One of the lessons I learned and KNOW and Love about Yoga Practice is to live in REALITY, to STOP thinking and just allow what IS to lead. The reason the world is SOooo Screwed up is because we’ve all been Evicted from our bodies. This is a SERIOUS illness that many people do not realize. It doesn’t take much to see how society has become way too “masculinized”, favoring the intellect OVER Nature, the Emotions, the “feminine”. It doesn’t take a lot to admit that we’ve adopted the over valuing of the Masculine at the expense of the Feminine which ends up making the Intellect Rule OVER the Body, Nature & the Earth. Now that we can see after living this way for many decades what living in this imbalance has created in the world, it should not be too difficult, well, maybe for some, to understand that we need to listen to and heed the signs and symptoms of Nature, that without the sycronization of the intellect WITH Nature, WITH the Body/Earth, we’re doomed.
 We need to STOP thinking, to get OUT of our heads and allow what’s happening in front of our faces to dictate how to respond. We are Not present enough and we allow our heads, that are full of much crap that we need to actually Throw out!, to get in the way and keep us tripping over the same shit over and over again. Like cleaning out our houses, going through junk and stuff we’ve been holding onto for years the we need to give away or donate because we just don’t need it anymore, it’s not working for us anymore. That is also due to the fact that we’re disconnected from the way that nature works because if we lived more closely With Nature, we would automatically Shed outdated, old, worn out beliefs that need to be let go of. That very fact that we hold onto these beliefs and defend them SHOWS how out of touch with nature we really are!
 The way Nature works is about shedding, it’s about renewal, it’s about rebirth! We do to ourselves EXACTLY what was done to us as kids! As New, FRESH people coming into the world, we’re meant to make the world NEW, make the world Fresh, bring new ideas and imagination to the world, thereby, creating a totally New World every so many generations. But, in our Corrupt, Greedy, Rigged, Unhealthy, Opposite of the way Nature works,, world, we’re brainwashed to simply go along with the, already in place, Pre determined Society without question and be expected to give up our lives and our expressions and what we can add to the world and just allow ourselves to be part of the crowd. This is NOT the way NATURE works!
 Keeping New people being born enslaved rather than them having opportunities to grow to be all they can be, to challenge the way things are currently done and invent new ways of doing things, better more improved, healthier ways of living. Having the SAME ol people being in charge, the SAME ol Elites controlling everything, the SAME Ol Families Monopolizing the entire world, while it’s CLEAR these people are in it for their own interests, while our own Parents teach us to get used to it rather than challenge it! Goes against the way NATURE works!
 This SICK way that goes against Nature and is Truly a CANCER has taken on the role of Normal! Parents get lazy and simply submit to the slavery rather than teach their children to grow up to be all they can be and to resist the Status Quo! It ends up being trickle down slavery! And PARENTS end up being the ones who are the enemy of their own children by robbing their lives and teaching them to go along with the CANCER instead of saying “NO” and encouraging them to live the life they’re here to live! I get very angry at “Parents” because the whole idea of being a Parent is to teach, to set and example, to BE a ROLE model, To BE a quality person yourself FIRST, but the entire system is so broken down, the entire “Family” system is So broken down that “parents”, are Bought and Sold and working for the Gov, Corps, the Fed and the Bankers!! EVERYONE has been bought! PERIOD!! It’s So SAD!! What this society has come to! There’s NO ONE to stand up for what’s right!, No one to stand up for justice and their own children! Without families, without Parents showing their kids the way, teaching them NOT to submit, but, of course, Parents have to do that themselves FIRST! And therein lies the problem, people end up passing down their LACK of Courage on to their children.
  I grew up with this “Be grateful you weren’t aborted” attitude. Because my “parents” just made babies they didn’t really want, don’t really love each other, are not married, they do everything backwards. They don’t want to abort you because it’s against the Catholic Church and they don’t want to go to Hell, so they have you and think they’re going to get away with just “not Aborting you” and think that makes them a parent! If that isn’t some DEBT Based way of living life, I don’t know what is?!!? So they “think” because they’re the “authority” that they can do all this stuff and Nature/Physics is NOT going to give the Honest feedback right to their faces!
 This is where the Problem starts!! They’re IN the “Position” of “authority” but aren’t really capable of it but, try to hide their incompetence by covering up more and more and the more they try to cover it up the more their inadequacies are exposed! We can’t hide from Physics and Nature! It’s just NOT possible!
 Then, As a person in the subordinate position, you’re being used and threatened to go along with the cover up. When you naturally express the truth to their faces that they’re suppressing you and not raising you properly, their MIND gets in the way of the reality, their Fake role as “authority” and the vicious cycle continues. This is exactly the same thing the “leaders” of the country/World” do! They think their Position of “power” can Override Physics! Can override TRUE power that is Nature! Our entire System is completely out of Sync with Natural Law and it’s COMPLETELY Obvious! Instead of them admitting it and coming clean that their covers been blown, they, instead, keep up the LUNACY which make their SOCIOPATHOLOGY show even more! We get more and more Sued to the Disease instead of staying on top of it and calling it what it is, and now, that we’ve let it go on for so long,, we don’t want to admit it so we keep it up! We are Truly SCREWED!
 I’ve been recently reading LBJ & the Kennedy Killing and read parts that were So ludacris!! I was shaking my head. The author of the book, James T. Tague kept saying over and over how the Warren Commission kept omitting clear FACTS. They concluded that the Fatal shot to JFK came front the REAR! and NOT the Front like All the evidence and Witnesses testified to. I was like,,,, WTF?? It also said that despite the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was not linked to the killing by any evidence and actually showed he behaved opposite from someone who just assassinated the President by waiting on the bus from the driver to write him our a transfer, in those days. The book also talked about,, how President Ford changed the autopsy report to say that JFK’s shot to the back was a few inched Higher than it really was!!??
 So THIS is what our “Leaders”, “Parents”, “authority” are today!! PEOPLE WHO OVERRIDE PHYSICS for their own convenience or sheer Laziness and get away with it! The only “authority” they have is the Label and the power we give away to them!! Minus the Ingredients! But, we’re SO caught up in the Label, that we don’t pay Any attention to what’s behind it! An wonder WTF is wrong with this world!!

Emotional Injury.. just like Physical!

