Reality is,, Whatever you want it to be!!

That’s the way it goes today! Make up whatever Reality you want!! I get tired of saying it! I get tired of writing at times because I end up getting myself so worked up. I don’t know why I feel things and see things so clearly and other people don’t seem to see and feel what I feel. The blatant robbery that I experienced since the very beginning of my life and the complete Lack of Anyone to be there to help and reinforce me until I was able to gain some strength. If this isn’t such Obvious evidence as to the Sick Society we live in I don’t know what is! And this is FAMILY doing it!! Neighbors, extended family ALL oblivious to and taking advantage of the fact that I’m young and vulnerable and completely unable to do things and stand up for myself. My Low power position is a Green light for anyone to get over, to treat you any way they feel like and make what ever excuses why they can’t treat you the way you deserve.

 Again,, I say this from the perspective of Pure MATH, of REALITY, of the way it IS. I’m so Sick of people, and it’s been the Norm my entire life, THINKING, because they’re “Decapitated” from their bodies and instincts, that they can simply MAKE UP what ever reality they feel like if they do Not life the feedback that comes at them.

 It isn’t just the 1% who do it, who rig the system and make the laws to adjust to their Psychosis so they no longer see their Psychosis. The people getting screwed and left with the bill, aka, the 99%, do it too. I’ve been saying it my whole life. I would not be seeing and feeling more and more everyday how I was conditioned to live so small, have no one there to give ANY leverage or protection at all and instead, do the exact Opposite, if there wasn’t something so screwed up about our Society! I have felt it in my body my entire life, how MANGLED, twisted and contorted my body feels all because those around can’t handle the Truth, don’t wan to hear the Truth. If I had a Normal, healthy response to what ever was going on around me I was made to feel that I was wrong, that my body was wrong, that Nature is WRONG! That is LUDACRIS!! This is what REAL DEBT is all about, Not having anyone be there on your side. People being in such a state of; every one for themselves, that those who are supposed to be there for you when you’re very young and who’s support you NON NEGOTIABLY need to rely on, completely betray the trust and abandon you to be on your own and treat you like you’re already able to fend for yourself.

 This is how you end up in DEBT. The earlier you had to grow up, the more those around you treated you like you’re already an “adult” when you’re not, if they didn’t cultivate and give to you, fill you up until you’re satisfied, support you until you’re completely developed, you’ve been Robbed to some degree.
 Children are like a bank account. “Adults” are supposed to ADD to it until the child grows then can  Emotionally “afford” the stresses of life. People can’t get anywhere because too many “parents” make more “withdrawals” then they do “deposits” into their own child’s Psyche.

 HOW is the Child Ever going to stand up to that?? This is why the world is a MESS!! We teach our kids to accept CRAP!! How many parents TRULY step up to the plate for their kids and do the right thing by them and treat them they way they deserve? Who’s looking out for kids to make sure they’re receiving the best treatment for them to become healthy, strong adults. The standards in this country are WAY too low! Not enough parents teach their kids enough to give that child the leverage and confidence they need to thrive. Too many parents “raise” their kids to just have a job. Whoopie!! That’s a life!! Where’s the standards? Where’s the Fitness? There are TOO many people walking around not living to their potential, just looking to get by. This is what brings the system down!! The people are WEIGHING the system Down!! Like it or not!! STOP having kids, then expecting the System to give them a job and be responsible for them!! BE Responsible yourself for your own Children!! Teach them yourself! Give them the skills and confidence they need yourself!! This is why the “system” is using your kids to fight it’s wars and rob from you!!
 There are Limits to Everything!!! The System will not continue forever!! There comes a day when things break!! When there’s NO more jobs, resources, space, clean water, trees, non laboratory animals.
 We c Getting back to not living in reality,, my entire life I was responded to as if my natural, nail-on-the-head feelings were way off the mark, when the fact was that they were Right on!! How can we turn out to be healthy adults when we have people Robbing us of our reality and the credit we deserve when we’re too young to do anything about it? Imagine!! I will never understand this as long as I live!! When “family” is Not Family and ROB you of what’s rightfully yours telling you you’re wrong when you’re absolutely RIGHT!! You’re going to be walking around completely Lost and Disoriented. Without any one there for you responding to you and your feelings with the mirroring and the response that you DESERVE, that is Accurate!! That is MATHEMATICALLY balanced. If people respond to their child’s feelings in any way that is not 100% completely mathematically accurate,, a debt will accrue over time that will leave that person, later in life, completely screwed!! They’ll be so deep in Psych debt they will NEVER be able to dig themselves out! They will continue to Screw themselves over time by not responding appropriately to people because that’s the way they were taught. When you don’t have good self worth and no one taught you you deserve more, you will allow yourself to be robbed of your dignity over and over again.        
We can’t continue to IGNORE the signs!! The entire system is breaking down because we are straining the resources. That’s why the Powers that Be have turned against us and would rather exterminate us instead of allowing us to have opportunities. We can say, what came first, the chicken or the egg? Did the 1% decide to use Edward Bernays to brainwash us into being robot consumers or did WE help them go in that direction? It’s easy to blame them and take the responsibility off ourselves. We’re ALL connected. Others mirror us back to ourselves.The 1% feel that way about us because we teach them to treat us that way.
 I can’t take people not wanting to Tell it like it is!! NATURE WILL IF YOU DON’T!! 

A good look at "family"

We all have to really take a good hard look at ourselves and our “families” if we are to truly understand how our society arrived where we are. If we do not look at and address what needs to be addressed, we are digging our own graves! Simple.

 I was in a real dilemma for a few days completely undecided whether or not to attend the NSA Rally in DC this Sat or go to a family 70th Bday part in L.I.
 Now, I’m sure many of you are,, right off the bat saying,, the Family function is the thing to go to, family comes first, yada, yada, yada.
 But, I Truly believe this is exactly where the problems plaguing us today originate. It is a fact that our country would not be in the situation it is in if it was not a collective of all of us behaving and living the way we learned to in our “families”. WE created this society! Simple.

