It’s all about Natural Laws

Seems like it would be a No-Brainer to take Nature and physics into consideration, even for half a second, while mulling through our lives. Some people seem to think that only when engaged in activities such as, skateboarding, skiing, playing an instrument or even, dropping a pen to the floor, that that’s only when physics exists or reveals itself. When the Fact is, physics is “engaged” all the time and we are “engaged” with physics ALL the time. There is never 1 second of your day, in your life when you and Physics are not “mirroring” each other.
 In my experience with people, they seem to think that physics, natural law, can be put on hold, pause, or rewind. People don’t want to get the fact that; THIS IS IT, there are NO do-overs, no exemptions, no forgiveness from nature. If I accidentally drop a match in a forest and start a fire, can I rationalize with the trees and brush to not burn? Can I say to them, “Oh, it was an accident”, “I didn’t mean it”. “Give me another chance” and expect the trees and brush to say,, “oh, ok,, we get it, you didn’t mean it so we’ll just stop burning” and restore our condition to how it was before you got here”.
 Obviously, that is not going to happen and yet that’s the way people seem to live and think when it comes to relating to other humans. People never seem to ever want to hear “No”, from another or that the “funds” in the relationship is “bankrupt”. People do not want to “get it” that the funds are empty, THIS IS IT, Done, finito, zippo, zero, zilch, nada. Even when it has become Excruciatingly clear that the way we live has created such devastation, such, bankruptcy, such, sickness, and evil, it still doesn’t seem to sink in. People see it like it’s someone else’s problem when “you’re” the one who created it. Who I’ll cal the “haves” see the “have nots” as the ones who are down & out rather than seeing themselves in their faces. Which is Truly accurate. Unfortunately, what the “haves” don’t realize is that the poor are THEM, the sick and starving are THEM. The pollution is THEM. The “haves” created it. The “haves” are it.
 I really though everyone else knew this but me when I was growing up but, found out that was incorrect that; we ALL reflect back to each other our DISOWNED parts. Whether people realize it or not, the poor are the mirrors of the Rich or “haves”. “Having” $$ doesn’t make you Well, mentally balanced, healthy well adjusted. “Having” $$ only amplifies your mental illness to the point where you will end up killing yourself with it,, like Michael Jackson. When what you REALLY need is someone to be True to you, when what you need is someone to be grounded and lend a FIRM hand so you can pull yourself up, and All you get are people who give you the “bought” version,, which can’t possibly hold because it’s just that, Bought and paid for, tarnished. Yet, this is the way we live day in and day out. Every word, “paid”,, like those bright Orange stickers placed on a bulk item too large to bag in the department store. When $$ is not backed by truth, it’s as dangerous than a gun. Everyone needs the Truth, someone to be firm, solid, give honest, Un-bought feedback.
 If all people do is manipulate the feedback they get because they have some ill-perceived position of power, all that’s happening is that we’re creating an UNREALITY, an illusion which will crumble with more devastation than we can imagine.
 When we ski, play tennis, play the guitar, work out at the gym, or go online, physics doesn’t care if you’re Rich, poor, black, white, green, Pink, ugly, fat, super model or a midget, the feedback you get is the same, TRUTH. Your body doesn’t care if you’re Rich, Ugly, Super model or a mail pusher, if you twist your ankle, you’re going to get the same feedback from your ligaments,, OOUUCH!
 If you don’t take care of your body, you WILL be fat and out of shape. Your body is NOT going to care that you’re the CEO of the FED or the teacher of kindergarden. That’s the way it should be. TRUE feedback, accurate feedback, in the moment honesty, Ahh How refreshing! Who would want it any other way?? A coward with $$ who can’t handle Honest feedback. Who uses his position to hide their weaknesses and inadequacies which only remain hidden and fester.
 I would Not hesitate for a second to wager a bet that the Super Rich were emotionally abused and abandoned as children. $$ doesn’t make Health, especially Mental. According to Natural law, children MUST be Loved and accepted for who they AUTHENTICALLY are. Again, I stress,, that goes for Rich families too!! If children grow up and are made to feel they will only be loved and accepted if they make Dad proud and turn his millions into trillions, then they are not being loved for who they truly are. They, very well, may indeed lash that inner hatred onto society no different than a “Non-rich”.
 I just have 1 question: What makes human beings think that $$ makes Health?? Why do so many people compromise truth and honest feedback for $$?? Where do people think that will take us eventually??
 Just like the body, kids give honest feedback. Again, rich or not, kids will give honest feedback, like it or not, like the sprained ankle example. Instant feedback. Rather than resisting the feedback that comes back, CONSIDER it. If you truly want to get that “itch” out of you, that’s the ONLY thing that will do it!