One thing I never understood in our Society,, just how remarkably unperceptive too many people are to what’s taking place right in front of their faces. The term I’ve been hearing a lot about lately,, HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT, can’t be any more True. I’ve been practicing and studying all my life about such things as Yoga/Meditation, slowing down and being More IN the present moment where Life is actually occurring!
 This relentless theme that I continue to come across of people Robbing Energy from “Family” and “Friends” to give and sacrifice at the Alter of the Powers that Be,, is relentless and those doing it are completely BLIND to it! I experience it ALL the time, the Slight of Hand,, Energy “Balance Transfer” that people unconsciously make in order to keep Feeding the System. The amount of Comfort that people feel in speaking to and treating those closest to them like Crap like it’s NORMAL, has become ALL too Normal in our Society instead of it being recognized for the BALANCE TRANSFER of energy and Life force that it is! Forget $$! It’s the robbing and the transfer of our energy and our Spirit that people engage in ever so subtly over time that leads to a complete and total depletion of our health on Every level!
 At this stage of the game with our Society being in the “hanging in the balance”, teetering state that it is,, we CANNOT afford to not examine Everything that we do, ALL of our behaviors and habits and see where we are and are not adding to or taking from the Problem.
 What I find completely mind boggling is the fact that many people have absolutely NO problem speaking to someone close to them like shit, putting NO filter on their words or behavior, Robbing the life force from Family when those people should be the VERY people that we uplift, support and should be Making “Deposits” toward! WTF! I get so Sick and disgusted at the level of illness that we’ve come to accept that’s right in front of our faces and no one sees it!! The amount of Domestic Violence in our society is growing everyday due to more and more people becoming stressed from the ongoing debt increases and due to the fact that there are TOO few people actually willing to stand up to the REAL Bully and go out and Fight and resist the system, so they do what’s Easy and take it out on those around them and suck the resources out of them.
 I notice most people around have NO problem speaking like crap, with NO short supply of derogatory, underhanded, cutting language that trickles down from their cowardice in going out to resist the system. Like Andy Dufresne toting his wall out in the courtyard,, little by little people dump their garbage and their Toxic fumes in your direction when they should be the ones standing up for you and protecting you the most!!  How much more obvious does it have to get? How much more evidence do we need? When are people going to recognize that it’s the way they treat those around them that’s contributing to the horrible world being created?? There is not one thing being done, Not ONE move being made, NOT one Word uttered that is NOT being recorded and acquired by nature and being put towards the destruction OR the Construction of the future.
 I find myself feeling that the ONLY place I can feel absolutely FREE to be myself, free to feel what I feel and feel the weight of putting down the Program is in my apartment or car. I find myself over and over feeling that the way I am when I’m alone is so much Freer than the way I’m able to be around other people,, even when those people are supposed to be “Friends” or “Family”. From day one, I can see how I, being the youngest and the most vulnerable, was treated like I didn’t matter and I end up getting dismissed and eliminated from the equation,, like a Slipped Disk! With no one teaching me or seeing to it that I was protected, I ended up walking around being injured. The Family system is NO different than the Body, or the Country or the world. It’s all just smaller subsystems within the other. The way the family interacts with one another, the way they speak to and treat each other, Especially the way they treat the youngest and most vulnerable, shows the level of sickness/health of that system, unlike Any other system. 
 Too often people like to ignore Emotional health. it’s NOT even a blip on the radar screen in most people’s minds. It’s not something most people discuss or pay a seconds worth of attention to, while the denial of it, over time,  leads to the same “Economic Debt” and Sickness we’re experiencing now. 
 There is NOTHING in this Society that is MORE important than HEALTH/NATURE. PERIOD! There is NOTHING in this world that doesn’t have a level of HEALTH,, Not $$, not Banks, not the Family, Not anything! No matter what it is,, EVERYTHING in this world is either healthy or not healthy! Having a lot of $$, power, materialism, high status, what ever, does NOT relieve the person of either being healthy or not. The amount of $$ or power you have will NOT in any way shape or form insulate you from being Mentally/Emotionally or Spiritually Ill! To the Contrary, one can actually be even MORE mentally ill, the more $ they have when they use the $$ to manipulate the feedback they get from society, which is the norm. Those without enough have have the Mirror Opposite of that disease.
 MY QUESTION IS,, how are people supposed to get anywhere in life when they don’t have a healthy family to love them, raise them, and help lift their self worth? To get to a place where they’re respected, heard, credited when the family system is so deteriorated emotionally? The fact that those who come out of those families that are unhealthy emotionally but, yet have $$, can then show up in life LOOKING like they’re deserving of respect yet, Still be emotionally ill inside then continue to get “ahead” because, the way it goes in this sick world is, the more you have the “Look” the more you get ?? When those who actually are unable to get anywhere due to Not having the emotional health of the family AND the lack of $$ might come out LOOKING like they’re No where but, actually are more honest and decent people!
 Why does it seem in life that there are SO few Givers? And I’m Not talking about $$ or materialism, I’m talking about Emotionally. People who Care and want to Give to those who NEED it! Instead of funding the very system that ROBS from those who can afford it the least just to Keep Feeding the Sociopaths! Who are OD ing on $$ and Power!! WTF!!?? I Can’t take it!! 
 I’m sick of people Not getting it when it’s glaring them in the face!! When putting oneself into a Physical Health debt permanently doesn’t wake you up to re prioritize and make you start doing things differently in your life then there’s NO Evidence that humanity has the ability to wake up and transform.  For someone to be the same person and act the same way they did before they were injured, treat those around them with the same “take it for granted” attitude that got them into the situation they’re in, then those being take for granted have NO choice but to say Good bye! 
 This Co Dependent, Enabling, Denial Society Must end! All we’re doing is creating a Larger, Dysfunctional, Abusive System than the one we came from.

REHABILITATION,,, Living backwards

It’s So Ironic that this SC injury is happening to my brother because I’ve felt all my life that I needed to live in “rehab” in order to reprogram myself from the Traumatic Brain “injury” that is this Society! There is NO question that most, if not all, people to some degree, are totally brainwashed as children to keep the system going by parents, school, TV, etc.  I felt it in a very blatantly obvious, painful way as a kid and any time I tried to bring it up, I was dismissed and the situation minimized. The fact that ALL of us have had our minds programmed against our bodies to an extent and now, with my brother’s injury, it became Literal! While I’ve been trying to acknowledge that we can’t rest and need to keep making an effort to combat the deficiency we grew up with, most everyone else opted for building their house/life on unstable ground! While I tried pointing out that the foundation we were raised on wasn’t sturdy, they dismissed me like I didn’t know anything. While I was going in one direction, my brother and many people stopped growing and set up camp.  Now it’s showing up that the choice wasn’t the best one and the denial still persists.
  We spend so much time and energy all our lives denying what our bodies and nature are trying to tell us, we’re trained from birth to ignore and manipulate nature and what we feel in order to satisfy the SYSTEM and give the system the answer that it WANTS rather than the answer that just IS. I catch myself doing it ALL The time! Responding in the People-Pleasing, begging for a crumb, slave way I was raised to instead of a strong, free, healthy way that we all have a right to. I’ve been aware of it in myself all my life and have been working on paying more and more attention to it. Unlike most people, I’ve been working on myself and my Emotional health ALL my life. It was So obvious something was going on and that the VERY things we needed to be addressing and dealing with were the very things getting overlooked and skipped right over because everyone is too busy being a slave and sacrificing themselves at the alter of the System!

 It was SO obvious all my life that something was wrong somewhere, that the MATH wasn’t being acknowledged, that people were ignoring something very important and most people were in on it! I knew it because I could Feel it and because feelings don’t Lie and are never wrong. We’re not taught to listen to and to trust our feelings growing up, especially when they challenge those who are in charge of us. We’re taught we have to get rid of our healthy, valid feelings, our sharpness, our smarts and our Wealth if they bump up against those in “charge”. We’re not allowed to be smarter than or challenge those in “charge” when, in reality, according to the way nature and health work, that’s EXACTLY what we’re supposed to do and if those who are in “charge” were healthy enough, they would be able to “afford” it. But because all Most parents do is just pass down the Emotional Deficit to their kids, they end up fighting with and resisting the truth and the opportunity to grow rather than simply doing what’s in our nature to do, which is to shed the Lies, the BS and the fake act.
 We do those around us a favor by holding a mirror up to them and calling them on their shit. Plain and simple. That’s the ANSWER,, period. The answer you get is the answer you get. It’s not about Liking it. The whole point is that we’re NOT supposed to like it. We’re not supposed to get the answer we WANT ALL the time! Being in the position of “authority” doesn’t mean you get to force people to suck up to you. Even if you do it, nature will never allow it. It will never be real, it will never be Authentic, the juice will be Sour and Toxic. It’s not supposed to feel “good” or it wouldn’t be challenging!  We get trained OUT of the way our bodies and our minds Naturally work and programmed into the way the System is Rigged! So we learn to Rig our bodies to respond NOT in the natural, healthy way they’re supposed to but, rather in a manipulated, fake and BS way that isn’t even to our advantage. Maybe some people who were born into better situations had/have it better and didn’t/don’t experience what I’m talking about but, I’m talking about those of us that did experience an unhealthy situation growing up and had those in charge of us using their positions to take advantage. We have NO choice now but to live BACKWARDS and try to turn the programming around so that we actually live in our own favor. Live on our own side.