 I’ve tried to say and point things out since I was very young, I saw everything that we now have in this society when I was a young kid. How can it be such a surprise that we’ve arrived at where we are when the slow and gradual complacency has been paved for decades?
 If you’re growing up in your own house and the very people supposed to be protecting and standing up for you are, instead, the ones draining your energy, THEN you’re conditioned by the nest set of people who could be stepping in but don’t, and instead, THEY’RE telling you to let those who are not doing right by you off the hook,, then WTF??? THERE IT WAS! As plain as the nose on my face, being trained not only to accept the excuses as to why those in my care could not do their job properly, I was guilted into “bailing them out!”, into feeling sorry for them! Any time I tried protecting myself and standing up for myself, I was guilted and shamed for not feeling sorry for my “Poor Parents”.  If that is not a CLEAR indication of the world we NOW have, I don’t know what is!
 When you Do the Math and really take a look, it amounts to ME getting screwed! We “call” people “family”, we call banks “Banks”, we call Gov “Gov”, but now we find that all these labels are Not backed by anything real and that Hospitals can make you sick instead of healthy and banks/mortgage brokers rob you rather than making you wealthier. WHY? Because we’re too busy looking at the label, too busy being checked out and not paying attention to the actions.

  This dilemma as to whether or not I go to the NSA action or to the “family” Bday party brought into focus how I am programmed to just go through motions because people are labeled “family”.  Just like a new and improved product, people need to continuously put effort into being the best they can for each other. The problem with family is that, just like the Gov/Corp/Banks, we are a captive audience, those in charge, many times, don’t feel the need to “earn” because they already have the power. It’s based more on position than any Real “ingredients” or quality of character. Since I was a kid I started looking into the way the Family is supposed to work. Like today, many people are getting suspicious and, well, it doesn’t even take a lot of snooping actually, to see the blatant dysfunction and, now, criminality, that is going on. 
 Maybe it’s because I began looking into things early on. Like Joe Banister, the former IRS agent, who began looking into whether or not there really was a law that required Americans to pay a tax on their income. All it takes is a bit of “presence” and investigating. So what I started to inquire about as a kid on the family system was the same thing that many are looking into with the way the FED works, Banks, how $$ is made and where it comes from, what is a credit default swap. That is what life is all about, that is what Debt is based on! Having False info that gets built upon over time leading people completely off course.

 The only way to Truly KNOW something is in your Body, in your gut. The Only way to truly KNOW something is to spend time understanding it and digesting it. How else do we learn to ride a bike or roller skate or anything else? We concentrate and focus our mind/body connection until we perfect the moves. When we’re expected to just take someones word for it and NEVER have the chance to challenge it or put it to the test by putting it through our own “checks and balances”, then we are being related to in a completely dysfunctional and unhealthy way. The “leader” who relates to us in this way is anything BUT a true leader. But how do we know this when being related to in this way is All we know? We can FEEL it. We can feel that something isn’t quite right inside of us. We can feel that we are not as healthy and coordinated as we could be. We can feel the awkwardness and the abandonment at being left behind. Having the ability and the permission to take the time to process (Nature) is the equivalent to building the span of a bridge. Once it’s done we can cross to the other side. As we can clearly see from our society, this is not the case. We have millions upon millions of people left behind by “leaders” who claim to be in the interest of the people when, if they truly were, they would take the time to teach until the info was processed by people. 
 You can’t PAY someone to be in your best interest! $$ cannot substitute for the time and processing it takes Nature to construct things. The whole point of “authority” is to Teach, to allow the “span” to be built. “Oh Trust me”, yet the “leader” does not teach or give you the time for your mind/body to make the connections is a signal to run in the other direction. This also includes “parents”. This is usually how we learn to blindly give our trust over when the person clearly does not deserve it or has earned it. Without smart, caring parents, we’re set up to be used by the system, period. This is uncomfortable to deal with but, the effort put in will be well worth it!
 If parents don’t do their job first,, why should we expect “leaders” of the country and corp or the Gov to care about us?

"Assault on Wall Street" movie

I have to write about the movie,, Assault on Wall Street. I have to say,, if I could have given it 6 stars I would have. I don’t condone violence but, the truth is, if we Fuck with people’s lives enough and push them to their limits, this is Exactly the kind of behavior we’re asking for!! This is why the “little guy” will always lose, if he doesn’t get it and isn’t prepared to do what needs to be done. The FACT is, we’ve waited TOO long! If we stared decades ago, we could have done things more “peacefully”, we could have had non violent protests and activism, bills and regulations passed, but, we waited too long! We’re in Stage 4 Cancer now.

   The time for eating right, quitting smoking and starting an exercise program is Over! TOO LATE!
 I’m tired of people NOT getting it! We live in a Cause and Effect world. People who turn around and say things like, “Oh, Violence isn’t the answer”, or “Oh, That was wrong of that guy to shoot those brokers”, is living in Denial! We don’t live in our heads! That’s just it! That’s the TRUE Debt!! The debt of our Health!! Not Fake $$!! The depletion of our bodies emotional and physical resources, along with the raping of the environment for Profit, is the REAL debt! Our minds and emotions are So skewed we don’t even know it! There is NO kicking the Emotional or Physical health can down the debt road any more!! Once we push people, nature, the body to it’s limits it’s Done! Finished! This is what Fake Man made $$ has diverted us away from. We don’t even know what’s real anymore. We think $$ is real! We think it can manipulate reality for us. We think we can keep pushing and pushing people, keep inflicting violence on other countries, our own country and families, the environment and that our fake $$ will continue to keep it at bay. Then criminalize other cultures and call them “terrorists” for standing up and fighting back when they’re simply having a healthy response to being treated with complete degradation.

 It’s Normal for Nature/people to retaliate when they’ve had such violations of their humanity and rights. Does your skin not burn if in the sun too long? Does the body not get sick when mistreated or injured? Is the Body a criminal for getting sick? Is nature a Criminal for responding to being disrespected?? I mean , Come on!! Are we REALLY that “out to sea?”

