Nature dictates to us, NOT the other way around.: Small IS Significant

Nature dictates to us, NOT the other way around.: Small IS Significant:    I have been compelled to write about things more and more lately due to the conditions becoming more ripe these days. It’s not even …

Small IS Significant

 I have been compelled to write about things more and more lately due to the conditions becoming more ripe these days. It’s not even “Me” doing it, it’s the conditions that bring it out. It’s the only natural way for the body to respond. Just as it tried to do 4 decades ago. The system is beginning to break down, the truth coming out more and courageous people exposing who the real Terrorists are. I have attempted to bring light to truths and insights since I was very young and, having been silenced, ridiculed and intimidated by the very people who should be on my side. It was clear early on that we were living in a kind of huge Vacuum cleaner that was invisibly and gradually “aborting” everything and anything in it’s path and that it had already reached those I was living with.

 I believe we all have been silenced and manipulated while very young to some degree to keep the system going at the expense of ourselves and who we truly are and what we truly must say. The system has rigged all of us to give it the feedback it wants us to give rather than the true and honest feedback that comes from nature. At very young ages, most of us have been re-wired to some degree, had our nervous systems “fixed” so that we don’t step out of line too much to threaten the status quo.

 I believe that the way to bring down the system is to look at ourselves, to take a good hard look at how we were taught early on, how we were related to by those around us. Which direction was the flow going in? Was the flow going from them to us, if so, for how long before changing direction? At what age did those around us begin to tap into our resources? Begin to “make withdrawals” for themselves at our expense.

 It’s not about bashing anyone, it’s about, simply, doing the Math. Getting out of our emotional attachment to situations and actually checking how much energy we invest in our emotional attachments. We think of cutting down expenses at home by getting rid of cable TV, or not going out to dinner 3+ times a week but, how often to people take a look at how we were taught to invest our energy and emotions? No one asked us if we wanted to invest in this or that when we’re young, the PTB make these decisions for us and we, with no choice, accept it. We blindly trust that those making these decisions are making them in Our best interest. But, Are they really? Are, even our own families, making decisions and treating us in the best interest of us, or at least, admitting it when they can’t?

 This, I feel, is an even more important question. I don’t believe it is the mistakes or honest ignorances that harm us but, the denial of them.
 Our bodies know when someone is truly acting on our behalf, the same way it knows when we’re eating something that is good for us. We don’t have to think about it, the body “simply” responds, Naturally.

 This is the Significant point that I am trying to make here.
    How many times early in our lives did we experience those around us tampering with the way our mind and body work together naturally? Because the fact is, those in the positions of “authority” are always responsible for those in their care. NO MATTER WHAT. Once the person in charge begins to shift the blame onto the subordinate for the mishaps that occur, what is created is a completed breakdown of the system. When the person who holds the “authority” position is not qualified by being too immature or irresponsible, and the consequences of that begin to be exposed, that person tends to feel shame or fear. They then, unconsciously, shift the blame and responsibility down.

 Fact is; the way our society has become, is the accumulation of what we were taught in our houses as kids. It’s the accumulation of the fact that we’re taught to hide, lie, cover up for those in charge, put up a false image, to live beyond our means energetically. It has nothing to do with $$. It’s All about emotional energy.

 Our subordinate positions as children are taken advantage of by those in our care to some degree and to that degree will the Debt be passed onto us. Because we are children and have NO way of defending ourselves, we welcome the Debt and begin t make excuses and defend those who passed it on to us. As young people we have no choice. We do not have the mental capacity yet to do anything about it. Because we “need” these “authority” people to take “care” of us we cannot see them as faulting or our survival is at stake. We’re forced to use our energy to “prop” them up. We’re put into impossible situation to transfer some of our energy to them in order to uphold their image we hold and so desperately need.

 All we’re doing in the system with the “leaders” of the country, and they us, is acting out the relationships we had with our families. The country/world is just the larger dysfunctional family that we were unable to leave. It’s an accumulation of all of our unfinished processes. 

 THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH,, from when we were kids up until now. If we were not allowed to feel what we feel, reveal our bodies Natural expressions, send out basic feedback without being made to feel that we’re over some line, then all that rigging and fudging the energetic #’s will accumulate into such a surge that it is now of people beginning to push back and blow the whistle.

 Nature and our healthy feedback being made out to be the criminals, that WE are the terrorists for simply having fully functioning and competent minds and bodies along with the Natural world responding by deteriorating from the pollution and toxic waste dumped onto it.

 If that doesn’t reveal those at the “top” as the total Psychos that they are, I don’t know how much more clearer things can get!!
 Then we, the people, have been led astray further than we know.

 We need to catch up and get it in Gear! Big Time! I do not see that happening.

Croney Capitalism,, Soul Debt.

  I don’t think people realize at times, the deep effects that our Crony Capitalist system is having and has had on us and the way we think, behave and live. I feel that the real effects of the Predatory system, the Anti Nature system that we’ve created go unnoticed. The fact that it has become so normal for many people to relate dysfunctionally to family members and people we know, to treat people closest to us like garbage while the PTB are sucking the life force out of all of us.

 I don’t think that people truly realize that there is a slow and gradual depletion of their energy and Spirit, not to mention Love, compassion, caring, understanding and patience, that has No where else to go except the Family! The Family ends up being the Toxic Waste dump for the entire Ill system because there is simply no where else for the waste to go! The same way that the pollution that some company dumps ends up contaminating some river or stream that ends up making some people living in the area sick or killing them. It’s all about profit. Doing things natures way doesn’t yield enough profit. Worrying about harming others and being responsible doesn’t fit into the profit motive. There is simply NO room for consideration in a world where certain parts of the earth, animals and parts of the population are designated to be eliminated because there’s NO way that those making Profits are going to change their ways because some “simple” people, trees and animals are being killed.

 We must learn to look at what is the most susceptible to being exploited, what is closest to being destroyed, what is next in line? Anything and everything that is not a part of the $$ system will be sucked out like an Abortion. Maybe we can make a list:

  What should be OFF Limits to Capitalism/NOT for Sale! Natural resources;
1. Water, air?? land, trees, animals, vegetables, agriculture, plants, flowers, and other natural materials.
2. Family is not part of the $$ system so will surely be depleted.
3. Health, another part of nature that needs to be replenished, taken care of, invested in order to be maintained.
4. People are a part of nature and resources and will surely get used up til exhaustion.

  My interest and love of health and the body has brought me to study and learn as much as I could about how it works. The body is just a smaller system and just like Society, the smaller and more vulnerable parts of our bodies will be the parts that get injured an compromised the most. While a person is working all their lives for fake $$ and not taking care of or exercising their bodies or their minds, illness is taking over and the vulnerable parts will be those that get sick first. We don’t even realize how we’re losing more and more of ourselves while getting less. Unless a company encourages us to take the time to exercise and have paid time off to care for kids and have maternity leave so we can maintain a good healthy family and attitude, we will simply get depleted.

 We will also get depleted when we sell our souls for $$. Many people do not understand the health risks involved in not speaking up when seeing something dishonest or immoral going on at their jobs. Most people don’t think of or even pay attention to the fact that they are being Robbed of their Souls and their Spirit when they’re forced to work at a job that forces them to choose fake $$ over caring, fake $$ over expressing oneself honestly, over having one’s concern’s addressed and considered. The fact that people think that choosing fake $$ over any of these things is a pretty sick prospect in and of itself.

 How can fake paper $ that man makes possibly replace and make up for the exhilaration that comes from doing the right thing?? We forget that we live in a Natural world that functions on Natural processes and it’s these processes that are Necessary for life to be sustained. If we interfere with nature’s processes we die! Plain and simple. Yourself, as well as those who you sold out.

 That feeling in your gut, that uneasy, sinking feeling that tells you there’s something wrong, that tells you something doesn’t feel quite right, is Wisdom, is the Intelligence that comes from the highest source in the Universe. To deny that feeling for $$ is to commit suicide a little at a time for yourself and everyone. The fear we feel in speaking up and standing alone is Nature speaking! The sinking feeling we have when someone at work speaks down to us or treats us with disrespect is Nature’s intelligence warning us not to put up with it. How an $$ ever make up for not speaking up?? It can’t. No matter how much $$ you make or how many houses or cars you buy, your body and Soul will pay the price.

