Normalized Abuse too  much! Normalized slavery and just working for $ instead of being  built up to our complete self. The under tow has taken us adrift so far we do not recognize how lost we truly are. Our entire country and world are becoming totally brutalizing of its people. Bullying is a world wide epidemic which is quickly becoming the Norm.
Where is balance? Where is Compassion? Where is Gentleness and caring? Who is cultivating Any of these Extinct “Agriculture?”
 Is anyone raising their child to care about justice in the world or are “parents” just teaching their kids to work for $$?
 Speaking with a relative who lives in another country, they were telling me their son lost his job. They went on to talk about “work”, we need to “work”, “this is a working country”. I agree we all need to “work” but, work for what? Work towards what? If its always just for $ and not for what we believe and what our Natural gifts are, then what is the meaning of our lives? This is what I’m meaning when I ask, is anyone cultivating Justice and truth? If not enough people are raising children to link $ with justice and respect, the gap between the 2 will forever increase and people will even more see other cultures and groups of people as “enemy”.
 If the $$ system we live in creates “enemies” as a by product of Crony, Corrupt “Capitalism”, then “enemies” are built into the system!
 Manufactured “Enemies” and “garbage” are built into the system, they are not from nature. They come from a poorly functioning system that wants us and our children to pick up the tab. They are the symptoms of an Severe Illness that not enough people are acknowledging, nor Doing anything about.
 TELL the Truth! FEEL your Pain! Don’t wear fake SMILES! Like we were taught, all that does is keep us in Health Debt!

GAZA, RIP, Robin Williams RIP, How more detached from Nature can we get?

I will Never stop talking about FITNESS! I LOVE IT and it’s ALL there is! NATURAL LAW! It’s constantly beckoning, giving us CLEAR signals that we Blatantly ignore in our pursuit of Fake $$! I don’t see HOW it’s possible that we believe we can ignore the Laws of Physics and get away with it. We Must be completely STUPID!
 I have No idea about the life of Robin Williams and what he was going through but, what has transpired would fit right in with our Fake Economy system. If we all live in these “United States” that are living on a FAKE Economy, $$ that’s being created in a Petri dish, like Monsanto makes GMO food, then it only stands to reason that that bad economy gets transferred into our mind/body. When someone like Robin Williams gets a lot of attention for being funny and making people laugh, then that becomes who he is. His Comedy becomes is “Natural Resource” that he needs to Manufacture artificially, the same Opposite way our country has to Manufacture War if that’s their cash cow. What happens to the body, earth after years, decades of artificial manufacturing? Of not being allowed to be real, to be Natural and to feel other feelings? The body/Earth becomes like a car burning oil, or a body burning muscle instead of fat. The “body economy” is not running efficiently. Because $$ becomes the BE all and End all, our Mind/Body gets stuck in this ineffective way of relating to itself and others. It actually gets started because those who “raised” us didn’t not relate to us to allow us to be who we really are. It’s like having a Carbon Monoxide leak in the body for 60 years, in Robin Williams case, until it reaches Toxic levels and overcomes the person.
 I’m aware that at this point of the “game”, with the way our system operates and how unconscious most people are, that there’s no turning back, there’s no stopping it. I’m aware that being able to turn things around and reverse the way we interact with each other is not going to happen any time soon but, I can’t help but believe that if we can just understand and move closer to Nature and Health, it can happen eventually. It will happen because Nature will not stand for being ignored much longer so it’s better to learn Before it gets to that point. It’s No different than our own personal health. Everyone will have to face the truth sooner or later about the habits they live everyday. Everyone will realize in themselves and those around them ow their behaviors effect their health and the health of others. The problem is, those with Power who deliberately harm others do not care! Those being harmed Must come together and resist those who do not are about them. Staying in relationships with those with Fake Power who are clearly harming us deliberately is ridiculous!
 As far as Gaza and the OBVIOUS Atrocities and Human Rights Violations that have been going on their for decades and is STILL going on with so many people living the same way Robin Williams was, on a larger scale, Inefficient!
 It’s NO secret that we’re living a LIE, in a World where Truth/Nature is Criminal for the masses if the PTB don’t like it and it threatens their Fake Power, which is the EXACT definition of Health! It’s a NO brainer that as long as we’re living in a world where the Few control everything and the Masses don’t, it shouldn’t be Shocking that our Mind/Body will not be allowed to express itself  Healthily and efficiently, unless we’re aware of it and taking steps to counter it. We will be Forced to hold in the truth about what we really feel and manipulate our bodies to do what the Program wants at the expense of our health and the Earth. This has been the way the system has been functioning for Ions and No one questions it.
 I like scaling things down to a smaller level because it makes things easier to understand. It’s the SAME thing only Smaller as happens in “families” or relationships that are Abusive and unhealthy. When one in the relationship dominates and overpowers the other, this is a Sign of DYSFUNCTION and Abuse. Of Course the Aggressor isn’t going to like it! The fact that they’re being challenged and resisted is a sign that you’re doing something Healthy!
 It’s starts in our Family of Origin when we didn’t get our REQUIRED emotional needs Satisfied in healthy amounts! Not too much, not too Little,, JUST RIGHT! Too many of us were raised with habits and treatment that was “handed down for generations” without question, aka Abusive. Where do we think these behaviors came from?? Our ancestors following the System and passing down that attitude. The system worked better 100 yrs ago but, Not anymore! The PTB have taken over and DILUTED the $$ supply and have been Drugging the Masses!
 I Can’t believe people fell for, I believe it was Ronald Reagan’s “Trickle Down” economics! Who want’s a TRICKLE? Who would put up with a TRICKLE in your relationship with Family? WHY would you put up with it with ANYONE!?
 Knowing what a Healthy, FIT family functions like is the First Step in having a FIT Society, world!
 It doesn’t matter if we LIKE it or not,, ans the Fact that it makes us uncomfortable is a SIGN that it’s Working RIGHT! It’s Not a sign that it’s Wrong or Bad. We’re lost and Disoriented,, and need to find our Coordinates. 