 I’m only writing this because I feel and fear this situation with family as having the potential to devour and deplete me if I’m not careful and if I don’t learn to recognize the signs and signals and have the strength and courage to withstand the onslaught if I take care of myself and pull away. It’s amazing to me how the VERY people who are “call” themselves “family”, “Friends”, are the very people who jump all over you the minute you attempt to take care of yourself! What’s happening now with my brother has the same exact feeling as what happened to me when I was growing up. It’s all about everybody else, it’s ALL about feeling sorry for everybody else. I’M the Criminal for not allowing others to use my resources when ever they want. Their debt situations that THEY created means they get to ROB from you! Just like the fed and Powers that Be,, they’re Incompetence means they get to take from you! Whether or not they learned and are doing things differently never gets discussed! They use and abuse their own bodies until they’re broken then they get mad at you if you don’t let them do the same thing to yours!
 The TRULY scary part about this world, the absolute REAL Debt that a lot of people feel and face is the fact that there is NO one there for them! There’s No cushion. I equate it to not having any joints in the body, no ligaments, tendons, bursar, no GIVE in the body, just walking around stiff and rigid, unable to move. Everyone for themselves! No one on one another’s side. All too often, “Families” aren’t families at all, are NOT there for one another and are NOT emotionally giving, they don’t have any “extra” to spare and all that ends up happening is that members simply end up triggering each other over and over perpetuating the debt and pain. Like someone who continues to re-injure themselves over and over again. What is it about people that makes them So BLIND to what’s right in front of them? No different than a tight, pulled muscle that never gets massaged, soothed or the chance to disengage. Another emotional injury comes along and adds to the original one before we’ve even had the chance to recover from the first one!
 It ALL depends on the Emotional health of the Parents involved. Like it or not, want to face it or not, the facts are the facts. Health is health and nature and the Body do NOT lie! Reality is NOT wrong!
  Due to the fact that most of us are “Decapitated” to some extent growing up, meaning, that we’ve been severed from our bodies, our minds having been turned against our bodies and the body/nature being made into the enemy, we learn that our natural feelings are wrong. We learn to mistrust our body’s natural, Healthy responses to Society’s and the Family’s illness in favor of the Illness in order to have a place to live, clothes and food. We simply can’t afford to feel what we feel because if we did we’d run the risk of losing our “security”, our “belonging” somewhere. The “family” system is our last resort, if that’s dysfunctional or those in our charge are sick, what’s going to happen to us? We would be out in the cold, totally alone with No where to go and No one to turn to. We can’t afford to acknowledge the Truth so, what the body does when it’s threatened is go into DEBT to “bail out” those we need and can’t live without at the time.  The scary part is the fact that we never get out of this debt. It’s not like it’s temporary  and those we gave it up for make it up to us at some later date. It stays permanent and we end up taking that “debt” mindset into our jobs later in life which is the reason why most people will forfeit speaking up at work, standing up for what’s right in favor of the paycheck. The “family” system trained them well for that. Most people didn’t notice the “slight of hand” that happened to them at a very early age when those who were supposed to be Adding to their leverage were robbing it instead.

 It had to have been this way otherwise people would not be holding onto their paycheck at the expense of justice and what’s right. Why else would they be doing it? Where else did they learn it? If people were REAL parents who were healthy and taught their kids right, more people would be standing up for and protecting justice OVER some fake paper with No value that man created out of nothing!
 I’ve told my brother all my life how the way we grew up effected me and did something to me and his response was always the same, saying “It wasn’t that bad”, exactly what my mother used to say. What else can someone say, I guess, when they grew up in a less than optimum environment and have a debt mentality? But that’s exactly what I was trying to get him to see, that he was, in fact, saying that it “wasn’t that bad” because he was IN a state of mental debt in the first place and is disoriented. What family would want to teach their children to live and accept things as “not that bad?” What parent doesn’t want their child to not accept anything less than the best in life? What person wants to set the bar for their life at, “Not that bad?” This is what I mean, if we’re accepting “not that bad” from our own “families” rather than parents teaching their kids to go out into the world and be their best, parents helping their kids to have an edge, then what else are we willing to accept as “not that bad?” Why would we want to adjust ourselves to “not that bad” and get ourselves used to lowering the bar rather than raising it?  I mean, WHICH DIRECTION ARE WE GOING IN HERE?
 We don’t do anybody and favors by making excuses and lowering the bar for their less than fit behavior! This is how we’re taught to trade nature and health in for a roof over us and clothes on our backs!
 FACT; If Fake Man Made paper is THAT expensive,, How about we get rid of IT! and keep our health and the environment! If having a “family” and relationships has to cost us OURSELVES, then are the relationships really worth it? Wouldn’t we be better off keeping who we are and getting rid of them?! There’s Way Too much Enabling and Co Dependency going on in the world and most people don’t even acknowledge it or recognize it. Again, we’re not trained to be healthy Physically or Emotionally. The system doesn’t want us to be. The sad part about it is that most people don’t know what they’re missing. Because they don’t know what it’s like to live in their full expression of themselves, they never had the chance to feel it,, like being born blind or disabled, they never knew anything else. That’s basically what’s happening to each generation, more and more of their health is being taken away, like children being born in Chernobyl, what do they know? They were Born disabled and unable to even comprehend it so what difference does it make that we’ve passed mental and Physical illness onto them? They won’t know any better. American’s are living just a few notches above that.
 I find it a bit scary that people can be the ones who end up harming themselves, who ultimately are the ones who cripple themselves and put their bodies and lives into a Debt they will never recover from. Who needs the Fed or the Bankers to put us in debt when we have our own “Families” to teach it to us? It was the fact the my brother learned to adopt the attitude of “not that bad” at an early age and adjust himself to live with a low bar that he learned to minimize and dismiss his bodies blatant cries for help and attention. We’re trained to be “tough”, to see how much abuse and Debt we can take on before we break. We push nature and our bodies to their limits. When weeks and then over a month goes by and his symptoms are not getter better but worse and he continues to deny and minimize it, what else can it be if not the fact that we train ourselves to think everything isn’t “that bad”.  
 If that’s the kind of debt we can take on ourselves without recognizing the signs and symptoms when it’s our own body, then what will it take for more of Society to wake up to the increase Loss of Mobility of their Freedoms? When we end up making choices in our lives that increase our debt and decrease our quality of life rather than moving in direction which ADDS to our life, something is Truly WRONG! By not acknowledging it and taking steps to change it, we continue to Screw ourselves. How unfortunate.
 Now I have to decide what’s right and healthy for Me to do. How much interacting with people who are not making the best choices for themselves and do not recognize it can I afford to do? How much responsibility am I going to allow myself to feel programmed to assume like I was trained to growing up? What it comes down to is attempts being made to make me feel like the bad guy just for trying NOT to drown by those around me and if I cannot afford the debt that they created, that I’m not the Criminal. It’s all about recognizing the signs and symptoms of emotional Debt!