 It’s Nature we need to be preserving, it’s Nature’s signals we Must be cultivating in the environment AND within us! Do we Really think we can get around that? Do we really think we can get over on Nature? The BILL that we are accumulating in Nature is coming due and, believe me, it’s going to be extremely painful. All the pain that we’ve cause others by passing our fear of speaking up onto them will come back on us.

 Our bodies become a smaller version of the system we live in. The way Corporations dump pollution on the most vulnerable parts of the world or exploit the poorest people, so too are our bodies function the same way, toxically. Our bodies will become or have become just a mini version of dumping our garbage on others while taking the most for ourselves. Our souls are becoming black with indifference for fake Paper. I will never get over that or ever comprehend it.


 This is, pretty much, what it all comes down to! This IS the Reality for too many people to some degree. I don’t presume to tell people what they are or are not going through but, the fact is, unless you’re a Mega Billionaire 1% you are living on a down escalator.

 The system Is and always will be designed to keep most of us at a disadvantage point. The system will always be manipulated, in some way, shape, or form, to keep us LESS. The fact is, however, is that the tools, weapons they use to keep us down are NOT the real Debts. Meaning, The PTB use $$, Media, TV, Credit Cards, etc, all kinds of tricks and conditioning of FAKE tools to rob us of our TRUE wealth. So, while we’re busy following the fake stuff they set or as bait, we’re being robbed of our REAL wealth!! How crazy is that?

 We Must understand what has REAL value! PERIOD! And it all comes from Physics and Nature, NOT anything that comes from Man, (unless it’s like a boat built by man to save you from a flood, or something along those lines).
 We’re kept in a skill deficit, an information deficit, an emotional deficit, a Love deficit, a nutritional deficit and a fitness deficit. I’m sure you can think of others.

 The PTB want to keep us from having everything and anything to hold onto that is Real to give us Any leverage or advantage at all.

 The sad thing about it is that I’ve known this and felt it ALL my life from when I was at least 6 or 7 years old. I was deprived of basic emotional needs that are NON negotiable! Simple. There is NO discussion. Just like $$, we need a certain amount to make and earn in order to live a decent life style. If we’re killing ourselves working 40+ hrs a week and making minimum wage, The MATH is the MATH, you are not going to be able to live! Period.

 The same thing with family, emotions, growth. We need what we need growing up to be healthy, strong adults. We need what Nature has, Not what man makes. Materialism is a part of having our needs met but, it’s only a part. What is MORE important is what we NEED be receiving from NATURE/family. Support, caring, respect for our feelings, listening, etc. We can have all the $$ and all the materialism in the world but, without “Relationship Nutrition” we will not grow up to be healthy and balanced. PERIOD.

 Not getting sufficient emotional needs met growing up keeps us weakened, keeps us easy to control, keeps us in emotional debt. The only way to grow strong is to have someone there for us emotionally. PERIOD. Families are people farms. They’re either raising Organic people or Artificial ones, That’s it! We’re either working WITH Nature or against it. Theses are Not difficult concepts to grasp, and yet they truly seem to be in our current system of GMO everything.

 All I hear today on the radio about the Shadow Gov and the NWO is that the system wants us dumbed down, easy to control, on drugs, and working in sweat shops. We can thank the way we were raised for that! We would not be here now if that is not the way we were brought up. Our Parents were the PTB. Our families were the working for the PTB to some degree. Some families more than others.

 We learn Debt at home when we grow up with ignorant, dysfunctional people who have kids and have nothing of real value to pass on. What is the point of passing on ignorance and debt?? What is the point of having kids just to create more people to follow along? What is the point of people who can’t even give themselves a decent standard of living and family to have kids?? It’s like having a half charged battery yourself then bringing another person into the situation to feed off the same battery! Why not Raise yourself up first, rather than passing along the debt? Get oneself to a firm foundation in life THEN have kids. What is the point of bringing more and more people into an already “low charged” family? This is backwards living!