 Once we screw up nature it’s DONE! Once you eat too much crap, not exercise, drink to much alcohol, have too much unprotected sex, marry the wrong person, have children, drop a match in a forest, spill milk on your computer, get our legs blown off in a “war”, blow someone else up in a “war”, drunk drive, it’s DONE! We can do our best to remedy it ONLY after we’ve acknowledged our errors. Even then there is NO guarantee we can undo much of the damage. We can only heal what we can heal. Much of the damage cannot be undone. This is the Reality too many don’t want to get. We can’t talk/think our way out of a heart attack!
 We can’t do what the FED and banks do, although we have been programmed to,, have anything we want regardless of whether or not we should have it or can afford it, $$ or Emotionally. We don’t want to hear about it when there are consequences to our actions. We resist the Real feedback coming back at us from physics and other people. We don’t want to look, we don’t want to take responsibility even if we ARE responsible! We want to pass the buck onto our children, people in other countries, nature and never admit when we need to be inconvenienced and change our ways. When we need to challenge ourselves and do something different.
 FACT: WE ARE ALL CONNECTED! It surprises the heck out of me that no one has done what Jim Baxford did in this movie! Of course, if he did, he would be seen as the biggest criminal!! We say, “oh that’s not the way to deal with things?” When this country is the biggest purveyor of violence in the entire world!!! Why do people continue protecting the PSYCHOS?

 As long as we continue to block out reality and live in our heads, like the Fed and banks have trained us to, as long as we think we can dictate to nature and physics instead of the other way around, as long as we don’t want to deal with the consequences and hold others responsible when it calls for it, we are deluding ourselves and kicking our health Debt can down the road even more. When people are done, they’re done, when they’re reached their emotional and physical capacity, they’re reached it. NO MEANS NO! Adults are supposed to get that but, of course we don’t have any of those. Not everyone is going to respond like a coward and cower in fear to the PTB and to the rigged system by putting up with it and throwing their hands up saying, “There’s nothing we can do” What wold the Native Americans and Forefather have done? They would Never put up with this crap!! We should be Ashamed!! Where’s our Pride. our self respect?

 There Are some people who will respond like a heart attack. Do you ever hear someone say, “That heart attack could have been a little less painful” or,, “How dare my body get cancer”. We can’t criminalize Hurricane Sandy! Are we going to arrest the birds in the gulf for getting oil all over themselves??
 The little guy who Snaps is NOT the criminal! It’s what’s being done to them that’s criminal! STOP blaming the Little guy!! for not being able to take the Heavy weight crushing them from the TOP, BLAME THOSE IN CHARGE!!!!! STOP being a Coward yourself and continuing to pass the debt and blame onto those who do not deserve it. Grow some courage and stand up to those who could stand be stood up to, who would benefit greatly from it!! It’s only Your laziness and cowardice that keeps the blame on the innocent. It’s easy to knock those who act out unskillfully when they’re at least acting.

  I will continue to say it,, it’s the PEOPLE who are the problem,, the way they treat each other,, NOT the 1%. We need to reconnect the Mind/Body split! We need to stop doing to each other, our bodies and the earth what the system wants,, for us to continue pushing ourselves, our bodies, the earth and each other for fake $$ while exhausting our resources emotionally, spiritually and physically. It’s not just the Military/war, that’s a Racket. Too many put $$ before Real value and what’s right. That makes $$ the Opposite of wealth! who’s courageous enough to realize that? Get out of your head! BE in your body! Listen to it! TRUST IT! Cultivate that relationship otherwise you will be taken for a ride by a scammer. We were not taught how magnificent we really are and how amazing our bodies are. It must be cultivated in healthy ways, not the Ego ways the system directs us towards.

Relationships are like tight muscles

My brother showed up this weekend complaining of neck pain that he’s been dealing with for weeks since a run in with a deer while driving. His Range of Motions is severely limited and it hurts to turn his head in any direction. I tired doing some gentle stretches and massage.

 It made me think of the metaphor I’ve used to describe the family system and relationships. My brothers neck pain and the muscles and ligaments involved are an example of what some families and relationships are like. The constriction and lack of mobility that many people feel, the pain and difficulty when trying to get the cooperation we need form those parts/people around us can end up strangling us instead if the relationships falls into too much debt. It’s all about how we interact with each other. It’s all about how we were taught to treat others and respond to their needs. My bothers neck issue most likely was caused by an incident he had with a dear while driving 2 weeks ago then all the driving he does on top of that.

 Upon the surprise and getting startled by a dear running in front of our car, in a split second we gasp, hold our breath and clench up. It’s the equivalent to brakes on a car locking. Holding our breath puts the Muscles into O2 debt when they need the O2 the most! Once the muscles get into that debt, it’s hard to get them out. We need to give CPR to those parts that were strangled. Gaining the trust back and getting the muscles to release takes time and consistency. Who was taught to have the Presence of mind to continue breathing when a dear runs in front of our car? If we practiced Meditation maybe some people can.
 Which brings me to the description of the Family, the muscles represent people in relationships and what happens when the relationship gets starved and turns on us in excruciating pain. Even the best relationships and parents can get into “debt” in this system that depletes resources faster than we can replenish. That’s what Capitalism on Steroids does!

 The way we need to learn how to properly exercise, how to learn about our bodies and how to make them stronger and more fit so our bodies are there for us and last, so we also need to learn how to “exercise” and build strong, fit relationships so they last and sustain us in the future. But, who taught us that? I recall Barbara DeAngelis on a VHS tape I had in the 90’s ask,, “who taught you how to love?’ “How many people want to have the marriage their parents had?” Not too many raised their hands for that one.

  The same way if we don’t have a good, respectful relationship with our own bodies it will turn on us over time, So will our families, and friendships. If we do not know how to listen, to give, to validate, to give space to, to cultivate, to understand the non verbal language, to spend time with, to understand the signs and symptoms of, and instead, do the Exact Opposite, take for granted, which too many people do, we will simply be screwing ourselves and robbing ourselves of the health and Nutrition that is possible.
 Capitalism/Masculine on Steroids has made certain that we keep ourselves, bodies and relationships starving, just barely above poverty. Why not have relationships and Bodies that THRIVE rather than just living “paycheck to paycheck?” It doesn’t take $$, Just the passion and desire for Organic, Nutritious relationships.

  Couples and friends get into Emotional debt when we don’t know how to and are Not mindful of how we interact. When we take people for granted and don’t have respect for them We, like the tight muscles, end up taking more than we give. Just as we can hurt our own bodies over time by not respect them and taking them for granted, not eating well, meditating or exercising, we do the same to our relationships. We don’t feed them “Organically”, we don’t take care of them, we don’t nurture them, we don’t listen to them. When a friend or partner gives us feedback we dismiss it and defend the Program of the “System within” by telling them they don’t know what they’re talking about. This is How we perpetuate the system, by protecting it’s “seed” in ourselves so we can continue “birthing” it all over the place. We don’t even realize how we put the system first at the expense of our bodies and families.