The General’s Son, by Miko Peled

I’m reading Miko Peled’s The General’s Son and finding the book quite interesting and heart felt. I always get feelings of sadness when I read about others and their close families, the one thing I always needed and never had nor acquired. Not many people can keep up with truth.
 There are many things about the book I want to mention, one of which; On page 43 it discusses the Egyptians being fed Misinfo by the Soviet Gov, claiming that Israel was planning a surprise attack against Syria. Soviets claimed “Israel had amassed troops on the border with Syria”. “Syria and Egypt had a mutual security pact, and President Nassar had to act in defense of his Syrian allies”. “May 26, 1967 Russian prime Minister sent the Israeli prime minister, Levi Eshkol, a letter through the Soviet ambassador in Tel Aviv, calling for a peaceful resolution”, according to documents Miko Peled found in the IDF, Israel Defense Forces archives and other sources. The Russian ambassador presented PM Eshkol with the letter, Eshkol invited the ambassador to see with his own eyes that the claim of amassing troops towards Syria bore no merit.
 “Things came to a head” in a stormy meeting of the IDF General Staff and the Israeli cabinet, June 2, 1967. Peled’s father Matti told the cabinet, “the Egyptians needed a year and a half to 2 yrs to be ready for a full-scale war”. Ariel Sharon, later to become PM, said that Israel must engage in a preemptive strike against the Egyptian army and “destroy it entirely without delay”.
 What I don’t understand is Why  would Egypt attack Israel if the it was misinformation by the Russian Gov that Israel was amassing troops at Syria?
 The next topic in his book I wanted to bring up was Miko’s love of Martial Arts, particularly Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate-Do, the art he practices. I was so glad to read this part because its exactly how I feel about Yoga, weight training and Meditation that I learned back in the early 80’s.
 Miko Peled says, the intensity of the karate was similar to what I had later experienced in the Israeli army. “I became fascinated by the severe demands of both karate and military combat training. But as I found out, CONTRARY (caps mine) to military training, karate possesses a strong, uncompromising MORAL foundation”.
 “Unlike military training, where the aim is to BREAK you down and then turn you into a KILLER, Sensei Dan wanted to BUILD us up and develop us as CONFIDENT and COMPASSIONATE people”. “Okinawan and Japanese martial arts traditions are established on firm MORAL principles”. “The martial arts student is taught to NEVER misuse or ABUSE his power”.
The sign of TRUE power! Real authority builds and raises confidence! It DOESN’T expect to USE people and get them to BLINDLY Follow “orders”.
Miko says, “while pop culture often confuses karate with violence, the truth is that Karate, like ALL traditional martial arts, espouses a philosophy of Compassion and NON violence” !! Exclamation mine.
   Exactly! Why are Military and Police forces Not teaching the Principles of Martial Arts, Meditation or Yoga into their training of their recruits??!! This is a NO Brainer!
 I became So disillusioned myself in the early 90’s after moving back to NYC from the Bay area. I restarted my job as a Personal Trainer and felt disappointed when most businesses were only in it for the $$ and didn’t have the Love for it that I had.  I was So passionate about fitness, weight training and the philosophies of Yoga and Meditation that I began in the early 80’s to help channel my anger at the total illegitimate “authority” that seemed so prevalent. For me, weight training and Fitness gave me the True feedback I could not get at home. Weights and Yoga poses don’t LIE! Very much unlike people and my very own “parents” who were more like the illegitimate “authority” of the military, Might makes right attitude! That most of the population must have been and are being weaned on if they’re accepting the FAKE authority of the military and police. People are seeking TRUE leadership, REAL parents who can lift them up and not tear them down and turn them into Killers!
 Even many Yoga studios, gyms with Yoga classes today are Void of the True principles and are there for the Capital aspect of it more.
 These true practices of the traditional Martial Arts and Yoga need to be accessible to everyone and Not for Capitalistic purposes. Yoga in NYC got So expensive! I couldn’t teach at a certain studio if I didn’t have Their particular certification. Every Yoga studio in NYC was having their own Yoga Teacher training to make $$ and turning out not the best quality teachers.
 I went for a Yoga teacher position at the NY Sports Club 15 yrs ago, its hard to remember when it was, the girl who interviewed me was half my age and said I needed to complete a course of “Yoga Fit” before they would give me a job. I said to the girl, “I’ve been practicing Yoga and Mediation since the early 80’s and Not in a Gym. I’m am NOT going to take some Yoga fit that “I” have to pay You for that’s only going to SUCK the Philosophy and Tradition right out of the 6,000 year old practice!
I told her to “Go to hell”, nicely.
  I got disgusted and turned away from teaching it for a while.
Nothing is off limits to Capitalism. Even practices which are supposed to be the CURE for it.

