Glenn Greenwald/Carnegie Hall, "Dissent is NOT Mental Illness"

Thank you! Glenn Greenwald for making the points I’m always making. GG’s talk at Carnegie Hall on Monday evening was so affirming to everything I’ve been blogging about. He was discussing the very issues that effect many people Globally that I talk about more scaled down to the family system and work situations. The problem is, people don’t see things that are right in front of them on a smaller scale. They wait until issues get to Epidemic Proportions. All the things GG was talking about, everyday people encounter when they go to work or home and don’t see or see and let slide. What I mean is, you don’t have to be an Edward Snowden and work at the NSA to make a difference and be a whistle blower! Why wait for things to be Forest Fires when we can put them out when they’re camp fires? We don’t have to wait to get stage 4 Cancer before we seek treatment. We can avoid the stage 4 level if we do something sooner, or actually invest in some healing, make some “deposits”.
 GG talked about, the NYTimes was given the Iraqi War logs by Wikileaks revealing the most egregious acts of human rights abuses committed by the U.S. Military and instead of the NYT printing the story with the weight it merited, the title was something very un-notable like, “New info about the War in Iraq”.
 The NYT also published an article portraying Jullian Assange as a Paranoid Freak, saying he sends someone to the corner when he walked down a street to see if anyone was there.
 GG was making the point that, its all about what you call someone, and that if the “establishment” wants to discredit someone all they have to do is refer to them as some Mentally Ill person and people will come to regard Wikileaks as having some “freak” running it.
  GG went on to discuss other examples of how the “establishment” keeps healthy dissenters down, like Edward Snowden, by the same methods.
 They dig into the health of the person. The same thing they do at the NSA, they “dig into the Muscle/Bone of the person. No different than is happening to us ALL when we go through “security” at the airport. They take what’s healthy, a persons rightful amount of Privacy, of human error, of human fallibility, of normal insecurity and use it like its  abnormal or sick to make themselves look “good”. That is their AMMO. A healthy person can see this for what it is.
 GG spoke about how the Media was “Clinically Diagnosing” Edward Snowden as a Fame seeking Narcissist with NO facts backing it up what so ever! In fact, the facts prove totally otherwise. Edward Snowden didn’t want any media attention at all, he told GG, because he didn’t want to take away from the story. That’s the definition of a totally sincere person. Not a Fame Seeking Narcissist.
 The “establishment’s” words are just like their $$, fake, not backed by fact. When you live your life solely for $$ which is fake, not Nature made, and you’re willing to give up all that’s good and just to get it, you become a completely FAKE person. A “Man-made” person, completely unnatural and plastic.