 It’s all about going DEEP within and taking a long hard look at who we are and what we’re made out of.

I cannot help but feel more and more lately the amount of “debt” I’ve been conditioned to be in and keep myself in all my life. I can’t believe the amount of terror I felt trying to get someone to listen and take seriously the amount of Stress and Trauma I experienced by the Very people who are supposed to be my protectors and supporters. I was trapped with no where to go. People don’t want to take it seriously and understand because then they would have to DO something! Something MORE than just having a Job,  all the system expects of you. Heaven forbid we act outside the system and respond on our instincts to something that’s happening right in front of us or to our neighbor.

 I recently watched the latest Still Report with Bill Still of who I am a big fan,, ,, with Bill Still telling Obama that soldiers in the Wars are not there to protect Rich Oil interests. That the soldiers signed up believing the were fighting for their country and the lives of it’s citizens. I’m sure many soldiers see now that that’s not the case but, they have so much invested in the Military and have no where else to go, they cling to the belief, no different than a bettered spouse or child.
 So Bill Still plays a clip of Rand Paul talking about Obama needing to be a good leader and what a good leader is,, Another example of what I was telling people when I was a child, that I have a right to expect my own Parents to be good leaders and to DO their job. No one should be forced as a child to live in a completely stressful, uncaring, harsh, and oppressive environment. Talk about a captive audience! Where and when else are you at your most Captive if not when you’re a small child?? Who else can betray you more than the Very people who brought you into the world then, don’t do their job sufficiently to provide you with the BASIC respect and validation you need to be healthy?

 If people today can complain about the Gov, the Military, the income inequality, the 1%, the FED, Wall St, the National Debt, low wages, etc,, then What does someone who had all that and more in their own family feel?? Those who didn’t feel it at that level won’t understand what it’s like to feel completely imprisoned in your own house by the very people who’s “Job” it is to protect you.

 Because my growing up was SO Terrifying and the last thing I wanted was to repeat it, I did the logical thing and LISTEN to my body and what it needed by reading plenty of books on healthy relationships and started exercising my ASS off to replace what was robbed. At the complete opposition of what others were telling me. It is pretty sad even today that I have to be alone to listen to what my gut says because not many will be on your side. Any time I think someone will be on my side, it turns out I have to go in opposition to them. People only Love you when you’re a winner, but they won’t help you get there.
 Another signature of Machismo Capitalism.
 The ONLY way out of this system is to get the System out of YOUR system!

NFL/Crony Capitalism = Not allowed to have Limits!!

Last night I watched the very disturbing PBS video on the Denial of the NFL on the dangers of football on it’s players. I was not surprised because it fits the pattern perfectly our society has taken in recent decades which is the acceleration of a Fake system & Crony Capitalism at ALL Costs!! The complete extreme of “masculine”, Capitalism, the “intellect” over Nature, the body, the environment, animals & other people, has come to a perilous point. 
 Does it Really take a Rocket Scientist to understand, or even a Neurologist for that matter, that repeated blunt trauma to the head over time can and will result in irreparable damage to the brain? I mean, come on! The M.D’s for the NFL, Ira R. Casson, Elliot J. Pellman and David C Viano DENIED  the CLEAR evidence presented by the Medical Examiner Dr. Bennett Omalu and began a smear campaign against him.

 It’s All too familiar! It’s the same scenario as Wall St. The NFL is just another “Too Big to Fail”, making $$ at ANY Cost. Simply Using players like Gladiators for $$. It’s one thing when it happens to Soldiers in the Military who come from low to no opportunity environments or when it’s poor, uneducated people in Indonesia working in the Nike sweatshops, but when it’s educated, talented Pro Football players, you KNOW the System has gone overboard! When the NFL doesn’t even care about it’s players, just tosses them to the side when done using and profiting the life out of them. 
 At least the NFL Players did make good $$, they did get paid extremely well for their sacrifices. Take the soldiers in the Military and just about anyone for that matter, who buy into some BS “dream” that they’re fighting for the freedom of the people of their country and fighting some “Terrorists” who want to take that Freedom. Or kids who go to College thinking they’re going for the “dream” of a future in their choice of career path when all they’re doing is accumulating Debt they will never get out of!

 The victims of the Mortgage crisis,, THEY were responsible! The people SHOULD have known!! Those Robbed by Wall St,, should have known! When Wall St, the NFL a Corp or whoever want someone to Screw, they want to be in a relationship with you,, when it comes out the “Authority” is the one doing the Screwing ,, they blame the people. It’s typical Slight of hand,, I mean,, Slight of Mind! They just make up the rules as they go along and change them at will to protect themselves.  They want to Perks of being the “Authority” minus the Responsibility. All Take and NO Give! 
 Video of Player Ryan Clark of Pittsburg Steelers talking about the “Shady” NFL.  
 The debate he’s having with Skip Bayless, sports journalist for ESPN, is the exact Same debate I’ve had with people since I’m 7 years old! No body wants to take Responsibility even though they’re in the Position of it!!

 I was so angry watching this PBS Frontline because it’s the Exact same argument I’ve been having ALL my life since I’m very young. The very people who should be on your side are on the side of Capitalism on Steroids, $$. No one protects or cares about anyone, Families, the NFL, Wall St, the Military, Corporations but, to SUCK you in, that’s Exactly what they’ll preach to you, to get into your pants!  Except family, is WORSE because you don’t get to choose, you’re born right into it! At least NFL players can sue, can fight back, join together, in your own family you’re Totally Screwed! With No one but, yourself to rely on and everyone in denial about the harm the Trauma, the health effects of growing up in Domestic Violence and Abuse.

 Here’s My Question?? How is it that we can notice the deterioration of the NFL players from the way they were to what they become, as Something is AWRY,,  when we don’t notice the Millions of people who are that way ALL their lives?? Of course there’s an obvious difference in players who were once strong, right minded, coherent, funny and loving people who then become Angry, confused, disoriented, incoherent, frustrated and suicidal but, what about the Millions who were ALWAYS that way? Who never made it to the top so they can fall, but who Never made it at All! What do we call that? What is the Medical term for that? Is that Normal?? For so many in the population to Never get off the ground? To what Deformity of Society do we attribute that to? That’s Larger than the NFL. We get so used to having so many people who never reach their full capabilities we think it’s Normal!