 As unpleasant as it might be to face, the facts are the facts. Most people don’t want to be woken from their delusion and that’s why people do not want to see the PTB for what they are because then the People would have to face the truth in themselves. That they are doing to their children and passing along the same slave mentality that the PTB are doing to them.

 Rather than bringing kids into the world to GIVE to and pass along values,, too many people have children in order to GET,, to take. DEBT BASED RELATING. I was raised with the attitude that I was to be responsible and take care of my mother. To feel sorry for her and see her as a victim.  For her to be allowed to tap into my energy and MY resources and I had no right to say anything about it. It was a kind of “Emotional Incest”. It was only by just going with what my body and my instincts new that I resisted and fought back. Due to the lack of support, however, I was not able to get free. Due to the TOTAL brainwashing of the entire neighborhood and No one having the intelligence to recognize the dysfunction and travesty that was occurring, I drowned.

 FACT; If one or both parents are not getting their emotional needs met in the marriage by the other parent, they will USE their children to meet their own needs at the Expense of the child’s needs.
 We don’t hear many people on Financial radio talk about that kind of Debt! Yet, that is a debt that is more prevalent than we realize.

 That is what sets people up later in life for allowing themselves to be used. If we do not live with healthy interpersonal relationships growing up, where parents are there for their children, and we, instead, live with a backwards “flow” of children being used to fill the unmet needs of the parents, we will end up with a society of people believing that it’s NORMAL to keep funding relationships that are screwing them. SIMPLE.
  People will, when older, go to work and act out the unfinished relationship they had with their parent. We can’t help but BE where we are, where we left off. The same thing happens in Families. We end up marrying the “parent” who we had the most difficulties with in order to complete unfinished business.

 I would bet that’s what happened to the PTB. With all the $$ and status J.P. Morgan had or the Rothchilds, without being allowed to be the authentic person you are meant to be, if a person is raised to be what Parents want and Not Free to be oneself, there is NO way around the fact that what will be created is a NON Organic person, PERIOD.

 $$ and material wealth are necessary to a point. They serve some purpose, that’s it! They do not overshadow what comes from Nature. What can ONLY come from going through and completing Nature’s process. It’s the process we go through of growing that makes us who we are, either natural or unnatural. PERIOD.

 I keep saying Period because I want to stress that is IS, in fact, Nature that is calling the shots. We have strayed so far off that course that I hear too many people TALKING, thinking that They are going to dictate to nature and not the other way around. People Really need to get it into their heads, that we align with Nature! We don’t try to get Nature to align with our Deviation! Although we DO try and that is what’s creating more and more debt, more and more deviation.

  The whole point is to SEE the Deviation, Admit our misalignment so that we can at least begin to move back towards alignment. As long as we do not see or admit to the extent that we are misaligned is the the extent that we will continue to go more and more out of alignment. DEBT begets DEBT. Once we’re in it,, it just perpetuates itself. Like Bleeding out and going further and further into an altered mental status.

 As long as we think we ARE the misalignment, we will be stuck in a vicious cycle indefinitely. The ONLY way to get out, the ONLY way to change direction is to admit the truth, to Grab onto something Real. We MUST get out of our heads!!!!! And into reality. The body doesn’t lie!

Mental Fitness,,,

It seems that many people get into a certain amount of “defending the status quo” even though the Status Quo is working against them. People don’t realize the Status Quo IS them,, is In them and to challenge it, we must challenge ourselves. We must continually “cleanse” and “shed” old habits and ways of thinking. We think about going on diets and cleansing our bodies but Not our minds and emotions. So many of the thoughts we think are defeatist and stem from things we learned growing up as kids. We don’t realize that, along with much of the food we were fed and the “Corprotocracy” information diet we’ve been ingesting, we’ve also taken in attitudes and beliefs that work to our detriment.
 The environments and the families we grew up in, knowingly or unknowingly, fed us, to some degree, what can be described as a kind of “date rape drug”. Where we’ve been “drugged” over time to go along.