Abuse is Environmental POLLUTION

It’s Truly sad that we live in such a Sick world so Obviously Ill and still not enough is being done to heal it. I don’t understand how by this time in our Society Mental Health, Healing, Therapy, Meditation, Understanding how our past effects us today, are not house hold terms. The fact that it isn’t shows the level of the illness. Even those with the $$ and “power” are prisoners in a system that is destroying Nature and health on so many levels. It will continue to get worse and the world will continue to get more Ill until some monumental devastation wakes people up or we destroy ourselves. 
 I filmed Glenn Greenwald’s talk last night at Carnegie Hall in NYC and I was tremendously relieved to hear him talk about Mental Illness. Of course, he was talking about how the Powers that Be will call Healthy Whistleblowers Mentally IllThis is what people do Not understand about Nature and Health. What we don’t stand up to,, we’re standing in line FOR. Nature will NOT Stop! The Powers that Be will not stop! It will pick up more and more momentum and run us over if we do not aggressively Counter the Pressure. I simply do NOT understand what the Public is waiting for! They will keep TAKING and it will get quicker. The Momentum will increase more and more. There will be NOTHING to stop it,, like the Titanic filling 5 compartments with water,, 4 could have kept the ship afloat, but not 5. We’re at 5! 
  The Psychos that Be will not Hesitate one second to call us “terrorist” a Mental Case, “criminal” when THEY’RE clearly the ones who are! They will see everything and everyone as the Enemy and make our HEALTHY, Vibrant feelings Criminal. I knew that as a child. That’s how I grew up. My Normal, healthy, smart feelings and expressions were Criminalized. Because I grew up in a DEBT Situation,, Domestic Violence, Accidental pregnancy by people who did not love each other and only had children because it was against the Catholic church to have an Abortion. That is bringing a child into and passing on the DEBT, plain and Simple. To what ever degree children were born into Debt,, they will either make excuses for it, Repress it, Stick up for it, which many people to day do. 
 Most people have NO idea the way our Bodies work, the Psyche, the nervous system when it’s traumatized. How the Body/Mind has to find ways of dealing with the added stress that it simply cannot afford. 
Too many people think life is only Intellectual,, that just because someone Says something it makes it True! Again, this goes to show the level of ILLNESS we currently are living under and how our FAKE $$ system has diverted us away from our Inner wisdom and connection to Natural Law. 
 If people do not stand up to the complete Mental Illness of those who have robbed all the power,, we’re done. It’s simple. They are like a Natural Disaster that will rip and tar through everything and consume more and more of our rights and healthy expressions. 
 The Problem is,, Most people Do NOT Live to their fullest expression already which is what enables the Psychos that Be to keep taking. if we Engaged, and pulled up on ourselves more, took more of ourselves For ourselves,, they would not be able to. This is what the Practice of YOGA is All about! We’re not using it,, we were not taught that it’s Ours, so they take it. Our entire system is completely Sick and Unnatural and will get uglier and uglier until we have True Healing and Recovery.
Everything we need is IN us. It’s Not $$. That’s the SCAM! How many people have the courage to know and accept that and Take what’s theirs? Without support I don’t feel that I can either. We must do it together. 
 When a child is abused,, or even not raised to Be and utilize ALL of themselves and their capabilities,, they will grow to be Unskilled,, and those Expressions WILL COME OUT!, they will come out in any way they can,, like a fire hose on full blast flapping all over the place, or a live wire. 
We need to respect the Human Being,, ANY Human being is made up of Nature’s Energy. If that energy is abused, mistreated, devalued, disrespected, it will turn on the public, it’s simple Math,, there is No way that it won’t. A child gets “covered in pollution” not unlike the birds in the pics after the BP Oil Spill. Are we going to say it’s the Birds fault for getting Oil all over themselves?? I would not be surprised if the Psychos that Be tried that.
 Too many people are having their inner landscapes completely Polluted by the time they’re 5 years old. The Normal, Natural way we’re intended to function when we enter this word gets completely rewired, made over by Fake, artificial Man-Made programs. This Pollution Must go somewhere,, usually it goes to the Abusers wife & children,, or it leaks on into Society via petty crimes, maybe murder. But, In the For your Own Good book,, Alice Miller writing about Hitler, I feel it’s the Combination of the Position Adolf’s father had, combined with the abuse he endured, + the inability to admit it or express his Anger about it, those conditions created Hitler as we knew him. We cannot say that the fact that someone was abused so atrociously as a child didn’t create Hitler,, that a lot of people are abused and don’t turn out like that but, again it was the combination of the abuse along with the Status of his father, then himself that made it possible for him to kill million of innocent people with the help of others who were also abused. He was able to tap into their repressed anger and use that Energy,, like OIL, as a Natural Resource and act out his Rage on innocent people, like he once was. That is how Nature works. 

 I believe this is happening again, Now. That those who have robbed all the Control are the most ill and abused in our Society. They are walking around with Early Emotional wounds that were never allowed to be healed, forced to repress them and those wounds are seeking escape. Just like Hitler,, the Bankers, Big Corps, Wall St. are taking out their lack of being Loved and respected by their parents, not being allowed to just Be who they are and feel what they feel,, to “toughen up”, “Don’t be a sissy”, and we’re all paying the Price. 

