Nature is a Criminal for giving honest feedback

  Over the last few years more and more information has come out about the 1%,, the 000.01%, the Elite, the Globalists, Wall St,, the Banksters, the Bilderberg group, the New World Order, Secret Societies, etc, with fingers pointing at them as the culprits of attempting to create their New World Order and enslave the masses.
  The reality is, however, is that it’s the people who are helping them. It’s the people, not being fully mature, fully responsible, independent thinkers, living to their full potential, reaching a certain level of attainment mentally, physically and Spiritually, that has allowed those with the “power” to do what they do. It’s the people who have been bought by the 1% and have allowed themselves and their children to sell their lives to those at the “top”.

 What has taken place is nothing more than one Huge dysfunctional relationship where, little by little, the people have turned their power over to so-called “leaders” to do their bidding and take care of them when the whole point of life is to be able to grow fully oneself to be one’s own person. The idea of perpetuating this “dysfunctional family” way of relating where the children are still living at home after they’re grown because they were never given and taught the proper skills to grow fully and be healthy, self reliant adults has spread to the entire country!

  Many unhealthy parents do not know the point of being a parent and what it means to raise a child to be healthy emotionally. How can one who’s unhealthy know how to raise someone to be healthy unless that parent admits to being unhealthy?

 We live in a society where we’re not allowed to say anything “negative”, so you’re never allowed to say that a parent or anyone in “authority” is wrong, made a mistake, is corrupt, sick, or just plain Psychotic. But, if we don’t admit it and call something out, then how will we ever be able to correct it?? If we’re teaching our children that they can never point out anything to us about ourselves that exposes the us as incompetent or inadequate in some way because “we’re the boss” then it stands to reason that this is the Society we’ve created!

 I’ve been trying to point this out since I was around 7. Being labelled a “criminal” for attempting to point out obvious short comings and blatant abuses by “authority”. The attitude is the same as it is now; “Don’t talk bad about your parent(s)”. Just like now a person can be criminally prosecuted for speaking out obvious corruptions about the Government. If we’re not allowed to speak about obvious abuses, then what chance to we have of changing anything? If, slowly and gradually over time, debt (financial, environmental, emotional, spiritual) is being passed down to the young and more and more parents are being depleted and don’t see it, while they have to work 2 jobs giving their children less and less in emotional quality, then should it be any surprise that young people will begin acting out more and more? After all, even if we don’t admit to the reality, it doesn’t mean Nature will! We can deny things and call something other than what it is all we want but, the fact is Nature is STILL Nature and is Still going to dictate the facts! Period!

 Do we really think we can criminalize nature? Can we arrest nature for giving us honest feedback? So if we get certain signs and symptoms of an illness (skin rashes, lesions, severe stomach pain, jaundice, etc.) which is Nature’s way of telling us something is wrong and we need to turn things around, are we really going to say that it’s Nature who’s wrong? That is Exactly what this country has become! The disease of addiction to power has been allowed to continue for so long that now the healthy part is seen as the Disease and the Diseased part thinks it’s healthy!

 People are connected to nature! Used to be that if we wanted to learn an activity we turned to nature/physics for feedback, like riding a 2 wheeler bicycle, or skiing down a mountain. Physics is the feedback we Need to consider if we’re to learn Any activity. Other people getting hurt is also another way nature signals us that something is bad or wrong, now it’s become a sign that the PTB are doing good!

 I fear that it is the people who have created the Monster. We’ve made the 1% who they are and taught them how to treat us.  Like I read in John Bradshaw’s books in the early 90’s when describing how a married couple creates the behavior in the other that they don’t want. He said, ” He won’t talk because she nags and she nags because he won’t talk”.  It’s a viscous cycle. The only way to break a viscous cycle is to awaken. To become aware of oneself. To Stop. Or at least slow down. People might need some help. Does that help exist? Are there enough people able to help to slow down the momentum? It doesn’t seem as though.

Go on a Relationship Diet

 We’re All part of nature. I feel people forget that we are part of the natural environment. I hear people talk about being healthy and getting healthy and mention eating better and more organic. Our human relationships are just as much, if not More important to our health than what and how we eat. Most people don’t think about “people” as being “good” for us or not unless, of course, you’ve been in a pretty bad relationship. We don’t usually think of other people the way we think of food, as being healthy and “nutritious” for us or not. But, the way our relationships function, whether or not there is an even, balanced exchange over time has very significant implications for our health.
 Years ago I was very much into understanding and learning about healthy/unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships and how to make them work. I remember Babara DeAngelis asking the audience in a video I had, “Who taught you how to love?” We learn certain things growing up but who taught us how to love? She also asked the audience how many people wanted to have the marriage their parents had? Not many people raised their hands.