 From what I recall, if a child wasn’t talking or walking by,, the age of 2 the doctor would say something was of concern. Something to be looked at or monitored. Today,, we have Millions of people living Well Below their Mental abilities and call it Normal. In Fact, the system is Designed to ARREST people’s development so they stay slaves and are unable to Progress. Developmental delays are an Epidemic in our Society! Where’s the Law suit for that? How or Who is a child going to sue for Not growing up in a Healthy and Caring environment?? Where is a person going to get leverage from if they don’t get it from family? There are Many people who have kids who are not capable of giving that child a full and healthy life. Who is going to be on their side when the Centripetal Force of Capitalism on Steroids has Pulled the ground out from under?? Abused and Neglected children are the Unseen and unheard victims who don’t and cannot get what they need to grow to accomplish their goals. Who is going to stand up for that?

 When the Gov comes along and takes more and more rights and Dignity away from the people, those who grew up in non families won’t notice because it will be “familiar”, nothing wrong because that is what they’re used to. Families treat each other like crap, so do Gov.

 This “be Tough” epidemic for $$ has over Masculinized the world at the expense of Truth. Weather a football player or a Soldier or a sweatshop worker, oil covered birds, animals to Slaughter, a cut down rainforest, agriculture, anything Natural, we’re ALL expendable in the eyes of Sick Capitalism. We’re not allowed to have limits, we’re not allowed to need care, to get sick, to grow at a certain pace, get injured, break down, to need maintenance, replenishment, love, filling up, gentleness.
 I felt this right away at an early age. I inherited and was forced to take on more stress and responsibility than my body/mind was capable of. I was forced to grow faster than my mind/body was capable of and I wasn’t allowed to have emotional needs, needs for care, tenderness, love, understanding, or Love. It was take take take, no give. 
 We’re Brainwashed to do to our own bodies and minds what Capitalism does to the Natural world, take, push, push more and harder when you’re body is is telling you to stop. Even when our Emotions tell us not to listen to or trust some “authority” we were not taught to have the leverage to listen and trust the wisdom of our own gut. We simply were not taught or have the leverage to counter it. Which is what Family is supposed to be but, has deteriorated.

Signs and Symptoms of SHOCK/DEBT

I cannot help but feel that things will not get better until people are truly prepared to dig deeper and break more os a sweat in the direction that will benefit them, Not in the direction that’s screwing them. We’ve been playing by the rules with those who have taken advantage, have robbed and completely taken us for fools.
 This is our Life!! Are we going to let ourselves be taken for a ride indefinitely?

 What we need to realize is, “IT’S NOT A $$ PROBLEM!! It’s an information problem,, a Self esteem problem. The Real Debt is NOT $$ , it’s Self worth and the energy exchange we have with each other and Society.  We were taught to interact and treat those closest to us the worst while we bow and not stand up to those we should be. Over Time,, WE are the ones doing the Energy Transfer from the “little guy” to the Addicts, allowing them to deplete all our value, confidence and worth. We need to learn how to do Emergency Medical techniques to Stop the Bleeding out, Put PRESSURE on the Wound and elevate, energetically with those around us.

 We need to live in more of a,, Trim the Fat/Build the Muscle system than the E Coli system we are unconsciously perpetuating. We need to STOP robbing, blaming and depleting those who can afford it the least on an EMOTIONAL level. We need to STOP Transferring our hostility, created by and that BELONGS to the 1%, (which would actually make them healthier) and Stop perpetuate the VICIOUS CYCLE onto the Most vulnerable.
 We have to start seeing $$ for what it truly has become, A Weapon used to manipulate our emotions and make us turn on each other. See the Documentary, the Century of the Self about Edward Bernays, nephew of Sigmund Freud, the Engineer of Propaganda;

Adam Curtis: The Century of the Self on Vimeo

 I’ve come up with a term called; Financial, could even call it, Economic Morbid Obesity. This idea that $$ can do no wrong or that $$ is some how Immune to being SICK is,, itself Ludacris! We’ve So conditioned ourselves to this perception that $$ is the BE All and END All,, OVER Nature!! Holy Crap!! That is SICK!! HIGH ALERT!! The Red light is FLASHING,, the Alarm is sounding!!
 Those at the TOP are the Criminals,, NOT the Afghans or the Syrians, or the poor or women or children or gays or GLBT. Those with all the Fake $$ to control everything can orchestrate it all to make it look however they want! The momentum will continue to accelerate unless we Wake up Now!!

 What we are experiencing is called; OSMOSIS. What we are doing in Society is,, Unconscious, EASY,, taking from poor to give to Rich.
 Osmosis is the spontaneous net movement of water across a semipermeable membrane from a region of LOW solute concentration to a solution with a HIGH solute concentration, down a solute concentration gradient. 
  This is EASY,, takes No EFFORT.
SO,,  If a molecule is to be transported from an area of low concentration to an area of high concentration, Easy,, no Effort,, THEN,, WORK, EFFORT,, AWARENESS must be done to overcome the influences of diffusion and osmosis.

  It’s more about the way we behave and treat each other than it is about $$.
 We are terribly unconscious to the fact that we treat those around us the way we should be treating the Powers that Be, the Bakers, the Fed, Corps, etc. We, unknowingly, deplete the energy and self confidence of our “family”, “Friends”, “neighbors” and community around us to Feed the Monster because we simply do not have the AWARENESS and because it takes EFFORT,, to stand up for what’s right. This is what the PTB count on, the fact that we’re SLEEPING.
 People are so Lost in all this BS, Political terminology using labels like, “Socialism”, “Communism”, “Left, “Right”, “Democrat”, “Republican”, ???????? How about just some SIMPLE, Basic Common Sense like helping those who need and DESERVE IT?? WHY do people Unconsciously CONTINUE To PROTECT THE CRIMINALS?? WHY?? Please, Someone tell me!
 I know why,, LAZINESS!! People continuing to keep doing the SAME thing Over and Over instead of making a CONSCIOUS effort to change.
 That, like I said before, Is the REAL DEBT!! It’s TAKES EFFORT,, Real work to change, and people want to continue doing what’s EASY,, even though their inaction is costing the lives of Millions of Innocent people just to maintain the HIGH Maintenance of the 1%.
 Did the Koch Brothers Earn what they have? J.P. Morgan? The Rockefellers?? The Bushes? Clinton’s? Monsanto? Exxon? I don’t know the details but, most of them were Born into it,, had much of it handed to them and we Grovel at these people?? When the Little guy deserves More praise and deserves it Way more, has worked harder than Any one of the names mentioned.