DENIAL,, a Global Epidemic

Lately, I’ve been hearing more about Fukushima and  amount of radiation that has escaped and has moved across the United States, which, of course, we do not hear and I did not hear on regular lame stream media. I hear it from alternative sources like Micheal Ruppert of the Collapse documentary and Dr. Michio Kaku interviews on Democracy Now.
Another theme that has become a clear pattern is how rampant Denial is in our culture and cultures around the world. Whether it’s in Fukushima, Japan or in Wall St. USA, Denial seems to be a pretty Universal language that anyone can get inflicted with . I was listening to a show that came through but originated elsewhere and the guest on the show, I will do my best to find out his name, was talking about the Cover ups, the Denial and the down playing of the extent of the damage and the amount of radiation that has been leaking since the accident.
 What is this Epidemic of Denial that has infected everyone but, especially those in “charge” and with the most power positions? Is there ANY “authority”, “expert”. “leader” who does not suffer from this crippling disease? And WHY is Emotional Health not something that is looked at and addressed in our Society/world? This perpetuating idea that it’s actually possible to Cover up a radiation leak of that magnitude is, itself, extremely disturbing. I will ask again, Why is Mental Health not addressed in the world? Why is $$ at the expense of everything else, when the health of those behind it is not even a blip on the radar?
 The only real thing that is apparent is the fact that there are so many lies piled on top of lies, denial piled on top of denial over the decades, that the Real Debt isn’t Radiation, it isn’t Federal Reserve Notes, what’s underneath the superficial illusion of Debt is the Deficiency in the Emotional/Mental health of those in charge. As expected, Nature is where the deficiency lies because nothing else is real. Everything else, $$, Corporations, the Fed, Wall St, Fukushima, Chem trails, the BP Oil spill all have at their foundation, the Emotional impairment of who ever is calling those shots which continue to go unchecked and unchallenged.
 All these ills of our Society can all be traced back to our Excruciating deviation from the way Nature and Health work, in it’s most Optimum functioning. We are conditioned more and more with each passing generation to be diverted further and further away from the very source that will save us and that we can’t live without. As more and more people are being born, not enough are being brought back to Nature and healing, to function in the world and Within the way we were meant to and the way our survival ultimately depends.

 This idea that “authority” is something we just follow instead of challenge is a man made idea that is not based on any Natural fact. Most of the ideas and beliefs we were brought up with, I won’t say “raised” with because they do Not raise us up at all, are designed to cripple our health, to cripple our growth in being our best and most optimum self. Those to whom our care is entrusted are simply not healthy enough themselves to be able to handle the next generation being smart, sharp, strong or witty. They are giving their Power away to the “leaders” themselves. Imagine a Coach who has less than adequate skill attempting to train an athlete? They would not be able to bring the athlete that far because they, themselves don’t have the skills to bring them to that level. We can think of it like an Orgasm. I’m sure that’s getting some attention now but, no different really, than an Orgasm, we are all capable of reaching these Emotional, Physical and Spiritual heights. With the proper teaching and guidance we can do it but, there’s been such a level of complacency and slacking at the level of the family system, by design, that too many people are walking around, “Sexually Frustrated”. We have so much more energy and skill that could be brought forth that just goes wasted and untapped while those “claiming” to be our “leaders” are the ones keeping us frustrated. If our leaders truly were that, they would be raising us to fruition.

 I had Adam Kokesh on my radio show on Http:// last week and I was telling him how I felt that our Society has become very dysfunctional and Co Dependent similar a larger “family”. Many people have kids to take from and use for their own emotional gratification at the expense of the child. That child never gets to grow up and “fly from the nest” because they were not given the proper teachings or example set for them on how to live and be successful in life. The Powers that Be, the Bankers, Corporations are those Codependent Parents who do not want to allow their kids to grow up and leave and NOT need them anymore! When the Very Sign of quality parenting IS the fact that the child can stand on their own feet and earn their way doing what they love. Not someone who just has a job working for $$ just getting by. A child still living at home into their 30’s, 40’s or more is a sign that they family is dysfunctional and the parents didn’t do a good job raising them. So with Society, if the citizens of that Society are unemployed, underemployed, imprisoned, homeless, mentally ill, high teen pregnancy, high school drop out or whatever,, it’s a Poor reflection on that Society as a Whole and ESPECIALLY those in CHARGE!

 The reason “Authority” is in the Position of Authority, is that when things go wrong, THEY are Responsible!! That’s what being Authority Means! Parent, Politician, Doctor, teacher, President, Boss of a Company, Authority isn’t about PROFIT,, it’s about leadership! If Authority is about Robbery, then let’s STOP calling it Authority and all the other BS Roles and just call it what is and all the people TAKE control of their lives! No more Privatizing the Gains while Socializing the losses, then when Shit gets fucked,, it’s the opposite, the people are to blame. These MFr’s are the biggest Psychopaths !! That’s Bullshit!! The people need to start being o their OWN Side!! Time to start learning what that’s like. We have to take the training wheels off eventually.

 The “leaders” are Just like those”parents!!” They don’t want to give up that role, they want to turn the Intelligence of Nature’s design around to suit their Sickness at the expense of Society. They want to keep everyone Sucking up to them because they fear their normal, healthy obsolescence in their role of being on “top”. Talk about the Seniors worrying about having their jobs taken by someone younger, or the wife worrying about her husband leaving her for someone younger so she goes out and gets a boob job and all kinds of work done but, in the long run, like the Corprotocracy, it’s nothing but Plastic, artificial Cosmetic “Surgery”.
 Trying to control the natural flow of life, that parents are supposed to teach and elevate their kids, want them to be better then them, NOT be threatened by it, then they go out into the world and take over where those who went before left off. The completely unnatural clog our system has is going to boil over. There is NO way to get over on Nature! It’s THAT Simple, try as they might. The “leaders” who think they are in control, who think they can oppress the young Spirits up and coming who want their rightful place in the world will come to a point where there will be an explosion like We’ve never seen!
 Instead of aligning ourselves to the way that Nature works by challenging “authority” while at work, proving them wrong and being sharp, while the Elders welcome their slowing down, welcome their retirement and relaxation, the .1% of the 1% cling to power like Celebrities cling to Cosmetic Surgery. It’s So Fake and obviously an addiction that they can’t seem to help themselves. That’s where WE the people come in.
 We Must save the Power Junkies from themselves and create an Intervention as we would if our loved one was an alcoholic or a Drug addict. The Corprotocracy has an Addiction problem and Need an Intervention! Let’s Give it to em!!
 In the way Nature works there’s more of a flow in life,, our feelings rise, we feel them completely, express them, get out needs met and they get satisfied and cleared out. Our mind/Body lives in the NOW. In this SICK Society our healthy feelings are seen as abnormal, as somehow, skewed and excess. We end up getting our Emotions into a Huge DEBT because we’re taught to ignore them or those who should be addressing them and meeting our needs can’t. We learn we’re Not valuable and worthy and learn that the world is not a safe place and we will not be able to get our needs met. So we use our mind to ignore and stifle what we healthily feel.
 When you have the .1% of the 1% taking up and using up everything INCLUDING  the enormous GALL and entitlement, then WE get made out to be excessive when we’re expressing our Healthy needs and are made to feel WE are the Greedy ones!!??!  We should be taught the Opposite as kids! That we should be feeling and expressing our healthy feelings and living Fully in the world, not shrunken down and “Emotionally Dismembered!” Why should we get rid of our Healthy, normal parts while allowing the PTB to accumulate more and more of us while they turn into Evil Tyrannical,  Hitler-like dictators? The Emotional imbalance has made the world the way it is. It’ snot about $$, that’s the Lure on the Hook, it’s about our Emotional Energy and our healthy Self Power. DON’T SELL THAT FOR ANYTHING!

 All these ideas we were brought up on are NOTHING more than Unnatural programs designed to keep us disconnected from our Source, our instincts, to keep us weak and unable to accumulate inner wealth.
 To turn it around, Practice cultivating, “farming” your inner Nature. Get quiet, slow down, take time to strengthen the relationship with yourself as if you are your own Parent spending time with your child. Make yourself your child and spend time with you! Listen, practice not thinking but, allowing the Body to have the say it never had the chance to before getting silenced.
 Take time everyday to integrate ALL the Emotions we weren’t allowed to feel years ago and let yourself feel them. The truth is within. Even those who seem strong and competent in the world can be the biggest liars. Those walking around less than are also lying in the opposite way. It’s all about being balanced.   