 I felt the urgency decades ago to learn how to make healthy relationships work because it was clearly not being demonstrated to me. It was not even acknowledged or discussed. It was simply seen and regarded as “collateral damage” from the $$ system in which we live, along with the wars, poverty and unemployment. After all, where else can we dig into and exploit in order to keep our corrupt, fiat system going? The resources have to come from somewhere. We have to pass the debt onto someone? It has to be our children. We have to destroy and use up the very resources we need to be protecting. I don’t get how it isn’t blatantly obvious that if we’re forced to give up the most important things/resources in life in order to feed the $$ system, then it should be clear that there is obviously something wrong with our current system! Disease is disease, it doesn’t matter the level it’s on. Everything gets Sick if not consciously tended to. Would we really rather have $$ and be sick? Isn’t it clear that $$ is not in support of health and wellness if we have to surrender those things to get it?? Are we “well” to kill and perform genocide on a people in other parts of the world? Along with the family system and our mental health here in the US?

 We’ve lost our sense of direction. Our disconnect from nature and living in this man-made habitat has made us so disoriented we truly do not know where we are and in what direction we are going. One way we can change it is to slow down. STOP. Take time to Be quiet and “simply”
 be with ourselves and our bodies/emotions. Listen. Get out of our heads and allow what we feel to lead us. We must stop imposing what we’ve been conditioned to do in our heads, onto our own bodies. If we think of our mind as the system and our bodies as the earth and see what we’re doing to our own selves. How we’ve separated from our nature, instead of thinking it IS our Nature to do these things. It’s Natural when we’re Sick to turn against one another. It’s Human “Nature” when were disconnected from ourselves to perform Genocide on one another.

 Is it really that difficult to see? I mean, I know it’s happening gradually over time but, the fact that we have to sacrifice our health, our family relationships, abuse our own bodies, each other, animals and the land for $$, Come on, it’s NOT Rocket Science! How much longer are we going to allow this to go on? I can’t believe people can’t see what’s happening more and stand up Now to put a stop to it.

 I feel the loss of leverage. Rather than we the people being on each others side, adding leverage to each other, the leverage is being taken away. I’ve come to associate a scene from the movie Gladiator to the way I learned about relationships growing up. It’s the next to last scene before the Gladiator and the “king” go our into the arena. The king steps up to whisper something in the ear of the Gladiator then, sneakily, stabs the Gladiator in the chest with a large nail looking object. Then, the ‘king” instructs his soldiers to conceal the wound with the Gladiators armor. Only the “king” and his soldiers are privy to the knowledge that the Gladiator is fighting with a punctured lung, slowly suffocating and leaking energy.

  We the people need to be turning things around, not doing the same ol thing. We must put a cover on and stop the bleeding, stop the energy leak. Be good and supportive of each other rather than draining. Add leverage to one another rather than depleting it for our own agenda. We need to come together like a family and interact in ways that will benefit us and turn around the division. It’s all a matter of being in touch with physics, using the energy of physics, being aware of how we normally would behave and going on a relationship “diet” to behave Healthier.

  I’ve always thought about what being Optimally healthy felt like relationship wise. What having truly healthy, supportive, got- your- back, relationships really felt like. The top 1% of the 1% obviously have it and look at where they’ve gotten. We the people have allowed ourselves to be robbed over time of our valuable resources and relationships and now have no choice but to work with that depleted mindset to regain our strength.

 When we’re out of alignment it feels strange to be good to each other. When we’re sick and unhealthy it feels weird to be healthy. Giving feels awkward when we’re so used to barraging one another. Softness and patience feels wrong even bad when we’re so used to being hard on ourselves and each other. That is what’s so confusing.