 When are we going to get that we are digging our graves and the graves of our children??
  Is anyone really ever on anyone elses side, they’re always offering advice or telling you what to do for their OWN benefit, Not yours! Living in a never ending, Debt Spiral. No one ever sees this. It’s too subtle, too unconscious, that there’s NO cushion, no airbag and we have to blow it back up again! Relationships end up being Bone on Nerve, No joint! All used up! And no one paying attention to it, just continue eroding it.

I’m sick of everything being so confusing when it’s not. I’m sick of the VERY people around who need to be Championing and supporting,, be the ones doing the choking instead. I’m sick of being told to Calm Down!! When I and THEY have every reason to be Mad and direct it Out there! NOT at each other!
 ALWAYS having to be what someone else wants, needs and getting Nothing in return. Trained to simply, Bleed out!
 I have such clarity of being trained to have to think of others my entire life and NEVER myself. Trained to be the Conductor of my OWN demise!! Because I grew up in a Debt situation, you were expected to “sacrifice” but then never get it back, NEVER get your turn. As a child, I was given the impression that if I was just “good” now and sacrificed for others now, I would get mine later. But, of course, later never comes.
Here comes the infamous Benjamin Franklyn quote,,,

 Those who would give up Essential Liberty
to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

 What do we do,  however, when it’s our Very OWN “Families” who are blackmailing us?? Who are the ones taking advantage of their positions to keep us in Emotional Starvation?? Who are acting AS the Powers that Be??  The walls and boundaries of the Family unit have been caved in by Crony Capitalism such that the family system has dissolved til there’s NO protection from Capitalism, no cushion left No Leverage, just slipping and sliding. Capitalism takes Every resource it can from anywhere it can! It has no care, no compassion, no remorse because it’s simple momentum now. 
 The PTB aren’t doing it, the people are doing it to each other. While the 1% sit back and let it roll in. 

 So -called Family and “friends” are supposed to be the ones behind one another, sticking up for one another have instead been the ones knocking me down when I’m smart or right or angry! Because most people are afraid of their own power, afraid of their anger they fear yours and need to squash it when you express even valid anger, which is what puts you into further and further DEBT!

 If we are Not Willing to Look into some pretty PAINFUL issues in ourselves and our lives, NOTHING will ever change. The whole point is that it’s HARD. We have to push into the pain a bit at at time. That’s the Direction we need to be going. Not in the, Keeping doing what’s easy, direction. Which only makes things harder later.
 A family that is not healthy emotionally is like a body going into shock. The first thing that goes is Mental Status. The people involved are living in Scarcity instead of sufficiency so there’s no way they’re not in a state of impaired judgement. Parents who are not getting their emotional needs met from one another end up using their children to fill it. Same thing that happens when the Body is losing blood, the body has to choose which parts lose blood first so, naturally the children get sacrificed first.

 They keep the child in position of slavery so the parent can continue to get what they want and need at the expense of the child. This is the same exact example of what we have happening on a Global scale, where the PTB want the masses right where they want them, SUCKING up to them for the duration. The Family ends up being a smaller version of a Corp or Job. We do to our kids what our boss does to us. Makes us kill ourselves for “minimum wage.”

Trusting your Own Gut is a No Brainer!

Last night I attended the 74th Birthday Celebration of Lynne Stewart at the St Mark’s Theater in NYC. I did live radio there which can be heard on when the podcast is complete,, or on youtube, AwakeRadio1.
  It turned out to be too small a theater for the amount of people who showed up, they had to rotate some people going in and out as to allow those who could not fit to have a chance.
 When I first heard about Lynne Stewart I had No idea who she was and what happened to her or why she was in prison. Gradually, I became more familiar with her and why she was imprisoned and why she did what she did. Ultimately, only WE are in our bodies and only WE can determine the course of action we need to take. Lynne Stewart was the one representing Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, getting to know him and understanding him and where he was coming from. Whether or not he was who he was being portrayed to be, actually slowing down and taking the time to get to the bottom of things, which No one else was doing.
 Think of it like this,, We are ALL connected body parts, PERIOD. Whether we like it or not, We ARE one Large connected Body. If our index finger tells our brain that fire is hot when we put our finger near it, do we Really need to question that? I mean, isn’t it a No Brainer to take the nerves in our index finger’s “word” for it Not to touch Fire? After all, our index finger is THERE. Our index finger is the part of the System that is on the Scene relaying the info. 
FACT: The way our system works LITERALLY IS a NO BRAINER! Reflexes do NOT even need the brain (Authorities) to function. A Reflex is only goes to the spinal cord and stops,, it Doesn’t go All the way to the brain for everything.
From Neurology 
Sometimes a reflex can look a lot like conscious behavior. For example, in the “triple flexion” reflex, the knee, hip, and foot flex in such a way that the leg withdraws when a painful stimulus is applied. This can happen even if an electrical signal never reaches the brain it can be completely orchestrated by the spinal cord. It’s important to distinguish between a reflex and intentional movement in cases of coma or altered consciousness.
 So it is with other people. This idea that the “head”, the “authority” gives the orders is Ridiculous!! The soldiers, Police, journalists, Emergency workers, or in this case, the Lawyer, on the Scene, PRESENT is the one who determines the course of action to take.
 ANY real “head” takes ALL information from who is on the scene and incorporates and values the judgement and training of their fellow unit in making decisions. In some cases, those of lower rank make the decisions on their own WITHOUT consulting the “head” at all! As THEY are the ones THERE!! They are the ones Present and know exactly what’s going on!! That is what is meant by TRUST!!
 This idea that the “head” makes ALL decisions with or without consulting with those on the scene and those of lower rank are there to “just Follow Orders” is the Exact OPPOSITE of the way a healthy system operates!!   Where’s the Trust?? Why would anyone choose to be in such an abusive relationship as to put up with being seen as NOT having value? To “just follow Orders” is to NOT be Trusted, to be kept in diminished state. I don’t pretend to know how the Military exactly works or the Police but, how does one advance in their relative positions? Does one move to Captain or Lieutenant by being the best as “just following orders?” That would make someone the LEAST qualified to advance to an “authority” position. 
 The way NATURE works,, and Please excuse me if I KNOW that there is NO higher intelligence than that and that Everything we do should be aligning ourselves with it, should be what we consult. 
 When we build airplanes we first looked at how birds flew.