 I really hate to admit it but I have very little faith in society and people waking up and turning things around. Maybe it has to do with what I’m experiencing at the time that I feel this way but, the Status Quo just has WAY too much momentum in it’s favor. Just looking purely at the MATH, there are just too many people living in a mentally deficient state,, then Multiplying that state, Spreading that state on instead of turning it around. The Dam Broke on ignorance and mental deficiency and God Forbid we point it out! God forbid we admit we’re mentally deficient and ignorant, which is actually a sign of LIFE and Consciousness but, in our Sick Society is seen as an outrage to acknowledge, so they Dysfunction just continues. The Sickness is So far gone that any attempt at waking up to it is seen as the Sickness instead of the Waking up being able to See the Sickness! It’s all a Matter of Leverage. Being able to get enough leverage on the issue and lift ourselves up to a clearer perspective.

 While speaking with a friend earlier today about how those who are supposed to be our “friends” who come out to protests and actions and seem to want to change things yet, when we have plans with them and they decide not to go, they don’t have the skills to “simply” say so, instead they just don’t contact you and leave you hanging and wondering whether or not they’re going to pick you up like they said. You have scheduled plans with “friends” then they just don’t get back to you and you’re left hanging waiting and wondering what happened. Today, with the convenience of the cell phone, people can just say something like, “I lost my phone”, or “my battery died” as an excuse rather than just letting you know they aren’t coming.
 These are the difficult habits about ourselves that we need to address and where the practice of Meditation comes into play. It takes an Extremely dedicated and Courageous individual to Stay Centered and Grounded while being tempted to make the excuse that we lost our phone. But, to rather, breathe into ourselves and do something different. How many people are going to do that?? How many people are THAT aware?? How many people are THAT brave?
 The thing is,, it’s NOT about perfection, it’s NOT about chastising ourselves, it’s about Being ORIENTED. It’s about ADMITTING where we are and in what direction we are moving in. As long as we stay in Denial about where we’re at, we stay LOST. Even admitting that we’re unskilled, cowardly, fearful, ignorant, etc. is better than denial because at LEAST we know where we are! But, by denying that we’re ignorant, denying that we’re unskilled, we create the conditions to get ourselves even MORE lost and More Disoriented.

 During our phone conversation my friend started telling me about when she lived in another state she knew this woman who was not very educated who had around 8 kids with different men. She said she felt bad for the kids because they were beautiful, biracial children. She told me that once the children grew, the mother would grow tired of them, and have another baby in order to feel loved and fulfilled. Talk about DEBT!! Who needs to look as the FED and Wall St to know that we live in a DEBT Based Society?? Here it is as CLEAR as day how “families” are the Opposite of a Family and bring children into the world to ROB from rather than GIVE like they’re supposed to! No one talks about THIS kind of Debt,, This IS the REAL Debt because it’s on the level of Nature, not fake man made $$! How much More Obvious does it have to get that this is Criminal to children? The VERY people who should be on the side of these children are the Exact OPPOSITE!!!!! Of course, this is an extreme example, we can get fooled by “families” with fathers present or parents with $$ and jobs but, they can still be emotionally unhealthy and Still be passing Emotional Debt onto their children, which many do.

 What kind of a Society allows this?? What kind of a Society then goes on to Blame the children for not being able to make something of themselves, for acting out or having drug or teen pregnancy problems later on?? That’s exactly what happens in many cases. Yes, Smart, aware people know that it’s normal for kids who grow up in poverty, lack of education and abuse to act out later and we hear a lot of people making excuses for why people are the way they are and why they continue passing the abuse on to their children but, WHO is doing anything to Stop it??
 The FACT it,, this is Child Abuse, plain and simple and there is NO one there to protect and stand up for these kids!! The fact that Society does NOTHING to stop it but, actually does the opposite by profiting from it, so there are more ignorant, dumbed down people for the PTB to screw endlessly and keep in the never ending Tornado of enslavement and prison!

 90% of the population are already in a state of Mental deficiency. I think of the signs and symptoms of Shock from when I worked for FDNY/EMS. Or the story I heard a couple of years ago about a couple who drove in wintertime in northern California with their young child in the back seat, looking for a lodge they knew of. The husband who was driving made a wrong turn and the car ended up getting stuck in the snow and they couldn’t get out. There was supposed to be a gate closed keeping traffic from entering this road but, it was opened. It began snowing again and they did everything they could to stay warm through the night. I think they were stuck for a couple of days and tried starting fires and things to get someones attention. After so many days, the husband decided he was going to try to walk back to the road they turned off of to wave down a passing car. They knew it was a dangerous thing to do but, they had to try something, so he bundled up as best he could and left the wife and child in the car. The husband ended up getting disoriented and did a complete 180 in the woods, getting frostbite and hypothermia and getting more and more altered mental status until he died.
 The wife and baby were rescued and they found the husbands body not too far from where he was trying to go.
 This story is EXACTLY what’s happening to us while living IN Society!! We’re Lost and disoriented and going in Circles! Where are we going?? What are we doing?? What is the point??
 The only thing that matters is HEALTH, Nature. That’s it! The fact that we do not even have a reference point for when Society is showing signs of being completely Lost and SICK, should be enough to scare the living SHIT out of us! To see kids being born and blatantly abused and having the Emotional Debt dumped right on them and it’s NOT even called what it is, addressed and turned around!! Shows that we are in SERIOUS trouble. The fact that those trying to do the waking up and put the Brakes on the system are condemned by even those they’re trying to wake up and help is a, NO uncertain, sign that we have strayed off course way too far and will not be able to recover until Nature steps in and takes over.
 The Emotional Starvation of too many kids being born then growing up STILL in a Normal state of Emotional Starvation, only to be ridiculed, have even MORE debt put on them from those they turn to for help is just sick beyond comprehension. There is NO “SAVINGS”, No “funds”, No one to turn to to help!! Thee are NOT enough people t care, to help, to stand up! THAT IS THE TRUE DEBT!!
 The fact that too many people are in that mind set of DEFICIENCY and just ADD to the Debt instead of helping to turn it around with even a little bit of understanding and caring, just keeps the enslavement going. We think we’re getting out by adding to the debt. We’re too disoriented and disconnected from Nature that we don’t even know which direction we’re going in or where we are! We ARE that scenario IN “civilization”.  We HAVE Altered Mental Status due to Mental energy depletion!
 Our “civilization” is NOT Civilized, it’s actually Worse than being lost in the woods because, at least the Woods isn’t rigged and manipulated.  
 Cultivating TODAY,, the PRESENT Moment, is what’s going to turn things around! What we need to change things DOES NOT EXIST! It MUST BE CULTIVATED.  Not MORE perpetuating of our Disorientation and Debt.

Bond to the Abuser

While watching a Corbert Report on Lee Harvey Oswald, toward the end of the segment, James Corbert said “we had to dig under layers and layers of Manure to find the Real Oswald”. Well Said! I thought, that’s exactly what we All need to be doing to ourselves. Most of us have layers of crap to dig our from under to find our Real selves. The self that’s buried under the mounds and mounds of brainwashing, programming, mental rewiring we’ve endured for years. To get to the Us underneath Us will take a Lot of diligence and courage that many people simple do not have or just don’t have the mental capability. The layers are to thick and the work is too long and difficult, but the reality is, All we can do is begin. None of us is ever going to “get there”, none of us is ever going to be “done” growing and learning. The whole point IS the journey, NOT the destination. There are many, many bad habits we need to break ourselves out of to be Free.