Hidden in Plain sight

Wow, Holy moly, unbelievable. It really IS true that the Best place to hide something is right in front of people. Even people who claim to be awake don’t see what’s right there in front of them. People get so wrapped up in Ending the Fed, Stop stop and Frisk and Ending Corp Personhood that they miss what’s happening in the here and now. That is why I’m always trying to reiterate that in order to change the system, the best way to do it is to look and work on oneself. People end up perpetuating the very system they say they want to change and resist by unconsciously behaving in the same old way. People don’t realize that we are ALL the system. We are ALL working FOR the PTB. We have all been “wired” to one degree or another to work for and carry out the very system that is at our expense and be our own worst enemy. If people took the time to really look, to take a really close look, it really Is the people who are the ones who are the 1%. It is the people who keep one another in line, it is the people who perpetuate the double standard, it is the people who continue to use up resources both environmentally and emotionally rather than replenishing and restoring. People continue to do to each other exactly what the ptb want; treat one another disrespectfully, talk down to one another instead of speaking in ways that elevate.

 I once read in a John Bradshaw book in the mid 90’s, the scenario of someone who is trying to lose weight and falls off their plan and starts to berate themselves, that berating oneself is the way to stay Fat, Not the way to lose weight. How easy it is to slip back into the old patterns of beating ourselves up when beating ourselves up is the way to stay fat rather than the way to lose weight. Of course, it takes practice and we can’t beat ourselves up for beating ourselves up either. That would only create even more debt in us. That’s why anyone who claims to be about change, who claims to be AWAKE, the only real way to promote change is to live in the Present moment. There is NO other way, it’s basic Math. So, just like someone who wants to lose weight and get fit needs to pay attention to what they eat, how much they eat and how often they eat but, also how often to go to the gym, how much weight to add on, have I gained strength, muscle and lost inches? All of these calculations together create orientation. They give a person an idea of where they are and, also give a sense of direction to know which way to start moving. When we pay attention to anything in the here and now it can give us orientation and help guide us.

 Years ago people used the stars and the planets to help give them direction and coordination. Today, living in our fake habitat, our man-made, artificial environment that has been controlled by the invisible shadow Gov/Corp., how do we get oriented? How do we know in which direction we are moving in, if we’re even moving at all? The problem is that people are Completely Disoriented! LOST. The ptb have manipulated and rigged the system to their benefit so much and the people who thought they were moving in some kind of direction by working for $$ but at the same time losing real value by surrendering their morals and dignity, are now beginning to realize that they have, in Fact, been moving in the Wrong direction!!

 What I don’t get is,, we use and interact with Nature and physics in learning to hit a baseball with a bat, we interact and receive feedback from PHYSICS in learning to develop our Golf swing, our skiing abilities, our guitar playing, even when we learned to walk and crawl. WHY then don’t we interact with Physics in order to develop ourselves at work, rather than going against physics, going AGAINST our inner equilibrium and against our intuition?! Instead of trusting and listening to our gut when we have to lower ourselves for a paycheck or look the other way to get a promotion. When we have to rip off clients to make a profit for the company, why don’t we align ourselves with physics and our instincts like we do when we do other activities?? Even when the evidence that the environment and physics is giving us is CLEAR that we’re causing incredible destruction, we Continue! Rather than change course!!

 We need to go on a DIET for Everything! most people don’t think about going on a communication diet. Meaning, being more choosey in the words we use when speaking to others and in when we’re spoken to also. Everything is either Healthy or not healthy, building or tearing down, moving us in the direction we want to go or not. Creating healthy, respectful relationships or NOT, cooperating or competition.