It’s the EFFECT we Criminalize Instead of the CAUSE

  I’ve been reading Alice Millers For Your Own Good lately under the recommendation of Kit Gruelle of Private Violence. I’ve read just about every Psych book in print and I’m familiar with Alice Miller but never read this book. So far, she is saying a lot of things that I’ve known and it feels really good to read and be validated. One of the most important points that needs to be made that I’ve realized that she makes in this book, People fight and blame the EFFECT instead of the CAUSE. “Authority”, “Leaders”, “Parents” are responsible for creating the very conditions they turn around and condemn. They Cause the event, situation to occur then blame others for having the only response they can have to it. The “leaders” refuse to take responsibility for the outcome and make things worse by getting into a war with what They created. As if getting angry at and attacking Physics is going to solve problems. Those in lower ranked positions are simply having a normal reaction and get criminalized for functioning under Natural Law! Fake “leaders” think they have the power to make others over ride the Laws of Physics and behave in manners the fake leader wants. If the subordinate can’t, they are Criminalized.
  “Authority” is ALWAYS responsible, that’s why they’re in “charge”. I will say that over and over. Fake authority wants the power without the responsibility. That’s how you know them.
 I read the same thing in one of my Medical books for Massage Therapy. Before knowing how to be able to help someone heal, we first have to establish if what we’re dealing with is the Effect or the Cause. If we’re constantly responding to the Effect, which is what most people do, we never get to the root. Getting to the Cause is the only way to solve any problem. Is something the response or the initiate? Its about slowing down enough to figure out what’s what. The next problem is, do people Really Want to solve these problems?
 Are people, leaders in control of our country, (we the people truly have the power we just don’t own it) simply making legitimate errors or are they doing things deliberately to screw things up and keep things going? One has to really ask, If the U.S. REALLY wanted to “help” in these wars, they would learn from what they’re doing wrong, SEE what they’re doing wrong, admit it and do things better. But they don’t.
 Ambassador Brahimi said today,  “There were no terrorists/Al Qaeda in Iraq in those days. Terrorism was sucked in, brought in, by—as a direct consequence of the invasion. And it flourished, first of all, in Iraq, and then it went to Syria, and now it is back in Iraq. So, to say that 2003 had nothing to do with what is happening now is a little bit an—I don’t know—overstatement, understatement. Certainly not reality”.
  On the legacy of the U.S. invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq, Brahimi says: “The biggest mistake was to invade. I am tempted to say that every time there was a [U.S.] choice between something right and something wrong, not very often the right option was taken.” On Syria, Brahimi says the conflict is “an infected wound … if not treated properly, it will spread — and this is what is happening.”
 So, its clear things are not being done for genuine reasons. Its clear the U.S. Does not really want to “help”. Its a spinning vicious cycle.
Says Ambassador Brahimi, “It was unjustified. Second—I mean, it was built on a lie. You know, the weapons of mass destruction were just in the imagination of some people who wanted to invade Iraq”.