 I was on the phone last night with someone I’ve run into many times at protests and events. I saw them at the Bradley Manning hearing at Ft Meade a couple of times. I saw something they posted on FB and thought I’d reply via phone. We ended up getting into am in depth conversation about growing up and waking up to the mistreatment many thought was normal at the time. The person I called was saying how they were just waking up to things about their upbringing that they see effected their life and relationships. Being told “you’re never gonna amount to anything”, “you’re an idiot”, “stupid” by your own family!? This is the reason the country/world is the way it is! We have all contributed to the creation that is now our Society. The person on the other end of the phone said what I hear all too often, that “we can’t blame our Parents”. To me, this is just another part of the Brainwashing! Just more Crap we’ve choked down to screw ourselves, ingest the garbage they pass along then get us to go in on it!

 When we’re kids, our Parents ARE the Fed, the Gov, the World Bank, the President, etc. We are learning about the world through them! Our Family is just a Mini version of the Country and the World. What we live and experience there shapes our experiences and lives forever! Why do we think Society is the way it is? When we’re kids our Parents are the To Big To Fails! We need to understand that we have been brainwashed against ourselves and FOR them, to make excuses for them, to Bail them out at our expense Energetically since we took our first breath! This is why it’s SO difficult to wake people up! We can’t blame those who were responsible? Oh Gee, Who made up that rule?? Gee, let me guess?? Those who committed the transgression? Then they threatened and intimidated us into going along with it. No different than a child Molester does when he befriends a child, gains their trust, seduces them with toys or candy and kindness to suck them in, then takes total advantage of that trust by using that child for their own selfishness and tells the child that if they tell anyone they Molester will hurt a family member or, if another family member finds out it will harm them.

 FACT; There Has to be something to hold onto in life! There has to be Some Good, some decency, some justice or the mind simply will not be able to handle it.  The mind will go into Trauma mode, like Peter Levine says in the Waking the Tiger book on healing Trauma,, it will be “overwhelmed by it’s own helplessness”. When we grow up in abusive, dysfunctional families, our very own instincts are being used against us because we NEED parents, we MUST have good, Caring people around us to depend on and if we don’t, the body, in order to protect itself, will make it up! The mind will go into “hypovolemic shock” mode, go into debt itself to give to those it feels it needs. Bond to the Abuser. The situation will continue to perpetuate itself, like the laws of motion, unless acted upon by an outside force.
 We’re SO out of touch with Nature/Physics, what is our True Nature and Home and allow ourselves to be taken further and further away.

"Why doesn’t anyone Just LOVE me?"

An incident came to me recently about a call I had years ago,, in the later 90’s to be exact, while working for FDNY as an EMT. We were called to a location on Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn,, forget the cross street, for a young teenage boy in a “facility” for detention of some kind. The call came in as “disruptive” person or EDP,, “Emotionally Disturbed Person”, I can’t totally remember but, what I do remember is, the complete Atrocity that this call represented.
 We were called there because this young boy,, aged 13 maybe, was acting out in anger and fighting with another boy. We were to take him to a hospital for an evaluation. What has been stuck in my head since then was this boy Crying in the back of the ambulance asking, “Why doesn’t anyone just Love me?” I remember my entire Body shake when I heard and saw him thinking to myself,, “I feel the Exact same way!” I could completely understand where he was coming from. This boy had been in the system ALL his life!! Born into a bad situation, been in foster care and in & out of facilities for years then we wonder WHY this kid is Angry?? I saw it as clear as day then, how our system “worked”.

 There was a lady who worked at the location where we picked him up who was making the boy out to be some kind of monster. “Oh, you should have seen him before”, she said, when he was angry and yelling. As if that was somehow abnormal?? I thought to myself, is this Real?? Is this lady really that Blind? She can’t understand that it’s Normal for this poor kid to be angry after the Horrible life he’s had and that his behavior is a sign of our Fucked up system’s effect on him?? I remember it sending a Chill through me! I was like,, OMG, is this it? Is this our system and what it’s really all about?? Just a bunch of Zombified people ignoring the reality for a paycheck?? No one really giving a shit and truly being interested in the welfare of this boy and helping him find a home and Love?? But, instead, USING him to have a job and to keep going through motions?? It literally gave me a Sick, dark feeling in my gut. My heart Broke when we brought this boy into the back of the Ambulance and he fell over on tot he stretcher putting his head down to Cry out, “Why doesn’t anyone just love me?” It was one of the most impacting experiences I had doing that job which is what eventually made me quit. Not to mention the thousands of other calls we get day in & day out that are mostly BS, people pretending to be injured in extremely minor car accident so they can milk insurance companies. Most calls were there to just keep the system going.

  Your average tax paying citizen with a legitimate call,, clutching is chest when we arrived having a heart attack while apologizing for taking up your time, then the scratch to the finger of some little kid in the projects by a dog and the family member’s attitude being,, “What took you so long?”  It was so clear that the system was so screwed up and all our job was was to keep the Dysfunction going so someone at the top could rake it in while we were just going through motions,, acting really, to keep it all going. There’s only ONE reason not to stop a system that’s clearly broken and Dysfunctional and That’s because it’s working for SOME people! Someone is benefiting from it and whether or not those keeping it going are benefiting seems irrelevant. That fact that it clearly wasn’t working for that boy and, just the opposite, was Completely preying upon his disadvantageous situation.
 I remember trying to console him and reach out in some small way, make a small gesture in his direction. I must have said something to the lady when she responded with, “You should have seen him a little while ago”. What this poor kid must have felt I can imagine because I felt the Exact same ting in my own house as a child. Like you were in the Twilight Zone, a Nightmare, Hell and there was NO one there for you. You were ALL alone being fed to the Machine, sacrificed for the Profit stealing, power hungry, psychopathological system.

 It was during that job of 7 years that I found myself saying the same thing,, in different words of course, as James Madison. I remember thinking that what we do is respond to the “all of a sudden” calls, the traumas, shootings, stabbings, etc. while the “slow and gradual” deterioration of the neighborhoods wasn’t being addressed at all. It was the everyday “glorified car service” calls that would add up to us just being part of a Ponzi scheme while peppered every once in a while with a Real call to keep you involved.  
 That job wasn’t even Close to what it was supposed to be. It was obvious it was just some made up job to give the public something to do to make $$ when it wasn’t really interested at all on doing Real good for the public. I knew then it was all a Big disguise. We were disguised as the Do gooders, it was a Front, like most jobs I had before like Personal Training. Back in the 80’s when I was young and before there was such things as Personal Training certifications I felt good about what I did. I could do what I loved doing and not have to worry about earning a certain amount of $$.

 That all changes as you get older and are required to “manufacture” a certain amount of $$ to live comfortably while crossing that line from doing what you love to robbing people for $$. I also remember working as a PT at a Jack La Lanne in NYC in the early 90’s and this “Gucci suit” guy from the Company talking to the staff about how “make” $$. He made No bones about being,, “shady” and doing what you had to to get the client to “get the Wallet out”. I remember him mocking the Bible saying, the Meek shall inherit the Earth was BS! I remember being sickened by him. Thought he was a Cocky asshole!
  Due to the fact that I grew up in such an abusive environment that everyone around me tried to get me to be an accomplice in but, instead I listened to my body and read up on what Healthy relationships are supposed to be, whether in the Family, at work or otherwise, healthy relating is healthy relating and I was NOT going to be a Part of any Company/job/family that was in Denial and willing to perpetuate dishonesty and lack of integrity. I had had enough by this point of being surrounded by Dysfunction and got into Fitness because I wanted to be Fit on all levels,, Not be a person of Low morals. I could NEVER understand how people could function that way! The whole point is to feel that satisfaction within from doing what was Right, the same way a Rock Climber gets that HIGH from being totally connected to Nature and getting that True feedback from Physics. Pure, Clean, Honest feedback that elevated one’s Soul. Obviously those in charge don’t care about that and just end up taking advantage of those who are in it for the Truth. No different than the Military or Police. It’s all a FRONT for Robbery!