 It’s blatantly obvious that Man has completely left Nature OUT in his operations on this planet, which means that the Man who thinks he is the “authority” is the one NOT to be Trusted. That’s why we get that twinge in our gut when we KNOW what someone is telling us to do is Wrong and against our own instincts and natures intelligence.
 Any REAL Authority would never tell another to go against their gut! They would take the time to reason, explain and listen to those with lower rank. Only when enough TRUST is built up among groups will those in lower rank feel able to follow orders.

 So Lynne Stewart followed her own gut intelligence, which is what MORE people should do! She would not be in prison right now if it wasn’t so RARE a quality in the Public. The fact that someone with that kind of quality of character is in Prison because of it and NOT being praised and honored shows that we’ve “normalized” “just Following orders” and Criminalized Healthy people!!

 The way to take our system BACK,, isn’t so much Ending the Fed, or Getting $$ out of Politics, although that would help,, as much as we need to be Strengthening our Connection to our OWN Nature and Gut Intelligence. Not going against what our feelings tell us and “just Follow Orders” because doing that will only Weaken us and lead us away from ourselves. 
 The Only TRUE Authority is WITHIN!!! Take the Time to SLOW down and Connect to it like Lynne Stewart did with Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman or YOU will be regarded as a Criminal for trusting your own Gut and being healthy too!!

A new Show called LOST,, showing us in "Civilization"

I cannot believe how utterly OBVIOUS it all is and has been to me ALL my life, that the people are Totally complicit in their own screwing. How’s it’s really Not the 1% or the banks, or corps. but the PEOPLE! I’m TIRED of the excuses!! The PEOPLE are the ones having and passing the ignorance and Psych debt to their own children. How is that Love? How is that “family?’

 I saw it as clear as day at such a young age that “family” is Not Family. There’s nothing but excuses being made for the very people who are supposed to be teaching you, who are supposed to be be your Champions, having a certain level of Standard! If “family” suck that bad and are that dysfunctional and abusive, I mean, Does it Really Take the crash of 08 to know there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with this Society?

 When we’re taught as kids that parents can do no wrong, that they can do what ever they want and we cannot question or challenge it. When it’s so obvious that too many are “raised” to just keep the system going and not put the brakes on it or, to simply, not be a winner in life, to not be someone who stands up for what’s right. I mean, what kind of people are reproducing?? How can we get mad about the crap the corps put out and feed the public when it’s the public who’s asking for it?

 Parents are not raising their children to be truly courageous, quality people! People just get “raised” to get a job, be the bare minimum that this lousy life requires. Many, not all, but too many I feel are just getting what they accept. How so many can sit by and watch many others walk away with so much more than what they deserve while the masses blurt out sayings like, “Who ever said life was fair?” Showing that they’re on the side of those who have more than they do!!! When I say “more” I’m not necessarily talking about materialistically more, although that is part of it. A More important “more” is being more inside of oneself. Using more of ones talents, gifts, smarts, ideas, etc. Like I stated, too many people are simply “happy” being losers. Afraid of what’s inside of them, afraid of their own greatness. I can’t help but get angry at how blatant things are/were when I was growing up and being taught that I had to be alright with growing up in an unhealthy and stressful environment. How, if I wanted or thought I deserved better, to grow up in a loving, more supportive environment, “I” was the criminal!! I’m tired of being surrounded by those who I end up having more regard for then they do for themselves! I’M the enemy because I’m trying to wake them up and get them to see that they’re more, that the system is using them against themselves. So many people are so Afraid of their own Power, TERRIFIED of it!! There’s No other way for Society to go except for those in “control” to take our share and use it against us. It’s Simple Physics. I’m really getting pretty cynical for the fate of mankind. We are not Organic people,, we are Man-made people who have lost our instincts and completely lost our inner compass. We’ve been diminished from the incredible potential that we could achieve. We’ve allowed ourselves to be so diverted off course from what our True Nature really is, to stand up for the vulnerable until they’re able to stand on their own. We Never get a chance to grow FULLY. We Never reach our fullest expression. We’re stuck, stunted, arrested emotionally. I don’t believe any one of us is Ever totally independent. We are Always in need of another for something at all stages of life. What truly gives satisfaction and Joy in life is helping others, that’s Natural! The only ORGANIC Happiness comes from NATURE, NOT Fake $$! We’ve been conditioned to screw over others for fake man-made $$ like Pavlov’s dog salivating to the bell. Just as it is healthy for the human body to respond to cells attempting to alert the entire system to an invader, with prompt action and sharpness, so it is Healthy for ALL persons to respond with Healthy Sharpness to other people who show signs of imbalance. Period! This is what creates Satisfaction and “Nutrition”. Our entire system is constructed in the Complete OPPOSITE way!! With the “head” of the system responding to the imbalance with MORE imbalance rather than moving towards Balance. For those at the Head to even think that THEY are benefiting by the set up of this system is just more proof of their mindset being out of balance and going further and further in the WRONG direction! WE MUST CHANGE COARSE!! $$ has made people DISORIENTED. $$ is a Foreign INVADER not being recognized for what it is! We are MORE LOST, that those out in the wilderness who Man thought years ago were too Primitive and HE was going to make them Progressive! There ought to be a New show called LOST and show people in “civilization”. That’s LOST! We’re so much more focused on being good employees than we’re concerned about being good wives, parents or husbands. We give more of ourselves to our jobs,, well maybe, in some cases that’s totally not true, than we give to our families. We are SO conditioned to see Fake $$ as having value at the Expense of Nature’s only REAL value! PERIOD I’m tired of trying to get this out. I’m tired of trying to get people to listen to me and how Emotionally abusive this Society REALLY is and how we’ve ALL been Robbed one way or another! I’m SICK of people having such a nonchalant attitude towards things that should be dealt with with much more respect and sharpness. The problem is that, because we’ve deceived ourselves into thinking that just because we can get over on and rob a person in a more vulnerable position than us, like our children or the poor, that we’ve gotten over on Nature. WRONG!!!! We’re actually Perpetuating the DISEASE! WE really only BENEFIT and get our NUTRITION when we Support others, when we Cultivate Healthy relationships! Our Society is on a DEATH Spiral!! Manufacturing more and more POLLUTION and SICKNESS all because of it’s INTOXICATION and impairment of and craving for more Fake $$. We think we can ignore the Demands of Nature and of other people and get away with it. We might think we can and we might have for a long time but, ultimately, Nature always evens the score. The Bill Always comes. We’ve made it So Normal to be low quality people that produce low quality people. That is all we are to the globalists. Sheople farms! More people for the Powers that Be to exploit, sell, use or buy. I do not like being this raw but, the problem is, we MUST start living in the truth! Truth is Truth!! It’s NOT about liking it! Always wanting things to be what we want and like which is the problem. How can we keep wanting things to be what we want and like when That’s the Problem!! Would you rather deal with the pain of a smaller cut or deny the cut and have to deal with amputating your finger later? This is the kind of society we have created. One that just Denies reality if we don’t like it. This is what we’ve allowed the Powers that Be to turn us into. Grown imbeciles! We Have to ADMIT it or we’re done!! It has to be true or the system wouldn’t be the way it is! WE created it! The ONLY way out is to ADMIT it!! Keep denying, keep getting offended!! And keep getting the same thing. I see it, I feel it, I’ve felt it ALL my life and Admitted it. I admitted to growing up to be a loser, feeling like a loser, knowing my parents were losers and admitting to myself first that I did NOT want to turn out to anything like them! This was the Truth! WHY am I NOT allowed to say it!!? If I