America, Land of the Bought Off!

At times it is so crystal clear how ill our system functions and people in it, it blows me away. I can’t believe its as clear as it is and people still can’t, don’t want to see. I think the Eric Garner case is bringing to light a lot of what is severely wrong with our Country but, yet to those making $$, its completely Right!
 Since I was very young I would try to let those around me know of my distress, make them aware of how I was being harmed by the fighting, violence and lack of support going on in the house. Like Eric Garner, I was met with complete indifference as though my health, my bodies need for quality standard and a prompt response was the problem, an inconvenience to their low standard and complacency. At a young age you NEED someone around you to reinforce you in order to grow and gain strength and confidence. That’s how Nature works. That should not be hard to understand when for people when someone is 6 yrs old. They NEED and ADULT to be on their side and support them and if they do not receive it, nature becomes compromised. It simply will NOT grow as healthily and fully as it’s capable. This is Not Complicated! And yet there was No one to show support. Instead of being Raised, you’re being robbed. Valuable energy is being depleted every day rather than protected and added to so those around do not have to face the fact that they are living with totally LOW standards! How hard is it to realize that just working for $, paying off a mortgage, having a job one doesn’t even feel good about doing is NOT the ideal Aligned, healthy, fit, living to your full potential, idea of a life?
 Why!? People defend the complacency and the system that’s keeping them down baffles the Hell out of me!
 Due to feeling that my health was compromised and no one was listening, early on I was reading everything about health and fitness I could get my hands on. Books on the Abusive, Dysfunctional “family”, Co-dependency, Trauma, Meditation, Yoga, everything! I wanted nothing more than to Not turn out like those around me. My biggest fear was becoming like them and being a Loser and someone who doesn’t know who they really are, doesn’t venture out, doesn’t ask questions or test what they’re made out of. I couldn’t understand WHY no one was pushing, supporting or helping me to get anywhere! I was like, “aren’t “parents”, “relatives” and neighbors supposed to Want you to Be something, to get somewhere, to help and encourage you to be smart?? Isn’t that the Whole point of having a child??
 I was always trying to get people to respond to me in the fit, on-the-ball way they are supposed to. I was tied up in knots of frustration and RAGE from not having basic, healthy Validations met or acknowledged! This is what creates so many problems like what’s happening in Gaza & Israel. People look and respond to the Normal, healthy needs of others as if they’re extreme! When they’re perfectly justified when its those who are Not responding accordingly who are the mis- aligned ones!
 People NEVER look at THEMSELVES!
  All my life I felt that people don’t know how to do the “Healthy Dance”, that people don’t recognize or know HEALTH and instead respond as if I’m a “Cancer” cell when I’m O2! We’re all “cells” interacting with one another in a Large Body and people don’t know how to Dance. We’ve been so conditioned to fit into the Fake, unhealthy, $$ first world and away from interacting in Fit, Healthy ways. They cling like old gum to their Not-so-great upbringing like it was so magnificent, if they read a book it was sac religious their parents! If they ventured out of the way they were raised once it was as if they were cursing their parents to burn in hell for an eternity!
 I’ve been doing Fitness all my life on all levels; physical, emotional, Spiritual & relationships. I’ve tried for decades to show people that we Are, were, in fact, being Programmed and Not for our own good.
 The slow and Gradual Genocide that’s is happening,, not only in Gaza but, here as well, will pick up momentum if we do not Do something to Stop it!
 The Fact that the World “community” is sitting by and Not responding to the Criminal attack on the people of Palestine shows the level of mental imprisonment of everyone and how NOT Free their thinking and action is. America, Land of the Bought off! Except for those who come out and Protest against the Blatant Atrocities!