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I understand that it is Not easy and that it’s extremely tough but even if you just do a little, just do what you can. No one is expecting more than that. Or maybe some people are. But, the fact is, Nature will not accept Anything less than for us to be awake and Pay attention. To make an effort, to challenge ourselves. Again, No one is saying you have to be a Super Hero but, this, Living in Complete Complacency to the way Natural law functions will simply Not be tolerated. The facts are the facts. We either abide by Natural Law or we suffer the consequences. I mean, it’s pretty simple to me. Of course people can argue, humans can and always like to argue but, argue or not, like it or not Nature is calling the shots.

Some people might think they’re getting away with something by doing underhanded things and transferring the pain and suffering onto others, that way they remove themselves from any direct consequences and lay it on some innocent person. The guilty party is not escaping retribution. They are Still doing harm to themselves.

Sitting here wondering if, Maybe that’s just the way it goes? That it really can’t be helped. That when someone gets mistreated and abused then the natural turn of events is that they then, go ahead and abuse someone else. Because we are disconnected from the healthy way that nature works we do not know how to deal with things. We live in a “consumer”, “Image obsessed” society which makes us focused on only one thing; Taking and extracting. Giving back and replenishing are barely even on the schedule. This is evident even with people’s own bodies. The lack of care and replenishing a person gives themselves, with an average American, is not much. As Americans we do not rate very high on the Health scale and are the most overweight of any other nation.

With that, along goes emotional health, which many do not even consider to be a part of health. Most people just think of diet and exercise. Let’s think about that for a moment. What does it mean to be Mentally/Emotionally healthy? How do you measure it? This question crossed my mind many years ago growing up in what was clear to me to not be a healthy environment. I knew that what I felt and intuited was accurate. That is how we know the world around us. By listening, feeling our Gut. Of course, those around me were more than happy to try to tell me otherwise. That what I felt and saw and knew wasn’t correct. That I should listen to them over listening to myself. And I naturally felt blackmailed by that, but again I always knew and held onto the truth of what I knew even if I had to live in hiding. The truth didn’t die.

I instinctively knew that if people were really on my side, if they truly cared about me they would be encouraging me to trust and listen to what I felt and knew. I knew what I knew and that people who are supposed to be “Family” want you to listen to your own gut. People who feel threatened by what you know and express are the ones who want you to not trust what you feel. That was the True wake up call for me. This is how I learned about “Debt”.

Stop the BLEEDING,,

At times I feel as though life is nothing more than a Huge Tsunami,, creating such a current that just carries most of us along,, unable to gain even a little traction,, a tiny bit of “grab”. Too many people are “caught up” in something thinking they have a handle, but they’re really just being dragged along, attempting to reach for something stable but, unable to actually do it. What they thought was stability actually comes loose, due to the weight and stress of you is now displaced onto the object your trying to grab onto,, wearing it out more than it can hold.
 The bottom line is, there is NO where to go in this life! Now is all there is! LIKE IT OR NOT! Nature is not going to cater to you and your likes and dislikes. Nature is Nature, physics is physics and it will give the feedback that IS. I’m not talking to the “good” people,, they already take on More than their share of the load,, which is the problem. But, even them too, when the answer is right in front of their face, it gets skipped right over, completely dismissed! Wow,, Dismissing nature,, dismissing the feedback from Physics,, how interesting. IF that isn’t the STUPIDEST thing to do, I don’t know what is! That like the equivalent to ignoring a fire that started in your kitchen! Over time,, that’s the Key,,, the CUMULATIVE effects,, the “Slow and Gradual”,, that James Madison quoted about. Is that how we learn to walk? Is that how learn to,, ride a bike,,how to ski,, roller skate,, play an instrument?? By IGNORING the feedback?? The immediate, in the moment,, ONLY reliable, intelligent feedback there is??

Welcome to the Next segment of,, You can’t get over on Nature!!

Everyone is Bought and Sold! Who is Really Free? Who, where is anyone allowed to be truly Free?
At work? Not! Can’t “afford” to be free there,, have to check yourself at the door for many people. Even if you make it to the “Top”, you’re even Less Free! The $$ that you’re getting just ends up costin you more of You! How is that Freedom??
 Too many people even experience it in their own homes growing up. Dictatorship. The blatant way the system is run based on fear and intimidation rather than reason and fairness is the exact same way too many were brought up. Children were not free to be themselves growing up. They were not free to feel and express themselves, unless they were raised in a healthy. loving home, that encouraged free thinking. Most people grew up in homes where the term, “cause I said so” chimed all too often. Dad’s gaze of a knife-throwing stare moved you to straighten up faster than you could say, “abracadabra”. Living at home was just like being at work. Too many kids had to give up who they are to “pay back”. I’m not saying that giving children age-appropriate responsibility is a bad thing. the point is,, Age-Appropriate. Children must get their needs met first adequately enough until they reach a point of acquiring a good sense of self-esteem. If a child is forced to give back too soon, they never get a chance to build themselves up enough first. They end up “choking”, stunted, stalling. We need to be able to charge our batteries fully growing up. We must be able to develop enough of our own Self Confidence without it being depleted so we can build up enough of our own Leverage. If a parent is not healthy enough to allow the child to do this, if the parent is arrested in their own development and finds the child a threat, the parent will relate to the child as competition. The parents “debt” gets triggered and they do not have sufficient “funds” to deposit to the child. It ends up being a tug-of-war, like trying to run a marathon after eating a huge meal, rather than a Free Flowing blood supply. The Family system ends up fighting over the blood supply.
 Too many people grow up believing that it’s “normal” to grow up in Scarcity and debt. It’s “normal” for parents to pass a Scarcity mentality onto their kids. Kids learn to have to “owe” parents. “I brought you into this world”, “if it weren’t for me you wouldn’t be here”. This mentality of “owing” the parent rather than growing up feeling Free. Parents that bring their children into the world because they want to, they want to give, pass on value, pass along goodness, happiness. People who have made a good life for themselves; learned, educated themselves, loved and want to pass those values down. Today, we have families behaving too much like the System,, passing down Debt, pollution, mistakes with very little value, if any. The “credit card” mentality of “having what I want despite being able to afford it or not” spreads to children. People just do it Unconsciously because it’s the thing to do, rather than it being something done out of conscious choice