Fair Wages,, Fair Treatment

 People have been coming out all across the country to fight for a double wage increase from $7 something an hour to $15 in areas such as Fast “Food” (fast and food don’t even belong in the same sentence. Its not even “food” but, I won’t go there now), and places like Walmart who have more than 40% of the bottom combined.
 It pretty much amounts to being better off Unemployed! When you’re employed and hovering over homelessness and starvation and your actually LOSING by having certain jobs, something is definitely WRONG!
 Get out of the relationship! Just like abusive, Domestic Violence situations, Leave! This is exactly what working for certain companies has become. Its the same as being abused at home by a spouse who uses their power to keep the other person down and submissive. This is ILLEGAL! Where is the Legal system?? This is Blatant abuse! I don’t care what anyone says or if it even is “legal” according to Man Made law, which Companies like Walmart just Buy anyway! I do not understand why people put up with it. Oh, wait a minute, yes I do, its the good ol “Family” system that starts people out in the same way and gets them used to accepting less.
 Fact: the “family” system should have BOUNDARIES, definition. There should be Clear defining lines within the Family Unit that distinguishes the Family from the rest of Society. It should be CLEAR who your relatives are by the way they treat each other. Families, parents who are the head of the family, should be treating their children well. Teaching them by demonstration not words, a “currency” exchange, what being treated with worth and respects feels and looks like. People learn what to expect from the world by the way they’re treated at “home” by parents.
 We have to stop making the System the Parent. We have to stop expecting the System to Raise our kids. We have to achieve a certain level of health, happiness, success, leverage and stability ourselves First, THEN we can show our children how to live. We have to start living more with Math in mind. We can’t put more weight on our “barbell” than we can lift. Most people are not in any kind of fit condition before start loading “weight” on their lives. Marriage, kids, mortgages, car payments get built on a weak foundation.
 I just left another talk on the TPP. One speaker was talking about how Companies will threaten workers with closure and moving over seas if workers Unionize. So, the worker, having the mortgage payments and the kids don’t fight. They cave in because they need the job. But, what are they Really teaching their kids in the process? What quality lesson are the children seeing their parent set for them? Give in! Give up! Physics doesn’t lie. Fitness doesn’t lie. Why people don’t feel and intuit the value in standing up and fighting together instead of caving in? Why don’t people see the value in their courage to stand for what’s right instead of having it be bought off by fake $$?  People are creating the future for their children with EVERY decision and act they do today. If people don’t see that standing up for what’s right has more value and will benefit their children better in the long run than taking the fake $$ pay off today, then, those people are not quality and don’t deserve the privilege of parenting. This is what is meant by Fitness. Nature and physics will not lie. They will not forgive. Period.
 The more people have children and mortgages before they themselves acquire any real leverage, they will simply be sliding into passing their lack of leverage, courage and the inevitable fight onto their children. Which defeats the whole point of reproduction which should be to pass along valuable teachings about doing what’s right, living a moral, just life, not mistakes, competition and excuses.
 As long as we value the fake garbage of $$ that is used to enslave above The REAL value that only comes from Nature, things will continue to worsen. As long as people continue to see other people as separate and to fear, we will continue perpetuating the separation. As long as people don’t “see” those behind the scenes as the Real enemy the psychological gap will expand the $$ gap.
 I feel that most people don’t pay enough attention to the way nature works rather than politics which creates a lot of in fighting. We need to focus on health and Natural law if we’re to survive because its what connects us all. Everyone demands clean air, water land and love. No one can live healthily without it. Many people don’t even think about emotional needs and that if people are deprived of their basic emotional requirements they will be ill. We can then turn around at point to that person saying, “oh my god, look at how sick that person is” but, because we’re all responsible for aiding in that persons illness by ignoring it

No Due Process, The ELIMINATION of Nature

One thing that stands out in my mind in all the Self Help, relationship, Co-Dependency, Dysfunctional Family books I’ve read over 3 decades is John Grey in his Mars and Venus on a Date, is him saying, “you can’t skip stages”. He talks about making it through ALL the stages of dating without skipping stages and behaving as if we’re further along than we really are. Being in the stage we’re in and not jumping or rushing. In no other place does it show up painfully when we try to divert or skip around natural law is in relationships. It simply cannot be done. There is No way to get around Nature’s process without creating some kind of fake, poor quality, Frankenstein creature. We can’t have both. We can not have healthy families and respectful personal relationships, then go to work for $$ and be at war with Nature.
 Of course, that’s exactly the way our current system operates. The very signals nature sends us that are staring us right in the face are the very signals the PTB dismiss and regard as Criminal, as dissent, as Un Patriotic.
 Even in our own personal relationships many people don’t know the difference between appropriate, valid feelings and feedback coming from another. Because its something we don’t like or want to hear we take offense to it and end up perpetuating it instead of validating what the other person is expressing.
 Many people are in such Emotional Debt these days that they cannot “afford” the opposition or they simply lack the relationship skill and flexibility to extend to the other person.
 Due to our totally Corrupt, One Way system, that has polluted  every aspect of our lives gradually without many people being aware of it, people do not know how to have a healthy exchange with another person. They do not even realize that the “exchange rate” they did have is now less.
 It’s simply inevitable that, over time, the Mentally Ill System we currently live in will make healthy relating impossible. It’s just basic Math, just like our own Physical health, that if we do not make an effort every day to keep adding to it and holding onto what hasn’t yet been robbed, it will be gone.
 Many people don’t make enough effort to add to the Real wealth of nature and Fitness thereby insuring that they will lose