 How many parents raise their kids to challenge the system? How many parents teach their kids their rights? How many parents pass on the idea that their child can grow up to be their own person? How many parents teach their kids to Challenge Authority? How many parents teach their kids to be the unique individual they were meant to be and to express their unique gifts and talents to their fullest?

 Most of the things we were taught as kids we can easily discard as, “not working for us anymore”, no different than getting rid of an old Stove. But how many people do that? How many people actually stop to Be present enough to catch themselves behaving in the same old unconscious ways then, try to do something different? Even is it’s a small shift? Even the slightest adjustment can make a Huge difference. A few degrees can transform a situation.

 That is the practice of Yoga, of which I am very fond. The level of tuning in, being Present and investigating that this practice increases amounts to the largest wealth accumulation one can imagine! While everyone else is chasing after fake, counterfeit, man- made fiat currency, those who have the knowledge and the awareness of where Real wealth lies will come out ahead. Even if that means dying.
I believe that those who die or get killed while standing up for truth and justice don’t “die”. They end up more alive. 
 It’s “simply” the way that Nature works. Natural Law is the ultimate authority over man’s law. Man’s law should be aligned with Natural Law. They should be one in the same. When man’s law diverts away from natural law it is within the right of anyone to break man’s law for the sake of natural law.

 We have been led far far away from Natural Law and ourselves. I just hope it’s not too late to turn it around. Has our energy been depleted too much? Has our Spirit been beaten down to badly? Have we lost our will? Are we to weak? Can we arouse a sense of Victory in one another? Are too many people too “Zombified?” Are too many people indoctrinated? Will too many awake people waste their energy attempting to revive the Dead?

 Knowing when to “Stop CPR” is key. Trying to Wake other sup can become Co Dependency. We can easily get into a trap trying to save others from themselves. Knowing when to Stop CPR is Key. That how we recognize that WE are getting into Debt trying to save someone else and NOT gaining!

 As an EMT for FDNY for 7 years there was a term,, V Fib, Ventricular Fibrillation, which is a kind of heart attack when the heart has lost it’s natural beat and is basically, “quivering”.
 I think of this term when I see the way the world we live in is today. Chaotic. No rhythm, no beat just a lot of confusion and anything goes. When the “Good” people following the system get screwed while the Criminals steal from those following the rules. This is what happens when we lose touch with nature and allow man to lead us astray.

It’s All about Leverage, Mental/Verbal Wrestling,

Yet another Whistleblower has come forward in what is being called one of the largest Political leaks in US history, a former Technical Assistant for the CIA and current employee of the defence contractor Booz Allen Hamilton. He is handing over material from one of the most secretive organizations, the NSA.

 It’s just weird to me to hear people like Edward Snowden, along with plenty of others, speaking in the same language and saying the SAME things I spoke early in my life trying to wake people up to the simple fact that there is something wrong in a society where you can’t even feel safe, protected and respected in your own house! If you don’t even feel that your “family” is on your side then, when are you going to feel it?? If you don’t feel supported or that those who are your blood want whats best for you and are making an effort to see to it that you have the best life possible, then when are you??

 Family and Parents ARE the Powers that Be!! They are acting and functioning AS the PTB when you are young. What is coming at you inside your family IS coming from the Top, trickling down, like an umbilical cord into the womb! Parents ARE acting as the PTB. So, to what ever extent you’re getting compromised in your family is the extent that the corrupt crony system has made it’s way into your house/womb. The Toxic poisonous fumes have seeped into the minds and souls of the “leaders” of your house, just like employees of a Company get Fog Brain when exposed to Blatant abuses and do not respond to it in a Healthy, sharp, on the Ball kind of way.

 What I tried to disclose is even worse because Family is the last Sanctuary, the last “Free” space to have protection and be supported and have people on your side. If we don’t have it there, where do you have it? There aren’t some Extra family members laying around somewhere, unless some fortunate people do have caring Grandmothers or Aunts & Uncles to step up and take over. If you’re not fortunate to have that, that’s it! Your boat has sunk. This is It! Your plane has crashed and people around you do Not want to admit it.  People talk and act as if that’s Not it,, that there is somehow some secret hidden “funds” lying around somewhere that will magically turn up and make everything alright. People don’t want to hear the truth because then they might have to step up and DO something, so they minimize the reality to suit their own complacency rather than use the reality to step up! Completely backwards!