Are you in a Working ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP??

The other night I attended and photographed a pretty large rally at Foley Square NYC for Underpaid workers called NEW DAY NEW YORK, in all areas of work; retail, airport service, fast “food”, communications, etc. I can’t help, lately, but to see the Total FAMILIARITY to everything I’ve been saying since I was very young. It’s been happening more and more. Whether listening to alt news, an event like this one posted on FB, they all have the same underlying theme; Abuse, slavery, being undervalued and used in some way. Yet, when I was a kid, I had no one on my side, no one saying I was right, NO ONE giving me ANY credit for hitting the nail on the head! Now, 4 decades later,, FINALLY, more people are beginning to get it!
 But the thing is, it really Does begin in the home. Whether we like it or not, there has been a total DEVALUATION of the Parenting role over time. What we experience in the home, the way we’re treated by “Caregivers”, the RoE,, Rate of Exchange we receive to our expressions and feelings as children, how our feelings are dealt with and responded to. We are in NO more of a position to be screwed over than when we are children. More than ANYONE,, “Parents” have the MOST ability than ANYONE to rob and take advantage of our position. MOST DO, to some degree, unconsciously, whether they admit it or not. Just by the sheer fact that they, themselves are not aware, are enslaved, are under a spell, to SOME degree, they pass their ignorance onto their children when they’re supposed to be passing on Value and Wisdom.
 The whole point is being Aware, admitting the truth, acknowledging the reality. It’s the DENIAL that kills, the denial that keeps everything moving along. People NOT wanting to admit the Harsh truth.
 The fact that it’s been going on for SO long already, the people have been putting up with enslavement for generations already. So used to living so low and barely getting by, their muscles so accustomed to the motions it’s NORMAL. That’s the Problem. It’s become way too Normalized!

 Why else would people be putting up with these Clearly ABUSIVE relationships at work? That’s Exactly what they are, that’s Exactly what we’ve become, NO MORE FAMILIES, just one Large ABUSIVE family. A real family are people who want better for their children, who teach their children to challenge themselves AND the system. THAT is what should be Normal! We have gotten so far trained and conditioned SO far away from the way our instincts and Nature really work,, we’ve all been Decapitated from our bodies so now our Minds are our enemies!

 If there’s ONE thing I KNOW for sure that I learned in my practices of Meditation and Yoga, is that, the Mind can go anywhere, make up WHAT EVER IT WANTS but, the Body is Always in the Present moment,, Always in the Here and now! The Body Knows! If we are to Save ourselves,, it’s Imperative that we bring our disconnected and Divorced minds BACK to Ourselves and our Bodies and, INSTEAD, DIVORCE the system and the self sabotage way we’ve been conditioned!!
  Just like the Family system is our Last refuge, our last sanctuary, our last Iceberg, if that’s gone or polluted, there’s no where left to go. Those in control count on that. What’s really scary is that we ARE a captive audience and they VERY people who are supposed to be doing there BEST, passing down value and training that will help us be more Fit, Instead, unconsciously, use their position to take advantage and slack off.

 I get sick of hearing people say, “There’s no manual for raising kids” . Do Animals need manuals!! Give me a Break!! Human beings should NOT need a Manual to raise their children! The fact that people even think that goes to show how Fd up we are! Parenting Should be instinctual, should be inbred, innate. The fact that it isn’t should Scare the HELL out of us, but we’re WAY passed that now, we’re Way too used to being “out to sea” that we don’t even know we’re LOST anymore!
 Now we need to read Mars & Venus books to learn how to have a relationship! If this is Not a CLEAR sign how Off Coarse we are, I don’t know what is??
  The Women’s Lib movement funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Watch The Historic Interview with Aaron Russo,   Aaron talks about how it was all a big scam,, Women’s Lib, to get women out to work and out of the house because they couldn’t Tax half the population before.
 Make sense! Break up the Family! The entire world has become one HUGE Abusive family. Just last night I was watching the Finale of some series called SCANDAL that a friend of mine watches. My friend who was filling me in on what was going on all season was saying how this one guy was trained by the CIA to Kill and Like it!! My immediate thought was,, Exactly what some parents are!! Without being aware of it!! “Parents” working for the Rockefellers without their consent, they just go along, in carrying out the intentions of the New World Order! Not even questioning if, how, whether or not the system or those controlling it give to shits about you and your kids!?
 What makes people think those with all the power care one iota about them?? If this is caring, then,, like living at home, I’d hate to see what hating looked like. If these people with all this Power “care” about us,, and we’re doing this poorly,, Gee, something’s a bit off somewhere don’t you think?

 A few days ago I was listening to the Alex Jones show and David Knight was hosting it. A caller was on the line and David Knight and the caller was discussing how the people can’t believe that anyone could do such horrible things because THEY don’t think that way and because they don’t think that way, they can’t imagine anyone else doing awful things. But, just by the fact that the PTB obviously Don’t live the way we live, it shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine that they CLEARLY Don’t think like us.
   It always makes me think of the ending of the Original “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, where the killer has the journalist captive down the basement and the killer is telling the journalist how he had girls imprisoned in the basement when they were having dinner upstairs the other night. The Killer offered the Journalist a glass of water and with that “kind” gesture the Killer said, “you’re just like the rest, you think I’m going to let you go because I gave you some water”. They killer went on to tell the Journalist how,, it was a “Precious Moment” when the victims got it, that he was not going to let them go and that they were going to die!
Calling it a Precious Moment!! Scary!! Well, WE the People had Better GET IT!!
  Growing up the way I did forced me to read very early on about how a Healthy family is Supposed to function. This was where My family was and Over there was where a healthy family was. I Acknowledged that I came from Abuse and Dysfunction which was what Freaked everyone else out! Oh, no, we have to Deny, minimize, down play, we can’t have anyone awake! So I got emotionally bashed into submission! Growing up in less than optimum conditions gets people used to accepting Less than what we deserve! People put up with poor treatment and Abuse and even STICK UP For the Abuser/Parent because they Need that person to survive.
 Reading John Bradshaw on the Family system taught me Everything about what to put up with when I went to work. What ever the system, NEVER give up your Dignity! If Parents are Not teaching that to their kids,, then they have NO leverage at all!! Which proves my point,, that we have a Fascist/Tyrannical system!! It’s BY DESIGN that NO One is passing down LEVERAGE!! Self Worth, self assertion, how to negotiate you worth in the world! We’re taught that Fake $$ will take care of everything! Man Trumps God!

Energy War

 The slow and gradual increase in Psychological Debt that creeps ever so subtly into a persons consciousness like invisible carbon monoxide gas and turns people against one another and takes control of their behavior and they don’t even know it. Rather than the cooperative exchange between people you end up with people “down a few pints” in awareness and maturity and end up accelerating a situation like a match meeting dry leaves in the forest.