Healthy Relationship Balance

Just like someone would create a system in order to collect Rain water for their use rather than simply allowing it to run into a sewer, there is another “current” or energy to collect. Relationships. “If” people were mindful enough, they could build a Sanctuary with each other. A Place to be supported, to recharge. People to whom we can turn to rest, to take Refuge. But that needs to be cultivated. It needs to be “constructed” by people who have the smarts to see. When people are present enough they can utilize the energy of relationships, contain the energy of emotions like rain water or wind energy.
 I’ve been exposed to dysfunctional relationships for too long in my life to the point where, for the sake of health, I cannot and will not tolerate anymore. I hear too many people talking about Vitamins, eating right, Organic veggies, Tangy Tangerine, colloidal silver but I don’t hear as often people talking about healthy relationships. Stefan Molyneaux speaks about Non Aggressive families, and parenting. Raising my glass to him. A real man speaking out on nonaggression. People who are actually respectful towards each other, mindful of the way they treat and speak to each other, careful about the way they speak to and treat their own child so as to not use the child as their garbage can. If we are not mindful enough to realize what’s right in front of us, to realize that every moment we are creating our future (even if by default). When we are PRESENT all of life becomes like clay on a pottery wheel. We have the potential to make whatever we desire. When we are not aware of this we do not understand the power we have but, something will be created regardless. Whether with mindful intention or unconscious default, we’re creating a future either way.
 I had had enough at such a young age of dysfunctional, abusive, unhealthy relating that I started trying to teach myself and learn better, more healthier ways of interacting. I wanted NOTHING more in my life than to have supportive, caring, respectful, loving people around me. People who have the abundance to Give, who can “afford” to share their health and decency rather than what I was surrounded by growing up; poverty minded people, emotionally poor people, people with No self worth or healthy sense of themselves to treat me like I was wanted, like I was a gift, like I had value. If they couldn’t see me for the value that I was, that’s on THEM. That’s their blindness. I started reading any book I could get my hand on healthy relating, healthy/dysfunctional families. John Bradshaw and his PBS special on the Family was my favorite. It was such a relief to finally hear and see someone in plain language, using a mobile show how the members of a family interact and effect one another. How the Parents, as the “head” of the family, based on their level of health, effect and influence the roles of the children.
 I think of someone’s body and their physical “posture”; are their shoulders rounded and hunched over? Are their hips level and balanced or do they have a sway back? Do they have scoliosis? So, where ever parents are in their emotional “posture”, the children will reflect them. The entire Family IS a System of parts just like the body interacting either in a balanced healthy way, or an imbalanced, unhealthy way. The parents, having either tight constricted emotions or slacking, complacent emotions will create the opposite condition in the child. The child will, quite Literally, be a mirror reflection. So the same way rounded, weak shoulders and upper back creates a tight, collapsed chest, emotionally absent or permissive parents will create a child who is fearful or clingy. The relationship between the parents is also a huge influence. Whether or not the parents have a satisfying, healthy partnership and getting their own needs met or whether the parent(s) are unfulfilled then using a child as a Surrogate spouse.
 No matter how we look at it,, the direction of flow of energy should Always be from parent to child, not the other way around. Children are not supposed to be feeling responsible for the parent. The parent needs to be in a constant mode of giving and being there FOR the child. If at any time the child feels this turning around and the unhealthy needs of the parent puts the child’s needs in the back seat, it starts the pattern of a very dysfunctional pattern. It becomes the reason why the Country/world is in the state of Debt that it’s in and we’ve allowed the Powers that Be keep us in a perpetual state of child-like. Parents treat their children the way the System Wants! Parents, unconsciously, are passing down the Crony Capitalist system, by robbing and depleting Precious resources in their own children the way Corporations rob and steal Oil, gold, diamonds, trees, animals for profit! It’s all about Resources and keeping the “poor” or vulnerable in constant Debt. Starving children/people emotionally is the same thing as living on minimum wage. Suffocation, struggling

Nature is in Charge,, not us

 I’ve really been feeling pretty cynical lately as to what will happen to our Society in the future. I can’t help but get “visions” of such unbelievable clarity. I believe that the closer we look at the Ugly truth, the better chance we have of saving ourselves. Others’ attitudes are not the same. Even those who consider themselves to be Awake. They think Not seeing the real issues and just being “positive” will save us.
I guess it all depends on how much you are capable of “mentally bench pressing”. Some people are capable of seeing and taking on more harsh truth than others. The way I look at it,, Just because some one can Extreme Ski doesn’t make them crazy. If they an do it, they can do it! Why people have this attitude that, just because we’re not on the ski slopes, physics ceases to exist! Physics is Still in effect. Some people are capable of things that we’re not. These are not difficult things to grasp! Rather than listening to each other and Giving another ground to stand on,, we rob them of their ground. People have the right to make mistakes and Be where they are in their stage of learning. All learning should be Encouraged, Not forced.

 I really feel that due to the way I grew up I learned to be fit and live more on the edge, more on the alert than others I know. I got used to living a very challenging life early on and had this sense of Emergency from a very young age. I couldn’t help but do what my instincts directed me to do, as much as my surroundings would allow. I just kept myself extremely fit physically, emotionally/Spiritually. I worked at it all the time. Even to this day, I have the need to always be “working out”, to always be challenging myself all the time. I pushed myself very hard at weight training, jogging, Yoga, reading books on conscious communicating, Co Dependency, the Dysfunctional Family. If my body feels that this is the way to go, it can’t possibly be wrong. I felt that learning to build and have healthy, FIT relationships was going to be very essential down the road. Just like a fit body, fit relating was extremely important. Due to the fact that others did not feel the same sense of urgency that I felt, I was pretty much on my own.