 I hear these whislteblowers say the exact same things I’ve said all my life and have gotten ridiculed. Told to “Get over it”, or “It’s not that bad”, or even better, “Don’t talk bad about your parent”.

 How or why is it any different for Ed Snowden, Julian Assange or Bradley Manning to come out about things they felt were wrong or unethical in their perspective jobs or institutions yet, when I did it in my own house I was seen as the bad guy from most people. ?? There was not ONE person who stepped up for me and told me I was doing the right thing. Every one makes you feel like the guilty party when all you’re doing is behaving in the Healthy functioning way that Nature is supposed to! You literally get tortured for being healthy! How Nuts is that??? I’m surprised the PTB don’t arrest people’s White Blood Cells for hopping to it when a germ enters the body!

 When Obama eats something that’s bad for him and his body does the healthy thing by Vomiting,, Does Obama order a Drone attack on his stomach for responding in a normal, healthy way to the poisons that invaded his body??
 This Country has Clearly Declared a WAR on Health and having normal healthy responses to sick, dysfunctional situations.
  WHITE BLOOD CELLS ARE TERRORISTS!!! Call out the National Guard!!

 The person in the Position of Power Can NEVER be wrong or Mentally ill !! Got it!! They are GOD!!


“Why don’t we start leading the shark Back to shore instead of him leading us out out sea?” JAWS
 People have been “led out to Sea” by the shark so much and have drifted so far away from themselves, their instincts and inner nature, people have been so herded and corralled they simply are just too Disoriented to know what they’re coordinates are. FACT: We are disconnected from the way Nature works due to living in our Urban, Man Made, $$ reward system.
 The Greatest quality a person can have is the ability to Step outside of themselves. To have a good grasp on who they really are rather than all the Programming they’ve been ingesting all their lives. That is the only way towards Freedom,, is to see in oneself, the lies, the program and dis-info for what it is. Only then, can we “Shed” it. We can’t “shed” the “Mental Cellulite” if we do not know where the Real US ends and the Program begins. As long as people are In It,, cling to it, cannot separate from it, there is no hope. They are like an artery that is Completely Blocked by “Atherosclerosis”. they’re DONE, the Living Dead.
 The definition of LIFE,, is to have Movement. Without motion, there is no life. Stagnation = Death. Just because we are physically alive does Not mean we’re living fully and to completeness. It’s Not difficult to tell that too many people are not living to their fullest capabilities. When babies are born their Development is checked and monitored for the first few years of their life to ensure that they are growing at the rate of development that is healthy for their age. Why does this end when we become older? We still need to scale on which to base how and where we are in our development. People mostly focus on job or $$ as a scale on which to measure themselves which has No real accuracy. A REAL measure is the Mental, Emotional and Spiritual development of a person. Whether or not a person is truly fulfilled in their life, whether or not they are doing a job they Love and getting satisfaction from it or not, whether or not their home life and family relationships are close and connected and whether or not they are in healthy Physical condition, do they take the time to exercise and reflect.
      People should be living Vibrantly, Energetically and in Love everyday of their lives! That is health and they way we’re meant to live. People think it’s Normal to live with war, unfulfilled relationships and jobs, poor connections to our kids, poor health and disease. This is what the Monetary System and those running it and benefiting from it want us to believe. There’s NO other system besides the one we have?

Don’t waste Energy 6/3/13

How many people are truly brought up to be on their own side? To be who they authentically are? Are brought up to be truly Free and keep all their energy for themselves? I would safely say, Not many. Perhaps some but, not the majority.