 How can we solve these problems of people just triggering one another and escalating anger and instead practice space and peace?
 People need to have their needs met. PERIOD. Needs are needs, they are Non negotiable in the eyes of Nature. The bottom line is that people are not grown adults. They Literally are Children who are never able to make it through each stage of development. The conditions that creates is nothing short of “bomb making” material. Add to that DENIAL and we have to the perfect concoction of explosives. The problem further increases by passing the debts on to future generations. What is being done to the poor innocent children being born in other parts of the world is beyond criminal.
 The book, the Celestine Prophecy, illustrates how we can exchange energy by being open. It takes practice and trust. The conditions must be just right for nature to open itself up. The problem in this world is that we’re disconnected from the way nature works. We’re in an out & out WAR with it! Nature cannot keep up with our ravenous, raping of the Earths resources AND our own. The fact that many people are not living their dreams, not doing what they dream of doing in life that feeds their Spirit. We’ve all gotten so used to living so low like it’s normal and do not recognize the clear signs and signals that there is something seriously wrong with the way we live. I understand the average person who feels there’s something wrong also feels helpless and carried along by the current to do anything about it but, we must at least ADMIT something is awry.
 What happens chemically when people have been reduced to slaves, working paycheck to paycheck, unfulfilled, with small amounts of joy and happiness to keep things well lubricated reminds me of the Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima. Something about the Rods being kept cool by water; From an RT article; The fuel assemblies will be lifted – all while submerged in water to prevent overheating – from storage frames in the pool and placed in the cask.
 EVERYTHING in life is about Nature, Physics, MATH,, EVERYTHING. The Psychotic world we’ve created by allowing Delusional power hungry people gain control using fake paper and bought media to dumb us down so they can Deny Reality, manipulate Truth and physics and Think that Nature will comply ,, is SO Beyond Psychotic it’s hard to breathe!

 It truly terrifies me to think what’s coming down the pike. Like the Titanic,, it’s a Mathematical certainty that if we do not wake the Hell up, get healthy in our bodies, Minds & Spirits and so with the Earth. We will be experiencing the greatest horror we can imagine. If we sit by and think, “oh, it’s happening to someone else, Not me” that that’s going to save you, you’re sadly mistaken. That will actually accelerate the process.
 When we can’t even recognize that families are incapable of interacting healthily and functionally and we ignore the deterioration of the Family system, we’re getting ourselves Way to comfortable IN the Boiling Pot! This Jacuzzi that we think is so nice will quickly become our Death bath!
 We just need to step it up a LITTLE bit! Not a lot! If EVERYONE, of course those capable, simply stepped it up a little more, step out of the usual routine and boredom and come out into the streets one day to connect with others who feel it too. Then we can at least begin to change things.
 Begin with your family. Read book on how to be a better parent, a better spouse, a better communicator. Make efforts towards things that will benefit your health and the health of your relationships, not just working for Fake $$ which will do nothing more than keep you barely alive on a “ventilator”. PULL THE PLUG! See where you’re life is for real without the artificial Life support machine keeping us Barely alive!

Dig out from under All the Emotional Debt!!

 Like was said in the movie Million Dollar Baby, you have to “strip down to the bare wood”, that is what too many of us need to do in order to save ourselves, our children and our planet.  Too many people are simply not prepared to do what it takes but, they just might be forced into it one day.
 The fact is, we simply cannot afford to live in Denial of Natural Law. People continue to ‘lower the Bar” in their lives thinking that will alleviate the pain and misery when it’s actually increasing it.
 I recently heard a story on Alternative news about a group of kids involved in a team sport waiting for a  bus to come and pick them up when some cops came over and arrested some of them or all of them for doing nothing! The parents then, had to go to the precinct and pay $200 bail each to get their kids out.
 Why there wouldn’t be a Total Uproar in the neighborhood over this and have the whole community come out and stand up and file a suit and get the parents $$ back! Is it that idea of, “Oh,let’s just pay it and forget about it”, that, we’ll be done with it if we just pay the $$. I don’t really know what the outcome was or if it’s over yet but, if these parents don’t make a big stink about this then, we’re the ones to blame for what’s happening.
 Water seeks it’s own level. There is NO Skipping over stages in life! FACT; There is NO getting over on Nature!! It is imperative that we screw our heads back onto our bodies! If we think we can disregard the blatant feedback that nature is giving us through the environment and also, through the feedback fro other people, we are sadly mistaken.
 Some people think they can decide that other people are not important and that by treating those people; children, the poor, indigenous, Native Americans, animals, Jews, etc, as less then they can ignore what harm and atrocities they do to them. All people are doing is creating a vicious cycle. All the “elite” are doing is projecting themselves onto others! So, it’s REALLY the “Elite” who feel like losers, poor, degraded, ugly, worthless or else they wouldn’t need to be dumping onto other people.
 One of the Best skills a person can learn in this world is the ability to Stay PRESENT. To stay grounded under fear, intimidation, the attack from others, being bullied in any way, is one skill that will serve you best the more you practice it. It is our low self worth and simply NOT being taught things that makes all the difference. once we learn a few tactics, once we realize that those in “Power” really don’t have power when their mistreating you and trying to intimidate you.
 Because Nature doesn’t allow us to skip over any stages we Must acknowledge the fact that most people have an arrested development and ARE Literally, Children on Power and Ego Trips desperately trying to hide. Because the System is So out of sync with Nature and we’re forced to Grow up faster than Nature allows, much like the chickens in FOOD Inc. who look like grow chickens but were really injected with all kinds of chemicals to make them grow faster than they really can. That is too many people! Their insides do not match the outside uniform, the role they play in life and most people are desperately trying to fit the role that they don’t fit, Why?? Hmm, I can’t imagine,, Oh, that’s right,, $$!!
 Why would we all agree to LIE?? To Hide?? To pretend we can do things or have the maturity level of these roles when the truth is,, We don’t?
 WHY I LOVE Yoga practice is that it brings us back to Nature and teaches people to BE where yo are! There’s NO shame in simply admitting ,, “This is where I am”, DO the pose you can do with Integrity, with a Full breath. Of COURSE the System wants us to LIE! To Hide, to live in fear of exposure. That’s how it keeps us in line. We must come clean to ourselves and a few close others. BE where you’re at! Free yourself of having to pretend to be some Powerful, Authoritarian like David Petraeus.
 I filmed and took still shots of a protest outside an upscale hotel in NYC where the New York Historical Society was Awarding him for some “achievement” when he’s a known War Criminal. The amount of hiding people do blatantly to keep up the facade is remarkable. If we took half that energy to put it towards being healthy and free, what a world we could create!
 There is Nothing about living that way that is in sync with Nature. Nature lives in Truth, in more of a,, Pay-as-you-go sort of a way. We’re born living in the moment and living with our bodies in sync with our minds. Somewhere along the line, decades ago, for the SOLE purpose of keeping the Status Quo going, we got conditioned to live in our heads dictating to our bodies and nature instead of in harmony with it and listening to it. Our Natural feelings got shamed and ridiculed, we learned to not trust our own bodies and healthy feelings and cut ourselves off from our Vitality and Source!
 What REAL Authority is going to tell you not to trust what you feel?? That’s insane! Anyone who cares about you even a little will be teaching you to trust and listen to your instincts. That’s how we learn to do anything else!! How else to we learn to walk, to ride a bike, hit a baseball, draw, etc??? What we feel is at the core of who we are. Anyone who dismisses what you feel and tells you to listen to them over your gut, Should be run away from as quickly as possible!! Not left to be in charge of us indefinitely. That kind of “authority” is Abusive authority, NOT Healthy authority who encourage people to be who they are. Who want people to stand on their own and think on their own. Our sick system is the Opposite of Nature and Health!! PERIOD! Everything we’re taught as children is 90% GMO, unnatural, at our expense, to keep us in line and developmentally delayed.
 And who is questioning it? Who sees it?? If it’s being handed down from generation to generation, that’s just passing down the debt, NOT value and quality teaching! Do people ask themselves what has real value? Does passing down abusive parental ways, because your parents raised you like that, create wealth for kids later on? Do parents ask themselves what they’re passing down to their kids?? Taking the easy, lazy way out, turning away from standing up and just going to work to pay bills at a job you hate isn’t going to cut it anymore!
 We will have NO choice very soon, to have to give up this society of Debt and lack of Nature we’ve built. Nature will demand it! Is demanding it. We’re going to be forced to live a more connected life style, a more respectful one.