Man Made $$ is GMO!

In my experiences over decades of observation it appears that too many people have been so infected by man made currency OVER their own natural, innate currency such that people’s REAL currencies/muscles like; Listening, emotional giving, patience, slowing down, being Present and understanding have all ATROPHIED!!

 I have a WAY better chance of getting Fake Man-Made Fiat out of someone than I do understanding. People are so in the habit of exchanging Man-Made fiat that asking for donations is the new thing. I feel it has made people very lazy and disconnected to their natural currencies of taking the time and making an effort to come together rather than simply donating more Fake man-made fiat. The very thing that has poisoned our society and has circulated systemically for so long that our Entire Global world has $$ HIV!

 And what do people want to do,, keep using the same funny money instead of getting rid of it, detoxing ourselves from it. Why not do things cold turkey? Why do we have to continue circulating the very diseased Fiat that is creating and spreading the $$ HIV!? Aren’t we just making it worse by using it when what is truly going to help is to create FREE space, The very thing that is missing?! Doesn’t it make sense that the more we perpetuate fake $$ the more we’re spreading the disease? Until we Clean $$ up and have it represent TRUE value,, as long as we’re circulating it we’re just making the problems worse.

 But, of course, how do we get enough people to let go of it at the same time to be effective?

 I’m just looking at everything in terms of Nature and health and how, if the body were sick, is $$ really going to help ultimately? I feel it’s our Conditioning to Think of $$ as the Savior that is destroying us. We have to turn to Nature DIRECTLY and Cut out the “Middle man”, as long as use use Fake Man made fiat, WE are the ones inviting the very Criminals we say we want to get rid of, into our lives over and over. If we do not learn to STOP and do something different, WE will continue being part of the problem.

 I feel we have to do things Cold Turkey. $$ creates a skew in our reality, an Untrue reading. It creates “static”. People need to change Currencies to one that comes from Nature, from themselves. People need to see themselves as more powerful than the donation they can hand over without getting up out of a chair. People need to get active, get moving. Wake up their Natural Currencies of standing up and stepping in rather than the Lazy Currency of fiat. 

 I was just speaking with a friend about her experience with to which she is fairly new to. To keep it simple, she feels she is finding out that this “dating” site is no different than Wall St Stock Market. That it’s a shell game, rigged and manipulated for $$ instead of simple allowing it to be what it is and take it’s natural course. I had some similar experience with where I just had suspicions that many of the profiles were not even real. That these sites are just worms on hooks looking to Bait people into being on for a while for $$. Because, after all, If you meet someone too soon and get married, that doesn’t exactly work out too well for the site as far as $ goes. Well actually it would because then more people would go on it and it would get more business, but because the people running the site do not have any trust, and they grab for the $$ too hard, they manipulate things like Wall St does because their Greed outweighs their honesty.

My friend told me that the people running the site blatantly lied about referring her to a # that was supposed to handle certain issues and when she called the # 3 times they said they only deal with billing issues. 

By engaging in “organic” activities,, Skiing, bike riding, playing instruments, working on a car engine, etc, we are getting PURE feedback. No manipulation, nothing rigged.
 If a CEO and a garbage collector go skiing and both cannot ski, Physics is going to give them Both the same feedback! Physics is NOT going to cower to the CEO and make him/her a better skier because that person has $$ or position. They will get a TRUE reading, unlike the feedback and the sucking up to that the CEO gets in his life as the head of some Company. His position and $$ has created a FALSE reading in his life and he is DEPRIVED of Accurate feedback of who he really is and his True capabilities. 
 Imagine if Fake $$ could, in fact, alter the laws of Physics to which CEO’s have deluded themselves into believing that it does,, and the conditions and laws of nature bowed to the CEO to make him a “Pro Skier”. 

These Power hungry people would be even more Psychotic than they already are! 
 This is Exactly what WE have done! What WE the people have created, or were conditioned to create. When you think about it, how in the Heck is it getting WE the people anywhere by giving our power Away!! Then looking for it back?? This has been the question I’ve been asking myself my entire life. Doesn’t it make sense to KEEP or BE Given the power to ourselves DIRECTLY?? How is it doing US any good by having anything; energy, fake $$, credit, recognition, work, Filtered through Psychos who will suck up 99% of it and leave us starving?? 

 We Must make it really simple by just acknowledging to ourselves that we are, in FACT, in an ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP!! An “arranged” Marriage that we did not consent to, like the 16 year old “brides” in Afghanistan. As long as the PTB think they have all the power and we have none and are just some captive audience, the abuse will continue and escalate. By being participants and by Not knowing how to respond to their Power Trip we will be FUELING our own enslavement.