Mediation and Yoga are all about spending time in quiet reflection. Spending time with oneself in order to focus, in order to listen to that faint voice of our Authentic self that’s calling out to us. The self we’re meant to live as that’s buried alive under the fake self we’re currently living as to some degree. Its like the Muscle to Fat ratio. Building Muscle to burn Fat. We never get to the point in life where we’re able to build enough of our Real self. We’re so busy being trained to follow the illegitimate system that we never get to the point where we have enough leverage to build up our own momentum.
 Its so easy for Big Corps to gain more. It takes No effort what’s so ever! People are so busy feeding these Sociopaths instead of standing up to them. We’ve been so programmed to “slit our own wrist” energetically. We’re so depleted and energetically drained that our perceptions are distorted that we continue making poor choices. That is the True Debt.
 I was texting, naturally, with a friend earlier about how a person can’t get anywhere until they have status. And you can’t get status unless someone supports you. In this world of activism and “waking up” that so many are talking about and that we have been involved for the last few years, that attitude is contradictory. That’s what’s so clear. People talk about “waking up” and “change” yet, not many mean it. Not enough Warriors willing to dig deep. The complacency is inertia-ting! There is No way that its not going to take some serious collapsing of the system to kick people into gear. When you’re the one who isn’t feeling it bad enough, you’re not going to move fast enough for those who are. Sad.
 There are people in this country and in other parts of the world who are counting on others to step the hell up. Its gotten to such a point now where its so “normal” that there is So much suffering that most others just live with it. Its not them after all. What they don’t get is that the injustice they do not step up to address, they are getting in line for. Simple.
 We talk about the 1% and the 99% but, there are degrees of each as you go up or down. Within the 99% there are 1% compared to some and vice versa. Our system is run and controlled by privilege. Even the 99% privileged. Its those who have who continue to get. Its those who inherited the most that get to decide what gets put on the airwaves, the agenda, and what doesn’t. Someone with more resources, a Jeremy Scahill for instance, will be in more of a position to do more than someone with less. Jeremy Scahill is, at least, using his resources to point out the atrocities of what’s happening to others. How many others do that? The point is, is that those who don’t have, no one listens to unless someone listens!
This ridiculous Catch 22 of people who have, of the 99%, not helping those who suffer more. Its just a smaller version of the larger.  The entire point is that we’re living with so much Debt! The Real Debt being Emotional. The lack of caring and compassion in this world is mind boggling. The lack of simple emotional giving is staggering. People not willing to give of their time to listen, the time to get to know someone. We have to potential to create such love and beauty in the world and we forfeit it all for $$. Its terrifying.
  The world feels like a slippery slope with no traction and no way of pulling oneself up.
 People are not PRESENT. They don’t know how to be HERE NOW. That’s the only way to create traction for someone. To be in the moment.
 I just left a talk on Solitary Confinement where the presenter spoke about my favorite topics. The need for validation, the basic need for human contact, being deprived of touch, the need to be understood, heard, held. What happens when human beings are deprived of their most basic human needs. Who is the criminal? Those doing the torture or the one being tortured?
 The presenter, Five Mualimm-ak of Incarcerated Nation Campaign who’s slogan reads, “A society is judged by how it treats its prisoners”, who himself has been in jail for 12 years, spoke about “prisoners” being put into solitary for giving someone a magazine or having a sugar packet in their pocket.
 Like Frank Goldsmith, Gitmo attorney who was on my radio show last night, Organic News on said, Gitmo does not hold the worst of the worst. Many to most there were not even in battle when picked up.
 The system is nothing but one gigantic BULLY that needs to be stood up to and  stopped. The System is not some “official” that should never be questioned or never does anything wrong or never makes mistakes. Who’s parent never made a mistake when they were growing up? What happened to you if you pointed out and spoke up to a parent when they needed it?