 I think about charging our cell phones and our upbringing could be equated to only being plugged in to the point where we don’t quite reach a full charge, to varying degrees. To what ever point a person is not “charged” fully, that energy will be used elsewhere, usually at the expense of who that person really is for the benefit of the system. We end up fighting or chasing to get that energy back only to end up losing more of it rather than gaining it. That is the Real Debt. We end up walking around like in an altered state of Hypothermia, attempting to get warmer, when the advanced stages of Hypothermia feels like we’re burning, which creates the opposite and we Freeze ourselves even more.

  Most people are brought up to do or be what Parents and/or the system wants at the expense of who they really are so the flow of current doesn’t fully go in the direction of Parent to Child. Some of the energy goes to the Parent. Kind of like having a job. You get paid but much of the pay goes to taxes and the owners of the Company. The parent has an agenda as to who the child becomes which is not always in the best interest of the child. Many kids will rebel and resists and succeed but, many will give in. The pressure will be too great.

 Since Crony Capitalism has gotten so out of control and has infected pretty much every area of our lives, the “Family” has turned into a smaller version of a Corporation. We get treated like an employee/slave at home where you are not seen as having much value. You exist more for the needs of the Family rather than for yourself. You’re expected to “sacrifice” yourself to be or go in the direction the family expects.

 It takes healthy, conscious parents to raise a free, unique individual. And as we can all tell by the too- many- to- count Sheople running around, that that is not the norm but a very rare exception.

 Maybe we should look at what a Sheople is? Many people spell it Sheeple. Can we really blame people for being Sheople? Doesn’t it just Prove that We have allowed the PTB to gain so much power and leverage while “drugging” the masses with TV, Fluoride and Bad Parenting.

 Some one created a Sheople. Someone gave birth to and raised a Sheople. Is it really their fault if they are a Sheople and No one took the time or made the effort to teach them to be better, more knowledgeable and to think more independently? We’ve all allowed for it to be the Norm to simply get by living the bare minimum one can possibly be. For just anyone to have a child regardless of their position in life or whether or not they can afford it financially and Emotionally.

 The Sheople are truly to blame for what has happened and for thinking that some “leader” is going to take care of you rather than fully growing and Maturing to your FULL Charge so you can run on your own.

 The way our system has strayed away from the way that Nature works is truly remarkable. Having “leaders” goes against the whole point of being born. The whole point of life is to Fully Actualize.
From Wikipedia Self Actualization is described by,, . In Goldstein’s view, it is the organism’s master motive, the only real motive: “the tendency to actualize itself as fully as possible is the basic drive… the drive of self-actualization.” The concept was brought most fully to prominence in Abraham Maslow‘s hierarchy of needs theory as the final level of psychological development that can be achieved when all basic and mental needs are essentially fulfilled and the “actualization” of the full personal potential takes place. The whole point of life is to be our own “authority”. We’ve created a system that perpetuates the idea that people need to be led. It’s a vicious cycle. As long as people keep giving birth and raising Sheople, we will keep perpetuating a system of Psychopaths who will be more than happy to take on that role.

 The Key is to see and admit to being a Sheople, just like you would have to admit you’ve gained weight if you’re to take action to lose it. That’s the trick. That’s the challenging part, getting people to shed their Sheople. Like walking around having allowed ourselves to have such low standards of Parenting,, of Physical fitness, of keeping up on what we’re eating and where our country is going, allowing ourselves to live so much lower than we’re capable of. We have to Admit that we are much lower than we could be. It’s to easy to keep making excuses and do nothing.

 We must stop knocking people for being Sheople, and look at it the same way we would look at ourselves in the mirror and notice that we have gained weight. We simply need to accept that we’ve gotten out of shape and begin to turn it around. If we get caught up in the Bashing cycle, humiliating people for not being in the Know when there’s no way they could have become anything else, then we will end up going in circles.

 We must get some leverage. We must strengthen our Grip to pull ourselves out. The Only place to get Leverage is IN the Moment, by Being FULLY Present In the Here and Now, otherwise we slip back into the past and create a vicious Cycle and end up doing the same and creating the same.

PAST/PRESENT/FUTURE,, without the Present,, we end up with PAST/FUTURE,, = a Vicious Cycle. Takes much diligence and practice, to be a Great Warrior