 Growing up on my own since 6 years old I was starving for knowledge, for mentoring, for someone to give me some leverage. For someone to support me emotionally for Free! The way my parents couldn’t. If you learn early on that you owe, you Owe your parents for bringing you into the world, you owe them for giving you a house and food and clothes, that is how people get trained to accept this Debt system in which we now live and we have created. We have ONLY ourselves to blame for what we now have. I tried to wake people up all my life to what was going on and NO one listened!

The Family System is a subsystem of the Country and the way we teach and treat our children sets them up for the way their own Country will treat them. What kind of a world do you think you’re going to create when people raise their kids with a “children have no value” attitude. That is exactly the kind of attitude I came from. You’re literally treated like a dog. I grew up not feeling loved or respected at all and felt depressed by the time I was 6. I’ve been trying to get this out for such a long time but, too many people have the attitude of, “oh, it’s in the past, Get over it”, “Stop dwelling on it”, but yet, they offer No help. People expect things to just get done without them doing anything to help it along. People are TRULY disconnected and have SEVERE lack of a healthy response. People are simply Not Sharp! As far as Nature/Health is concerned, people’s responses to No-Brainer, in the Moment events is completely Dull, to say the least. The American people have a Severe case of being Numb and brain dead. We really need to have a legal medical term for the amount of people with this wide spread apathy.

Rather than having sharp, immediate, instinctual response to occurrences as measured by Health/Nature, people’s responses are bought by $$. Fake paper $$ has literally made people Mentally ill.

Where I learned about Debt
 I grew up in a house/family where my parents got married because my mother got pregnant even though they didn’t really Love each other and build up a respectable partnership, DEBT. This is backwards. It was Debt from then on. People just passing on their mistakes and Not even admitting or taking responsibility for it. My Parents had my brother and I 16 months apart. My parents did not get along very well. I remember a lot of fighting when I was a kid and the cops would come to my house and take my father away. Things like this are Not even acknowledged as being Traumatizing to a child. The Fact that these events have consequences and can have lasting effects are not even spoken about.  My parents divorced when I was 5 years old. We also lived with my Uncle and Father on my mothers side. When I was in the 2nd to thru the 5th grade I use to pull my eyelashes out from stress. Self Mutilation is the Very evidence of Debt, Trying to “Get” more from oneself, from the Body than is meant to.

 It didn’t take long to find out that the problems didn’t end and we didn’t live happily ever after just because my parents were divorced. It was clear that my mother resented her position as a parent. It was Clear to me that she did not want the role and resented that I was around. She was incapable of Loving, of being giving emotionally. I always felt “starved” emotionally, that I was here to fill her needs, Not the other way around. Is it Any wonder that our entire society is Backwards? With Wall St robbing people instead of assisting them financially. Health Care making people sick and being Profit driven instead of healing people.
 I learned early, like many children like me, that the world was backwards. Families are a source of stress and pain rather than joy and satiation. The family is/was no different than what people are talking about these days. DEBT! I don’t get what the Big surprise is! I’ve been saying it and trying to get through to people my ENTIRE life! The evidence is Right in front of our Face! If people take on more than they can handle, live beyond their means and have kids they don’t really want, that is Immorally passing the Debt on to Future generations. I did not inherit much in terms of “values”. Everything was “inside out”, backwards, and the ones doing it defended it, like the banks and Gov do today. The PTB (Powers that be) never do anything wrong.
 I was brought here to fill their needs, not the other way around. I was brought here to bail them out, Not the other way around. When John Perkins in Zeitgeist Addendum spoke about how those with the $$ come in to corrupt the leaders of the Gov to make a few Rich people Richer and leave the people holding the Debt, he called it “a double, triple whamie!” This is NO different than what goes on in some “families”.
 If there’s ANY Position in the world that has the Ultimate power to Abuse,, it’s Parents! I’ve heard it all any time I tried to talk about it, “Get over it”, “you’re parents couldn’t give to you because no one taught them”, as if that’s Justification for passing Non value onto you’re own kids!? The whole point of Reproduction is to Reproduce VALUE,, Not Fake Fiat Currency like the Fed does!! This is what happens when there is a Disconnect from $$ and Real Value. People are conditioned to follow $$ in one direction,, while REAL value is going in the other!